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Some Specimens Of Fossil Skulls -5-


Age: 67 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: He Nan, China


Darwinists regard as a miracle of blind chance the fact that a living chromosome contains more information than a giant library. Darwinism maintains that unconscious atoms turned into seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking and conscious human beings as the result of the supposed almighty power of chance. Chance, a supposed worker of miracles, is the false deity of Darwinism. But Darwinism’s dark spell was broken by the scientific evidence. Remains of life forms dating back millions of years clearly indicate that living things have never changed. The red fox skull shown here, for example, is identical to the skulls of foxes alive today. All Darwinists’ false conjectures are of no avail in the face of this fossil which demonstrates that red foxes have never altered over the intervening millions of years—and clearly, never evolved.



Age: 51 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Gao Xiong, Taiwan

Darwin was unaware of living fossils dating back millions of years. He imagined that the cell was a balloon filled with liquid. In Darwin’s time, there were no laboratories equipped with advanced technology. There were no refrigerators, telephones, typewriters or even pens, let alone laboratories. The theory of evolution—the product of that environment—is a hypothesis devoid of any evidence, logic or foundation. This false theory, launched in such an amateurish fashion, was adopted for ideological reasons.

Yet conditions altered considerably in the 20th and 21st centuries. Investigations performed in laboratories using the very latest technology revealed that the cell has an unbelievably complex structure. The odds of one single protein in a cell emerging by chance were realized to be 1 in 10950. Most importantly, the countless “living fossils” discovered showed that Darwinist myths regarding the origin of life were completely untrue.

One of the fossils that have spelled the end of Darwinism is the 51-million-year-old jackal skull pictured here. This specimen, 51 million years old, is identical to present-day jackal skulls.



Age: 74 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Liao Yang, Liaoning, China

Statements by George Gaylord Simpson, one of the 20th century’s leading evolutionists, show just howgreat the predicament facing the theory of evolution truly is:

This is true of all thirty-two orders of mammals . . . The earliest and [allegedly ]most primitive known members of every order [of mammals] already have the basic ordinal characters, and in no case is an approximately continuous sequence from one order to another known. In most cases, the break is so sharp and the gap so large that the origin of the order is speculative and much disputed. . . .13

As evolutionists admit, Darwinism’s claims regarding the origin of life is no more than speculation. Concrete findings such as the 74-million-year brown bear skull illustrated show that Creation is a manifest reality.

During the formation of fossils, hard structures such as bones and teeth are preserved more easily than soft tissues. While soft tissues disappear, bony structures gradually turn into inorganic ones. Minerals in bone tissue often have much the same structure as the inorganic minerals in rocks. This replacement of molecules enables living things that existed tens of millions of years ago to be preserved right down to the finest detail. The structural detail of the teeth and internal structure of the bone tissue of the 74-million-year-old brown bear pictured can clearly be seen. Living things that existed millions of years ago had exactly the same bone tissue and perfect anatomy as their present-day counterparts.



Age: 75 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Xin Jiang, China

Detailed appearance of the fossil teeth

If a mindset can maintain that a living cell with such a complex structure—which scientists have still been unable to replicate—gradually emerged by chance from muddy water over a period of millions of years, it’s not at all difficult to also claim that human beings that establish civilizations, govern states, perform operations and give birth to ideas are also the product of chance.

The Darwinist mindset is actually a very primitive one, within which it is easy to regard the impossible as likely. Behaving as if there were evidence when in fact there is none presents no problem. What is difficult in that mindset is to find the reason and understanding needed to appreciate Allah’s creative artistry, no matter how evident it may be. However, it is easy for people who have escaped this primitive logic to see the manifest proofs of the existence of Allah. The 75-million-year wolf skull pictured is one of these proofs.



Age: 83 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Ning Xia, China

The details in the fossil’s jaw structure are some of the proofs that black bears have remained unchanged over tens of millions of years.

Being aware that black bears identical to those today were also living 83 million years ago is enough to understand the invalidity of evolution. The presence of giant mammals with extraordinarily complex structures at a time when, according to evolution, everything was in a highly primitive state and the world was full of semi-developed life forms, is sufficient evidence to show that the theory of Darwinism is obsolete. Even though such proof is perfectly adequate by itself, a wide range of “living fossils” identical to species living today have been discovered. The fossil record, itself the greatest hope of Darwin and all other evolutionists, has led to Darwinism’s fatal collapse.



Age: 82 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Xi Jiang, China

Details such as the fossil’s dental structure reveal that the creature was no different 82 million years ago from how it is today.

This 82-million-year-old striped jackal skull is just one of the remains of creatures that have survived unchanged down to the present, showing that creatures identical to their present-day counterparts inhabited the Earth 82 million years ago. This and countless other examples tell us that when the skulls of jackals, monkeys, other living things and even human races that existed at various times in the past are examined, it appears that not one has ever changed. Not a single intermediate form exists to suggest that any one of these has ever altered. This means that living things never evolved, and that Almighty Allah created each and every one.



