The Secret Beyond Matter

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Fascism is known as an ideology that was born and flourished in the 20th century. It spread rapidly across the world in the wake of World War I, with fascist regimes coming to power in Germany and Italy in particular, but also in such countries as Greece, Spain and Japan, where the people suffered greatly from the oppressive and violent methods employed by their governments. Against this oppression and violence, they could do little more than cower before it. The fascist dictator and his administration heading such systems, where brute force, aggression, bloodshed and violence were the rule of the day, sent waves of terror throughout the society with their secret police and fascist militia, paralyzing the people with fear. Furthermore, fascist administration was implemented in almost all levels of society, from education to culture, religion to art, the governmental structure to the military system, and from the policing organizations to peoples' private lives. Ultimately, World War II, initiated by fascists, was one of the gravest calamities in the history of mankind, leaving as many as 55 million dead.

Hitler, Mussolini

Two 20th century dictators who drowned mankind in blood: Hitler and Mussolini

However, fascism is not an ideology found only in history books. Although today there are no states that call themselves fascist or who practice it openly, there are, nevertheless, in many countries in the world, governments, political groups and parties who follow fascistic policies. Though the names and tactics have changed, they continue to inflict similar suffering on their people. There is also a possibility that the coming deterioration of social conditions could lead to further growth in the support for fascism. For that reason, fascism is a continuing threat to humanity.

This book has been written to confront this impending danger. It is intended to expose fascist tendencies that arise under various methods and forms, and to reveal their true root and aim. Another goal of this book is to remove the "religious" facade that fascism sometimes hides behind, and to reveal it as a system completely opposed to true religion.

In order to cure a sickness, it is first necessary to identify the virus that causes it, to then fight it, and find an antidote to it. In this way, the conditions that enable it to thrive can be eliminated, thus doing away with the sickness itself. In a similar manner, to be free of the horror of "fascism," one must fight its ideological basis and the influences that aid it in its growth. As we shall come to see throughout this book, the fundamental principle behind fascism today is Darwinism, which is deceptively portrayed as a scientific theory although it is not. Nevertheless, Darwinism, which professes such claims as "human beings are developed animals," "Some races have been left behind in the evolutionary process," and "through survival of the fittest, the strong survive and the weak need be eliminated," has been the source of numerous harmful ideologies throughout the 20th century, and, especially, fascism. Therefore, as we shall be exploring in detail, Darwinism bears much of the responsibility for the oppression and violence that has been brought about.

Even if we live in a country where there is not a fascist movement or fascist practices, where those who have sought to promote them have been checked, and where Darwinism has not been widely accepted, we must not lower our guard. All people of conscience must engage themselves in an ideological struggle against all forces and ideologies that cause mischief in the world and aim to destroy peace and order. God has ordered man to live in peace and security. In the Koran He commands:

You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is an outright enemy to you. (Koran, 2:208)

The Greatest Disaster Of The History Of Mankind

The Second World War, which fascism was responsible for, was the worst tragedy in the history of mankind, leaving 55 million dead in its wake.

Until the 20th century, wars were always fought on a particular front, and between armies on those fronts. However, in the 20th century, the Nazis deliberately bombed civilian populations, as well as systematically murdering them in concentration camps. These terrible scenes of Jews and other innocent inmates in Nazi concentration camps and ghettos are but a few examples of Nazi brutality against civilian populations.

This barbarity was based more in support of an ideology than as part of a military strategy. This ideology was a barbaric one, which claimed that there was a "struggle for survival" among the races, and that this was a "law of nature." Its origin is found in the paganism of ancient times and in the so-called Darwinist "science."

Nazilerin Lonra bombardımanı
Nazi vahşeti

A view of the "German bombing of London," taken from the cover of the Illustrated London News

Nazi vahşeti


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