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Conferences And Fairs

European Conferences

Harun Yahya European Conferences


Several conferences based on Harun Yahya's works and arranged by the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), one of the largest bodies representing Muslim students, were held in British universities during 2002. Held at such world-renowned and widely respected educational institutions as Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Leicester Universities, these events included presentations on "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution," "The Miracle of the Atom," "The Scientific Miracles of the Qur'an, " and other subjects. Translations of his works were displayed prior to these presentations.

conferences University of Leicester University of Cambridge

The "Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" and "Miracles of the Qur'an" conferences at Leicester University

A presentation at Cambridge University outlining the collapse of the theory of evolution in the face of scientific facts.

conferences University of Warwick University of Warwick

The "Collapse of the Theory of Evolution in the Face of the Scientific Facts" presentation at Bristol University.

A documentary being shown at Birmingham's Al Hijrah Primary School.

The "Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" conference at Warwick University.

conferences St Peters College Swansea University

"The Collapse of Darwinism and Materialism" conference held at Swansea University

Works by Harun Yahya displayed at London City University.

Conferences on "The Scientific and Historical Proofs of the Existence of God" and "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" held at St. Peter's College


(Above and right) A conference on "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" at Leeds University on 20 November 2002

A presentation on "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" and "The Fact of Creation" at the Whiteman Road Mosque on 10 October 2002

"The Miracles of the Qur'an" presentation on 19 October 2002 at the Manchester Central Mosque

conferences University of Glasgow University of Nottingham

Conferences on "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" and "The Scientific and Historical Proofs of the Existence of God" held at Glasgow University

Many members of the teaching staff as well as students attended the conference at Nottingham University..

conferences University of Liverpool East London Mosque

Presentations on "The Evolution Deceit" and "The Miracles of the Qur'an" at the East London Mosque.

Liverpool University

conferences London Froud Centre University of Edinburgh

A conference on "The Collapse of Darwinism and Materialism – A New Age of Science and Knowledge" held at Edinburgh University

A seminar on "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" held at Dundee University

Presentations on "The Universe and Cosmology" and "The Miracle of the Atom" at London's Froud Centre

PCI Conference Birmingham

This conference, held by IPCI-Islamic Vision (The Islamic Presentation Committee), one of the country's major Islamic organizations, elicited reactions from The Nation and other daily publications.


The Nation, an Urdu-language daily newspaper published in Great Britain, reported on the IPCI's conference in Birmingham (17 October 2002).

IPCI Islamic Book Exhibition

Translations of several Harun Yahya works were displayed at Britain's first permanent Islamic exhibition, opened by IPCI, in 2003. Opened by Birmingham education chief Tony Howell, the event received wide interest also from Christian visitors.

IPCI Islamic Book Exhibition

The IPCI exhibition devoted a great deal of space to English translations of Harun Yahya's works.

conferences University Lougborough

A presentation on "For Men of Understanding – The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution and the Fact of Creation" was held at Loughborough University.

British Conference Series, October 2003

FOSIS, which organized the British conferences in 2002, held another series of conferences at universities between 13-17 October 2003. An exhibition and multi-visual display on "Creation and the Collapse of Darwinism" were held before the conferences began.


Birmingham University

Manchester Conferences, December 2004

Aseries of conferences organized by The Lote Tree, an Islamic foundation, was held on 5-6 December 2004.

Presentations featured "Science and Faith: A Call to Reflection," "The Signs of the Last Day," and "The Creation of the Universe."


The Amal Trust convened a conference at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall in London, on 11 December 2004. In addition to representatives of Harun Yahya, speakers also included Muslim convert and author Ahmad Thomson, the deputy mayor of Westminster and MEP Baroness Sarah Ludford, Mayor of Lambeth Irene Kim, former Deputy Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea Christopher Buckmaster, Deputy Mayor of Harrow Asad Omar, Saudi Ambassador Prince Al-Faisal, and Lord Nazir Ahmed of the House of Lords.


Following the conference, which was addressed by MEP Baroness Sarah Ludford, Harun Yahya's representatives were given a plaque on his behalf in recognition of his work in furthering Islam.


Let there be a community among youwho call to the good, and enjoin the right, and forbid the wrong. They are the ones who have success.
(Surah Al 'Imran: 104)

Bourget Book Fair, France 2004

Since 1983, the Bourget Book Fair has been held with only participants from France. Held in April every year, it lasts for three or four days and exhibits only Islamic works. It attracts around 100,000 visitors, and Harun Yahya's works are displayed by various publishers. Publishers of his translated works in French and Arabic attended 2004 event.


A general view of the Bourget Fair

The Danish National Book Fair, October 2003


Translations of several Harun Yahya books were exhibited at Denmark's national book fair in October, 2003. Turkish citizens in Europe show a particular demand for his works and pay close attention to the written and visual material displayed at mini book fairs and exhibitions. These works enjoy a wide readership, especially in Copenhagen and Arhus.

