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Part 3 - Darwinists' Methods of Deception of the World 4/5

8. Darwinists Misuse the Written and Visual Media

evrimci yayınlar

Deceptive publications and broadcasts are no longer enough to prop Darwinism up. The scientific evidence had definitely discredited this false theory.

The written and visual media are the most important tools of the conditioning that works on so many people. In the same way that they believe everything that scientists tell them, some people also attach the same credence to authors in scientific journals and reports on TV. Any pro-Darwinist piece in any well-known Darwinist journal is sufficient evidence for the majority of readers. People consider that a scientific journal that published the false evidence of Darwinism must necessarily be telling the truth. The majority of people are unaware that the journal in question is one of the devoted adherents of the false religion that is Darwinism. They are also unaware that when the false religion that is Darwinism is espoused, there can be no reason, logic, truth or scientific method.

Under the influence of the Darwinist dictatorship, many scientific journals today are pro-Darwinist. It is unacceptable for any publication opposed to Darwinism to appear and enjoy general acceptance. That is why the majority of readers or viewers immediately sign up to the reports that Darwinists issue in the publications they support.

But this is a grave error.

Darwinists' sole aim is propaganda. They act out of the idea that the majority of readers will harbor no doubts about a deceptive report regarding evolution in New Scientist or National Geographic. That is also the position of people who never even consider the possibility that a scientific journal such as Nature would play host to a lie and never properly think about what they learn. But that state of affairs creates such fertile ground in terms of Darwinist propaganda that they are even able to convince people of the veracity of such an unbelievably ludicrous idea as the Darwinist myth of "the first cell appearing spontaneously in muddy water." All it takes is for this story to appear in such a pro-Darwinist publication as Nature, written by a scientist and with plenty of complicated terminology.

A person or body possessed of a materialist mindset may do anything in order to keep materialism propped up. That is what pro-materialist publications do. They will do anything to keep Darwinism on the agenda, and blatantly use science as a mask for their activities. Nature makes its materialist mindset crystal clear:

Even if all the data point to an intelligent designer, such a hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic.170

As we have seen, materialists have conditioned themselves to reject it, even if all the concrete scientific evidence confirms Creation. It is impossible to speak of anything scientific here. Materialists' devotion to Darwinism is dogmatic, not scientific. Darwinism is still defended despite having been scientifically discredited. Meanwhile, these people ignorantly deny Creation, even though it is corroborated by countless pieces of scientific evidence. Because according to materialism, no account outside matter is acceptable. That is why these journals that appear to be scientific so insistently defend an idea such as evolution that is of no scientific worth whatsoever. For these publications, evidence showing the fact that living things were created is unacceptable at any price. That is why Darwinists have no compunctions about depicting a deception they have imposed on the whole world through false methods as true and valid instead.

Indeed, when one looks at the attitude toward Allah of the various scientific centers that support these publications, the position becomes perfectly clear. The result of a recent investigation in Nature magazine concerning the views about religion of members of the U.S. National Academy of Science (NAS) was this: according to responses from 517 NAS members from departments of biology and physics, 72.2% are atheists, 20.8% are agnostics, while only 7.0% believe in Allah.171 The following admission by the neurobiologist and evolutionist Robert Provine makes this perfectly clear: "Very few truly religious biologists remain. Most are atheists and many have been driven there by their understanding of the evolutionary process and other sciences.172 In the light of these facts, it is not hard to see why any attempt to show the truth of the fact of Creation is met with intense rage by atheist scientists. And that is the reason why Darwinists make such use of the written and visual media.

Darwinistlerin hayali şemalarından biri

Darwinists' fictitious and fanciful diagrams are simply a sign of their despair. Allah's creative artistry is clear for all to see, with all its proofs and magnificence.

Henry M. Morris gives the following account of the false conditioning carried out under Darwinism:

The common belief today is that Charles Darwin discovered the law of evolution; as a result he is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest scientists of all time. The fact is...that [Darwin] really only served as the catalyst for a revival of ancient paganism, coming at just the right time in history to bring to fruition a revolt against God [Surely God is beyond that] for which many in Western Europe had been preparing for over a century".173

The misconceptions that "scientists don't lie" and "scientific journals will never lie" have deceived people for years. The distorted system of faith that such people have constructed among themselves has led Darwinists to take advantage of, and misuse, science. But this is an absolute certainty: A materialist scientist will happily deceive people if the facts do not serve his own interests and do not corroborate materialism. The great majority of scientists in the world today are blatantly misleading people by espousing Darwinism. They tell tall tales that even children would never believe, even though people know they are scientifically impossible. This state of affairs is a system currently in operation and applied by all the world's Darwinist scientists. To put it another way, even though a Darwinist scientist spends his whole life in close contact with science, he can still comfortably deceive people in the name of science and devote his whole life to a lie.


