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Conferences And Fairs

Australian Conferences



Australian Conference 2005

Several conferences were held in Sydney and Melbourne during the final days of 2004. The presentations made by Harun Yahya's representatives on "The Existence of God: Scientific and Spiritual Proofs of God's Existence," held between 26 December 2004 - 2 January 2005, attracted considerable public interest.

conferences AUSTRALIA

The conference held at the Sydney Opera House on 26 December 2004, attended by 1,500 people, began under the direction of the chairman of the Christian Churches Union. Nurettin Okumus, the muezzin of Ankara's Kocatepe Mosque, recited Qur'anic verses. A 3-D animated film on "The Complexity of the Cell" was then shown. Following the screening, an address was given on "The Scientific and Spiritual Proofs of God's Existence." Other speakers at the conference were Tariq Ramadan and Noorudeen Durkee.

conferences AUSTRALIA

A presentation on "The Qur'an, the Sunnah and Reflection - The Miracle of the Qur'an" was given at Liverpool's Whitlam Sports Centre. A stand was set up at the centre's entrance to display Harun Yahya's works.

A presentation on "The Miracles of the Qur'an" was given on 31 December 2004 at the Wollongong Mosque.


Warn them of the Day of Bitter Ragret when the affair will be resolved. But they take no notice. They have no faith.
(Surah Maryam: 39)

conferences AUSTRALIA

Presentations on "The Scientific and Spiritual Proofs of God's Existence" and "Allah Is Known through Reason" were made at Melbourne's Hamer Hall. Officials stated that this was the first time an address on Islam had been given at the hall. Before the conference, an interview introducing Harun Yahya's works was held with ZZZ Turkish Radio.

conferences AUSTRALIA

Various translated versions of Harun Yahya books and documentaries, in VCD and DVD formats, were exhibited at a stand near Hamer Hall's entrance.

conferences AUSTRALIA

Two further presentations were given within the scope of the Australian conferences, one at the Sydney Community Hall and the other at the Sunnybrook Hotel. Among the presentations given were "Signs of the End Times" and "The Miracles of the Qur'an."


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