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Some messages received at websites on the theory of evolution

I am greatly impressed by your works as it quenches thirst of a wandering soul in search of truth. There is no other reason except the pleasure of Allah, because your knowledge enlightens my soul. I consider that you are one of the great friends of Allah.

Waheed Ahmed Dabbaagh, England

Excellent books. I have read The Evolution Deceit, For Men of Understanding, The Truth of this Life, & Perished Nations and have thoroughly enjoyed them. You are my favourite author without doubt. I have studied physics at Oxford University but always had a problem with Darwinian Evolution and Islam until I had read your books...

Asim Qureshi, England

I would like to sincerely thank Harun Yahya for writing his book, "Evolution Deceit". His work has helped me in strengthening my iman and has also helped me in showing others the truth about the theory of evolution. I recently had to do a debate on creation vs evolution and by the Grace of Allah, I believe I succeeded in showing them the truth of creation, Al Hamdulilah.

Khalidah Ali, Pakistan

Excellent books that challenge Darwinism. Even some of Harun Yahya's critics have admitted that he makes a good argument. I hope Harun Yahya writes some more books on these topics, because his insight is refreshing.

Micheal Geluk, Belgium

As a professor of biological sciences, and a scholar who was trained all my life at the American University in Beirut, and then from the Universtiy of Illinois, USA, I was fascinated and very much impressed with the writings of Harun Yahya.

Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr, Ph.D., President of Foundation for Islamic Knowledge

I've watched many educational movies here in the US that only talk about everything evolving from mother nature. I'm a muslim now and think that your documentaries are profound and should be seen by everyone. I use your videos in my homeschool with my children. I want them to learn the right way.

Sarah DeFlumeri, USA

I believe that we have an obligation to educate our children in the ways of the spiritual world as well as the world they live in and give all tools they might need to make the right decision for themselves. And I think your website is the best platform for the Islamic vision.

Prof.Dr. Sacha de Hond, Belgium

It is only with the guidance from Allah that I happen to have come across this website for the first time since searching about Islam. I look forward to continue reading the many articles and literature featured on this amazing site which is full of information to quench the thirst of any individual seeking knowledge and truth.

Jamlauddin, Pakistan

Some messages received at

Many visitors to Harun Yahya's websites help spread of Islamic moral values to the best of their ability. Some of these messages of support read:

I have just come to know about this wonderful site. The works of Harun Yahya are really worthy for the people who think about the life. May Almighy Allah give him and his team involved in this project the best in here and Hereafter. I too wish to spread Islam and I feel your works are best for this job. I wish to spread this message first in my state, Kerala in India. Presently I'm looking for someone who knows my mother tounge (Malayalam) to translate this Video works. Insha Allah, I will get and will do this work.

Mohamed Iqbal, India

It was a few months ago when through I got to know about And since then my perception of life has changed immensely. My hearthful thanks to Harun Yahya. I am going to translate some of your articles/books into Spanish. Thank you very very much and may Allah (SWT) bless you for your noble cause.

Ghazanfar, Spain

Almost every book of "Harun Yahya" in English language I have saved at the hard disk and now I feel all of these must be translated in Urdu, the language of 140 million people of this Islamic state. I can do it but please tell me how !

Dr. Rafique Ahmad, Pakistan

I am amazed by your articles and other speeches. Really I want to thank Allah that He has enabled me to argue with natural scientist and people who are holding it with aid of your articles. I have translated some of your articles into Tamil and they will nearly be pulished in "Alhasanath" the monthly of Sri Lanka Jamathe Islami. Thanks a lot.

Mohamed Faique, Sri Lanka

Dear Harun Yahya, I was very impressed to read about you, your works and your publication on the Internet site and a link in site In particular, I was fascinated by The Evolution Deceit. I am a Malaysian student, studying Islamic Jurisprudence and Law at El-Azhar University. With your permission I would like to translate this book to Malay. This book would be of great value if published in Malay and it will benefit current and future generations in gaining a sound and comprehensive understanding of Islam.

Rohidzir bin Rais, Egypt

I have read your book "Perished Nations". The book presents a lesson for Ummah. This book is a remarkable effort. This effort will surely prove to be a way of solution. Will you allow me to translate this book into Urdu? Then it will be a pleasure for me.

Syed Irfan Ahmed, Asst. Editor Monthly Hamdard-e-Sehat, Pakistan

I am from Poland, and I was fascinated by the wonderful literature and such rich documents Harun Yahya writes. My goal is to not only read them by myself, but also translate them for my dad in Polish language hoping that Insha Allah he would become a Muslim... Thank you very much.

