The Secret Beyond Matter

The Light of the Qur’an Has Destroyed Satanism

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The History of Satanic Worship

What we have outlined so far illustrates the true face of satan who has taken so many satanists under his influence. At this point, it now will be useful to consider a brief history of how satanism came to be.

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Satanists have long been associated with the Cabbalists, Rosicrucians and other secret, mystical orders of the Middle Ages and later. Modern, organized satanism first appeared in California in the 1960s.

In 1966, Anton Szandor LaVey announced that he had founded the Church of Satan. But actually, at the beginning of the 20th century, long before LaVey, Aleister Crowley laid the foundations of what would become modern satanism. Known as “The Beast 666,” Crowley became infamous for his evil spells, and rituals with liberal use of narcotics in masses and in which animals were sacrificed. Crowley’s basic philosophical principle was “Do what thou wilt.”

His philosophy was expounded in The Book of Law, which, according to Crowley, satan made him write. This perverse admonition dictates that, no matter what disaster of evil may ensue, a person must follow whatever impulse comes to mind. For example, if anyone feels like having some excitement, he shouldn’t restrain himself. If he feels angry at someone, he shouldn’t hold it in. And, if he thinks about killing someone, he should do it right away.

These abnormal ideas are bound to destroy the peace and harmony of any community. Yet Crowley defends them in the following words:

I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything, bad or good, but strong.3

The history of satanism goes back to the heretical magic of the Middle Ages and the Masonic orders. Among these were the famous Rosicrucians, an order that performed many perverse rites and rituals and was noted for the close relationship that existed with satan’s worshippers.


Of course, Crowley’s idea that power can be attained by being evil and doing evil things is clearly wrong. Evil brings more harm back on the perpetrator than it inflicts on anyone else. Besides this, any power attained through evil means is always short-lived. Every system of ideas based on cruelty, injustice and the denial of conscience is bound to collapse. Crowley’s “Do whatever you want” philosophy would create a system in which people would feel unrestrained from doing every evil deed that came to mind and from satisfying their every desire. In other words, people should be allowed to rule themselves by obeying every impulse commanded by their lower selves.

But such a system would prove very dangerous. Allah tells us in the Qur’an that lower self indeed commands man to wreak evil acts (Surah Yusuf, 53). But at the same time, Allah also inspires us in how to avoid depravity (Surat ash-Shams, 8).

Besides, He tells us that satan’s primary purpose is to lead man into evil:

. . . Anyone who follows in satan’s footsteps should know that he commands indecency and wrongdoing. . .  (Surat an-Nur, 21)

And one of his chief weapons is the own self of a human. Because one’s lower self always urges one towards evil, the person who obeys it is in a great danger. Human happiness and salvation are possible only by rejecting the commands of the lower self and obeying one’s conscience absolutely. The fated end of a person who does evil, thinking that he will achieve salvation as a result, is utter disappointment:

That Day, man will remember what he has striven for and the Blazing Fire will be displayed for all who can see. As for him who overstepped the bounds and preferred the life of this world, the Blazing Fire will be his refuge. (Surat an-Nazi‘at, 35-39)

Indeed, satanism is a philosophy that leads its followers to divinize—and to honor and worship—their own selves and to think that attaining their own desires is their only goal in life. In this, satanism is much akin to the philosophy of humanism. Contrary to what most people think, humanism is not a philosophy of love, peace and brotherhood; but an anti-religious way of thinking that focuses on the concept of humanity—of simply being human, and nothing more—as a person’s single goal.

As its adherents openly state, humanism is an atheistic movement. According to humanism, man and the universe were not created. Man came into being spontaneously and is not responsible to any other beings. The essential thing is man himself, and no entity is more important than man.

As you have gathered, moreover, what dominates humanism is the idea of self-interest. According to this, human beings come to Earth only once. And the more benefits they can obtain while they are here, the better. In that case, the chief criteria that should determine a person’s attitudes and behavior will be his own wishes and desires. However, these are views that will inflict terrible harm on humanity.

First of all, contrary to what humanists maintain, the universe is not the work of blind chance. Almighty and Omnipotent Allah created it. And, as He states in one verse, “I only created jinn and man to worship Me” (Surat adh-Dhariyat, 56), we humans are servants of our Lord Who created us from nothing, and are charged with exhibiting the moral values He has commanded.

It must not be forgotten that the only moral values that will bring people true peace and happiness are those commanded by Allah in the Qur’an. Ideas supported by those who turn their backs on religious moral values under the influence of ideologies like humanism will produce individuals who consider only their own interests, and who grow ruthless, disloyal, loveless and devoid of compassion.

