The Secret Beyond Matter

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All of Harun Yahya's more than 200 works and related documentaries, audio tapes, visual galleries, and articles are available for both downloading and viewing free of charge on the Internet. This chapter provides information about the websites based on his works and examples of messages received from viewers.

Some messages received at

This website provides services in twenty-four languages, especially English but also Arabic, German, Russian, French, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Chinese, and Serbo-Croat. Messages of support, some of which are given below, pour in every day.

It is certainly the most rational attack on evolution that I have ever read. This website and all your sub websites are extremely thorough and compelling. We as Muslims must be proud at our hero (!) Adnan Oktar. You have really inspired me to lead as young student an idealistic devout life to God alone and follow His path and logic of the Quraan, our sole undisputed source.

Mustafa Burqun, The Netherlands

Salam Alaikum. Your work is inspiring and I pray that Allah swt rewards you for the free downloads of your books available from your website. The website itself is so beautiful and huge that it took me weeks to read every bit of it and I enjoyed it all. Your website and work has inspired me to start work on my own website and collection of articles, though not much but I hope they will be of some help to those who view. Thank you and may Allah swt reward you with Jannatul Firdaus. Aameen

Akbar Khan, Pakistan

This is one of the most important Islamic Website I have ever read. Adnan Oktar writes extremely well and provides much needed research into the history of the battle between Islam (theisme) and Epicureanism. This Website clarifies what is at stake and makes the contrast quite clear between the two antithetical and antagonistic worldviews of Materialism and Islam. This website is highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand the underlying ideas behind our current moral debates : (certainly we as muslim youth living in the West).

Sara Madhab, The Netherlands

Dear Mr Oktar, I am so glad that you have designed these wonderful websites, books and movies for Islamic Education. So many teenagers who are confused about Islam will be able to understand it much more clearly, as I have, so thank you. This website has also helped non-Muslims understand Islam more, too. You have motivated me to learn more about this world and its relation to Allah and Islam, and I, too wish to write books on this matter - esp in relation to Science. InshaAllah, I will one day. I hope I get to see you one day and thank you personally for helping spread the Qur'an's word and helping me to stay on the right path. Yours truly, Sadia (A keen 'student' of yours)

Sadia Mohammed, England

Thought provoking site helps in realizing man his real place in the universe a tiny speck of nothing ... and has greatly helped me in understanding Islam as it was meant to be and not as I used to experience it. SubhanAllah, MashaAllah and JazakAllah...

Husein Najmi, Pakistan

harun yahya org

An interview with the author at

harun yahya site polar_bear

A presentation at on the astonishing features of polar bears.

Assalam o alaikum, I don't have words to describe the impact that Harun Yahya's books have imposed upon me. I always had been a pessimist but find hope in every thing. I strongly want to suggest that there should be a Harun Yahya school or the books and materials should be included in all muslim countries' education curricula.

Sameera Siddiqui, Pakistan

As salamu alaikum warahmatullah. Your site is the best Islamic site I have ever visited. It is really an eye opener for everyone. Your books are really great. May Allah reward you much for your efforts of trying to spread the truth.

Jihada Brillantes, Philippines

This is a work all people of intelligence and critical judgment will want... no single "islamic" website now available covers the ground as well or as extensively... These books fulfilled my own conception of the role of the man of ideas in the world of men. Harun Yahya is a rare man and his website is a rare one... Wassalam...

Nafisa Sabrien, Tunisia

When my biology teacher first assigned the book by Adnan Oktar for extra credit reading I was terrified of what I thought would be a book full of confusing arguments that were way above my head. To Oktar's credit this book discusses difficult and complex scientific concepts in a clear, easily understandable format. I would recommend it highly to anyone with an open mind. ,

Nadia Irfaak, Damascus

I thoroughly enjoyed this Website. In it Harun Yahya uses the principles of logic and recent scientific evidence to answer the big questions. It is a very concise website with excellent arguments (May God bless you for this work H. Yahya ! ! ! ). A good summary of scientific information dispelling the ancient myth of an accidental universe. .

Zina Haddad, Qatar

I thank Harun Yahya very much for covering some of the most difficult concepts of biochemistry — like bioenergetics, metabolism, enzyme kinetics, thermodynamics, membrane transport, cell signaling, regulatory mechanisms, transcription and translation, signal transduction, and DNA replication and recombination — at the right level for everyone.

Dr. Elisha Umarri, Sweden

This site is wonderful. Harun Yahya's books are something extraordinary. I've translated a book in Italian, I'm working at a second book that will be ready soon. Please, if you are able to translate, help this site in spreading Islam in your mothertongue. Sara.

Sara Crovetto, Italy

May Allah Almighty reward Harun Yahya and his team for spreading the word of Islam in such a manner for us to understand. Thanks for allowing myself and my family to see the light through your works, Alhamdoelielaah... Every day I am amazed to learn more and more... I print certain articles and take it home to my family to read and learn... I cannot wait to get to work early morning to read the wonderful works of yourselves before my day starts... lunch time I read and learn... May Allah Almighty grant Harun Yahya and his team a long and successful life on this dunya and in Aagierah InshaAllah... May Allah Almighty grant Harun Yahya and his team the Jannah InshaAllah... Shukran also for the wonderful daily teachings during the month of Ramadaan Alhamdoelielaah... Wa alaykoem salaam...

Faaika Plaatjies, South Africa

After reading "The Disasters Darwinism Brought To Humanity", now I really understand what Communism is all about. Before I almost believed in Communist idea like many of my friends. Thanks for what you've done! I keep on looking for more Harun Yahya Books, Never had enough of them!

