The Secret Beyond Matter

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The Source of the Data of Life

DNA, the basic genetic material of all living things, is a long molecule resembling a spiral staircase, whose details we shall be examining in due course. DNA exists in all living things–human beings, flowers, birds, flies, and even bacteria. It contains all the necessary information regarding the features of the living cell and its regular operations. In addition, detailed information regarding a living thing's external appearance, the kind of structure it will have, how it will grow and how its organs will work, are all determined beforehand in DNA. For example, an individual's DNA contains information about such details as height, eye color and physical structure, how the body will defend itself in the face of which dangers, and how it will produce proteins, the building blocks of the cell. The DNA of a rosebush contains millions of pieces of detailed, coded information about its flower's scent and color, the structure of its thorns, the shape of its leaves and the thickness of its stems. DNA molecules are rather like blueprints that determine how a living thing will be constructed and function.

Human beings carry this molecule, which exhibits far greater knowledge than themselves, in every one of their cells. For example, a DNA chain is packaged in every cell in your eyes as you read these lines. There are DNA molecules in every cell in the fingers that turn over the pages of this book, in the cells of your heart and bones, and in every cell that makes up your body. What is more, they are constantly at work to keep the individual alive. The information theoretician Dr. Werner Gitt expresses the extraordinary range of the data in DNA:

It seems necessary to assume that in addition to its protein-coding portions, DNA contains countless additional levels of structure and function. Such stored information concepts are just as much required to code for the development of the smallest organelles such as the mitochondria and ribosomes, as for building the large organs (e.g., heart, kidneys, brain) and the overall integrated organism. As yet, no one has been able to decode this incredibly complex system.12

kas ve iskelet sistemi

1-Muscular System.
2- Skeletal System.

All the details of these systems and others are recorded in the genetic information in DNA.

As noted by Professor Gitt, the sphere of operation of the DNA's information is very broad. DNA does not determine just physical characteristics; at the same time it plans thousands of different functions throughout the cell, the body's organs and systems. Thanks to the information placed in DNA:

  • *The bones grow in exactly the right place, shape and size. The skull, ribs, pelvic bone and vertebrae all have special shapes and thickness in line with specific purposes. The vertebrae, for instance, possess just the right shape for the vitally important spinal cord to be able to pass through them. Similarly, the skull has been specially shaped to protect the brain, and the ribs to shield the lungs and heart. The balanced development of every one of these is part of the total blueprint recorded in the DNA.
  • *The 206 separate bones in the human body are connected to one another by ligaments and muscles in such a way as to allow them to move. The elasticity and mobility of these muscles that allows us to go up and down stairs, run, bend down and stand up again is again recorded in DNA. Thanks to the information set out by Allah in DNA, we can move our muscles in almost any direction we desire. Thus a human being can hold a glass of water, turn the pages of a book, sit in a chair without falling out of it, or carry packages weighing many kilograms.

The structure of the joints, which give the human body its flexibility, is also encoded in DNA.

  • *The cartilage that prevents friction between bones is a very special tissue in terms of its shape, structure and position. In the knees, for example, cartilage acts as a shock absorber that allows those joints to carry the whole weight of the body–tens of kilograms–without feeling stress. The detailed blueprint for the knee is also set out in DNA.
  • *The veins that stretch approximately 100,000 kilometers (62,140 miles) and carry vitally important blood to nourish all the body's tissues. The veins work jointly with the heart's special pumping system. Some are thinner than a hair, carrying red blood cells to every corner of the body, from the eyelids to the fingertips, from the brain to the kidneys. 
  • *The way that the nerves interpenetrate the entire body lets them react very quickly to changes that the senses perceive, allowing different parts of the body to work together as a single unit.
  • *The 200 or so different kinds of cell in the body possess the same basic features and mechanisms, but perform very different activities. A liver cell, for example, carries out 500 different chemical processes within a matter of milliseconds (thousandths of a second), while a heart cell can produce its own electricity over a whole lifetime.
  • *The production of the energy you need to stand up and walk, remain standing, breathe and to open and close your eyes–in short to survive–is part of the blueprint recorded in each cell. Thanks to this blueprint, every cell knows how to obtain the most energy from foodstuffs consumed and how to make the most efficient use of them.
  • *The stomach secretes acids that digest meat, but do not break down its tissues. Up to 20 enzymes go into action to make blood clot during the repair of a deep cut. These are just two of the precautionary measures recorded in DNA.
  • *The hormonal system is a highly efficient communications system among the cells, permitting the regulation of all the balances in the body. It functions according to the information set out in DNA. How much of which substances the body will use, and how surpluses are to be stored or expelled, are also included in this specific blueprint.
  • *On the other hand, DNA also determines how the cells in the immune system are to exchange information. In the event of a tissue being wounded or infected, for instance, the immune system initiates reactions. Defense cells identify the site of the wound in a very short time to counter-attack the microbes entering the body through the injury. They then analyze the threat and transmit messages that begin the war against those microbes.