Holland, October, 2001

conferences NETHERLANDS

Seminars were held in Rotterdam on 4 October 2001. The subject of the conferences, organized by the Islamic University and attracting wide public interest, was "The Theory of Evolution and the Fact of Creation."

Hungarian Conferences, 2004

Thanks to the various conferences held in 2004, the Hungarian public was able to become acquainted with Harun Yahya's works. Translations of his books were presented during conferences held in schools, Islamic centers, and other organizations, as well as through multi-visual presentations and exhibitions. These presentations, which attracted the interest of Muslims and the Hungarian public, dealt with "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution and the Fact of Creation," "The Miracle Planet," and similar matters. Some of these multi-visual presentations had Hungarian subtitles; others were dubbed. Hungarian-language versions of "The Miracle of Man's Creation" and "Islam: The Light Illuminating the World" also attracted great interest.


(Top) A presentation given at the Pásztó Secondary Grammar School on 6 April 2004.

Harun Yahya's The Evolution Deceit, which has been translated into more than twenty languages, is also available in Hungarian.

On 28 July 2004, the Hungarian-language version of "The Miracle of Human Creation" was screened at the I. Keruleti Budavari MuvelodesiHaz, Bem rkp.6 cultural center in Budapest. In the wake of this film, which was watched with considerable interest, an address entitled "Let Us Work Together" was given to members of various Christian denominations. The participants, who listened with great interest and enjoyment, afterwards expressed their pleasure with the conferences and requested that more be arranged.


A report in the Turkish daily Milli Gazete: "Great Interest in the Creation Conference in Hungary." The report devoted quite a bit of space to "The Fact of Creation" conferences held all across Hungary.

The Works Of Harun Yahya At Frankfurt Book Fairs

Translations of Harun Yahya's books, DVDs, and VCDs were displayed at the International Frankfurt Book Fair, among the largest in the world, in 2001, 2002, and 2004. The fair was attended by several publishers of his works, all of whom received considerable attention from non-Muslim visitors.


Frankfurt 2002


Frankfurt 2001

Frankfurt 2004

Frankfurt 2004

(Above) Marsha Coats, wife of the American ambassador to Germany, examines Harun Yahya's books.

Albanian Book Fair Tirana 2002

During the large November 2002 book fair, publishers of Harun Yahya's Albanian-language editions displayed his works. Books and documentaries on the theory of evolution received particular interest. Among the visitors to one of the stands were Head of State Alfred Moisiu and Minister of State Arta Dadeve. Former Head of State asked several questions about the works he had been given.


Politicians visiting the stand paid close attention to Harun Yahya's works.

(upper left) Head of State Alfred Moisiu
(left) Minister of State Arta Dadeve
(upper) Former Head of State Sali Berisha

Albanian Book Fair Tirana 2003

Various Albanian publishing houses introduced books, DVDs, and CDs by Harun Yahya at large stands in 2003. One stand that attracted particular interest displayed Albanian-language versions of The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity, Islam Denounces Terrorism, The Evolution Deceit, Deep Thinking, Perished Nations, The Miracles of the Qur'an, and other books. In addition, it showed various documentaries inspired by Harun Yahya's works.


Albanian Book Fair Tirana 2004

Many publishers displaying Harun Yahya's works attended this event. One stand, which featured Albanian-language versions of such documentaries as "The Fact of Creation," "The Miracle of Human Creation," "The Miracle in the Cell," "The Splendor in the Seas," "The Miracle in Birds," "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution," "The Creation of the Universe," and "Islam Denounces Terrorism," attracted great visitor interest.


Millennium Association Macedonia


Senat Brvraynko Bekiri, president of the Macedonian Millennium Association, has used Harun Yahya's works for the past four years to inform the Macedonian public of the fact of creation. He summarizes his activities in a letter:

Ever since becoming acquainted with the works of Harun Yahya, our organisation has begun showing the VCDs prepared by you, based on those works, which are aimed at children and young people. Our organisation has been arranging educational programmes for children and youngster for four years. Children and young people from various nationalities participate in these programmes. As well as Muslim Turks, and Albanian and Greek groups, Orthodox Macedonian children and youngster also take part. We have been organising visual classes within the scope of our own programme for the last two years. This programme only takes place through the VCDs prepared by you. To date some 600 students have attended our centre and visual classes. This programme, which we refer to as visual classes, lasts for four months and takes place only at weekends. After it had begun, parents and the public began exhibiting great interest in our activities. Demand for us to continue with these activities and reproduce VCDs has been increasing.


Say to My servants that they should only say the best. Satan wants to stir up trouble between them. Satan is an ourtight enemy to man.
(Surat al-Isra':53)


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