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Conferences And Fairs

Russia And The Central Asian Republics

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Russian International Faith Fair, 2003

Between 22 May - 1 June 2003, an International Faith Fair was held at Moscow's VDNH Fair Complex. This event, the third such one, was supported by the mayor of Moscow, Russian Patriarch Alexei II, Ravil Gaynuttin (head of the Russian Muftis' Association), and leading figures from the Protestant Church and the Russian Jewish Congregations Congress. More than 15,000 people visited the ten-day fair.

The Islamic Day began with a Russian-language screening of "Islam: The Light Illuminating the World," based on Harun Yahya's work. Sheikh Gaynuttin opened the event with a speech emphasizing the pride and enthusiasm that Russia's Muslims drew from Harun Yahya's valuable works and asked that more of them be published.


The newspaper Elçi devoted considerable space to the conference in Moscow.

The Evolution Deceit, which has been translated into more than twenty languages, is used as the major reference book by Orthodox, Christian, and Muslim creationist forums in Russia.

The president of the Russian High Islamic University said that they were preparing to include all Russian-language versions of Harun Yahya's books and documentaries at the university and in the training curriculum of the country's seminaries.

Russian Muslims Centennial Conferences

Enormous interest was shown in Harun Yahya's works at the centennial conferences held by Russian Muslims during May 2004. All of Russia's leading Muslim clergy attended this event, which attracted 1,500 visitors. Among the participants were ambassadors from Muslim countries, the mayor of Moscow, deputies of the Duma, the president of Tatarstan, and Muslim journalists and artists.

Muslims in Russia 100TH YEAR CONFERENCE

Conference participants were given Russian-language books by Harun Yahya. Following the presentation, they expressed their admiration for his work.

Russian International Faith Fair, 2002

Harun Yahya's works were exhibited at Russia's 2002 International Faith Fair and aroused considerable public interest. During a conference held within the context of the fair, a documentary based on his works was screened.


The Harun Yahya stand at the Russian Faith Fair

Russian National Book Fair, 2002

Translations of Harun Yahya's works were exhibited at the Russian National Book Fair in 2002. The stand, visited by many senior politicians and academics, was the subject of great interest. Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zuganov examined For Men of Understanding and The Miracles of the Qur'an, both of which were presented to him.


Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zuganov examined For Men of Understanding and The Miracles of the Qur'an, both of which were presented to him.

Russian Federation Minister of Culture Mihail Shividkoy, who attended the fair's opening, was given Russian-language editons of The Evolution Deceit, The Miracles of the Qur'an, and For Men of Understanding.


The Harun Yahya stand at the Russian Book Fair

Russian Liberal Democratic Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who visited the Harun Yahya stand, was presented with several books.

The Russian Book Fair opening ceremony

Russian International Book Fair, 2003

The six-day 16th International Book Fair, held in Moscow during September 2003, featured translations of Harun Yahya's works and received considerable visitor interest.


Russian International Book Fair, 2004

All visitors to the 2004 Book Fair showed great interest in these works.


The stand exhibiting translated
editions of Harun Yahya's works in several languages.

Khazar University Azerbaijan

On 3 November 2004, Khazar University held a conference based on Harun Yahya's works that was attended by over 100 students and instructors. Mustafa Kutlu, the Turkish Embassy's religious affairs counselor and Elshad Miri, a member of the university's academic staff, also attended. Information about The Miracles of the Qur'an was provided.

conferences Khazar University AZERBAIJAN

Following the conference, organized by Elshad Miri, a member of the Khazar University teaching staff, students were presented with books and documentaries by Harun Yahya in Azeri.

Azerbaijan Conference 2004

A conference on "Women in the Qur'an," held on 23 December 2004, was attended by high school teachers. Various addresses based on Maryam: An Exemplary Muslim Woman were given, and the documentary "The Miracles of the Qur'an," was screened.


Ruhaniyat Islamic University Kazakhstan

Multi-visual presentations on "Islam Denounces Terrorism" and "The Truth of the Life of This World" were held at Alma Ata's Ruhaniyat Islamic University during December 2002. Rector Murat Haci and the university's Upbringing and Psychological Affairs Department Deputy Director Viktor Timoshenko each spoke on Harun Yahya's works. This event was held in the presidential State Opera, Ballet, and Theater building. The multi-visual show, "Reconciliation between the Faiths," was attended by representatives of other religions and members of Parliament. It attracted considerable interest—more than 700 participants filled the 400-person capacity chamber.

Islamic University of spirituality KAZAKHSTAN

A stand exhibiting Harun Yahya's works was set up in the hall where the multivisual displays were held.

Kazakhstan Defense Ministry Multivisual Show

In May 2004 a multi-visual show attended by 400 people, including Deputy Defense Minister Colonel-General Balykpayevic Tasbulatov and senior military officials, was held at the Kazakh Defense Ministry building. At the presentation, a documentary entitled "Romanticism: A Weapon of Satan" was screened together with a film introducing the author's works.


The participants, particularly the minister of defense, his deputy and other senior officials, were presented with The Evolution Deceit and Islam Denounces Terrorism, as well as several documentaries by Harun Yahya.

The presentation on "Islam Denounces Terrorism" attracted great interest from all participants.

Multivisual Shows in Kazakhstan

Multi-visual shows based on Harun Yahya's works were held in Kazakh schools during 2004.

Astana Primary School

Some of these multivisual presentations, held in Astana's primary schools between 17-21 November 2004, attracted considerable student interest. Students asked questions in order to develop a deeper knowledge of Harun Yahya and his works. The documentary was watched with enormous interest by students, School Director Sainova Ludmila Alexandrovna, her deputy Gaan Larisa Raingoldovna, and several teachers. Due to the strong demand from the school's director and staff, Harun Yahya documentaries are being shown in the schools every week.