Whole libraries of books could be written about the details in the human body, both known and as yet undiscovered. All are parts of a blueprint recorded in the DNA's data bank. In short, DNA acts as a planning center in every living thing, literally undertaking the responsibilities of architects, engineers, scent experts, botanists, laboratory technicians, interior designers, designers, artists, doctors and countless other experts and scientists. At every moment, Our Almighty Lord creates and controls these molecules that are in constant operation so that you can read these lines, see, breathe, think and in short, remain alive.

This fact is revealed in one verse of the Qur'an:

[Hud said,] "I have put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord. There is no creature He does not hold by the forelock. My Lord is on a Straight Path." (Surah Hud, 56)

dolaşım ve sinir sistemi

1-The Circulatory System,
2- The Nervous System.

All the information about these systems' structures and duties is present in DNA.

As a very simple example, compare the information in DNA with a book. Obviously, no book can write itself. Even if we assume that this was in some way possible, it still will be absolutely impossible for anything written in that book to be meaningful. Based on this analogy, Prof. Phillip Johnson states that random coincidences can have no such power, ability or intelligence:

... just everybody (including Richard Dawkins) agrees that it is essentially impossible to produce a coherent book of average length by randomly combining letters, spaces and punctuation marks. Even a single sentence–like "In the beginning was the Word"–is extremely unlikely to come from pouring out a random mix of letters and spaces.13

No doubt that the data recorded in DNA have an incomparable structure more complex than the sentence. In the beginning was the Word, and that this complex structure cannot possibly have come into existence spontaneously or by chance. Moreover, all the trillions of DNA molecules possessed by billions of living things for millions of years have all been encoded with a perfect system, placed within an area too small to be seen with the naked eye and yet used in the most rational manner. That being so, there is a Creator Who plans and arranges human beings, their cells and their DNA in that flawless and perfect manner. That Creator is Almighty Allah. To maintain the opposite is to ignore the facts, reason and logic.

However, many who would quickly agree it is impossible for letters to arrange themselves into even three small words still manage to listen with no objection to the deceit that millions of atoms combined together by chance, one by one, in a specific sequence to create a molecule containing the equivalent of whole libraries of information. The sole reason for this is their blind devotion to Darwinism, which prevents some intelligent people from seeing the evident fact of Creation and leads them into the most irrational beliefs. Everyone freed from this preconception to use his intellect will clearly see that an infinite data bank such as DNA can only come into existence through being created.

When they are told, "Follow what Allah has sent down to you," They say, "We are following what we found our fathers doing." What, even though their fathers did not understand a thing and were not guided! The likeness of those who do not believe is that of the beast which, call out to it as one may, can hear nothing but a shout and a cry. Deaf–dumb–blind. They do not use their intellect. (Surat al-Baqara, 170-171)




12. Werner Gitt, The Wonder of Man, Christliche Literatur-Verbreitung e.V., Almanya, 1999, p. 76.

13. Phillip E. Johnson, Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, InterVarsity Press, Illionis, 1997, p. 73.


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