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Some Specimens Of Fossil Skulls -4-


Age: 65 million years
Period: Paleocene
Location: Ma Ling Mountain, China

All the important details, including the teeth, of this animal can be seen in this 65-million-year-old skull.

The universe created by Allah contains flawless marvels of Creation. Every manifestation of beauty created in the universe is also a manifestation of His omniscience and sublime artistry. It is Allah Who creates from nothing, and there are no bounds to His Creation.

Darwinism tries to make people forget that we inhabit a universe filled with perfect details. In fact, however, anyone looking at all the innumerable living things and seeing how these, have all lived in exactly the same form for millions of years—as this 65 million year-old lynx skull demonstrates—will be freed from this indoctrination and come to the conclusion we inhabit a world of true marvels. All entities are the work of Almighty Allah.



Age: 59 million years
Period: Paleocene
Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China

This skull of an arctic fox, a member of the canine family, dates back some 59 million years. This animal has exactly same features as contemporary arctic foxes. This animal has never changed at all over the course of millions of years. In order for Darwinist claims to be regarded as true, the arctic fox would have to evolve through countless intermediate stages before it emerged with its flawless, fully formed characteristics. Also, the remains of these innumerable stages should be visible in the fossil record. Yet not only are there no intermediate-form arctic fox fossils, there are no intermediate fossils belonging to any living thing. This 59-million-year-old arctic fox is a proof that the species did not come into being in stages, as evolutionists maintain, but that it came into existence suddenly, together with all its characteristics. In short, the artic fox was created.



Age: 51 million years
Period: Paleocene
Location: Gao Xiong, Taiwan

No fossil indicating that life forms share common ancestors has ever been found. In the fossil record, there is no  sign that living things are in a constant state of change. Then why are Darwinists so determined to cling to their theory? Why do they insist of defending the idea that living things evolved, when there is so much evidence that they were in fact created by Allah? The reason is ideological. Defending the theory of evolution is of vital importance for materialist and atheist ideologies.

No matter how much Darwinists persist in the theory of evolution, the fossil record constantly produces still more evidence that totally discredits it. The 51-million-year jackal skull pictured is one such example. The fossil reveals that, just like turtles, tigers, foxes, mink, lions, rhinoceroses and all other living things, jackals never underwent evolution at any time.



Age: 65 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Qing Hai, China

The teeth of the fossil illustrated can be seen in full detail, offering significant proof that coyotes living 65 million years ago were identical to those alive today.

When a living thing first appears in the fossil record, it then continues on in the same form for the millions of years that follow. All the fossils illustrated in this book, such as this 65-million-year-old coyote skull, are just a few examples. Like all other life forms, coyotes of 65 million years ago possessed the same appearance and structures as they do today. This totally demolishes the whole concept of evolution.

This state of affairs, which applies to all living things, inevitably applies to human beings as well. Humans have always existed as human beings, ever since the moment they were first created, and have never undergone the slightest change. Given that so many life forms clearly refute all claims of evolution, there can be no scientific foundation to the scenarios concerning human evolution dreamed up by Darwinists.



Age: 48 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Guang Xi, China

Seals are mammals with large eye sockets and special nasal systems. Seeing how these creatures were identical 48 million years ago to specimens living today and how they have remained unchanged over the course of millions of years is major evidence revealing the fact of Creation. Indeed, when fossils of this life form are examined in detail, you can see that the same kinds of seals in existence today were also alive  some 48 million years ago and living in the oceans at that time. This and countless other pieces of similar evidence all document how the theory of evolution needs to be consigned to the dusty shelves of history.



Age: 73 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Qi Pan, Yun Nan, China

The jaw structure and teeth of this fossil can be seen in great detail.

Darwinists’ ruses and the techniques they use to mislead people are now totally futile. Faced with atlases that make the fact of Creation crystal-clear—and countless fossils that demonstrate how living things have never changed in the slightest—Darwinists have seen that all life forms were created out of nothing. Their ruses have been exposed and effectively neutralized.

By itself, this 73-million-year-old leopard skull is sufficient evidence to show that all tales regarding the changes supposedly undergone by life forms are totally invalid. They show that leopards living 73 million years ago had exactly the same characteristics as leopards living today.



Age: 80 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Qing Dao, Shan Dong, China

There is no difference between the tooth structures of wildcats living 80 million years in the past and those living today.

Coincidence is Darwinists’ false deity. Darwinists believe that blind coincidence can bestow life on inanimate substances, and can cause one life form to develop into another. This superstitious belief was depicted as the truth for 150 years and was described exactly as if it were a religion. But the time has now come for superstition to be eradicated. Countless fossils prove that life forms were brought into being out of nothing and never underwent evolution in any form. The theory of evolution has been left with no room to maneuver.

The wildcat fossil shown is just one of the innumerable proofs created by Allah. This 80-million-year-old fossil declares that species have remained unchanged for millions of years—for which reason all Darwinist claims are in fact fabrications.



