The Secret Beyond Matter

Idealism the Philosophy of the Matrix and the True Nature of Matter

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We are Watching a Copy of Our Lives

Right now, the book you believe you are holding, together with its printed text and illustrations in bright, vivid colors, is in reality a three-dimensional image in your brain. Similarly, the embossed logo you feel when you touch the book's cover is something you are "touching" only in your brain.


You can never touch or read the original of this book on the outside.

When you look at this book, the light reflected from its pages is converted into electrical impulses by the cells of your eye's retina. These signals, carrying details of the book's shape, color and thickness, are transmitted to your brain's visual center via the optic nerves, where they are interpreted into a concise whole. In this way, the book's appearance is recreated inside the darkness of your brain. Therefore, statements like, "I'm seeing with my eyes," or, "This book's in front of me" do not reflect true reality. Your eye only converts the light it receives into electrical impulses. The image of the book you behold doesn't lie outside you, as you have always thought, but on the contrary, inside your skull. You can never have direct experience of the original of the book on the outside. Furthermore, never can you know for certain whether the visualizations in your mind reflect the actual reality "outside".

You could be thinking that this book lies outside you simply because you can feel the smoothness of its pages under your fingers. But this sensation of smoothness, just like the phenomenon of "seeing," is formed in your brain. When the touch-sensitive nerve cells on your fingertips are stimulated, they transmit stimuli to your brain in the form of electrical signals. Receiving these messages, your brain's touch center interprets them into such sensations as touch, pressure, softness or hardness, coldness or warmth. And you, inside your brain, come to sense the hardness of the book, the smoothness of its pages or its embossed logo when your hand touches them. In reality though, you never can touch the actual book. When you think you're doing so, in reality you're only turning its pages in your brain and—again, in your brain—feeling the thinness and smoothness of its pages.


You may think that the book is outside of you because your hand can feel the smoothness of its pages. But in reality, when you believe you're touching the book, you are turning its pages inside your brain, and feeling their thin smoothness there.

The same is true for all your other senses. In the air, the vibrating string of a guitar creates pressure waves, which then stimulate the hairlike structures in the inner ear. The vibrations thus created are converted into electrical signals, which are then transmitted to the relevant center in the brain and interpreted there—whereupon you experience the sensation of hearing the sounds of the guitar.

Likewise, your sense of smell is formed in the brain. Chemical molecules, escaping a lemon's peel stimulate receptors in the nose, are converted into electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain for interpretation. And you perceive the scent of the lemon in your brain .

In short, all that you can perceive—what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell—is all recreated specially for you in your brain. Therefore, when we speak of our perception of the surrounding environment, we are talking only about our inner "copies" of those same colors, shapes, sounds and smells.

Our dreams are an excellent example to understand this better. In dreams, we are aware of the external events, sounds and sights; even our own bodies. We think and ponder. We feel the emotions of fear and anger, pleasure and love. We speak with other people, whom we believe we are observing the same things as they are, and even discuss them with them. In short, in dreams we form the impression that we are really dealing with a material world. But upon awakening, suddenly we realize that everything we thought we experienced took place only in our minds.

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We perceive the world so perfectly that we believe it to lie outside us, all around our bodies. There is no disruption in the flow of the images, from a vivid, colorful world formed by countless details. This can make us forget that we are living in a world of perceptions and imagery that, in reality, all takes place inside our brains.

When we wake up and say, "It was only a dream," we mean that our experiences were not physical or "real," but only the products of our minds. While awake, on the other hand, it is not much different to our state when dreaming. The experiences in our wakeful state are lived out in our minds, just as our dreams are. The originals of what we experience when we are awake do exist on the outside, but we can never, at any time in our lives, have direct experience of these originals.

The reason why you think we have direct experience of the original of matter when you are awake is that you probably feel this book in your hands. You can comment on what you read; and everything around you displays a consistent continuity. But these perceptions—the hand with which you hold this book, the pages you're turning, the furniture surrounding you and your location in the room— all these are only replicas observed within your brain. Were you asked, "Right now, are you awake or are you dreaming?" surely you would answer, "Of course I'm awake!"

Possibly you have been asked this question in your dreams, many times. Of course, the answer you gave then—"Of course I am!"—would be exactly the same as you'd give right now. But only now, when you're truly awake, do you realize that your answer then was wrong.

So could it be that you're making the same mistake now? Who can guarantee that you're not actually dreaming right now—or even that your entire life has not been a dream? How can you be at all certain that you have experience of the original of the world you are living in?

In the following pages, you'll see that this certainty can never be possible. First, let's examine some movies that deal with the scientific facts revealing this "reality" and the explanations we've given in various earlier publications.


From the Materialists' Anxiety, We can Deduce How Significant this Subject is!

Looking at the materialists around us, we see that they're uneasy about the various concepts of matter's true nature. They receive with haughty arrogance the public's interest in the possibility that, just like dreams, the world we experience is imaginary. They send out messages like, "Don't be fooled by idealistic suggestions. Remain true to materialism." But this kind of ill-informed response reveals their nervousness over seeing this subject being brought to public attention.

Their irrational teachings are inherited from Vladimir I. Lenin, leader of Russia's bloody Communist revolution. In Lenin's Materialism and Empirio-Criticism, written a century ago, we find the following passage:

Once you deny objective reality, given us in sensation, you have already lost every weapon against fideism [reliance on faith alone], for you have slipped into agnosticism or subjectivism—and that is all that fideism requires. A single claw ensnared, and the bird is lost. And our Machists [adherents of Machism, developed by the Austrian philosopher Mach, one of the leaders of modern positivism] have all become ensnared in idealism, that is, in a diluted, subtle fideism; they became ensnared from the moment they took "sensation" not as an image of the external world, but as a special "element." It is nobody's sensation, nobody's mind, nobody's spirit, nobody's will.1

This passage betrays the great apprehension with which Lenin discovered the reality that he wished to erase from his colleagues' minds as well as his own. It continues to cause apprehension among present-day materialists, but with one difference: Today's materialists are a lot more nervous than Lenin ever was. They are only too aware that this reality is now understood with much greater certainty and clarity than it was, a century ago for the first time in history, this subject is being related in an irresistible way.

