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Some Specimens Of Fossil Skulls -3-


Age: 73 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Li Yi, China

The Tasmanian wolf became extinct in the mid-20th century, yet the fossil record contains representatives of the species that date back 73 million years. This Tasmanian wolf fossil, 73 million years old, possesses exactly the same features as the last Tasmanian wolves that scientists observed. This is striking evidence that the various supposed intermediate forms that Darwinists have submitted as supporting their theories are in fact simply conjecture. Living things that have since become extinct, of which no living specimens survive, are all fully formed, complete and highly complex, as the fossil record demonstrates. This means that the evolutionist idea of “gradual development” absolutely does not reflect the true facts.



Age: 45 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Meng Gu, China

Evolutionists attempt to mislead people by tampering with fossils belonging to various extinct life forms and coming up with deceptive scenarios. One of the best-known is the myth of the “evolution” of the horse. Evolutionists set out fossils belonging to living things that existed at different times in India, South America, North America and Europe in order of size—from small to large—at the prompting of their own imaginations. In this way, they came up with a totally unrealistic sequence. Different researchers have produced more than 20 horse evolution sequences, all very different from one another, and there is no evolutionist consensus regarding any of them.
Once again, the heaviest blow to evolutionists’ fictitious family trees came from the fossil record. All the horse fossils ever discovered have proved that horses have always existed as horses.



Age: 63 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Yun Nan, China

Fossil skulls are among the best evidence that living things have never changed over the course of history, have never developed into other life forms, and that every living species has been created together with its own unique attributes. These proofs emphasize the dilemmas facing and illogicality of Darwinian thinking. The theory of evolution, which maintains that human beings are descended from apes, needs to explain why it is that no process similar to the imaginary transition from ape to human was ever undergone by any other form of life. Evolutionists have no answer to the question of why, for example, a jungle cat did not one day decide to walk upright on two legs, or why a fox did not improve its intelligence level and turn into a professor, or why a panda is unable to produce admirable works of art. Darwinism, depicted as a scientific theory, is in fact an unbelievable ideology.



Age: 48 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Shan Dong, China

Darwinists claim to speak in the name of science, but actually violate it by denying the reality revealed by fossils. The fossil record, once the theory of evolution’s greatest hope, actually shows that living things did not evolve, but were in fact created. If Darwinists act in the light of the conclusions that science has revealed, then they must not ignore this scientific reality. As this 48-million-year-old jackal skull shows, jackals were the same millions of years in the past as they are today. It is unscientific to suggest anything else. It means persisting in a lie, believing in a hoax and a superstition.



Age: 68 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Gan Su, China

If evolutionists’ claims were true, then very odd-looking creatures bearing characteristics of both wild dogs and of other life forms must once have existed. These remains should be encountered in the fossil record, and should be immediately recognizable because they possess characteristics belonging to two different species, and would constitute an example of evolutionists’ imaginary descendant relationships. Yet not one single intermediate form fossil has ever appeared in geologic strata or appeared in evolutionist publications, even though the latter are full of innumerable myths and imaginary scenarios.

No such fossil exists, and no such life form ever existed at any time.
Like the 68-million-year-old wild dog illustrated, all living things have come down to the present day in the same shapes in which they were first created. Natural history definitively refutes the claims of evolution.



Age: 48 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Xi An, Shan Xi, China

These small horses, which still exist today, were also living 48 million years ago. Present-day horses and their subspecies were in existence, with their perfect equipment and appearances, at times that Darwinists believe that the horse was beginning to evolve. But Darwinists refuse to see this and imagine that they can continue to mislead the public by filling textbooks and articles about evolution with diagrams setting out the horse’s fictitious evolution. However, the scientific evidence, shows that, as with all other living things, the horse never underwent any evolution at all.



Age: 57 million years
Period: Paleocene
Location: Gan Su, China

This mammal that lived 57 million years ago is identical to lynxes living today. Like hundreds of thousands of contemporary species of which fossil remains also exist, it never underwent evolution at any time. From fossils such as these, it is not difficult to estimate the kind of living conditions that existed millions of years ago. The Earth of millions of years ago was not all that different from the Earth of today. Apart from a few complex life forms that have since become extinct, contemporary life forms with the same appearances as their survivors have today predominated. The fossil record proves this, and Darwinists have no response to give to this proven fact.



Age: 3.9 million years
Period: Pliocene
Location: Gan Su, China

According to evolutionist claims, the camel’s large skull, long neck and humps must be the result of a large sequence of mutations. As a result, there should have been innumerable mammals with semi-lengthened necks, odd-shaped heads and incipient humps. These imaginary life forms should be encountered frequently in the fossil record, and there should be no trace of fully-formed camels dating back millions of years, like the one shown here. But data from the fossil record show that such imaginary transitional forms never existed. Camels never passed through any intermediate stages, and have always existed as fully-formed camels.