As you can see, humanism holds views that pose a grave threat to humanity. Satanism, which employs humanism as one of its main foundations, has developed an even more perverted and perilous perspective, and has made violence, rage, blood and savagery into its fundamental values.

The Church of Satan

Anton LaVey, the founder of modern satanism, and some of his perverse books.


After Aleister Crowley, Anton Szandor LaVey is the chief architect of modern-day satanism. LaVey, noted for his spells and strange rituals, first founded an anti-Christian group called “the Magic Circle.” Later, he wrote The Satanic Bible with its famous nine satanic principles and called his group “the Church of Satan.” The doctrine of this organization was founded on books that LaVey wrote (The Satanic Rituals, The Satanic Witch, The Devil’s Notebook and Satan Speaks). It is estimated that the Church of Satan still has about 10,000 adherents throughout North America. Its doctrines are quite heretical; as the Encyclopedia of American Religions states:

The basic themes of LaVey’s brand of satanism are self-assertion, antiestablishmentarianism and the gratification of man’s physical or mental nature. Satan is a Promethean figure, representing ... the notion that man is just another animal, and so-called sin which lead to physical or mental gratification. It is LaVey’s opinion that Satan represents the source of these values. Rituals are conceived both as psychodramas and as magical acts that focus psychokinetic force, as in the ritual magick tradition.

Satanic philosophy is very close to the teachings of Aleister Crowley in “The Book of the Law”. Each person is seen as living according to his own set of rules.4

One basic feature of satanism is its opposition to religious morality and everything related to it. And this opposition is not limited to the realm of ideas; satanists are atheists and are hostile to all religious values. The basic purpose of LaVey’s brand of satanism is to oppose Christianity. He expresses his hostility to religion in the following words:

Satanism isn’t just an atheistic stance but an *anti*-theistic stance. Mankind is quickly overpopulating this planet; we can no longer afford the luxury of faith . . . In order to survive, we must smash this 2000-year-old habit of passivity and death-adoration. There are realistic solutions that can be implemented immediately. Christianity, as always, is the only thing standing in the way of progress.5


These words of LaVey’s express a world view strikingly similar to that of 19th-century materialism. This is very instructive because it shows us once again the danger inherent in any attempt to remove religion from society and how such attempts can lead to disaster. Satanism is the perfect example of how every perversity can flourish where religion is absent. When they do not fear Allah, people may even devolve into fiends who take delight in bloodshed.

If many people, especially youth, are drawn into the scourge of satanism, it is due directly to those ideologies envisaging a life free of religion. Therefore, it will be useful to examine the connections between satanism and ideologies whose basic principles include the legitimacy of living a life that’s free and unrestrained, the rejection of law and order, and opposition to every moral value.

Yazidis: another branch of the satanists

Satanism operates in various countries under different names. One of these is Yazidism, one of the oldest false religions in Mesopotamia. It worships  Melek Taus, another name for satan. It is estimated that there are about 200 thousand Yazidis living in north of Iraq and Syria, in eastern Turkey, Germany, Georgia and Armenia. The Yazidis do not use words beginning with the letters “sh” or “t” and never say the name of the satan they worship. But they call him “Melek Taus.” In this perverse religion of theirs, the sun, moon and stars are holy.

The Yazidis have two so-called holy books: the Kitêba Cilwe (Book of Revelation) and the Mishefa Reş(Black Book), in which two books their basic principles are found. The Yazidis do not believe in the Hereafter, and their idea of sin is quite perverse. Learning how to read or write, and the domestication of animals are regarded as sins. According to this strange religion, if a Yazidi hears a Muslim seeking refuge with Allah from satan, he must kill him. If he does not do so, he must commit suicide as a sacrifice to Melek Taus. And if he does not do this, he must fast for a week to be cleansed from his sin. All this shows that those who follow this clearly false religion are in great error.Representations of the false sun god, regarded as holy by the false Mesopotamian beliefs.

Satanism: An Atheist and Materialist Religion

Satanic morals, the effect of materialist and atheist thinking, predict a selfish society and omit charity and self-sacrifice.


Satanism arises from a spiritual void. The ideas developed in the 19th century—that this world is no more than an aggregation of material elements—drove people into that spiritual emptiness. Until then, religious values were inseparable from society. But afterwards, social values changed, and religious morality came to be regarded as unimportant. Indeed, religious values were deliberately excluded from social life.

Entailed in this way of thinking that developed in the 19th century was an opposition to religious morality and those who practiced it, and a belief in the possibility of a morality without the fear of Allah. But the removal of religious morality from society has produced a great vacancy, and experience has shown the impossibility of morality without the fear of Allah.

