The Secret Beyond Matter

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According to Darwinists’ erroneous way of thinking, they supposed there is only one explanation for the emergence of living things in nature: All are descended from the very first living cell, which developed spontaneously as the result of blind coincidences.

Over the course of time—and again by chance—earlier species gradually transformed into other genetically different species. To put it another way, Darwinism feels that in order to account for the emergence of life, all that’s needed are coincidences, natural events and long periods of time. According to Darwinists, life emerged through a combination of these accidents, for which reason there can be no question of such concepts as reason, intelligence or even consciousness (Allah is beyond this) playing any part in the process.

From their assertion, it follows that the fossil record—and specifically, fossil skulls—should contain clear evidence of this imaginary unconscious process that took place over millions of years. If species really are descended from earlier life forms, then intermediate signs of the process should be visible throughout the fossil record. If life forms reach their most advanced forms at the end of a number of previous stages, then the number of fossilized life forms in the process of changing—from fish to reptiles, from reptiles to mammals, and from mammals to intermediate life forms that supposedly took to flying in the air, should be much greater than the number of fossils that had completed the imaginary evolutionary process.

There should be billions of such fossils, and the fictitious process of evolution should be crystal clear from them. The fossil record, therefore, should constitute one of the most important proofs of the theory of evolution.

And in fact, Charles Darwin himself was well aware of this:

If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking most closely all the species of the same group together, must assuredly have existed. . . . Consequently, evidence of their former existence could be found only amongst fossil remains. 1

. . . the number of intermediate and transitional links, between all living and extinct species, must have been inconceivably great. 2

But the truth revealed by the fossil record is very different!


According to Darwinist logic, tigers, hares, cats, butterflies, and brightly colored flowers—as well as thinking, reasoning, feeling human beings capable of taking precautions and signing their names to scientific advances—have all emerged by chance, spontaneously, ever since when natural elements and phenomena such as mud, rain, lightning, thunder and wind combined over long periods of time to create life. However, this myth is so ridiculous that not even a primary school student could possibly believe it.


Millions of fossils belonging to tens of thousands of different species have been discovered. All of these represent fully formed and complete life forms, each with a perfect appearance and complexity. There is no trace of the intermediate species expected by Darwin and so longed for by all Darwinists since.

Not a single intermediate form has been found anywhere in the world. Life forms tens of millions of years old have exactly the same appearance as their living counterparts today. Ants, flies, fish, bears, spiders, tigers and lions alive today are exactly the same as their counterparts that lived millions of years in the past. All have exactly the same levels of complexity as their ancient counterparts. They have never changed—in other words, they never evolved.

The photo below shows a fossil researcher determining the borders between one rock layer and the other strata. This process involves the identification of all the strata present, the formation process involved and the movement of the Earth that is still going on. Thus the age of fossils as well as their location can both be determine.

This applies to all the other living things on Earth, plants and animals alike. Fish have never changed, and neither have birds. Reptiles have survived unchanged, and so have crustaceans. There are countless fossil specimens that show that living things have never changed. This is the truth placed on display throughout the volumes that comprise the Atlas of Creation series. These books consider only a very small part of all the fossils that demonstrate how living things have always remained exactly the same. Without exception, all the millions of fossils obtained to date, constitute evidence that evolution never happened.

A 125-million-year-old spider fossil and a specimen living today No trace of any life form that could possibly be proposed as the supposed ancestor of the starfish has ever been found. Neither have starfish been observed to develop into any other life form. They have been in existence for hundreds of millions of years, and if Darwinist claims were true, they should long ago have turned into other forms of marine life, or even have become terrestrial creatures. Yet no such transition has ever taken place. This 430-million-year-old starfish fossil completely refutes all claims that evolution represents the origin of new species.


The fossils presented in this book totally demolish one of Darwinists’ major claims: their scenario of mammalian evolution. These fossil skulls, millions of years old, show that these mammals lived in exactly the same forms as those alive today—which fact deals a serious blow to Darwinism. The realization that so many birds, reptiles, fish and finally mammals never underwent evolution strongly suggests that the idea of human evolution is utter nonsense, too. The idea of human evolution, for which Darwinists have been unable to provide any shred of evidence, has been totally discredited by the millions of “living fossils” representing species that are still alive today.

One substance in which the very best-preserved fossils appear is amber. Fossils within amber resulted when the clear sap or resin secreted by trees solidifies around living things and preserved them as they were at the very moment of death. These 25-million-year-old flying ants are specimens that invalidate the theory of evolution.


The fossils depicted in this book represent just a very few of the mammal skulls discovered to date. Anyone with common sense who examines these will agree that each fossil shows that the given species of mammal has remained unchanged in the form in which it was originally created. That, in turn, will lead to a better understanding of the deceptive nature of Darwinism, which maintains that human beings are only another species of animal descended from apes. In the same way that evolution never happened over the course of natural history, so there is no equivalent “turning point” in human history. All the hoaxes perpetrated to keep this deception alive have been proven vain. The sublime and flawless Creation of our Lord Allah, the Creator and sole Lord of all entities, is plain for everyone to grasp. The artistry of our Lord, Who creates from nothing, is  displayed all over the world.

Excavations carried out over the last 150 years have always produced evidence that totally discredits evolution. One such is this 50-million-year-old crab fossil unearthed at Monte Baldo in Italy, which demonstrates that crabs have always existed as crabs.


You can see this for yourself merely from glancing at a rose in the garden, at a bird’s wing, at all the countless living species in all their variety, or at the magnified image of just one single cell. The fossil record has provided plentiful evidence that makes it impossible to deny this immaculate Creation. No objections can any longer be raised to this conclusive evidence.

Darwinists are struggling in vain because willingly or not, they have finally come to admit the death of the theory of evolution. All their efforts aimed at keeping Darwinism alive are helpless and despairing. Nobody any longer attach any credence to Darwinism. No doubt, the most rational course of action is to see the truth and shun one’s past errors, abandon any false dream, and to cease wasting one’s time in this world—which was created as a place of testing—on such a hollow goal.

At an era when evolutionists maintain that a primitive environment prevailed, already there were complex life forms with exactly the same appearance and physical structures that they display today. Even tens of millions of years ago, the Earth was filled with highly sophisticated and well-formed species with all the characteristics they possess today.

This life form, which lived 57 million years ago, is identical to its counterparts living today. Like hundreds of thousands of other species today, this fossilized one has never undergone any changes in the intervening time.


1. Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, 1 b., s.179

2. Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, chapter X, s. 234


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