The Secret Beyond Matter

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Allah creates all things out of nothing, determines their destiny, bestows their ways of life on them, imparts blessings on them, and maintains them under His control at all times. A human being with extraordinary, flawless anatomical, cellular, and molecular structure; a tortoise with its glorious protective carapace; a plant seeding itself with ease without moving; a flower with its delightful perfume, the like of which can never be manufactured; and the existence of a fruit, which stores all kinds of vitamins and minerals inside itself, its flawless protective covering, its dazzling color and enticing flavor—all are proofs of this.

The Earth, on which we live so easily despite the fact it is constantly revolving, the atmosphere with its protective layers, giant galaxies with their giant stars, the enormous forces operating between them, and the way countless dynamics are brought together to make life possible—these on their own are sufficient for us to comprehend Allah’s infinite might.

Allah enfolds all places with His presence. He is the Lord of all things. He knows and creates all things that existed millions of years ago, and all that will exist in the future. All things have submitted to Him. They live as He wills and obey His commands. Allah tells us in one verse:

Is it other than the religion of Allah that you desire, when everything in the heavens and Earth, willingly or unwillingly, submits to Him and to Him you will be returned? (Surah Al ‘Imran, 83)

Yet even these facts are not enough for some people. They ignore the extraordinary magnificence in every square millimeter on Earth. They turn their backs on the proofs of Allah’s existence. But why do they do this? How is it that, despite the countless proofs of creation, they do not believe? Why are they so devoted to irrational claims and look for evidence to support them? Why, when the facts are so crystal clear, do they follow a false belief that can never produce any results?

The answer is plain to see: They are struggling against belief in Allah.

They are reluctant to accept His Almighty power and greatness.

They have become proud before Allah.

The proofs set out in this book are intended to turn some insistent advocates of evolution away from their errors and to reverse the struggles they wage against the absolute existence of Allah. This book sets out a proof that eliminates almost all the claims and foundations of those who insist on denying Allah’s existence.

The Cambrian explosion has buried claims regarding evolution. No matter how much evolutionists try to rescue their theory, they will never achieve any results, as is confirmed by every new scientific discovery. These people fail to accept that evolution never took place and to admit the fact of creation. The only reason why they do so is their pride before Allah, Who has described this in a verse:

Certainly those who argue about the signs of Allah without any authority having come to them have nothing in their breasts except for pride, which they will never be able to vindicate. Therefore, seek refuge with Allah. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing. (Surah Ghafir, 56)

There is one fact of which these people are unaware: Allah is the Lord of all the worlds. He is the Mightiest and the Greatest. In claiming to be great, a human being deceives only himself. A human being possesses only as much knowledge and ability as is given him by Allah, can only do what He teaches him, and lives by the destiny determined by Him. Human beings are very weak and helpless in the face of Allah’s infinite intelligence, knowledge and power. It is certainly an easy matter for Allah to destroy and recreate all the life on Earth, the planets, the universe and more, at the moment He so chooses.

Of course Allah can also recreate the Cambrian explosion, which the evolutionists watch in amazement, when and how He so wills.

This is an evident fact evolutionists ignore and are unwilling to understand. A person needs to admit that he is helpless before Allah, to open his eyes to the fact that all things are the work of Allah, and to appreciate His greatness. Having spent years subscribing to a false theory is no obstacle to seeing and understanding this truth. A scientist may have spent years on the wrong path, but he can still change his mind in light of the fact that science has invalidated the theory of evolution. That’s what he should do if he views evolution solely as a theory waiting to be proved, because science refutes evolution rather than confirming it.

The theory is a failure. And the fact of the Cambrian explosion is one of the proofs making this crystal clear.

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