The Secret Beyond Matter

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Allah's Art of Detail 26-30

The Perfect and Astonishing Details in the Human Eye

Even when you look at the pen in your hand for just a few seconds, hundreds of billions of processes take place in your eye. Light passes through its cornea and pupil and then the lens, where light-sensitive cells convert it into electrical signals to be transmitted to the nerve endings as impulses. The image reaching the retina is reversed and upside down, and yet the brain can interpret it and provide a normal image by collecting the separate images from both eyes, identifying all of the object's features, and combining the images from both eyes into a single picture. It also determines the object's nature, color, and distance. The eyes do all of this in as little as a tenth of a second.

The same processes take place in the brain whether you look at a tiny dot or a large ship, and the resulting image forms in a 1 mm (0.0393 in) point. You can never be sure that the pen in your hand is close to you or that a far-off ship is larger than a pencil, for the size of the place where these images form is exactly the same. Yet there is a sense of distance in everything you look at, for how else could you so easily stretch out your hand to pick up a glass? Allah, Who created this flawless organ, has equipped it with unimaginably fine detail and enabled the brain see an object where it is and in full detail. The extraordinarily complex human eye is just one of His sublime works.

No human technology can duplicate such feats. Constant research is being carried out to unravel how the eye can do such incredible things, and scientists are attempting to understand just how it shows us a brightly colored world. Of course, neither the eye, which is just a few centimeters in size, nor the millimeter-sized region in which the image forms have the power to form a colored world. It is the soul that sees all of the matter existing on the outside and that reinterprets this inside the brain. Allah, the Almighty, enables people to see, perceive, and sense by breathing His own spirit into them at birth and makes these things dependent upon extraordinary conditions. The image created, the astonishing eyes that perceive it, and the countless systems involved in all of this exist only because Allah so wills it.

The Brain's Superior Nerve Cells

The human brain's magnificent communication network contains 100 billion neurons. Damage to even its smallest part can lead to serious losses in our sensory systems. How could such a perfect structure have come about by chance?

Everything that you do, think, say, or feel takes place inside the brain. Nerves belonging to the brain, known as neurons, make such communication possible. An average neuron is 10 microns in size, and a micron is equivalent to .001 millimeter. They are so small that 50 average-sized ones could fit into the period at the end of this sentence. The brain contains an average of 100 billion neurons. It would take us 3,171 years to count all of them; if we laid them out end to end, they would stretch for 1,000 kms (621.4 miles). The presence of such an extensive communication network in an organ that represents only 2% of a human being's body weight is certainly a wondrous miracle. ( 

Even if we were to bring together all man-made communication networks in the world, we could never obtain such a systematic, complex, flawless, and rapid system. This system must function in an incredible state of activity to produce even the smallest movement that we wish to make. Each person was given this flawless communication system while in the womb. No technology in the world can compare with the sublime, complex co-ordination displayed in the human brain.

If even a small component of this perfect system is damaged or if a single neuron fails to function properly, the brain's electrical transmission may be damaged, which leads to losses of feeling and sensation. In that event, any random event that occurs in this extraordinarily delicate system could do away with the majority, or even all, of its cerebral functions. Given this fact, how could such an incomparable communication network, the secrets of which have still to be unraveled, come into being by chance? This extraordinary structure belongs to Allah, Lord of Majesty and Greatness, Who creates all the living cells and makes them a means by which life is bestowed:

Say: "Travel throughout the land and see how He brought creation out of nothing. Then later Allah will bring about the next existence. Allah has power over all things.' (Surat al-'Ankabut, 20)

The Miraculous Atom: The Building Block of All Things

When a living thing dies, its atoms disperse and become components of something else, such as a tree, a bacterium, or a raindrop. These fundamental building blocks of absolutely everything are so minute that 500,000 of them laid one on top of the other could still be hidden behind a single hair. In other words, it is next to impossible to imagine just how small one atom is. The following comparison may be cited to allow us to understand this:

A millimeter is a line this long "- ". Let us imagine that you have divided that line into 1000 equal parts. Each one of these parts is 1 micron long. This is the size of micro-organisms. A typical paramecium is 2 microns in size. In other words, it is really minuscule. If you wanted to see this organism inside a drop of water you would have to magnify the drop so that it was 12 m (39.4 ft) or so in diameter. Yet if you wanted to see the atoms in that same drop of water you would have to make it 24 km (14.91 miles) in diameter. To put it another way, atoms exist on an entirely different size dimension. In order to go down to the atomic level you would have to take each one of these 1-micron slivers and further subdivide them 10,000 times. The size of an atom is this: One 10 millionth of a millimeter. The following comparison will help us understand this better: The size of an atom compared to a line just 1 mm(0.0393 in) in length is equivalent to that of the thickness of a piece of paper compared to the height of the Empire State Building, one of the tallest buildings in the USA. (Hemen Her Şeyin Kısa Tarihi, Bill Bryson, Boyner Yayınları, 2003, sf.120)

By His will, everything that exists is made up of atoms of this incredible size. Even more amazingly, 99.9999% of each atom is actually empty. The only reason why atoms combine to form molecules is the presence of electrons, which take up only a minute space inside this mass that is 99.9999% empty. That is what lies behind the existence of the universe, suns, lions, rabbits, mountains, skyscrapers, planes, human beings, and everything else.       