For those living in this void, good and evil have lost their value and meaning, resulting in a conceptual chaos. The kind of people now finding acceptance in society have become those who live the “good life” of prosperity, who earn more and spend more and, if necessary, use and exploit others to get what they want. Their self-interest is paramount, and they regard self-sacrifice as naiveté. People are willing to help others only after they have looked after themselves. As a result, the essential virtues and basic needs of the human spirit—love, mercy, compassion, friendship, loyalty and faithfulness—are all forgotten, and evil has taken the place of goodness.

According to satanism’s absurd beliefs, evil is a part of human nature, and no one is responsible for anyone else. If there is no responsibility, there is no reason to curb human evil. The spread of this savage way of thinking means the dominance of conflict, cruelty, misery and mercilessness.


But this is an artificial state of affairs, managed by the removal of spiritual values and specially planned by elements opposed to religious morality.

Satanism is one of the most dangerous movements that has arisen from this process of social change. It is a product of materialist and atheist currents of thought of that time, and one of the worst examples of how these philosophies have normalized violence and perversity. Notice that the values espoused by these ideologies and those of satanism are roughly the same.

Materialism and atheism both assert that everything is made up of elements of this world; and that, when life ends, so does everything else. Therefore, people are not responsible for anything that they may do. And, if they have no responsibility, there is nothing to stop them from committing evil.

But anyone who maintains this is deceiving himself. The whole universe, including human beings, is the work of the supreme power of a Creator—Allah; and everyone is responsible to Him.
Human existence in this world is limited by time. When     one’s time is fulfilled, that individual will die. After physical death, every individual will enter the Presence of our Lord to give an account for every moment of his life. For those who live out their lives without responsibility, thinking they are liable to no accounting, will be without recourse on that day.

In order to better understand the influence of materialism and atheism on satanism, we need only examine its publications. For example, when we look at what the Church of Satan has published, we see that all its authors are atheists. And satanists are materialists, who believe only in the existence of matter. And because satanists deny the existence of Allah, they also deny the existence of supernatural beings such as angels. Therefore, they actually deny the existence of satan! Despite their designation of themselves as satan worshippers, they do not believe in a literal being called satan. For them, satan is merely a symbol of the opposition to religion. These ideas are expressed in a document entitled “A Description of Satanism” published by the Church of Satan:

Satanism is an atheist religion like Buddhism. Nothing to answer to other than the consequences of our actions. Satanists do not believe in the existence of God, Angels, Heaven, or hell, the devil, Satan, Evil Spirits, Good spirits, Tooth fairies, or demons. Materialism and realism are the order of the Satanist. Real life and real emotions come first. Satanism is atheistic. Satanism can be considered to be Autodeists—we worship ourselves. Satanism can be considered to be opposition of religions. Satanism is an un-religion.6

An important indication of the damage done to human beings by satanist promptings is the disgusting lives of those caught up in this perversity.


Again, a publication of the Church of Satan entitled “Satanism: The Feared Religion,” reveals what satanists really believe:

Satanists do not believe in the supernatural, in neither God nor the Devil. To the Satanist, he is his own God. Satan is a symbol of Man living as his prideful, carnal nature dictates . . . . Satan is not a conscious entity to be worshipped, rather a reservoir of power inside each human to be tapped at will.7

LaVey maintained that human beings should live according to their so-called “carnal nature.”

Similarly, an article on satanism in The Washington Post reports that LaVey’s group does not believe in satan or worship him. According to LaVey, the devil is a symbol of man’s carnal nature—his lust, greed, vengeance, but most of all, his ego.8You will notice that satanism’s basic tenet is that human nature is savage and pitiless. However, pitilessness, violence, savagery, greed, selfishness and vengeance are not human qualities; they belong to the lower self. And, as pointed out earlier, every individual has the ability to overcome them by his will and conscience.

The chief reason why satanists are so insistent in their claims about human nature is that they’ve been greatly influenced by Darwin’s theory of evolution. This dogma goes under the guise of a scientific theory and forms the ideological basis of satanism, as it has in the case of many other ideas that have been disastrous to humanity. The words “Man living as his prideful, carnal nature dictates,” expresses in a sense the essence of satanism. According to the perverse views of satanists, human evolution has produced a species of animal that must survive as other animals do.

In an article entitled “Satan Really Wants You,” Rick Hall, an advocate of satanism, describes satanist materialism and its relation with Darwinism:

The materialism of Satanic philosophy dismisses any so-called spiritual life that’s divorced from, or “higher than,” physical existence . . . LaVey was an elitist and Social Darwinist.9


Another important fact satanists fail to comprehend is that human nature is not prideful or carnal. Allah has breathed His own spirit into human beings and created them in the best possible way. The human spirit is delicate, created to delight in mercy, compassion, love, subtlety, humanity and friendship. The urge that directs people to evil and pitilessness is the voice of the lower self, dispatched by satan. And by listening to that self, a person brings terrible consequences on himself.