Mariola Szczesny, Poland

This site is wonderful. Harun Yahya's books are something extraordinary. I've translated a book in Italian, I'm working at a second book that will be ready soon. Please, if you are able to translate, help this site in spreading Islam in your mother tongue.

Sara Crovetto, Italy

Aslam o Alaikum to all one very excitement to look at this beautiful site and kindness of all muslim ummah and a question to all of us that what we are doing for us, for Muslim ummah, for our next and permanent life I have decided to translate book of Harun Yahya as I can and I put that one on web for my Pakistani people because in Pakistan we are having many serious problem about the future of our young generation. I hope My Allah with me and He helps me. I believe Insha Allah these very precious information soon available in Urdu on web all one have to pray for me.

Adnan Dilawaiz Kiany, Pakistan

Every time I log on the internet my day would be incomplete without visiting and reading the works of Harun Yahya. They reassure me and millions others. I am sure to be steadfast on Islam. Please let your beautiful work be translated to Somali language so that my fellow Somali speaking people understand your work. May Allah Bless you.

Hussein Abdullahi, Journalist, Kenya

I am very amazed to see your site. I have never seen this site on these subjects. It helps muslims and non muslims to know the actual God (Allah) Who is the Master of all worlds. He is the only Creator of Universe and Heavens. No one can deny these facts which you have written in your site. I heartedly congratulate you for making this site. God Bless you.

Naveed Ahmed, Pakistan

harun yahya sites

Both sites were prepared in Turkish.

Harun Yahya is one of the greatest scholars and intellectuals in the history I would say. I've read so many other authors, scholars, intellectuals, philosophers and what so ever but he's one of a kind. Nobody has ever done this kind of a work in that much depth as he has done. He made people understand Quran more than ever before. He literally snychronized the information about different branches of science in Quran to the most modern scientific researches and discoveries etc. May Allah always keep blessing him and let him do a lot more for Allah, Prophet Muhammad (sah) , Islam and Quran. I wish I could be able to do something like that in my life or may be help him somehow, I just read Harun brother's life story and it said that at the beginning not many people supported his work. But when you compare that time to now, you can see the change; the support is continuing to grow! And if he had not started his work all those years ago, we would not have this website.

Zaheer Ahmad, Pakistan

Your site can be best discribed by the following verse, "Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away!" (Qur'an, 21:18)

Dalila Ghoraatwij, Iran

Salam Alekum! I'm very much grateful and thankful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to be able to find literature which is encouraging. I'll do the best I could to be of help for the spread of your works, aside from that encouraging more muslims to participate in your endeavour. May Allah help us all.

Marife Prima Bolalin, Philippines

It is wonderful to know that somebody is helping to combat the theory of evolution, which has been so fatal in eradicating God from the minds of so many people of all religions. On a personal level, your books, like The Evolution Deceit and Darwinism Refuted, have increased my imaan and removed doubts that had infested my mind, due to propaganda from the media, as well as from school "education". I pray that Allah rewards you for your works and intentions, and pray you continue.

Muhammed Ameen Sidat, England

It was a pleasure being introduced to this site by a friend. I have enjoyed and benefited a lot from the materials here personally and also as a source of information in my Islamic Dawa presentations. May Allah reward you all and Bless the Umma.

Gamel Appiedu, Ghana

I have recently rediscovered this site and needless to say I would be lost without it, it is definitely up there with the best sites in the world. The collaboration of anything and everything to do with the truth and of Islam is all under one roof, all the information is stipulated and articulated in a simple and understandable manner. ...

... I absolutely love this site as do many reverts to Islam. If non muslims would just open their hearts and minds they would see the truth is out there and it isn't as far fetched as they would imagine. God bless.

Metta Mehtap Ferguson, Sydney, Australia

These books are an absolute treasure. I only wish I could afford to buy one for every Muslim in America, as it is something our community desparately needs. The writing style itself is beautiful, the insights are beautiful, and God willing this work will help many Muslims and non Muslims alike to find the beauty inherent in Rational Islam. Every essay I read touches my heart, and causes me to pause and feel a great happiness that we have this man in our midst, who may help us to bring about a great revival of Islam in America.

Hamida Groutthay, USA

Assalamu Alejkum to all of you!!! You people have opened my eyes and my ears, may Allah swa give you all His blessings, you all make a huge impact on many people. I myself would like to help you in any way I can. Contact me please!!!

Salihovic Fikret, Canada


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