KAZAKHSTAN multivision hows

Christian and Muslim students at the Astana Primary School were shown Harun Yahya documentaries.

Alma Ata High School

Multivisual displays held at the 21st High School in Alma Ata during April 2004 attracted considerable student interest. Documentaries based on Harun Yahya's The Creation of the Universe and Altruism in Nature are shown to students with accompanying multi-visual displays in several countries as well as Kazakhstan.


Multivisual displays at 21st High School

Chimkent Multivisual Displays

Harun Yahya documentaries are screened in some of Chimkent's high schools on a regular basis. Teachers also watch these shows, held in conference halls due to intense student interest, with considerable pleasure.

Multivision shows Shymkent

Kazakh-Arab Institute

Documentaries based on The Miracles of the Qur'an and Islam Denounces Terrorism were shown at Chimkent's Kazakh-Arab Institute on 11 May 2004.


Chimkent College Of Economics And Law

A documentary on "The Creation of Man" was screened on 11 May 2004. During the screening, attended by some 400 people, the audience asked various questions in order to obtain a better knowledge of Harun Yahya and his works.

Teachers who attended the event stated that these scientific and cultural activities would play a large part in the psychological development of young people in a young republic such as Kazakhstan and requested that they be repeated on a regular basis.


Documentaries on "The Miracle of Man's Creation," "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution," and "Islam Denounces Terrorism" were shown at the Medical College.

Yesevi Kazakh-Turkish University

A documentary on "Romanticism," based on Harun Yahya's Romanticism: A Weapon of Satan, was shown during May 2004.

conferences Kazakh Turkish University Yesevi

Darin College

The documentaries "Altruism in Nature" and "The Creation of the Universe," specially produced for children, were shown to students aged between 11 and 17 during April 2004.

Halilullah Madjanov, a member of the Chimkent Display Organizing Committee, expressed his pleasure at the Harun Yahya documentaries. He noted that they were produced with the most advanced technology, said that they were being shown in his city, and requested that they be shown throughout Kazakhstan.


Members of a charity were shown "The Secret behind Matter" at Darin College.

Chimkent University

The documentaries "The Miracles of the Qur'an" and "Islam Denounces Terrorism" were aired on 12 May 2004. Before this presentation, attended by some 200 people, a stand displaying Harun Yahya's works in various languages was set up.

conferences UNIVERSITY Shymkent

South Kazakhstan Open University

The documentary "The Miracle of Man's Creation" was shown on 12 May 2004. Following this screening, which dealt with the proofs of Allah's creation, audience members expressed their admiration of Harun Yahya and his works.


Chimkent Medical Faculty

"The Miracle of Man's Creation" documentary was shown to students at Chimkent University's Medical Faculty. The students expressed great praise and admiration for Harun Yahya and his works. His works in several languages were the subject of considerable interest at an exhibition held before the conference, attended by some 300 students.

conferences Shymkent MEDICAL SCHOOL

Ekibastus Multivisual Displays

The documentaries "Wonderful Creatures," "Islam Denounces Terrorism," and "Introducing Harun Yahya" were screened at Ekibastus' Kazakhstan Theater. Following this event, an interview was given about Harun Yahya and his works on ARTA TV, a local television station. Members of the public eager to see the multi-visual display, which also attracted the interest of the governor of Ekibastus, filled the hall.

Multivision shows EKİBASTUS

ARTA TV interviewed Harun Yahya's representatives.

(Right) The governor of Ekibastus (left) closely examined, and then was presented with, The Evolution Deceit. The Astana State Museum's deputy director general (right).

Stepnegorsk Multivisual Display

The documentaries "The Mahdi and the Golden Age" and "Islam Denounces Terrorism" were shown to an audience of 270 people in a local cinema in the Kazakh city of Stepnegorsk on 14 May, 2004.

Multivision show STEPNEGORSK

Kaskelen Multivisual Display

Multivision show Kaskelen

On 23 May 2004, the Russian-language version of "The Miracle of Man's Creation" and the Turkish-language version of "The Truth of the Life of This World" were shown to Kazakhs who had originally come from Turkey and settled in Kaskelen province, 35 kms from Alma Ata. The Kaskelen people, who speak very good Turkish, display a great interest in such documentaries, which are shown every Sunday.

Documentary Screening At The Talgat Village Mosque


"The Mahdi and the Golden Age" was screened during April 2004. Such screenings are held in the mosque every week.

Kazakh American University


"Behind the Veil of Wars" was shown on 2 May 2004. After the showing, which was watched with great interest by some 300 people, it was decided to meet the intense request put forward by staff members and students to have weekly screenings.

Karaganda Multivisual Displays

conferences Multivision shows Karaganda

"Islam: The Light Illuminating the World" and "Islam Denounces Terrorism" were shown to around 200 people at Karaganda's Shalkima Concert Hall during June 2004. In attendance were senior civil servants, the chief assistant to the Mufti of Kazakhstan, and representatives of the city's three main television stations.

Astana State Museum Multivisual Display

ASTANA STATE MUSEUM multivision show

Various documentaries have been shown regularly at the Astana Museum film hall since 16 May 2004.

Books by Harun Yahya displayed at a special stand in Astana

Alma Ata Book Fair


Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and his advisors carefully examined books by Harun Yahya at the Alma Ata Book Fair.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev was presented with a book on Prophet Muhammad's (saas) life and superior moral values.


The Kazakhstan minister of culture, who was presented with several Russian-language works by Harun Yahya, examined them with great care.

Alma Ata Governor Viktor Hiropuno was among those who visited the Harun Yahya stand. He was presented with several works.


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