The Secret Beyond Matter

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What is a Person of Perfected Faith Like?

What Kind of a Belief in Allah Does He Have?

He knows that:

  • There is no god but Allah,
  • It is Allah Who created everything,
  • It is Allah Who directs all affairs,
  • Hearts are in Allah's hands,
  • Allah encompasses everything,
  • It is He Who determines man's destiny,
  • He is the Almighty and does whatever He wills,
  • Allah is All-Aware and All-Hearing,
  • Allah is the Preserver of all things,
  • He is the Knower of all unseen things,
  • He is Rich Beyond Need and is exalted above everything,
  • He has not given birth and that He was not born, 
  • He does not misplace nor does He forget,
  • He is the Master of the Kingdom,
  • He is the sole Inheritor,
  • He is alive,
  • Might and honour belong to Allah,
  • He is always victorious and Almighty,
  • To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names,
  • He is the Mighty, the Wise,
  • He is nearer to His servant than his jugular vein,
  • Allah knows the slightest thing in our minds,
  • He knows what is secret and what is yet more hidden,
  • He is the Just,
  • He is the Most Merciful of the merciful,
  • He is the Ever-Forgiving,
  • He is the All-Loving,
  • He is the Acceptor of repentance,
  • He answers sincere prayers,
  • He is Ever-Thankful,
  • He is the One Who teaches everything,
  • He is a warner,
  • He gives life to the dead and creates the Day of Reckoning,
  • He helps those who help His religion, both in this world and the hereafter,
  • Allah's promise is true,
  • He creates hell for disbelievers and paradise for believers,

What Kind of a Fear of Allah Does He Have?

  • He fears Allah alone and observes only His limits,
  • He does not fear anything but Allah,
  • He fears Allah as much as he can,
  • He feels that it is He Who puts fear for Allah and faith in one's heart,
  • He experiences this fear not only in times of difficulty but also in times of ease,
  • He does not forget that Allah knows what the heart harbours, all secrets and what is even more concealed,
  • He remembers that Allah sees everything,
  • He conducts himself well, in the knowledge that he will give an account of everything to Allah,
  • He pays the utmost attention to what is lawful and unlawful,
  • Everything he does is based on his fear of Allah,
  • He turns towards Allah for every deed in which he engages,
  • He feels that it is Allah alone Who punishes,
  • He feels fear of Allah, His threat and the punishment of Hell,
  • He does not forget how Allah punished those wrongdoers who passed away before him,
  • He has a respectful and strong fear of Allah.

What Kind of a Faith Does He Have?

  • He has a faith founded entirely on fear and love of Allah,
  • Owing to his deep-seated fear and love of Allah;
  • He worships Allah alone,
  • He regards Allah over and above everything,
  • He seeks no god apart from Allah,
  • He does not associate any partners with Him,
  • He knows that everything is from Allah,
  • He knows Allah is always with him and sees whatever he does,
  • He is aware that the main purpose in every moment of life is to earn Allah's approval,
  • He devotes his entire life to Allah,
  • He observes Allah's limits meticulously,
  • He is conscious of his weaknesses before Allah,
  • He assumes an obedient attitude towards Allah's words,
  • He trusts Allah alone,
  • He understands that Allah is his sole helper,
  • He remembers Allah unceasingly,
  • He meticulously adheres to the Qur'an,
  • He is always grateful to Allah,
  • He believes in the Day of Rising with certainty,
  • He hinders others from being deceived by the life of this world,
  • He feels no fear for the future,
  • He perceives that there is good in everything,
  • He turns towards Allah in every deed,
  • He remembers all the qualities he possesses are from Allah,
  • He feels heartfelt obedience to Allah, His commands and His prophets,
  • He does not let Satan influence him,
  • He always acts in accordance with his conscience,
  • He has a state of spirit that turns solely towards Allah,
  • He takes only Allah and believers as his friends,
  • He strives to draw nearer to Allah,
  • He feels grateful to Allah at every moment,
  • He does not forget to secretly or openly spend for the cause of Allah,
  • He is firm in his resolution to exercise patience in any difficulty,
  • He displays moral perfection,
  • He constantly displays the attributes of believers,
  • He becomes foremost in good deeds.

What Kind of an Understanding of Fate Does He Have?

He knows that:

  • Everything has been created in accordance with destiny,
  • Allah predetermines every event, from birth to death,
  • Every event occurs at the exact moment Allah preordains,
  • He should humble himself before his Lord,
  • Heartfelt obedience to Allah is of recognized worth,
  • Allah sees all times in a moment,
  • He needs to submit to Allah,
  • No matter what he does, it is Allah Who will determine the end,
  • If he submits to Allah completely, he will never become unhappy,
  • He should be contented with every image Allah creates.
  • Aware that everything that befalls him is from Allah alone: 
  • He does not become agitated,
  • He feels neither sorrow nor distress,
  • He does not panic,
  • He does not despair,
  • He does not feel anxious,
  • He does not feel anger,
  • He does not say "if only",
  • He does not give sudden and exaggerated reactions,
  • He does not grieve over death,
  • He does not feel sorry for what he has lost or what has befallen him.