Age: 89 million years
Period:  Cretaceous
Location: Liaoning, China

Throughout the course of natural history, human beings have always been human, and apes have always been apes. Not one single example of an intermediate form indicating some transition between the two has ever been found. This applies to all living things as well. Just as with the grizzly bear skull depicted here. This creature had exactly the same appearance when it was first created as it has today, and did not evolve from any other life form. This 89-million-year-old skull is one of the most important proofs. At the same time, this evidence constitutes a significant response to all Darwinist claims regarding the origin of Man.



Age: 78 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Gan Su, China

Darwinists have always produced false evidence in order to make their scenario of human evolution seem more credible, at least in their own eyes. Just a few examples include Piltdown Man, displayed for 40 years and then exposed as a hoax; Nebraska Man, whose entire life was reconstructed on the basis of a single molar tooth; Ramapithecus, portrayed as an intermediate form for 50 years; and Lucy, which is still depicted as an intermediate form, even though the invalidity of this idea has been clearly established and admitted by scientists. Darwinists attempt to trace the imaginary process known as human evolution from nothing. But all their efforts, all based on falsehoods, have been in vain.

In contrast, paleontological research has revealed fossils of species that have remained unchanged for millions of years. This 78-million-year-old bear skull is one example. Since living things have never changed, and not even a shred of evidence supports evolution, all speculation to the effect that human beings also evolved remains groundless.



Age: 73 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Dai Lin, Yun Nan, China

The history of evolution is filled with hoaxes. Attempts have been made to portray fossils of various extinct life forms or even a few fragments of fossilized bone as evidence of imaginary transitions. Fossils of living species have long been described to the public by the evolutionists as living things that have been evolving. But a profound silence has now replaced all this misleading speculation regarding fossils. Eventually, as you can see from the 73-million-year-old hyena skull shown here, it was realized that many present-day life forms lived millions of years ago in exactly the same forms they have now and that therefore, they never evolved. The time has now come for evolutionists to put an end to their hoaxes and speculations about the myth of human evolution.



Age: 82 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Wu Long Mountain, Nan Yang, He Nan, China

Details of this fossil’s teeth are shown in the smaller pictures. These 82-million-year-old remains are proofs that evolution never happened.

This mammal has exactly the same characteristics today as it had 82 million years ago. Its dimensions, anatomical features and physical properties are identical to those of lions alive today. This poses a major dilemma for the claims made by Darwinists, because far from revealing the transitional forms expected by Darwinists, the fossil record gives up countless species that never changed at all.



Age: 98 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Shan Li Mountain, China

Darwinists, who maintain that living species are descended from another and develop by constant small changes, are at a loss to explain the stasis, or total stability, observed within those same species. The theory of evolution, which maintains that human beings are descended from apes, must explain why no other life forms underwent the imaginary transition similar to the one from ape to human. Evolutionists have no rational and logical answer to give. Birds never changed.

hinoceroses, foxes and hyenas never changed; and neither did the 98-million-year turtle shown here.

Neither did human beings. The idea that Darwinists seek to impose on the public—that living things make progress by small changes and eventually develop into other life forms entirely—is a massive lie.



Age: 79 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Fu Yang, China

No living thing ever decided on its own that its characteristics were insufficient or needed to be improved, and therefore assumed the attributes of some other life form. No bear ever decided one day to walk on two legs, and no lion ever one day began speaking words. Lions, tigers and giraffes have always been exactly the same, never altering in the slightest. This 79-million-year-old Asian lion skull—identical to those of members of the species alive today—is evidence that these animals never evolved. Almighty Allah has created all living things out of nothing, and in their perfect forms. The hopeless position in which Darwinists now find themselves stems from their reluctance to see this.



Age: 59 million years
Period: Paleocene
Location: An Tu, Ka Shi, Xin Jiang, China

At heart, Darwinism is built on false logic. Great numbers of people have been convinced that the cell developed spontaneously out of muddy water, that hundreds of thousands of species descended from one another through random changes by way of mutations—and that intermediate forms, the evidence left over from these changes, will inevitably be discovered one day. According to Darwinist logic, all living species and even our own civilization are the results of a certain amount of mud, a great deal of time and blind chance. However, the cell cannot be produced even under technological conditions in a controlled environment such as the laboratory. Ninety-nine percent of mutations are harmful, the remaining 1% having no effect at all. And the mechanism known as natural selection has no power to effect evolution.

Not one single example of a transitional form has ever been found in the fossil record. All that has been excavated is the remains of living things that remained unchanged for millions of years. The 59-million-year-old donkey skull shown here, identical to the skulls of present-day donkeys, is one of these.

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