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Part 3 - Darwinists' Methods of Deception of the World 1/5

We can understand the most explicit definition of Darwinian deception techniques from the words of Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda for one of the 20th Century's most brutal dictators, Adolf Hitler. He was a Darwinist who carried out massacres inspired by Darwinism.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.116

This is the method which Darwinism uses for misleading people. Darwinism's lie has been told with a dogmatic sincerity so loudly and so often that without inquiring or investigating many people in the world thought that the theory of evolution was true.

In addition although deceiving the masses on this issue is made by very clear, very public methods, nobody has been doubtful about those scientists who defend this lie, inclusion of this lie in science journals, and being taught in schools by placing it into the curriculum.

These scientists came up with the lie that "the proteins coincidentally occurred in muddy water", and explained it again and again quite loudly, along with their supporters, almost like a scientific fact.

They repeated these tales insistently to the people, who are unaware that the probability of a single protein occurring by chance is zero, and deceived them by creating almost a spell-like effect.

Darwinist scientists who defend the lie that "there are numerous transitional fossils" gave such a suggestion to the people who don't know the truth of fossil records that for many years, people thought that evolution was supported by a countless number of fossils.

Moreover, under the influence of this strange indoctrination, people believed the lie that they evolved from apes, studied this at schools, and thought that their ancestors were strange-looking, hairy, ape-like creatures.

Darwinistlerin insanları bir aldatmacaya inandırmak için geliştirdikleri binlerce sahte şemadan biri...

People are conditioned to believe in these imaginary entities, as if they were real.

One of the most basic reasons for this is:

Until the deciphering of Darwinist lies, people generally went along with the misconceptions of "Scientists tell the truth.", "We can not understand the issues of science, it is necessary to believe what scientists say.", and people tended to believe what scientists said, and this ultimately established a distorted belief system.

When the established system is anchored to this false assumption, the invalidity of evolution becomes a position that is no longer open to discussion.

This is an important and a surprising fact: Darwinist scientists have been deceiving people since the time of Darwin.

This system based on the delusion "Scientists tell the truth, what they say is indisputable." has led people to believe a lie, even live their whole lives according to these lies.

Such a massive game was played that scientific facts were hidden from people, lies and the falsehoods used in their place, and, data was distorted to make it fit to the lie of evolution

If the data does not match the lie of evolution, it was either concealed or destroyed.

People have been clearly deceived and in a cruel fashion, people having thought that the information presented by the Darwinist scientists was authentic.

In the origins of Darwinism, there is an unconditional commitment to the materialist philosophy.

As materialism irrationally rejects all explanations about the origin of life and purpose of the existence of the universe except matter, without basing this on any scientific fact, and as the theory of evolution submits a false explanation for the emergence of life, there is thus a deeply-rooted connection between materialism and Darwinism.

Darwinist scientists are at the same time materialists, and all the support which is given for Darwinism, is in fact an effort to keep materialism alive. For this reason, according to Darwinists, the evolution theory is to be defended at any cost. If evolution is not strongly defended, if the lies of evolution are not covered up by using all opportunities, if those who are in opposition to Darwinism are not kept silent by methods of compulsion and intimidation, and if scientific proofs are not carefully concealed, the single and absolute fact of "Allah has created all things" will come to dominate humanity and materialism will disappear. That's the reason why Darwinists have defended the lie of evolution so loudly and insistently for years. Jonathan Wells makes this clear in the explanation below about this subject:

... It's not evidence that makes Darwinism a "fact", but materialistic philosophy. In 1997, Harvard geneticist Richard C. Lewontin recounted how he and Carl Sagan had once defended Darwinism in a debate, then he explained: "We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its contradictions… because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism.."117

If attention is paid to the words of Lewontin, an important Darwinist obsession is revealed once again. Lewontin claims that "they had to defend evolution as they were on the side of science". However, when scientific facts are evaluated with a sincere and unprejudiced point of view, it is impossible for a person to defend Darwinism who claims that he is on the side of science. As usual, Darwinists lie and behave with the dogmatic attitude of "science equals to Darwinism", and thereby engrave this lie in people's subconscious.