Satanism and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Darwin’s illogical and nonsensical doctrine that all life is the result of the operation of blind chance has been the reason for the rise of many perverse movements, satanism among them.


Among the salient data that an investigator of satanism will discover concerns its relation to Social Darwinism. The element that shapes satanist aspirations with regard to social life and that forms the basis of their worldview is Darwinism. Many satanists openly admit this fact. The fact that satanists advocate Darwinism is stressed in many publications. Known for his investigations of satanism, Dr. Roald E. Kristiansen of Pomor University in Russia describes satanism as follows:

Satanism is best conceived as a radical form of atheistic social Darwinism which views Christianity as its primary enemy . . . . The point is not to experience some kind of super-normal unity with some kind of personal force of evil, but to develop the human abilities to use their natural power to such an extent that it transforms one’s life and enables one to succeed in the personal struggle for survival. The development of these abilities is the reason for engaging in ritual and magical practices.10

Shortly before the death of Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, MF magazine reported that he was the main impetus in communicating Social Darwinism to the masses:

Satanists regularly commit acts of bloodshed and evil, harm people and upset social order, being too unaware to recognize that the environment engendered by their amorality will do them great harm.

In the late 1960s, Anton LaVey brought forth an easily understandable doctrine of social Darwinism, and strong positive thinking (magic) to the growing mass of individuals sick of both hippieism and the stagnant morals of Christianity.11


Indeed, the reason why satanists find Christianity stagnant and boring is because of the abnormalities of their own judgment. For satanists, overcoming boredom means shedding blood, committing evil, hurting others and destroying the order of society. This is why they consider the values of religious morality—which bring with them contentment, security and peace—boring because they cannot comprehend the virtues of religious morality.

In a publication from the Church of Satan entitled “Satanism: The Feared Religion,” these words appear: “Satanism stands for acceptance of Man as an animal.”12This shows that one of Satanism’s most urgent purposes is to propagate the Darwinian worldview throughout society.

Another document that shows the illogical doctrine of the Church of Satan is “The Nine Satanic Statements.” The seventh statement of which reads as follows:

Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours. . . .13

“Carnal Beast”

Satanism maintains that human beings are only another species of animal that lives according to its savage feelings. According to this perverse idea, if humans are merely a species of animal, it is natural that they will always be in conflict with one another like wild animals in the world of nature.


All publications of the Church of Satan insist on using the term “carnal beast” to describe a human being, like an animal that lives only to satisfy its own desires. In the words of satanist high priest Peter H. Gilmore: “Man is an animal, and must go back to acting like one.” This perverse logic lies behind their view of human relationships and of the human attitude toward other creatures: Since human beings are animals, they should not hesitate to behave like animals.

For example, satanists regard rape legitimate because it is commonly practiced among wild animals in nature. In the same way, satanists regard sacrificing human life as natural because of the savage struggle for survival among animals in nature. Torturing animals to death is a product of the same attitude. If a human being is a carnal beast living only to satisfy its own desires, it should act accordingly. For satanists, this life of savagery must be defended—and practiced—to the very end. But it is not difficult to imagine the kind of society that would be formed if all its members acted on the basis of their bestial desires. In this situation, people would live in their own dark world, commit horrible crimes and swiftly become unbalanced.

How, then, have satanists become convinced of the idea that men are wild animals out only to satisfy their own desires? The one answer to this question is the theory of evolution. In his thesis on satanism, Roald Kristiansen describes it as “a form of social Darwinistic religion” and emphasizes the place that the theory of evolution occupies in satanism’s logical structure:

Satanism can be considered as a form of social Darwinistic “religion” which seeks to promote the rights of the strongest to dominate the weaker because that is the way in which humanity will advance as a biological species and thereby take care of its role at the spearhead of natural and social evolution.14


A satanist website states that the basic foundation of satanism and its worldview is inseparable from Darwinism:

Those who are aware of Allah’s existence do not believe that humans are animals or that life is the product of conflict and chaos. They believe in a social order governed by love and compassion.

. . . our principles that all people and animals share a common source in mere biology. Satanism is the belief that Humans are nothing more than higher animals – we have no special place in creation other than being lucky to have evolved and survived… Satanists call themselves (and all people) animals, and regard themselves as not having the life breathed into men by God.15


It is interesting that satanists continue to defend so insistently a theory that has been discredited, and whose errors and distortions have been revealed. In fact, all branches of science have come to agree that creation cannot be denied. Those who maintain their connections with Darwinism out of ideological concerns are misled. Darwinism is gone, never to return, buried in the annals of history.

