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Harun Yahya Documentaries And Audıo Cassettes-1

Some 150 documentaries based on Harun Yahya's works have been produced in many languages. Aired on national and local stations in Pakistan, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, USA, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Holland, Canada, New Zealand, and elsewhere, they have attracted considerable worldwide interest, as can be seen from the many messages their viewers send. They frequently ask that the documentaries be rebroadcast and/or shown at more convenient times. On some channels, these documentaries may be broadcast at news times and several times a day.

So far, these documentaries have been shown on approximately 100 channels worldwide. They are still being broadcast. Their main subject matter is as follows:

- The lives of animals created by Allah as proofs in nature and technological advances made based on these creatures;

- Warped ideologies that have inflicted terrible losses on humanity and how they can be avoided;


Interactive presentations on the website.

book fair ISNA Book Fair USA

ISNA Book Fair (USA)

Documantaries based on the works of Harun Yahya are displayed at numerous world fairs.

- How Darwin's theory of evolution, which evolutionists have attempted to portray as a scientific theory ever since the nineteenth century, is a deception and has led humanity to dreadful catastrophes;

- Creation series in which children and young people take a great interest;

- Philosophy-based documentaries that raise the viewer's general level of culture;

- The miracle of human creation;

- Explanations of how the terror and unhappiness in the world can be resolved only by adhering to Qur'anic moral values;

- And documentaries about the End Times and proper moral values...

Viewers can also watch these programs free of charge on many websites. Public screenings are also held from time to time at universities, cinemas, and conference and meeting rooms, thereby allowing thousands of people to benefit from them. Some of the thousands of messages received from viewers demonstrating the impact of these documentaries are as follows:

Assalamu Alaikum! Jazakal-Lahu Khairan for all your works for Islam. May Allah reward all of you in abundance. I am blind and I have gained so much benefit from your audio and your video downloads. Recently, I have been trying to download your div files.

Muhammad Islah, Thailand

Thanks to Mr. Harun Yahya. Your books and videos truly helped shape the person who I am today. This world needs more people like Harun Yahya who spreads the truth in this dunya and helps young minds to understand the creation of man, our creator Allah (swt).

Muhammad Khalid Yusuf, United Kingdom

Thank you! I have read nearly all your books, watched the videos and go on your website constantly. Being a British born Muslim I was taught Islam through culture. I thank you for increasing my knowledge and bring me closer to Allah. I am organising to show the videos to fellow medics, especially in regards to evolution. Everything has been explained scientifically and logically and I am emailing your website even to non-Muslim friends. May Allah help you spread your works. Thank you once again for increasing my knowledge.

Saima Sharif, England

I am always interested in such documentaries which are easy to understand rather than the confusing lectures by many "wise" people. I saw Mr. Harun's work on the Cable TV channel called Indus and it was amazing. It was duned in Urdu and had awesome videos, moreover every bit in the program was so easy to understand and practical at the same time. I really praise the efforts of the author. Allah bless him. ..

Salman Ali Khan, Pakistan

the miracle of honeybee

The presentations on are based on Harun Yahya's documantaries.

Harun Yahya gave me the most wonderful and comprehensive view of this complex world! His books, audio and video's are accurate, up-to-date, really enjoyable to read/watch, the English is quite accessible, illustrations are excellent, a truly great achievement!

Ivana Buchra, Serbo-Croatia

I find this site great!!! I have downloaded many videos from here and the greatest thing about this is that all the things available for download are free! May ALLAH bless all the contributors of this site. I find good info here!!!.

Zuburqan Khan, India

After visiting your Webpages, I've learnt lots of knowledge about Islam and watch lots of videos and flashes which are extremely wonderful and meaningful. I hope you can keep on your contribution to the Muslims.

Wasal Khan, Hong Kong

... He [Harun Yahya] has done wonderful work for the whole human kind. And may Allah give him more wisdom to help others with facts and truth of Islam, the true religion. InshaAllah we are hopeful to learn more about Islam in the best possible way. And especially thanks for him, that he knows the best way to reach people, that is by video documentaries and facts. I am a normal person with great enthusiasm for Islam... May Allah help us to gain knowledge for us, for our countries and for the whole mankind. Ameen.

