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Texas Community Turning to Islam – Part 2 - David David spent 8 years serving his country in the air force. He is the only white Muslim in his little town on Route 66. He believes his new religion makes him a better American and, far from undermining liberties, gives the individual more rights. He had an arranged marriage and his wife, who was born a Muslim, was amazed by the particularity with which he desires they live their lives. His wife and daughter are dressed in their hijabs (headscarves). He says: "At this point, I couldn't actually even conceive of not being Muslim. I think, it's kind of like the idea of thinking about not breathing"

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Texas Community Turning to Islam – Part 3 - Catherine 26 years old Catherine is a graduate of Texas Christian University. She converted after 9/11. She came from a privileged background – private school followed by a career in PR. Now the established Muslim women guide her through the purification rituals as she washes before prayer.

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Texas Community Turning to Islam – Part 4 - Eric Eric was a Baptist preacher before he became a Muslim 14 years ago. Now he prays five times a day – even in the middle of watching a football game. His wife, Karen, also a convert, is covered from head to toe in the traditional Muslim Clothes. Islam says Eric 'is everything I wanted Christianity to be'.  There are 400,000 Muslims in Texas alone and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA. Since 9/11 there have been more converts to Islam than ever. Eric believes that people are trying to understand Muslims and want to learn about their religion.

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Mexican Iman (Monica) Turns to Islam This Mexican sister married to a Muslim man and became Muslim after her daughter started questioning her about various beliefs such as the trinity and she asked why she had to pray to the cross. So Monica started on her path to find the truth, and Alhamdulillah she found Islam. This is a really amazing story about how someone found guidance in Islam.

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85 years old James has become a Muslim, 03 Nov 2010 19:02:02 +0200Frederick from Finland tells how he became a Muslim He is Frederick from Finland. He lives with his parents and he belongs to a swedish speaking minority in Finland. He converted Islam when he was 17 years old. He is a high school student.

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Former atheist Dr. Brown, who converted to Islam, tells the falsehood of trinity]]>, 29 Aug 2010 01:41:08 +0300An ex-Christian German Now Goes by the Name of Mohammed after Embracing Islam Mohammed Günther, who converted to Islam from Christianity, tells that he learned about Islam during a holiday in Morocco 6 years ago and then became a Muslim. He tells that after becoming a Muslim he has started to preach Islam to others as well, hoping to be a means whereby they could learn about the true religion.

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American doctor became a Muslim An American doctor tells that he constantly prayed to Allah to show him the right path and became a Muslim after that one time when he opened a page from the Qur’an and was thrilled as he came across the verse, “... I am pleased with Islam as a religion for you...” He tells that one day he professed his faith in Allah all by himself and then went to a mosque and professed again this time publicly in front of other Muslims.

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Dr. Ian Webber became a Muslim

Dr. Ian Webber who was raised as a Christian tells that he could not find the answers to the questions in his mind in Christianity and that he explored Islam during his visits to Muslim countries and found all the answers in the Qur’an. Dr. Ian Webber tells how he embraced Islam: “...When I explored Islam, I saw that all the things I believed in by heart was actually in Islam and not in Christianity...”

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Football player Abel Xavier embraced Islam Portuguese football player Abel Xavier became a Muslim and changed his name to Faisal. Xavier told that he was moved by the elementary attributes of Islam like peace, equality, freedom and hope, and explained that he will work for people in need and run after goodness from now on.

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Christian theologian became a Muslim

This man who has thought about the purpose of his existence since childhood and thus chose Christianity tells that he could not find the answers to the questions in his mind in Christianity and so made a research about Islam and found all the answers to his questions in Islam. Our brother, an ex-theologian of Christianity, tells that he took the name Abdullah after embracing Islam.

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