Darwinists thought that this deceit would always continue. But the existing situation is not what they had thought or expected. The materialist philosophy is in a state of collapse. The lies, hoaxes, and subterfuge of the Darwinists were revealed one after another. People started to realize how they were forced to believe blindly in a false religion.

Swedish embryologist Soren Lovtrup expressed the lie of Darwinism with these words:

I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked as the greatest deceit in the history of science. When this happens many people will pose the question: How did this ever happen?118

Indeed today, people have started to feel the shock of having been deceived by Darwinists. With each passing day, they realize that they have been a part of a worldwide delusion. In the near future, the true colors of the superstitious religion of Darwinism will be understood exactly by the whole world, and indeed people will be surprised at having been deceived. After they have recovered from this lie, their mind and conscience will be cleared, and they will comprehend that everything is the magnificent creation of Allah. The ideology of the dajjal will have been utterly destroyed. Allah informs us in the Qur'an that:

To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; Behold! in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day,- there are indeed Signs for men of understanding. (Surah Al 'Imran, 189-190)

Then what are the sly methods of Darwinism, the subterfuge of atheistic freemasonry, the antichrist system, which has deceived people for a century and a half? How did Darwinists insidiously, unanimously reach out for so many people with a faked system? How is the antichrist enchantment so effective on people? Here are some of the Darwinist tactics which makes this enchantment effective:

çamur, zaman, doğa olayları  ve tesadüf biraraya geldiğinde canlılığı oluşturamaz

1 . Mud
2. Time

3. Change
4. Natural Events

5. Supposition

Mud + Time + Change + Natural Events (= Supposition) ALL LIFE

1. Darwinism and Materialism Try to Show That All of Life is "Simple"

Darwinism's "enchantment" is predicated on getting people to avoid thinking. For this reason, Darwinists intensely distract the people whom they address with visual and aural inculcation. They are determined to distract people from reality by forming an enchantment effect. Many people give up thinking, examining, researching when confronted with these calculated indoctrination, and surrender to these supposedly scientific explanations which have been submitted to them.

But the interesting thing is that this spectacle of indoctrination which distracts people and keeps them from thinking, in fact, basically harbors an irrational logic. Darwinist publications may explain the generation of a cell over hundreds of pages by using scientific and technological terms when what they want to say can be summed up quite briefly: Muddy water + coincidences + time = Life! Sophisticated words, obtuse Latin definitions, technical and complex terminology is typically included in these publications to maximize the Darwinist indoctrination effect, However, there is absolutely no complex, subtle logic or explanation behind the Darwinist expressions.

A part from the "The Miracles of Life" documentary of the PBS TV show 'Nova' serves as a good example in this regard:

Four and a half billion years ago, the young planet Earth was a mass of cosmic dust and particles. It was almost completely engulfed by the shallow primordial seas. Powerful winds gathered random molecules from the atmosphere. Some were deposited in the seas. Tides and currents swept the molecules together. And somewhere in this ancient ocean the miracle of life began... The first organized form of primitive life was a tiny protozoan. Millions of protozoa populated the ancient seas. These early organisms were completely self-sufficient in their sea-water world. They moved about their aquatic environment feeding on bacteria and other organisms... From these one-celled organisms evolved all life on earth.119

Many people who watch this explanation may certainly not know the possibility of single cell occurring by coincidence is impossible. In order for a protein to come into being, another protein is needed. These people do not know that on the magnificently balanced planet we live , the probability of occurrence of changes, or a formation by coincidence is more than 101000, and occurrence of such a change is impossible.120 The same audience probably doesn't know greater possibilities should have taken place for the "miracle of life" and this includes even more statistical impossibilities. For this reason, to watch and believe this imaginary scenario is not so hard for people who do not have information in regard to the matter.

In this PBS documentary, the formation of the Earth, the imaginary story of the formation of the very first cell, and the diversity which this very first cell started, is presented as a simple matter that it is sufficient to convince a person who doesn't want to think about the matter much. Ready-made information is presented to this person. After all, this person doesn't know that;

◉ a single protein can not have occurred by coincidence,

◉ after the impossibility of the occurrence of the very first protein, the second, third, fourth and finally the one millionth, the same impossible coincidental occurrences are equally impossible.