Francis Crick, the professor of physics and biology who won the Nobel prize for his discovery of DNA, who spent his whole life espousing evolution and who attracted strong criticism for saying that "human beings are collections of neurons" in 2004, and who died denying the existence of the soul, is the best example of this. Despite, as an atheist physicist, molecular biologist and neurobiologist, seeing countless proofs of Allah's sublime creative artistry and even discovering these in person, he still strove throughout the course of his life to hide the fact that these proofs are all miraculous in nature and indicate a very special creation. For the sake of denying the existence of Allah (surely Allah is beyond that) he went so far as to claim that life had been brought to Earth by space creatures.174 The conclusion to which a naturalist, Darwinist perspective leads a man of science is a humiliating illogicality.

Another example of this is the Darwinist and Harvard University paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould, who spent his whole life as an atheist and naturalist, despite personally witnessing and examining all the proofs of creation displayed by paleontology. Just like Crick, Gould worked in science his entire adult life and had no qualms about espousing such an illogical and unproven theory as "punctuated evolution" throughout his life, simple in order to be able to deny the existence of Allah (surely Allah is beyond that), at least in his own foolish eyes.

That being the case, it is foolish and a preconception gravely lacking in awareness, to believe that everything Darwinist scientists say and do is true. Yet there is one fact that these people who spend their whole lives in a state of unbelief neither know nor grasp: Almighty Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, says in verses that He will neutralize all the endeavors of those who spend their lives seeking to spread the way of the dajjal:

Say: 'Shall I inform you of the greatest losers in their actions? People whose efforts in the life of this world are misguided while they suppose that they are doing good.' (Surat al-Kahf, 103-104)

The supporters of the dajjal imagine that their endeavors against belief in Allah will be of some worth in the life of this world and that they will emerge victorious from it. But this is a system that is rotten right from the very beginning. All systems opposed to the true faith are condemned, by Allah's promise, to defeat. Almighty Allah is certainly powerful enough to do all things. In one verses He reveals:

As for those who make Allah their friend, and His Messenger and those who have faith: it is the party of Allah who are victorious! (Surat al-Ma'ida, 56)



The Kingdom of the heavens and the Earth and everything in them belongs to Allah.
He has power over all things.
(Surat al-Maida, 120)

One of the classic tactics that Darwinists employ in using science for their own ideology is a very certain way of speaking. In speaking of evolution as a theory whose validity has supposedly been established, and about which there is no need for any prolonged debate, they declare that Darwin was literally the most important scientist in the world. The fact is, however, that as many historians of science and authors have explicitly stated, Darwin did not discover anything new and made no new findings, and also launched no new theory based on reason and logic or else on observation. He set out on a marine voyage with a group of drunken sailors, cast aside many of the species he collected on that trip without ever examining them, and resuscitated the lie of evolution which he had learned from his grandfather and which had been around since ancient Egypt and Sumer. But Darwinists never mention that, of course. Indeed, they carefully conceal it and strive to depict Darwin as a great man of science in order to be able to deceive people. Alister McGrath, a molecular physicist and at the same time a professor of theology, describes the position thus:

Darwin'in Beagle gemisiyle çıktığı seyehat

Darwin conducted no scientific research on his travels, merely spending time with drunken sailors.

Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-99), the railroad lawyer who became one of America's most prominent nineteenth-century atheist writers, … [wrote] in 1884 …: This century will be called Darwin's century ... His doctrine of evolution, his doctrine of the survival of the fittest, his doctrine of the origin of species, has removed in every thinking mind the last vestige of orthodox Christianity"175

This state of affairs also applies to the journals in which articles by these scientists appear. Since only Darwinist propaganda appears in the world's best-known scientific journals, since only pieces by Darwinist scientists are allowed to appear in them, and since these scientists are ideologically obliged to maintain and espouse the lie of evolution, it will be equally irrational to believe that written pieces adorned with scientific terminology are necessarily true. Darwinists have for years made use of this superstitious belief system. But the time has now come for this to be eradicated and for the scientific facts to be accepted. Once the written and visual media, Darwinism's most important propaganda tool, can no longer deceive people, there will be no room for Darwinist propaganda anywhere else.

