The Secret Beyond Matter

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In this book, we drew your attention to some facts, which are often left unthought due to mundane realities and everyday problems. These are the most crucial facts for a man in this life. Now, let's review what these facts are:

• The existence of Allah, the Creator of everything,

• That no process called evolution occurred on earth, that everything is concrete evidence of the glorious creation of Allah,

• That some people can ignore even the miraculous fly, beating its wings 500 times a second,

• That various foods and other beauties are all favours of Allah,

• That 3-5 decades pass in what can seem like 3-5 seconds,

• That after this fleeting life every soul will face the fact of death,

• That every soul will be resurrected after death and stand before its Creator for judgement,

• That after this judgement each soul will either end up in paradise or hell.

• That adherence to the Qur'an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas), is essential to attain paradise and certainly one has to conduct oneself as Allah commands.

No doubt, one has to ponder deeply each one of these facts. A man who is unaware of these facts or who does not pay due consideration surely risks suffering a great loss, and deep regret. Someone, however, taking such a risk, should consider the following:

The facts discussed in the last chapters of this work render all ambitions and profound attachment to this life meaningless. That is simply because, he is face to face with an EXTRAORDINARY reality; that the world in which he lives, all assets he possesses and people he loves or hates, have no material correlates, because each one of them are illusions Allah constantly creates.

Under these circumstances, is it reasonable for some people to be deceived by these illusions and waste their lives, which Allah granted them as an opportunity to attain paradise, in the cause of vain pursuits?

The answer is surely "No".

Someone who is aware of the existence of Allah and hence praises his Creator, never conducts himself in such a manner. Only disbelievers have the imprudence to conduct themselves in such a manner. Allah relates the end of those who spend their whole lives chasing vain pursuits and who forget our Creator:

But the actions of those who are unbelievers are like a mirage in the desert. A thirsty man thinks it is water but when he reaches it, he finds it to be nothing at all, but he finds Allah there. He will pay him his account in full. Allah is swift at reckoning. (Surat an-Nur: 39)

Don't be deceived by assuming that this world, which is only an "illusion"Allah shows to you, has any absolute existence. Hasten to attain paradise, where Allah will present all His favours bountifully for all eternity and you should Never Plead Ignorance because then you will face eternal loss.

They said "Glory be to You!
We have noknowledge except what You have taught us.
You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise."
(Surat al-Baqarah: 32)



16 / total 16
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