◉ although it is impossible, even if we assume that it occurred by coincidence, it is impossible to unite the first protein which occurred in one end of the world with the protein which occurred in the other end of the world

Up to this point, the person who thinks that everything occurred very simply would find it reasonable that;

◉ the occurrence of cell organelles by coincidence, which is impossible according to the calculus of probabilities,

◉ all of these organelles staying together without being dissolved until the cell has come into being,

◉ the fairy tale of the emergence of the cell by coincidence in muddy water, which is even impossible to create under the control of scientists in laboratories, and is defined as "more complex than a galaxy" by scientists with its magnificent semi-permeable membrane.

Darwinistler propaganda yöntemlerinde basını da kullanırlar.

Darwinists frequently use the press for their propaganda and seek to deceive readers with visual conditioning.

This is an extremely simple answer for someone and it doesn't require the necessity of research, or deep thought on the matter. Furthermore, the person doing the explaining is quite often a well-known and respected scientist. There is no need for the passive individual to consider, or make careful observation of the miraculous nature that we find in the protein structure. The person watching the documentary is left with the idea that a cell is nothing more than a bubble. The viewer is left with the impression that "it's very simple for a cell to have formed in a puddle of muddy water", as in the way mold forms in a glass of fruit juice left out for too long; the difference here, of course, is that molds, mildew, and fungi forms as a result of cellular bacteria. These are single-celled beings that form as the result of outside forces; the do not occur spontaneously, or form of their own volition, nor do they form by coincidence. Additionally, Darwinists don't bother to explain things such as the formation of the Earth, or how the early atmosphere of Earth would have killed the imaginary first cell, how protozoa turned into metazoa, and they gloss over the fact that bacteria had already existed; therefore, how could protozoa be the first life form on Earth? Indeed, each of these are points that cannot be explained with Darwinist pseudo-science, and can only be answered by "the origin of life" (in other words, Almighty Allah) which has brought Darwinism to its end. Darwinists can only tell fairy tales about how various species originated, and how the imaginary anthropoid creatures they conjure up were somehow the distant ancestors of all mankind.

There are many people in the world who simply accept what they hear, read, or see without critical evaluation of the facts. Darwinists use this weak point, and fully exploit this tendency. Most people who fall into the Darwinist trap have these tendencies, and thus accept Darwinism, even if they don't see any scientific proof or reasonableness in the theory. For this reason, simple though illogical explanations on the part of the Darwinists over the last 150 years have deceived innumerable people, and brought a good part of the world under the sway of the system of the dajjal.

A good example on this subject is a book for children entitled, The Wonderful Egg. A story with a highly illogical outcome is told in this book. A mother dinosaur leaves her nest of eggs unattended for a brief while, and interestingly, the "first bird" hatches out of one the eggs. The "bird" born from a mother dinosaur grows up over the course of the story, and miraculously has wings and feathers; in time, it starts to fly to the branches of a tree. However, the most interesting (and perhaps tragic) part of this book is not in the story itself. Rather, it is that this book, which proposes a stunning absurdity, was supported and recommended by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Council on Education, and the Association for Childhood Education International.121

That any scientist could come up with such an outlandish idea boggles the imagination. Every schoolchild knows that birds have an anatomical structure which supports flight, with appropriate organs, feathers, wings, a specialized respiratory system, and that birds absolutely did not come out of reptile eggs. Yet the adherents of the Darwinist ideology will put forward even the most laughable theories, and they know that when these theories are disproven, they will have to debase themselves. Nonetheless, for the Darwinists, all that matters is the unconditional defense of Darwinism.