9. Darwinists Seek to Impose the False Idea That Opposition to Evolution Is a Violation of Logic

Aiming accusations at the other side is perhaps the best-known tactic of psychological warfare. In a struggle waged by imputing one's own flaws and deficiencies, or things one is accused of doing to the other side, the party that implements this tactic imagines that whoever wages this kind of propaganda more powerfully will win. In other words, if the side that is guilty and in the wrong makes good use of this propaganda, then it will appear to be in the right and the aggrieved party and thus, it imagines, will win the struggle.

This familiar tactic has been blatantly applied by Darwinists in recent times. Even though it is Darwinists who engage in fraud, espouse a deception, who are irrational and illogical and who deceive other people, they try to convince people that it is those who deny evolution who are espousing illogical ideas. Darwinists imagine that if they can make people believe this lie, if they can mislead people thoroughly and effectively enough, then they will achieve success. They think this devilish tactic will work out best for them and that it will cover up all the frauds they perpetrate. But they are forgetting one very important thing; superstition is never victorious. This is the law of Allah. The justice of our Almighty Lord Allah will definitely be done. Almighty Allah knows the truth and who shelters behind deception, and He will eliminate superstition and strengthen the. Darwinist tactics are tricks of satan and Allah, Who created the dajjal as well as all other living things, will confound all his schemes. Allah states in one verse that:

That is your reward. Allah always confounds the schemes of the unbelievers. (Surat al-Anfal, 18)

Over the years, when false tactics developed against the fact of creation seemed to be very effective, Darwinists have launched various false accusations and imputations against those who speak of Creation. In fact, Darwinists' false accusations of believers have been made throughout history and are things foretold as happening in the Qur'an. Almighty Allah, Lord of the Earth and Sky, describes the position of those who make false accusations in the words:

When they are told, 'Have faith in the way that the people have faith,' they say, 'What! Are we to have faith in the way that fools have faith?' No indeed! They are the fools, but they do not know it. (Surat al-Baqara, 13)

The reason why Darwinists make these accusations is no doubt because they are aware that creation is an absolute truth. The reason behind their foolish mockery is that they know their theories are not corroborated by any scientific findings or evidence, and they therefore try to dazzle people with verbiage instead. They imagine this can produce success for the way of the dajjal. Berkeley University Professor of Law Phillip E. Johnson says this about the tactic:

... the students would also need to learn about such things as the defects in the peppered moth story, the fraud in the Haeckel embryo drawings, the mystery of Cambrian explosion and what the leading Darwinists really believe about the implications of Darwinism for religion. Before this education went very far, the authorities would have a mutiny on their hands. The Darwinists cannot change their tactics because any true education in evolution would cast the clear light of analysis on assumptions that cannot survive it.176

By any realistic definition naturalism is a religion, and an extremely dogmatic one. It rests on a basic conviction about ultimate reality that is held by a kind of faith, and it incorporates its own definitions of "knowledge" and "reason." It says that knowledge comes ultimately from our senses and that the more complex forms of knowledge come from scientific investigation. By naturalistic definition there can be no such thing as knowledge of the supernatural. Statements about God are either non-rational or irrational (if they purport to make objective factual claims). (Surely Allah is beyond that.)

But it is actually naturalism and materialism that are totally irrational. The followers of these perverse beliefs ascribe the power to create to chance, coincidence and unconscious phenomena (surely Allah is beyond that) and are devoid of any power of rational judgment. What the adherents of a perverse religion that ascribes divinity to chance refer to as "knowledge" is based on the idea that chance created everything out of nothing. So what we are talking about here consists of a perverse belief system with no room for reason and logic. For that reason, it will not be hard to see that it is impossible to refer to such concepts as reason or information when dealing with naturalism, materialism and Darwinism.

Darwinists are terrified of the widespread discussion of the fact of Creation and of people being convinced of it. They know that there are countless pieces of evidence corroborating the fact of creation, and that nobody seeing these will ever be taken in again by the deception that is evolution. On the other hand, there exists not one piece of evidence to support Darwinism. That is why people who espouse this terrible deception foolishly criticize belief in creation. The University of New York professor of chemistry and evolutionist Robert Shapiro makes the irrational statement that he will support Darwinism to the bitter end, even if the results do not corroborate the theory of evolution:

Some future day may yet arrive when all reasonable chemical experiments run to discover a probable origin for life have failed unequivocally. Further, new geological evidence may indicate a sudden appearance of life on the earth. Finally, we may have explored the universe and found no trace of life, or process leading to life, elsewhere. In such case, some scientists might choose to turn to religion for an answer. Others, however, myself included, would attempt to sort out the surviving less probable scientific explanations in hope of selecting one that is still more likely than the remainder.177

These words are more than adequate to see the sinister system of the dajjal.



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