Allah has created the universe and all the creatures in it. Nothing has come to be by chance. When someone sees the plentiful evidence of creation in so many places of the universe, it is sheer ignorance to claim that all this perfect balance and perfection are the result of chance. Only satanists and other mentally disturbed individuals could claim such a belief.

As a result of their association with Darwinism, satanists do not accept that all people are equals. They think that over time, some races and individuals have evolved more highly than others, who have not advanced beyond the lower steps on the evolutionary chart. As we shall see, this accounts for the natural association between satanism and Fascism. But unlike Fascism, satanism asserts not only differences between societies and races, but also that within any one society, some members are superior to others.

Predictably, the superior ones are those who understand the power of evil and believe in it—and this superiority gives them the right to treat others as they like.

All this shows that satanism in an atheist belief system centered on the evolutionary theory, which theory asserts that human beings are a species of animal. It’s on this basis that satanists develop their modes of thinking and acting. When you examine books written by evolutionist biologists, philosophers and intellectuals, you can see that they repeat almost word for word the satanist principles cited above.

For example, we can see such similar satanist expressions in the books of Darwinists and atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Stephen J. Gould, Daniel Dennett and Carl Sagan. They all believe that human beings are a higher species of animal and that life is a struggle. And when they state that in this struggle, only the strong will survive, they describe human nature in the same way that satanists do.

Satanists trust in the ignorant idea that evil will make them strong. But evil can never make a person superior; on the contrary, it lowers him into a catastrophe from which he cannot escape.


For example, in an article entitled “Meet My Cousin, the Chimpanzee,” noted evolutionist Richard Dawkins presents the nonsensical view that human ancestors were apes:

We admit that we are like apes, but we seldom realize that we are apes. There is no natural category that includes chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans but excludes humans. . . All the great apes that have ever lived, including ourselves are linked to one another by an unbroken chain of parent-child bonds.16

In his book Ever Since Darwin, Stephen J. Gould, an avid supporter of Darwinism, writes “These are the shackles of our apish ancestry—brutality, aggression, selfishness—in short, general nastiness".17In another publication, he claims that human beings and the universe are works of blind chance:

We are here because one odd group of fishes had a peculiar fin anatomy that could transform into legs for terrestrial creatures; because the earth never froze entirely during an ice age; because a small and tenuous species, arising in Africa a quarter of a million years ago, has managed, so far, to survive by hook and by crook. We may yearn for a “higher” answer—but none exists.18

We can see that the unscientific claims that these authors have made in the name of science form the basis of many perverse ideologies such as satanism. By defending their distorted ideas, they are drawing the whole of humanity into an immense disaster.

The fact is, however, that Allah created the universe and human beings with great artistry. Every individual is responsible to Allah Who created him. This is a plain fact; and those who try to avoid it, together with those who spread such lies, will realize at the moment of their deaths how wrong they were.


The Satanist Ideal of a Social Darwinist Society

In satanists’ concept of society, the weak, the powerless and the needy should be oppressed and left to die.

Satanists have based their philosophy on the principle of the evolutionary theory that a human being is a species of animal; accordingly, they desire to establish a world in which human beings live and behave like animals. For satanists, the ideal society would be totally ruled by Darwinist values, and its basic principle would be that the powerful crush the weak. According to satanism’s distorted beliefs, a human being must develop himself and evolve in order to survive and be successful in this “struggle for life.” One who cannot do this is abandoned and left behind to die.

The same law is seen to apply to societies. Societies that do not evolve must see their cultures—and nations—die. For satanism, which is a fully fledged social Darwinist ideology, the best way of population control would be to eliminate the weak.19

Burton H. Wolfe, a priest of the Church of Satan and also an author, described satanism’s view of life in the introduction he wrote to The Satanic Bible, published in 1976:

Satanism is a blatantly selfish, brutal philosophy. It is based on the belief that human beings are inherently selfish, violent creatures, that life is a Darwinian struggle for survival of the fittest, that only the strong survive and the earth will be ruled by those who fight to win the ceaseless competition that exists in all jungles—including those of urbanized society.20


For Wolfe, the way of life envisioned by satanism is based on conflict, competition, violence, selfishness and lack of pity. A high priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore, plainly states:

Satanist morality dictates that every program designed to help the poor and the needy should be terminated. According to the perverse values of satanists, the weak must be eliminated.

