The Secret Beyond Matter

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Never Forget That Allah Created All Living Things

Most people accept everything they hear from scientists as strict facts. It does not even occur to them that scientists may also have various philosophical or ideological prejudices.

However, it is a common misconception; for example, some evolutionary scientists impose their prejudices and philosophical views on the public under the guise of science. For instance, although they are aware that random events do not cause anything other than irregularity and confusion, they still claim that the marvellous order, plan, and design, seen both in the universe and in living organisms, arose by chance.

For instance, an atheist biologist personally observes the extremely complex structure of a protein molecule. He knows perfectly well that there is a great design in this complexity, and that it is impossible for this order to have come into being spontaneously. Nevertheless, he alleges that protein, the building block of life, came into existence by chance under primitive conditions on the earth billions of years ago. This is an irrational allegation. He does not stop there; he also claims, without hesitation, that not only one, but millions of protein molecules formed by chance, and then, incredibly, came together to create the first living cell. And, he defends his view with a blind stubbornness. This person is an evolutionary scientist.

If the same scientist were to find three bricks resting on top of one another while walking along a flat road, he would never suppose that these bricks had come together by chance and then climbed up on top of each other, again by chance. Indeed, anyone who did make such an assertion would be considered insane. How then can it be possible that people who are otherwise able to assess ordinary events rationally can adopt such an irrational theory when it comes to thinking about their own existence?

It is not possible to claim that this theory has been adopted in the name of science: wherever there are two equally possible alternatives, the scientific approach requires taking both into consideration. However, not even a single protein molecule, let alone a whole cell, could have come into existence by chance.

In this case, there is only one possibility left. Life did not come about by chance; it was brought into being by an intelligence. In other words, it has been created. All living things have come into being as a design by Allah, the Possessor of superior knowledge, power and wisdom. This is not simply a form of belief; it is a common-sense conclusion arrived at logically and scientifically.

So, never forget that it is Allah, our Lord, Who created the universe and Who designed it, down to the minutest detail.


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