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Conferences And Fairs

America And Canada

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San Francisco Annual Islamic Congress

The "Annual Islamic Congress," convened by the As Sabeel Masjid Noor Al Islam at the Nob Hill Center in San Franscisco on 26-28 December 2003, was attended by well-known figures from the Islamic world and academics. Their presentations, based on Harun Yahya's works, focused on "The Miracles of the Qur'an" and "The Qur'an Leads the Way to Science." The conference, which displayed translations of some of Harun Yahya's books, attracted considerable interest. The messages sent to afterward clearly indicated the books' great impact. One of these messages reads:

I listened to two of your speakers in the San Francisco Islam Congress and when returned home examined your site. I am amazed and impressed by all this in-depth research, Alhamdulillah. I feel more confident about my faith. I thank you for all these perfect studies. I will share this new knowledge with my friends and family. Karoline.

The Quran Leads The Way To Science and miracles of the Quran

A documentary based on Harun Yahya's works was also shown at the conference, and translations of his books were displayed.

As Sabeel Foundation held a three-day series of conferences in early 2005. Speakers gave their presentations on "The Qur'an Leads the Way to Science," "The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity," and "The Miracles of the Qur'an." Addresses about the author and his works were given before these presentations, and multivisual displays were shown. After the San Francisco conference, a special interview was held with Harun Yahya's representatives to be broadcast at a later date on the private MRT Roundtable TV station.

Conference Series, November 2003

Conferences based on Harun Yahya's books were held during November 2003 at several American universities, educational institutions, high schools, and other bodies. During this nineteen-day series of conferences, seventeen separate presentations were held at six universities and other institutions. The speakers, who also participated in a number of television programs, were the subject of enormous interest wherever they went.

The Annual Intelligent Design Conference University Of Minnesota 

Representatives of Harun Yahya spoke on "The Collapse of Darwinism" at the Intelligent Design Network's "Annual Intelligent Design Conference" held at Minnesota University. All of his works on Darwinism attracted great interest.


IDN, a wide-ranging scientific organization, describes the scientific proofs of Allah's existence and the invalidity of the theory of evolution. It is particularly active in America and has been influential in teaching the fact of creation alongside the theory of evolution in science classes.

American Universities

Aseries of conferences held at Andrews University and the Loma Linda University's Faculty of Theology concentrated on "the kind of union that Christians and Muslims must establish against atheism and terror." Multivision presentations introducing Harun Yahya's works were the subject of great interest. In addition to these conferences, presentations were also held at MESA and Irvine Universities on "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution," "The Signs of the Last Day," and "The Fact of Creation." Poster exhibitions and slide shows attracted considerable interest, as did the conferences themselves.


Photos from the conference at Andrews University


Jerald Whitehouse and Bernard Brandstater, who organized the conference held at Loma Linda University, displayed Harun Yahya's books and described their contents.

MESA University

Irvine University


Loma Linda University

The Isna Book Fair

harun yahya book fair ISNA

The Harun Yahya stand at the 2001 ISNA Book Fair

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), one of the continent's largest and most respected Islamic organizations, held a major book fair in Washington DC on 30 August-2 September, 2002. Eminent writers, academics, and thinkers attend this annual event as guest speakers. At the 2002 fair, the Harun Yahya stand attracted wide visitor interest.

harun yahya book fair ISNA

The Harun Yahya stand at the 2002 ISNA Book Fair

harun yahya book fair ISNA

English, French, and Spanish translations of Harun Yahya's works were exhibited by various publishing houses at the ISNA Book Fair.

harun yahya book fair ISNA

Many booksellers in America distribute translations of Harun Yahya's works.

harun yahya book fair ISNA

English, French, and Spanish translations displayed at the ISNA Book Fair by many of the publishing houses that print and distribute his works... Documentaries and audio tapes were also displayed.


Who could say anything better than someone who summons to Allah and acts rightly and says, "I am one of the Muslims"?
(Surah Fussilat: 33)

The American Muslim Cultural Festival Salt Lake City

The American Muslim Cultural festival, held at Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City during September 2003, was attended by many Christian representatives. Translations of Harun Yahya's works were on display at the festival, which newspapers described as one of the most important signs that members of the two great faiths could co-exist in peace.

American Muslim Cultural Festival Salt Lake

Various reports about the American Muslim Cultural Festival appeared in the Salt Lake City press.

Intelligent Design Seminar, Kansas

Intelligent Design Seminar, KansasBefore the 2001 Intelligent Design Network seminar held in Kansas, which was attended by several important scientists and researchers, a presentation on Harun Yahya's works dealing with "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" was given. Based on "the need for Christians and Muslims to combat Darwinism together," a major topic of his works, it attracted great interest from Christian academics. Detailed questions about his works were asked, and the participants later expressed how impressed they were by these works.

Conference Series, September 2002

Several conferences were held during 2002. The main theme of these events, which took place in the wake of 9/11, was "Islam Denounces Terrorism." In addition, presentations on "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution and the Fact of Creation," "The Miracles of the Qur'an," and "The Existence of God" were also given at Columbia University, Purdue University, New York Hunter College, The Central Islamic Center of New York, Upper Westchester Muslim Society, The Cloyd Heck Marvin Center, Virginia Nova College, The Illinois Muslim Education Center, the Illinois Muslim Society, and elsewhere.

Harun Yahya Conference Series, September 2002

"The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution and the Fact of Creation" was presented at the Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center (CIMIC).

A presentation at Dar al-Hijrah Mosque

Harun Yahya Conference Series, September 2002

The works of Harun Yahya displayed during the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque's multivisual show

Concordia And Mcgill Universities, Canada

Aseries of conferences was held around Canada between 24-31 May 2002 on "The Miracles of the Qur'an," "The Creation of the Universe," "Science in Islam," and "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution." In addition to these presentations, which took place at schools with large numbers of Muslim students in Ottowa and Montreal, Toronto Vision TV also broadcast three programs about Harun Yahya's works. Shabir Ally, president of the Islamic Information and Da'wah Center of Toronto, appeared on these programs, which concentrated on "The Creation of the Universe" and "The Miracles of the Qur'an."

Concordia And Mcgill Universities, Canada

These conferences, held at various institutions and universities, among them Concordia and McGill, attracted great interest.

Concordia And Mcgill Universities, Canada

A poster exhibition on "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" at Concordia University

Argentine Book Fair

Spanish translations of Harun Yahya's works were exhibited at Argentina's International Book Fair, held during April 2004.

Argentine Book Fair
Harun Yahya Books

The Evolution Deceit
(in Spanish)

The Creation of the Universe
(in Spanish)

For Men of Understanding
(in Spanish)

Several books by Harun Yahya have been printed in Spanish, including The Creation of the Universe, For Men of Understanding, Perished Nations, The Evolution Deceit, The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity, and Before You Regret.


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