Let us instead look at contemporary Satanism for what it really is: a brutal religion of elitism and social Darwinism that seeks to re-establish the reign of the able over the idiotic, . . . and for a wholesale rejection of egalitarianism as a myth that has crippled the advancement of the human species for the last two thousand years . . .21


By “the last two thousand years,” Gilmore is of course referring to Christianity. Before Christianity, European culture was either pagan or atheist; and people were barbarous, violent and cruel. It was through Christianity that European societies learned the moral concepts of Divine religion such as compassion, mercy, justice, helping the weak and human equality. The goal of satanism is to eradicate these moral concepts, based on “Right is might” and replace them with the principle, based on Social Darwinism, of “Might is right.”

Gilmore does not hesitate to state this in the rest of this passage:

Satanists see the social structure of humanity as being stratified, thus each person reaches a level commensurate with the development (or lack thereof) of their natural talents. The principle of the survival of the strong is advocated on all levels of society, from allowing an individual to stand or fall, to even letting those nations that cannot handle themselves take the consequences of this inability. Any assistance on all levels will be on a “quid pro quo” basis. There would be a concomitant reduction in the world’s population as the weak are allowed to experience the consequences of social Darwinism. Thus has nature always acted to cleanse and strengthen her children. This is harsh, but that is the way of the world.22

Social Darwinism also espoused by satanists was influenced by the ideas of Thomas Malthus. His cruel and merciless way of thinking suggests encouraging the poor in habits contrary to cleanliness, making town streets narrower, cramming houses with more people, and even letting the return of the plague.

In commenting on Gilmore’s article, Dr. Kristiansen said that in any such society where this ideology is put into practice, the social fabric and the various programs to aid the poor and needy would come to an end. In place of these support programs, means would be put in place to make it easy for the rich and powerful to achieve their goals. And those who balked against these laws would receive their punishment: for example, they would be used as forced labor in order to supply the needs of the prominent members of society.23

As we see, in societies ruled by satanism and its guiding idea, Darwinism, the people will be led into disaster. But the moral commands of Allah found in the Qur’an will always bring a society prosperity, contentment and peace. Where the morality of the Qur’an is practiced, the weak and the needy are cared for, everyone is treated equally, and the rights of the downtrodden are protected.

Aleister Crowley, who exerted considerable influence on modern satanism, claimed that he received messages directly from satan. One of these said:

Let my servants be few and secret: they shall rule the many and the known . . . . We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit; let them die in their misery. . . . Pity not the fallen! I never knew them. I am not for them. I console not; I hate the consoled and the consoler.24

In short, the Church of Satan says, “Do not help the poor, the hungry or the weak; let them die. This is the law of nature. Thus, the population will grow smaller. And the powerful will have more opportunities!” The order of a society founded on this insane satanist ideology will not be far different from life in a savage jungle.

Allah commands people to show friendship and self-sacrifice. In societies where the fear of Allah prevails, others’ needs are always protected.


Of course, this cruel and pitiless doctrine is not the invention of satanists themselves. These ideas were first expressed in the 19th century by the English economist Thomas Malthus in his book, An Essay on the Principle of Population. In this work he wrote that, in order to prevent an excessive increase in world population, society must abandon the care of the poor and the weak. An article entitled “The Scientific Background of the Nazi ‘Race Purification’ Program” relates Malthus’ views on population and the importance they attained among the 19th-century European leaders:

In the opening half of the nineteenth century, throughout Europe, members of the ruling classes gathered to discuss the newly discovered “Population problem” and to devise ways of implementing the Malthusian mandate, to increase the mortality rate of the poor: “Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague. In the country we should build our villages near stagnant pools, and particularly encourage settlements in all marshy and unwholesome situations,” and so forth and so on.25

Malthus’ theory was not fully put into practice, but it gave rise to another theory: Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is evident from his writings that Darwin was influenced by Malthus to develop the foundations of his own theory: namely, the struggle for life, and the elimination of the weak. Clearly, the satanist world view springs from the same source as Darwin’s theory, and the conclusion reached by both is “social Darwinism”—which is nothing other than the application of Darwin’s theory to society.

Besides this, in any environment that harbors hostility toward moral values, there will be all manner of amorality. Robbery and murder will go unchecked. According to this ignorant philosophy, these evils are a part of human nature and should not be curbed.

Of course, Allah has forbidden all these things. He has commanded human beings to help the poor, treat other people well, defend the needy, help one another, overcome evil with good and to be patient, gentle, merciful and tolerant.
Here is a relevant verse from the Qur’an:

Those of you possessing affluence and ample wealth should not make oaths that they will not give to their relatives and the very poor and those who have migrated in the way of Allah. They should rather pardon and overlook. Would you not love Allah to forgive you? Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surat an-Nur, 22)


Communities of people who live according to Allah’s commands will have a high moral character; they will love and respect one another and approach one another with mercy and compassion. This will ensure the dominance of peace, contentment, tranquility and security in their community.

