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The Cure For Fascism Is Koranic Morality

As we have been witnessing all through this book, fascism is an ideology that has wreaked great harm on humanity. Not only was it the cause of the death and torture of millions of people because of their race, and the tragedy of the Second World War in the last century, but it has also sought to destroy all human values wherever it has emerged, by contributing to a "climate of fear." In our day, it is widespread in Middle East, Latin American and African countries, but also in increasingly racist tendencies and neo-Nazi organizations in the West. Fascism is actually the hidden ideology in many countries in the world, even if is not actually called by that name. Fascist thinking is also spreading to the "streets" in many countries, and entire communities are now emerging, who barbarically enjoy violence and bloodshed. For this reason, the whole world must embark on a "fight against fascism."

This cannot be carried out by legal and police measures only. This ideology cannot be destroyed by following the neo-Nazis, or identifying the guilty and imprisoning them, or by bombing this or that country with a fascist regime. On the contrary, it will only grow and further develop through such tactics.

In order to defeat fascism, it is first necessary to understand what fascism is. As this book has attempted to make clear, fascism is a culture. At its roots are paganism, the Darwinist concept of "conflict," and Darwinian racism. In order for fascism to be done away with, these superstitions need to be torn down.

However, the methods used tend to produce the opposite of the desired effects. The Western nations which confront fascist gangs and spend millions of dollars on trying to catch, punish and destroy them, are actually all the while assisting in the spread of fascist groups, because they offer a Darwinist education to their young people. They teach them that life is an arena of brutality, a battleground, and that one has to be ruthless and fight in order to survive. They also propagate the idea that man is a species of animal that evolved from an ape-like creature, and therefore, that there are "advanced” and "backward" races in this evolutionary process.

It is almost inevitable that someone who has received such an education become a fascist. And so, fascism is spreading, both as a spontaneous cultural phenomenon as well as on a systematic level.

For this reason, countries such as Germany and Great Britain are caught in a terrible contradiction, essentially raising fascists which they are then eventually forced to fight. It is like rearing a large number of poisonous snakes, then throwing them among people, and when the snakes begin killing people, ask "Why are they killing people?” and try to catch them one by one. It is meaningless to raise these poisonous snakes on the first place, and then to say, "We can get rid of them by using proper surveillance and arrest methods." The solution is to destroy the methods or facilities in which they are reared.

In order to get rid of fascism, Darwinism, the so-called scientific basis of the ideology, has to be defeated and people have to instead be taught the concepts of love, affection, compassion, humility, tolerance, and justice. The foundation of these concepts is the Koran. The ethics of the Koran, revealed to us by God, are the basis of a world at peace, not pagan morality, which is the basis of fascism, and which encourages people to engage in war, bloodshed, violence and racism.

A society steeped in Koranic morality will have no place for fascism, nor its "red" version, communism. Turkey is a good example of this. None of the efforts to import fascist and communist ideologies to the country have been successful long-term. Turkey has essentially remained uninfected by both totalitarian ideologies. The most important reason for this is the basic moral values the Turkish nation has acquired from Islam.

Turkey, as the representative of these values and as the inheritor of the Ottoman Empire, could form a model that would prevent fascism, first within its own borders, and then in the whole world. There were and are fascist regimes surrounding Turkey on all sides, (Iraq, for instance, or Serbia). Conflict and chaos rule in the Balkans and the Middle East. Bringing these regions, so replete in fascist violence, back to peace and calm, as the Ottomans once did, can be achieved by a nation which implements a policy based upon these same values.

Let us hope that this happens, and that leaders described by God in a holy verse, "…Would that there had been more people with a vestige of good among the generations of those who came before you, who forbade corruption in the earth?" (Koran, 11:116) will finally do away with fascism forever in the 21st century.


They said "Glory be to You!
We have no knowledge except what You have taught us.
You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise."
(Koran, 2: 32)


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