Rajeeb Muntakeem, Bangladesh

Turkish Language Documentaries

Turkish documentaries

"Lives of the Prophets" Set

1. Prophet Muhammad (saas)
2. Prophet Ibrahim (as) and Prophet Lut (as)
3. Jesus (as) Will Return
4. Prophet Musa (as)
5. Prophet Sulayman (as)
6. Prophet Yusuf (as)
7. Prophet Nuh (as)
8. Miracles of the Qur'an (1)
9. Miracles of the Qur'an (2)
10. Miracles of the Qur'an (3)
11. The Mahdi and the End Times
12. The Signs of the Last Day
13. The Truth of the Life of This World
14. For Those New to Islam
15. Perished Nations



"For Men of Understanding" Set

This set consists of 60 VCD films, including:
1. The Miracle in the Defence System
2. Islam: The Light Illuminating the World
3. The Knights Templars
4. Contemporary Idols
5. Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism
6. The Golden Age and the Return of Jesus (as)
7. The Collapse of Materialism
8. Islam Denounces Terrorism
9. Architects in Nature
10. The Names of Allah
11. Mathematical Secrets of the Qur'an
12. From Seed to Plant
13. Technology in Nature


Turkish documentaries
"Rise of Islam and the Forces
Opposed to It" Set

1. The Rise of Islam
2. The Middle East and the Islamic Union
3. Islam Denounces Terrorism
4. The World Needs the Ottomans
5. Palestine
6. The Knights Templar
7. The Philosophy of Freemasonry
8. Freemasonry in Turkey
9. The Dark History of Communism (1)
10. The Dark History of Communism (2)
11. The Dark History of Communism (3)
12. The Dark History of Fascism (1)
13. The Dark History of Fascism (2)
14. Behind the Veil of Wars
15. The Dark Face of Darwinism

"Fundamentals of Islam" Set

1. The Names of Allah
2. Prayer in the Qur'an
3. Moral Virtues in the Qur'an
4. Patience and Submission in Believers
5. Affection and Compassion
6. Looking through the Eye of Wisdom
7. Never Forget
8. The Nightmare of Disbelief
9. Prophet Moses and the Ark of the Covenant
10. Gog and Magog
11. The True Face of Hinduism
12. The True Face of Buddhism
13. Satanism: The Weapon of the Devil
14. The Reincarnation Error
15. Maryam: An Exemplary Muslim Woman

harunyahyacds Turkish documentaries
The "Children's" Set

1. Let Us Meet Our Lord
2. Let Us Meet Our Prophet (saas)
3. The Fact of Creation
4. The Blessings around Us
5. Cute Creatures in the Sea
6. The World of Plants
7. A Voyage through the Universe
8. Animals That Travel
9. A Journey in the World of Animals
10. Our Cute Friends
11. Animals That Can Hide
12. Mothers and Their Young

10-part DVD Set

This set has been dubbed into five
languages, including Turkish, and
has subtitles in five languages.
1. For Men of Understanding (1)
2. For Men of Understanding (2)
3. For Men of Understanding (3)
4. The Truth of the Life of This World
5. The Signs of the Last Day
6. Allah's Artistry in Color
7. Allah Is Known through Reason
8. Maternal Love and Affection in Living Things
9. Deep Thinking
10. The Design in Nature

English-language Documentaries

40-Part DVD Set

This set discusses such important subjects as "The Creation of the Universe," "The Miracles of the Qur'an," "Islam Denounces Terrorism," "The Secret behind Matter," and "Perished Nations."

harunyahyacds documentaries

1) Signs of the Last Day
2) Allah's Artistry in Color
3) Love and Cooperation in Living Things
4) The Bloody History of Communism (1)
5) The Bloody History of Communism (2)
6) The Bloody History of Communism (3)

20-Part DVD Set

harun yahya cds documentaries

1) The Secret Beyond Matter
2) The Creation of the Universe
3) Technology in Nature
4) The Miracle Planet - 1
5) The Miracle of Respiration
6) The Order of the Heavens

In addition to twenty documentary DVDs, this very popular set contains twenty books by Harun Yahya, among them The Glad Tidings of the Messiah, Let's Learn Our Islam, Some Secrets of the Qur'an, Jesus Will Return, The Evolution Deceit, Deep Thinking

Multilingual 10-Part DVD Set

This set includes"Altruism in Nature," "Deep Thinking," "For Men of Understanding" (1-2-3), and "The Truth of the Life of This World," all with English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, and Turkish options.

harun yahya cds documentaries

1) Altruism in Nature
2) Deep Thinking
3) The Truth of the Life of This World
4) For Men of Understanding - 1
5) For Men of Understanding - 2
6) For Men of Understanding - 3


16 / total 20
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