Saiful Hj Mohamad Saleh, Malaysia

Assalam alaikum Br. Harun Yahya. Whenever I read your articles on your site, I'm moved. Masha Allah, you are doing good. May Allah reward you for this and May Allah put us all on the Straight path, the path of those He has chosen for Paradise. Ameen..

Syed Jamaluddin, USA

Like too many others in my school, my journey to becoming a HARUN YAHYA addict was a slow, steady build. Yes, it was through first reading 'The Secret behind matter'' essay that I came to admire him. And his books on culture, freemasonry, theology, science, history and education... So I wanted to thank you for removing all my doubts about metaphysics, Islam and God. I couldn't have been more right!! I've had these books for, maybe, 19 months now and I'm still finding, savoring and rereading these excerpts. So many topics covered - from Genetics to radical secret elements within some zionist elites. These days, whenever someone writes about so many subjects, there's always a suspicion that we, the readers, will find ourselves slighted - how can one person actually excel in so many areas and still retain quality and grace. HARUN YAHYA /ADNAN OKTAR is a stunning example of someone who can and if you're anything like me, these books will rank on your 'most rewarding purchases' list.

Farida Hochac, Jordan

Salam, since over the past three to four years that I have known your web site, alhamdulillah I have been much more enlightened on so many issues, may Allah SWT reward you all of us amin. Please it is in respect to your vast knowledge that I humbly for the sake of Allah request you to consider coming to Nigeria(Abuja FCT) to deliver any of your conferences, so that we can have the privilege of interacting with you. May Allah make it easy for all of us. Once more jazakAllah bi khair. Massallam.

Abubakar Sadiq Danraka, Nigeria

The "Islam Denounces Terrorism" Site

Islam Denounces Terrorism

This site is also available in Turkish, French, German, and Russian. some messages received

Thanks for the information. I have just finished reading the complete article on "how to avoid the war."

I am very happy to know and find out that Br Harun Yahya is not only a great author and deep thinker, but also a great man of wisdom and a creative peacemaker. His article is so just and fair to all parties involved, that it should be adopted as platform for peace negotiation instead of war. It is the only article among all the others I have read that has hope for peace in it due to its creative approach.

I personaly thank Br. Harun for his article and his creative approach to the current crisis. I may even suggest that Br Harun Yahya would initiate and lead an independent peace delegation or through United Nations to promote his peace initiative to all parties concerned to bring about peace and avert an imminent war and its disastrous consequences.

Bachir Mabizari, USA

Just read your article on Terrorism and Islam:

What an eye opener! Thanks for writing a thoughtful article. Myself being a Christian, I started to harbour certain disdain towards Islamic religion in general due to the numerous 'islamic jihad' terrorist acts.

Thanks for clearing things up. I now see that those who blew up those two towers in New York are nowhere close to true Muslim believers than those who label themselves as Christians and also commit terrorist acts.

Great work, keep this up!

Vladimir Bogdanov, Canada

The "Islam Denounces Antisemitism" Site

Islam condemns antiSemitism

This site is also available in Turkish, German, and Hebrew. some messages received

God Bless You/Allah Bless You for your work via your website! I am a Jew and yes, I have supported the return of the Jewish people to Palestine. But you are honourable people and you speak the truth with honour and you do Islam a great service. You are fair and I can not deny that the Palestinians deserve justice, recompense and a decent life for themselves. When you reach out the hand of brotherhood and the loving kindness of your religion, I cannot turn it away and return anything other than respect. Thank you for pointing out the hatred of Nazism and Anti-Semitism and the evil that was done in Europe.

I pray for peace in Palestine, reconciliation of Arab and Israeli, Jew and Muslim and thank you for your work

Reuben M. Vabner, Dobbs Ferry, New York, USA

As an Israeli I am greatly encouraged to see that there are people opposed to the Arab-Israeli conflict and wish to find a fair solution to it… This sincere intervention of yours has had a profound impact on me. I applaud the author's humane and moral standpoint. Respectfully yours,

Dr. Aryeh Finkelberg

Thank you very much for your writings. Muslims, Jews and Christians believe in peace and desire the well-being of mankind. It is sad to see that these important values are ignored by radicals who represent an obstacle to peace between Arabs and Israelis.

Philip C. Wilcox, Jr., President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace

The "Union Of Faiths" Site

The Union Of Faiths Site

This site is also available in Turkish, French and Bulgarian. some messages received

I am most curious to see Harun Yahya. Your works are really splendid and praiseworthy. God must have inspired them in you. I am a Christian and have Islamic connections. I was looking for a reason why God should want me to bring a Christian and a Muslim together. Thanks to your website I am now able to evaluate things from a very different perspective. Having Harun Yahya as a friend and mentor will help us better understand the differences and similarities between our faiths.

Michele Tolu, Nigeria

harun yahya siteS
The www.signsofthelastday. com website is also available in Turkish.
The website is also available in German, French, Italian, Russian, and Bulgarian.

Wow. I have spent hours on this site reading all of these articles. I am Jewish and have recently been looking around for information on antisemitism, its origins, and why people are so full of hatred not only for Judaism but many other religions. Your site has given me a great deal of enlightenment about many things.

Katie K., USA

harun yahya siteS

This is website is also available in Turkish.

I've visited your beautiful and interesting web for the first time and I'm really amazed by your excellent work in promoting the understanding between the three major religions in the world.

I want to offer my services to get translated into Spanish any work you consider apt for me. I'll be able to do that with God's help in my free time and totally free of charge for you.

José Antunez Romero, Spain

My favorite homepage on world wide web. Keep on doing the excellent job.

Ghousia Javid, Denmark

harun yahya sites
The "Evolution Deceit" site is also available in Turkish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Serbo-Croat, Indonesian, Urdu, Malayalam, Hausa, Bulgarian and Chinese.
The "Darwinism Refuted" site is also available in Turkish and German.


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