Satanism and Fascism

Like satanism, Fascism is an ideology rooted in Social Darwinism and fueled by anger and resentment.


As already pointed out, the affinity that satanists felt for Darwinism led naturally to an alliance between satanism and Fascism. We know that Fascism, like satanism, rests on the basic philosophy of Social Darwinism. According to Fascism, the world is an arena of conflict between various races in the struggle for survival. For a Fascist, bloodshed, wars and inflicting pain on others is a sacred duty as well as a pleasure. (For a detailed discussion of this link, see Harun Yahya’s Fascism: The Bloody Ideology of Darwinism .)
Another point in common between satanism and Darwinism is their admiration for the anti-religious 19th-century philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, who published many hateful writings against true religions. He called himself the Antichrist and died insane. His writings attacked moral virtues such as love, compassion and mercy, saying instead that harsh forces should control the world and only those with power should rule.

The Nazis were the main group to adopt Nietzsche’s ideas, and today it is the neo-Nazis who continue to do so. As mentioned earlier, satanists also admire Nietzsche; a satanist website says that:

Friedrich Nietzsche is often referred to as the quintessential Satanist philosopher. It is undoubted that LaVey was influenced by Nietzsche as he would often quote from him.26

Satanists are not hesitant to admit their collaboration with fascist groups in Europe and America. For example, Anton LaVey and Blanche Barton, another prominent name in satanism, answered questions about the relationship between satanism and Fascism:

LaVey, deeply influenced by Nietzsche’s atheist ideas, frequently quotes Nietzsche in his works.

LaVey: It’s an unholy alliance. Many different types of such people [fascists] have made contact with us in the past. The anti-Christian strength of National Socialist Germany [Nazi Germany] is part of the appeal to Satanists—the drama, the lightning, the choreography with which they moved millions of people [against religion]. . . .

Blanche Barton: Aesthetics more than anything else are the common ground between Satanism and fascism. The aesthetics of National Socialism and Satanism dovetail.27


The “aesthetics” that Barton mentions are nothing other than the ugliness that reflects the spiritual state of both these two dark ideologies. One of the best examples of the satanist-Fascist aesthetic idea can be seen in the concerts and videos of the heavy metal and black metal bands that have adopted this philosophy. For example, one of the best known satanist-Fascist bands is the British band Cradle of Filth, whose repertoire is built on ugliness and darkness. This band’s videos are made in dark, dingy places with floors covered in mud and pitch, and walls dripping with blood and filth. The band members are made up with frightening and repulsive make-up and wear disgusting outfits such as degenerates would wear. In their concerts, religion is insulted and audience tears up religious books.

Satanist aesthetics means dirty, disgusting and frightening. Some bands influenced by this absurd ideology and their fans make a disgusting tableau with their horrible costumes and make-up, and the savagery they portray onstage.


The soloist of another band and a member of the Church of Satan, Marilyn Manson, sends messages to his fans suggesting that they should assault their families, religious institutions and society in general. When Manson was asked in a 1995 interview what he thought of evolution, he gave this answer:

I tend to believe in Social Darwinism, so I believe the evolution of society. I guess I believe, to a certain degree, the Darwin Theory . . . I’m not, however, open to the idea of Genesis and Creationism. It doesn’t work for me.28


One of satanism and Fascism’s favorite theories is the theory of eugenics, which argues that the handicapped and the sick should be “cleansed” from society and that healthy individuals should multiply by marrying one another. This was actually practiced especially in Nazi Germany. According to this theory, just as healthy animals produce healthy offspring, so the human race could be improved. And any elements in society that prevented this improvement (namely, the chronically ill and the physically and mentally handicapped) must be weeded out. In keeping with this distorted way of thinking, tens of thousands of people with mental and hereditary illnesses were murdered. Yet satanism still defends these terrible crimes. The satanists’ view of eugenics can be read in their own publications:

Satanists also seek to enhance the laws of nature by concentrating on fostering the practice of eugenics. . . It is the practice of encouraging people of talent and ability to reproduce, to enrich the gene pool from which our species can grow. This was commonly practiced throughout the world. . . Until the genetic code is cracked and we can choose the character of our offspring at will, Satanists seek to mate the best with the best.29

Satanism and Communist Ideology

Over the previous century, Communism caused the death of about 120 million people. The movement was created by ideologues who called themselves satanists


Another element of satanism’s dark world is the Communist ideology. In the past century, more than 120 million people have lost their lives due to Communism,30, which was the product of self-styled satanist ideologues.