Age: 50 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Britain

Darwin, once said “I cannot conceive any existing reptile being converted into a mammal.”"14

He was unable to imagine such a process because no such thing ever happened. But nevertheless, in the years that followed, this illogical claim was fiercely propounded, despite the absence of any scientific justification. Today, however, countless fossils such as the 50-million-year wild dog skull shown here have proved that this Darwinist conjecture never actually took place.



Age: 63 million years
Period: Paleocene
Location: Liaoning, China

The bear skull pictured is 63 million years old and proves that throughout the course of geologic time, bears have always existed as bears. They are not descended from any imaginary ancestor, and neither did they develop into any other life form. Inasmuch as all living things continued to existence with all the characteristics they originally possessed, it is illogical to claim that apes one day turned into human beings. The stability that applies to all other life forms also applies to apes and humans. Apes have always existed as apes, and human beings as human beings.



Age: 49 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Xi An, Shan Xi, China

The internal structure of the fossil’s bones has been preserved in complete detail.

If Darwinism were true, then the fossil record should contain transitional species in the process of development, rather than fossils millions of years old that are identical to present-day life forms. But that is not the case; the actual findings are incompatible with Darwinist myths.

The American paleontologist S.M. Stanley describes this reality when he says, “The known fossil record is not, and never has been, in accord with gradualism.”15

The fossil record is full of millions of species that have never altered at all, as you can see from the 49-million-year-old aardwolf skull pictured.



Age: 71 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Yun Nan, China

Bat-eared foxes are distinguished from other species of foxes by their large ears and smaller teeth. This 71-million-year-old bat-eared fox skull has just the same features as those of specimens alive today. Darwinism therefore has no explanation to offer for either individual species or their tremendous variety. Different fox species have existed in the fossil record for millions of years. This is true of a great many other life forms, and there is not a single intermediate form to indicate the imaginary transition from one form to another. All this evidence leaves no room for doubting Darwinism’s collapse and reveals that living things were all created, together with all their complex characteristics.



Age: 64 million years
Period: Paleocene
Location: Xin Jiang and Ning Xia, China


In any case, argued Cuvier, drawing on specimens brought back by Napoleon’s savants from the ...French incursions into Egypt, the mummified forms of cats and birds and other organisms—beings that lived literally thousands of years ago—are absolutely identical forms living today. Where then is the evolution, the change, in all of this? If Lamarck be right, we should expect to see some change right before our eyes, and this we do not see.16

This admission by Michael Ruse emphasizes how living things have been known not to change ever since the idea of evolution began. The reality exhibited by the 64-million-year-old bear skull illustrated is that the species has never changed at any time.



Age: 48 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Shan Dong, China

Life on Earth displays a glorious diversity. From the Poles to the Amazon, from the depths of the oceans to freshwater pools, from high mountains to beneath the ground we walk upon, there is an astonishing diversity everywhere. This diversity was present millions of years ago, just as it is today. The fossil record represents the remains of that variety.

The countless fossils of fish, birds, reptiles and land and sea creatures with their perfect attributes have exactly the same forms as their present-day counterparts. Fossils such as the 49-million-year aardwolf fossil pictured are evidence that no species ever turned into any other. The reality



Age: 82 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China

Darwinists have studied nature and attempted to discover how such diversity came into being. They adopted the primitive methods proposed by Darwin himself and decided that living things must have had a supposed common ancestor. The more they studied the fossil record, however, the more they encountered the counterparts of today’s living things rather than any signs of any fictitious ancestor. Any rational and logical person who examines at the scientific evidence objectively can easily see that evolution does not constitute the origin of life. But reason, logic, common sense and science were all stifled under the spell of Darwinism.

But for those people who have managed to free themselves from Darwinism’s spell, the 82-million-year lion skull pictured is by itself sufficient evidence of the invalidity of Darwinism. If this life form has remained unchanged for 82 million years—and if all the fossils of all other currently living things confirm the same—then that means that evolution never happened.



Age: 31 million years
Period: Oligocene
Location: Jiang Xi, China


Hoimar von Ditfurth, author of The Silent Night of the Dinosaurs, says,

When we look back, we see that we need not be surprised that we have been unable to find those transitional forms so almost painfully sought. Because in all likelihood, no such intermediate stage ever happened.17

Even though von Ditfurth has tried to rescue evolutionists from their predicament by referring to a “strong possibility,” the fact still remains that no stage-by-stage process ever happened. All stages of the fossil record is full of living things that emerged suddenly, fully formed, and with all their limbs and organs, as opposed to entities that came into being through a gradual process. One such example is the 31-million-year Tasmanian devil skull illustrated here.



Age: 59 million years
Period: Paleocene
Location: Jiang Xi, China

All the details of this fossil show that weasels living tens of millions of years ago had the same flawless and prefect attributes as those living today.

The fossil record has revealed that Darwin’s claims are incompatible with the facts. The evolutionist speculation that is still continuing today stems from an inability to accept this error of Darwin’s. The 59-million-year-old weasel skull pictured once again proves that this species has never changed. Every fossil examined in this book demolished Darwin’s myth of transition from one form to another. It’s now time for contemporary evolutionists to come to terms with Darwin’s mistake and to admit the scientific facts.
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