Is there any possibility that a scientist who investigates his own cells and his own atoms in the laboratory could produce a single atom? Of course not, for scientists are still very far away from discovering all of the details of subatomic particles. That being the case, the sublime might and creative artistry of Allah, Who creates galaxies billions of kilometers in size out of components just one 10 millionth of a millimeter in size, is clear for all thinking people to see.

Almighty Allah creates entities by telling them to Be! and bestows miraculous details upon them. Everything constituted by atoms, meaning all that exists, is a great proof of this wondrous creation:

It is He Who created the heavens and Earth with truth. The day He says 'Be!' it is. His speech is Truth. The Kingdom will be His on the Day the Trumpet is blown, the Knower of the Unseen and the Visible. He is the All-Wise, the All-Aware. (Surat al-An'am, 73)

The Incredible Seed

The grape seeds shown below give rise to the delicious grapes hanging down from the vines. Allah makes a tiny seed placed in the ground the direct cause of these fruits and creates delicious and sweet-smelling blessings. This is His art of detail.

The way that plants, with all their different beauties, emerge out of the soil is a great miracle. It is astonishing how a plant turns toward the Sun and reaches upward, how its branches thicken, and how it possesses a system capable of carrying water and minerals upward against the force of gravity. There is something quite extraordinary in how fresh green leaves sprout from a plant's dry branches, how flowers with stunning colors and matchless perfumes appear from among them, and how fruit specially created for humanity in terms of its taste, smell, and benefit then appears. There is sublime artistry in the way that a seed, just 1-2 cm (0.4-0.78 in) in diameter, causes all of these miracles that occur in each plant.

Allah hides every piece of information about a plant inside the tiny seed from which it grows: each branch and leaf and their shape and color, the thickness of their outer casing, the width and quantity of the ducts that carry food and water, the plant's height, whether it will bear fruit or not, and that fruit's taste, scent, shape, and color. Evolutionists, who invent implausible scenarios to explain such miracles away, cannot appreciate His sublime artistry and might and thus fail to understand that He wills such complexities to exist. They seek to ignore that they are unable to create even a single fruit, leaf, seed, or living cell. Only Almighty Allah, Who creates the world, exhibits His artistry within it, and constantly carries out this creation can do this. His knowledge and artistry are everywhere. Faced by the matchless works of the Sublime and Mighty Allah, evolutionists are constantly condemned to defeat:

Have you thought about what you cultivate? Is it you who make it germinate, or are We the Germinator? If We willed, We could have made it broken stubble. You would then be left devoid of crops, distraught. (Surat al-Waqi'ah, 63-65)

The Striking Detail in Living Things Capable of Perceiving Electricity

Living things emit electricity as well as heat. It may be difficult for you to feel this electricity, because air is an insulator. A conductive environment and special equipment are necessary for this electricity to be felt. Water, a natural conductor, and certain life forms that live in water and use the electrical currents in their bodies are examples of this. A living thing that can detect electricity in water and acts according to that sensation has a very effective sense.

For example, sharks can detect all vibrations in water, changes in water temperature and salinity level, and minute changes in the electrical field set up by moving organisms. In addition, their large number of gel-filled cavities (Lorenzini ampules) are perfect electricity detectors. Along with rough rays, they use these detectors to hunt their prey and can perceive currents as small as one 20 billionth of a volt, a truly glorious ability. Imagine the batteries in an average house. Sharks would be able to detect the current emitted by just two 1.5 volt batteries beneath the sea from a distance of 3,000 km (1,864 miles) away. (John Downer, Supernature, The Unseen Powers of Animals, Published by BBC Worldwide Ltd., London 1999, s. 17)

The fact that this animal has been equipped with such an exceptionally special system, one that is ideally suited to its environment and crucial to its survival, is only possible by the will of an Almighty Power Who creates it, knows its needs and habitat, and is Mighty enough to create all these. That infinite Power belongs to Allah , the Almighty and Omniscient:

(Hud said:) "I have put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord. There is no creature He does not hold by the forelock. My Lord is on a Straight Path." (Surah Hud, 56)


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