The materialists warn, "Do not reflect on this issue, or else you'll lose your materialism." The reason why is that the truth, now being explained in context with the origin of matter, is destroying the materialist philosophy, leaving it in such a discredited state that there's nothing left to discuss. The materialists' nervousness at seeing they can never have direct experience of the original of the world of matter is a result of their blind belief in matter, and their inability to come to terms with the impossibility of experiencing matter direclty—which means that materialism has no reason to be.

In the following words, science writer Lincoln Barnett expresses the materialist scientists' paranoia of this subject at even being just sensed:

Along with philosophers' reduction of all objective reality to a shadow-world of perceptions, scientists have become aware of the alarming limitations of man's senses.2

In every materialist coming face to face with this subject, the fear and worry is clearly visible.

The 21st century is a turning point in history; once this reality reaches all people, then materialism will be wiped off the face of the Earth. For people who come to understand this reality, it's irrelevant what they used to believe or what they advocated before. The only important thing is not resist once this reality has been recognized; to understand this truth before it is too late—because death will make it understood, for sure.

Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood, and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away! Woe without end for you, for what you portray! (Surat al-Anbiya: 18)

1. V. I. Lenin, Materialism and Empirio-criticism, Moscow:Progress Publishers, 1970, pp. 334-335.
2. Lincoln Barnett, The Universe and Dr. Einstein, New York:William Sloane Associates, 1948, pp. 17-18.


People Will Grasp The Truth About Matter in This Century

ADNAN OKTAR: We are in the End Times, in the age of Hazrat Mahdi (as). This is how our Prophet (saas), the True Reporter, says it will be. And so it is happening. But people's minds and souls will change in 10 years' time, after 2012. They will enter a totally different world and have a totally different perspective. Many people have even taken this as the Day of Judgment. There are inscriptions dating back to before Christ. 2012, they either refer to Day of Judgment or else a radical change in the human soul.

PRESENTER: What kind of change?

ADNAN OKTAR: People will see the truth about matter. They do not know the true nature of matter now. For example, I am seeing you at the moment. You are forming in my brain, in a tiny little space. But it is so clear and distinct that you really seem some distance away. Your image seems really far off. You are now appearing inside my brain. A tiny thing, though you look like a human being, and that is enough for me, and it all happens in this tiny little space. For example, there is bright light inside the brain, but none on the outside, in the outside world. And I am watching you through my eyes, as if I were sitting in an apartment above my brain. People will realize this. But if you tell them now, they will not fully understand. There is no sound on the outside, sound is a perception, something entirely belonging to the brain. All sound is perceived by the brain inside the soul. The brain perceives those sound waves as sound. The same with images; our eyes do not see. They seem to be looking, but they do not. The eyes are two cameras made of flesh. They focus light rays onto a specific spot where that chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. That electrical energy is then forwarded to our brains, but that marvelous system is a separate issue. Our souls see that electricity as the world. A very low amplitude electrical current passes through the flesh with no cables or anything like that. (From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Asu TV interview, 23 November, 2009)


The Secret Behind Matter is One of The Greatest Phenomena in The History of The World

Adnan Oktar: Major steps and huge developments have been made toward the moral values of Islam ruling the world. A most enlightened, high quality and intelligent generation has been raised. It has now become technically impossible to halt Islam. Even children of 7 or 8 now know that evolution is a false theory. Nobody believes in it, they just laugh. Was it like that before? In the 1970s the theory of evolution was taken very seriously and respected and regarded as a fact of life. It was deeply believed by members of the alleged organization Ergenekon and all kinds of other people. But we have demolished this shameful belief. We have wiped it off the map, in such a way it can never be rebuilt. And we have installed belief in Allah, that He exists, as clear as day in people's eyes, souls and hearts. We have told people the secret behind matter. We have told them perhaps the greatest thing in the history of the world. In other words, I have proved that we see a perception of the matter existing on the outside and that we can never have direct experience of the original of matter, that we only experience an image of matter and that this will be the case for all time. This is the point where materialism and Darwinism are immobilized. I mean, even if we abandoned all the other evidence, this alone would demolish Darwinism and leave it with no way out. The matter is totally resolved at this point, with this evidence alone. The setting out of this proof of Allah's existence has left no other alternative. In other words, such perfect television, computer, glasses and tables are created in one's mind that he will say, 'Could these possibly have come about by chance?' To create these images in a being's brain, to create a computer, a television, cars and cities. What power could do that? How is a person to explain these images? Ok, there is matter on the outside, but we only have experience of the image of it. If Allah did not create an image of all this, we could not see it. So ┥ho is the power that creates this image? And in full color. The inside of my brain is pitch black. The inside of the human brain is in total darkness. But there are cities in the brain, and fruit juices, and greengrocers and butchers. There is a whole world inside the brain. And when we enter the grocer's shop there are boxes and packets and labels on them and things to eat. There is the calculating machine and everything, but it is all created in our brains. We drive around in cars, and these cars have speedometers and braking systems and we turn their starter keys. Who creates this image in my brain? If someone says chance, if he says it came about by chance, then that person should first investigate the subject of whether or not he has a brain. (From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Kon TV interview, 31 August, 2008)


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