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The BBC's Functionless Tissue Error In Its Documentary The Human Body

Another outdated evolutionist claim appeared in the documentary The Human Body by the BBC which introduces the systems in the human body. As it described the changes brought about in young people by puberty and hormones, oil glands in the skin were described as the source of pimples. Yet, it was also suggested that oil glands are functionless pieces of tissue serving no purpose, and that they are a legacy from man's so-called ape-like ancestors. This claim, devoid of any scientific foundation, is dealt with below.

The Functionless Tissue Claim Is Not Scientific


This claim aired on BBC is nothing more than a new example of the idea of "vestigial organs" put forward by evolutionists a hundred years ago. According to this hoary old claim, there are various organs in the bodies of living things which are a legacy from their ancestors, but which have gradually grown redundant from lack of use. However, it eventually emerged that this claim was based on a lack of scientific knowledge, and that "vestigial organs" were actually "organs whose functions had not been identified yet." One of the best indications of this was the way the list of these "vestigial organs" increasingly shrank. The list of "vestigial human organs" drawn up by the German anatomist R. Wiedersheim in 1895 included some 100 organs, including the appendix and the coccyx. As science advanced, however, it was realized that all the organs on the list did actually serve important functions. (see //

In short, the scenario of redundant organs put forward by evolutionists was scientifically wrong. There is no organ in the bodies of human beings or other living things which is redundant or functionless, and a legacy from so-called ancestors.

The Essential Function of Oil Glands

Contrary to what evolutionists imagine, oil glands are not functionless and redundant; on the contrary, they are essential tissues for the body.

As we know, sweat glands are found together with oil glands in the skin. Sweat allows the skin to be moisturised. On its own, however, sweat immediately evaporates, leading to greater drying of the skin. In order to prevent this, another secretion is needed. That is because an oily environment allows water to be retained in the skin. In this way, the sweat and oil glands work together to moisturise the skin. That is why it is essential for both glands to be present at the same time in order for the skin to be soft and elastic. The function of the oil glands, which secrete wax and other lipids, is necessary for the health of our skin.

As we have seen, oil glands, like other tissues, serve a particular purpose: preventing our skin from drying out. The oil glands have been located where our sweat glands are for just this purpose. The fact that these glands are not harmful, and that on the contrary they serve an essential function, is proof of an intelligent design, in other words a superior creation. That creation is the art of God, Exalted in Power, the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between.


"He Who created the seven heavens in lavers.
You will not find any flaw in the creation of the All-Merciful. Look again-do you see any gaps? Then look again and again.
Your sight will return to you dazzled and exhausted!"
(Qur'an: 67:3-4)


19 / total 26
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