What Kind of Reason and Wisdom Does He Have?

He has such a reason and wisdom as enable him,

  • to ponder over the Qur'an as is proper,
  • to evaluate everything in compliance with the Qur'anic logic,
  • to think that there is good in everything since it is from Allah,
  • to adhere to his conscience in all his acts,
  • to think that everything occurs by the will of Allah,
  • to try to see the purpose and good that are hidden behind every event,
  • to remember Allah, standing, sitting and lying on his side,
  • to deeply reflect on the existence of Allah and the artistry in His creation,
  • to primarily search out and reflect upon the subjects to which Allah draws attention and the signs of creation,
  • to find answers to his questions in the Qur'an,
  • to seek solutions to his problems in the Qur'an,
  • to think always in favour of religion,
  • to seek refuge in Allah, if temptation from Satan afflicts him,
  • to think well of believers,
  • to consider other people's needs,
  • to prioritise matters in compliance with Allah's approval,
  • to make a fair judgement between right and wrong in compliance with the Qur'anic logic,
  • to think about his own creation,
  • to think about the Day of Reckoning,
  • to take admonition, thinking about paradise and especially hell,
  • to make a reckoning of his self.

What Kind of An Understanding of Love Does He Have?

He loves Allah more than anyone and anything,

  • the love he feels for the Prophet (saas) surpasses the love he feels for other people,
  • the love he feels for believers is a love based on Allah's consent,
  • the one he loves most is the one whom he hopes will strive most for the approval of Allah and is the most pious.
  • He does not nurture a passionate love for worldly pleasures,
  • He does not ask for any reward in return for his deeds other than Allah's love,
  • He does not like those who oppose Allah and His messenger,
  • the love or need he feels for something does not hinder him from giving it up.

How, and About Which Matters Does He Talk?

  • He glorifies Allah with His most beautiful names,
  • He advocates what is good, of the events that he expects to take place in the future, he says "Insh'Allah" meaning, "by Allah's will".
  • He glorifies Allah with the word "Maash'Allah" when he sees such beauty as reflects Allah's artistry,
  • He utters such words as he hopes will please Allah,
  • While talking, he recalls Allah's verses,
  • He speaks wisely,
  • He speaks concisely and in a comprehensible manner,
  • He does not speak about vain, trivial issues,
  • He considers the needs of people while talking,
  • He does not lie,
  • He speaks to his parents in a very respectful manner and never utters a word of contempt,
  • He speaks in a gentle manner,
  • He displays his trustworthiness in his speech,
  • He speaks sincerely and plainly,
  • He avoids secret talks,
  • He warns people, in compliance with the Quran, he says "Salam" (peace) when he enters a house,
  • He says "Salam" (peace) and, without talking, passes by when he meets ignorant people,
  • He does not utter a word that includes slander,
  • He does not participate in such conversation and passes by with dignity,
  • By the way he speaks, he encourages good behaviour and discourages bad actions,
  • He is moderate in tone and avoids speaking loudly,
  • He knows that he is responsible for every word he says,
  • He does not keep swearing oaths for vain and trivial purposes,
  • He neither vilifies nor speaks ill of anybody when he converses,
  • He does not backbite,
  • He speaks so as to influence others to pay heed to their consciences.

How Does He Pray and What Does He Ask For?

  • He prays by turning towards Allah for everything.
  • He prays to Allah alone and asks for help only from Him.
  • He prays to Him, knowing that Allah answers every prayer.
  • He prays knowing that Allah is nearer to him than his jugular vein and that He knows what he thinks at all times.
  • He prays by glorifying Him with the most beautiful of His names and reflecting upon the meanings of those names.
  • He prays without putting a limit to his wishes from Allah.
  • He prays to Him, knowing that a prayer does not have to be in a certain form, and that every act he does to win Allah's approval is a prayer.
  • He prays to Him, knowing that there is no need for a special place to pray, for one can pray anywhere and at any time.
  • He prays to Him in the most respectful manner.
  • He prays not only in times of trouble or need, but also in times of abundance and richness.
  • He gives thanks for the blessings granted to him as an answer to his prayers.
  • His prayers are sincere.
  • He prays to Allah humbly and secretly.
  • His prayers are not intended to impress others.
  • He prays to Allah in fear and ardent hope.
  • He prays for the prophets and believers as much as he prays for himself.
  • He prays for the health, safety, comfort, wealth and power of believers.
  • He prays for being brought nearer to Allah, being successful, living by  the morality of religion in the best way and being patient in displaying the moral values that please Allah.
  • He prays that Allah may give him whatever is best in this world and in the hereafter, and increase His blessings upon him.
  • He prays that his enemies will be disgraced and punished for what they have done.
  • He takes the prayers of the prophets that are mentioned in the Qur'an as an example for himself.
  • At the end of his prayers, he glorifies Allah, saying, "Praise be to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds!" (Surah Yunus, 10).


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