The life of the founder of Communism, Karl Marx, contains some interesting implications on this matter. Marx was a violently hostile to any kind of religious expression, and at the base of this hostility lay his interest in the doctrines of satanism.

On this matter, the noted historian of Vatican University, Malachi Martin, says that Marx “at Berlin University indulged in a virulent form of ceremonial Satanism. Dating from that period, his youthful poems [were] in adoration of Oulanem—a ritualistic name for Satan. . .”31

Not only was Marx a satanist, but so also was Michael Bakunin, who played an important part in the history of Communism. Bakunin is known as the founder of anarchism, which is nothing other than a radical version of Communism. Bakunin formulated the ideology of anarchism which aims to destroy state, religion, and the family and all manner of social values. He openly admitted that his inspiration was in satanism, likening satan’s rebellion against Allah to Communism’s rebellion against religion, the state and society. Bakunin saw Satan “as the spiritual head of revolutionaries.”32

Today Bakunin’s words are reported with admiration on satanist Internet sites and publications, and the anarchist-Communist ideology shaped by Bakunin they use as propaganda. For example, on an Internet site called “Satanic Reds,” the satanist-Communist ideology is defended in these words:

Why Reds? Oh the dreaded name! Red has always been associated with “The Radical.” The Soviet Union, a real Communist country, is the only country in the world where their top officials not only read the Satanic Bible but considered it worth putting in their Museum.33

The symbol of the Satanic Reds is a hammer and scythe within a satanist star. The group is organized with a General Secretary, a Commissar and Comrades, which structure is explained on their Internet site. This website also features articles defending Communist ideology and praising Stalin and Mao, two of Communism’s bloodiest dictators.

For example, article entitled “Stalin Was Right” praises this murderer of 40 million people and explains how these slaughters were justified.34

An Appeal to Parents, Educators and Social Scientists

One of the international satanist organizations is The Temple of Set, founded in 1975 by Michael Aquino. He left the Church of Satan because he thought that it had become too commercialized. Set, from which his organization took its name, was the ancient Egyptian false god of the underworld and darkness. The same word in Hebrew means satan. The basic idea that separates the Temple of Set from the Church of Satan is that Setians do not regard satan as a symbolic concept only. They do not regard their Temple as simply a way to oppose religious values. Temple members describe satanism in these words:

Satanism is the belief in the existence of Satan as a sentient being or spirit in the universe, and the worship of Satan and obedience to his perceived principles, standards, and goals.

Black magic occupies an important place in the Temple of Set. Members believe that they can develop and improve themselves with magic. So first of all, new members are given an introductory brochure describing black magic, the philosophy of magic and the special spells that must be performed. (J. Gordon Melton, Encyclopedia of American Religions, Volume III, Triumph Books, 1991, pp. 141-142).35

In the struggle with the problem of satanism, the most important weapon is education. From the young age, children can be raised to see the lies and deceptions of this perverse ideology. At this point parents, educators and social scientists have an important role to play. Anyone who has learned to adopt spiritual values, by Allah’s permission, cannot easily fall into the trap of these perverse ideologies.


Youth who are beginning to fall under the influence of the dark urgings of satanism may not know what a great danger they are in. They enter this morass based on the suggestion that they can live freely, disregard their elders’ rules and stand on their own two feet. But they may not realize that this ideology will soon bring disaster on them and their friends. Thinking that they are being introduced to an interesting new secretive world, they may easily get caught up in its current. Therefore, it is vitally important that young people be fully informed about satanism and become aware of its dangers.

What we have considered so far should be a guide for any guardian, educator or social scientist who wonders where this satanism problem came from. If someone tells people that they are a species of animal evolved from apes, and if this deception is regularly and habitually repeated in newspapers, magazines, and even supposedly scientific textbooks and professional literature, it is quite understandable that satanism and similar violent ideologies should develop throughout that society.

This situation must be taken seriously; and education systems, cultural and social policies must be determined accordingly. Otherwise, if you ask young satanists why they have murdered an innocent someone in a frenzy, they will answer that wild animals live to kill and that they—like all humans—are wild animals.

For this reason, the first step in challenging satanism must be to dry up the wellsprings that feed this perverse ideological current. And to do so, the basic requirement is to reveal the errors and deceptions in Darwinism and similar ideologies from their beginnings. Together with this “de-programming,” young people must be spiritually sensitized. Anyone who knows that Allah created the universe from nothing will be equally aware of his responsibilities to Him and that he will arise after death to give an account of every moment he spent on Earth. Knowing this, he cannot possibly misguided into doing anything that would harm himself or those around him.


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