Age: 51 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Gao Xiong, China

A 51-million-year-old red wolf skull exactly reflects the characteristics and details of this living species. Had no such fossil specimen ever appeared, no doubt Darwinists would have continued to produce innumerable scenarios regarding the supposed evolution of red wolves. They would have proposed countless transitional forms and related countless speculations. But this fossil specimen leaves no room for Darwinist fairy tales. This also applies to all other living things, and also to human beings. Every scenario ever dreamed up by Darwinists has been based on a lie.

Like all their other physical characteristics, red wolves’ teeth and jaws have undergone not the slightest structural change over millions of years.



Age: 82 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China

The fossil’s teeth have been preserved, right down to the finest detail, for millions of years.

According to Darwinists, because this fossil dates back 82 million years, it should display a great many deficiencies and semi-developed organs. There should have been a great many pathologies in its eye sockets, jaw structure and ears. But the true state of affairs is very different. The lion skull illustrated, millions of years old, has been perfectly preserved, and its details show that the animal’s perfect appearance is identical to that of lions today.

The only reason for Darwinists’ claims regarding the supposed evolution of Man is that they possess a large number of ape fossils which they can use to speculate. Yet the conclusion shown by the fossil record is a scientific one that nobody can possibly deny: that life never evolved in any way, and that no intermediate forms ever arose. Science totally refutes the theory of evolution.



Age: 74 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Liao Yang, Liaoning, China

Just like an 82-million-year-old lion skull, a 51-million-year-old red wolf skull, a 78-million-year-old spotted deer skull, a 90-million-year-old hyena skull and many other similar fossils, the 74-million-year brown bear skull pictured has a perfect appearance in terms of shape and detail. If Darwinists were correct, then these fossils dating back millions of years should be semi-developed, with their jaws and eye sockets misaligned. Their noses should not yet have formed fully, and there should be profound defects in the skull inside which the brain is located. Yet these fossils all possess perfect structures and, moreover, anatomies identical to those of their present-day counterparts.

In fact, just a single piece of evidence, even this 74-million-year-old brown bear skull, is sufficient to demolish the theory of evolution.



Age: 74 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Xin Jiang, China

All the reports from Darwinists carried under such headlines as “Missing Link Discovered!,” or “Evolution Is Still Continuing.” or “The First Ancestor of Man” are in fact completely imaginary. The theory of evolution, which Darwinists depict as literally irrefutable fact, is totally refuted by science. Evolutionists are always claiming that a non-existent missing link has been found, though they have not one shred of evidence to confirm those claims.

The evidence constantly refutes the idea of evolution. This 74-million-year-old Asian black bear skull is identical to skulls of the same species alive today. In the face of these significant facts, evolutionist speculation is meaningless and scientifically worthless.



Age: 59 million years
Period: Paleocene
Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China

The fossil record has produced a great deal of information to which Darwinists have no scientific or rational response:

- As is the case with all life forms, there is not a single intermediate-form fossil to show that the arctic fox, developed or evolved in stages, before reaching its final present-day form.
- Arctic foxes living millions of years ago possessed the same complete and perfect structures as their present-day counterparts. They had no supposedly more primitive appearances or structures.
- There is not the slightest difference between arctic foxes living today and those that lived 59 million years ago. This shows that this species has remained unchanged for all that time.

All these facts lead Darwinists into a major quandary. The very fossils they hoped would support evolution actually discredit their theories and reveal that the origin of all living things lies in Creation.



Age: 84 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Xi Ma La Ya Mountain, China

The ginkgo leaf fossil discovered by Darwin in 1859, the earliest specimens of which date back some 250 million years, caused a terrible panic in him. Darwin described this finding of his as a “living fossil” and regarded it as a major difficulty for his theory. If Darwin were alive today, he would completely abandon his theory in the face of the scale of the difficulties facing it. Faced with the lack of any fossils to support his theory during his lifetime, Darwin left the problem to the future, hoping that intermediate forms would one day be discovered.

Yet Darwin’s followers also failed to find what he had hoped for. As you can see from the 84-million-year-old spotted seal skull fossil pictured, fossil specimens dating back millions of years of species still in existence today are emerging all the time. The fossil record reveals that Darwin was mistaken and that Creation is an irrefutable reality.



Age: 78 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Lan Zhou, Gan Su, China

The theory of evolution—about which countless false pieces of evidence have been produced and which has been kept alive by the invention of totally incredible scenarios—has now come to the end of its life. People are realizing that they have faced a terrible deception. From now on, no scenario invented by Darwinists will have any effect, and their theory’s collapse will continue apace, because scientific findings totally refute evolution.
This 78-million-year-old grey fox skull is just one of the proofs that are accelerating this collapse. Darwinism has been completely discredited in the face of living fossils.

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