Scientific editor Gordon Rattray Taylor's confession regarding this topic truly explains the error simple logic to which Darwinism submits:

Evolutionary history is a mass of such modifications; one could almost say it consists of them. Scales become feathers. Legs become wings. Stomachs become swim bladders. ‏Even at the level of biochemical processes, substitutions and elaborations occur. All Darwinism has to say about such miracles is that they are due to chance. 122

The following is from a newspaper article which doctor Nicholas Comninellis from Missouri University gave a place to in his book;

Evolution is a fairy tale for grown-ups. This theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless.123

Darwinist Scientists Who Stay Silent About Fraud

A secret agreement between Darwinist scientists has been developed in order to enhance the enchantment of Darwinism and to maximize its efficiency as a propaganda tool. With a handful of exceptions, almost everyone stays silent in regard to the illogical, inconsistent, and childish so-called explanations which have been developed in order to defend the Darwinian theory.

Occasionally these explanations become a source of considerable embarrassment to the Darwinists, who might be expected to object to these outlandish claims, but typically abstain from comment out of fear of negative reaction from the rest of their peers. For example, though Charles Darwin claimed that the North American black bear turned into a whale as the result of opening its mouth wide in order to catch insects in the river, or that fish who rose up and turned with the help of their fins became perfectly formed creatures with wings that flew through the air, these bizarre speculations are nowadays disavowed by the vast majority of Darwinists, though a handful of the more traditional Darwinists occasionally espouse them from time to time.124 Finally, in 2009, the fossil known as "Ida" was correctly identified as belonging not to some imaginary human ancestor, but to a lemur. This farce was in the headlines for several weeks, as Ida had been heavily promoted as "the biggest evidence of (imaginary) human evolution", and the "missing link" by Darwinists (who also promoted "Ardi", another so-called ancestor, which turned out to be the fossil remains of a common Bonobo chimpanzee). Some of the Darwinists referred to the Ida fiasco as "antics" or "a circus", and some of them clearly stated they were embarrassed by the whole affair, and that Ida wasn't even close to being a "distant ancestor", much less a (false) missing link.125

Ardi, which was briefly mentioned above, was produced by putting together the fossilized remains of a Bonobo chimpanzee in a fictitious way and made to resemble a human being; this obvious state of affairs evoked almost immediate criticism from some Darwinists. It was admitted in even the most staunchly Darwinist publications that all the claims about Ardi walking upright or being an early ancestor of man were wholly fictitious, and that Ardi bore more resemblance to an ordinary Bonobo chimpanzee, an endangered species which is still found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Darwinists had to withdraw yet another of their preposterous claims.126

İDA saxtakarlığı
The Ida Hoax:

The way that Darwinists tried to depict a fossil of a perfect, extinct lemur as evidence for the supposed evolution of man is a major indication of their hopelessness. Darwinists have been forced to apologize in the wake of the embarrassing furore over Ida.

Generally, the reaction of Darwinists to these frauds is quite feeble. According to their ideology, the simply must defend Darwinism, and its erroneous view that all life is "simple" no matter what; even though it is most obviously patently absurd. According to Darwin, evolution generated such things as black bears turning into whales, a claim which has no validity in any of the sciences. Nonetheless, the followers of Darwin will defend these false ideas to the very end.

D. T. Rosevear from the Inorganic Chemistry Department at Bristol University expresses the simple logic of Darwinism and the scientists who openly engage in this deceptive game;

(Evolution) seems to me a hypothesis based on no evidence and irreconcilable with the facts. These classical evolutionary theories are a gross over-simplification of an immensely complex and intricate mass of facts, and it amazes me they are swallowed so uncritically and readily, and for such a long time, by so many scientists without a murmur of protest.127

Although Darwinists try to ascribe "simplicity" to all the life forms they want, a simple observation of the perfect and amazing complexity of life is a clear reality which they cannot simply ignore or wish away. There are quite literally millions of different species of plants and animals alive today in the world, and even the smallest structures in these plants and animals present this most wondrous complexity imaginable. Today, when scientists can "understand" just the smallest fraction of the complexity of these structures and functions, or discover how they function it is deemed a great achievement. Intelligent human beings didn't even know what their own cells looked like as little as a century ago; and in any event, try though he might, no matter how long a scientist labors over his petri dishes and microscopes, he will never create anything of the like, not even so much one of the hundreds of thousands of proteins. Bacteria, which is typically described by Darwinists as the "simplest" form of life, is in truth an extraordinary model of complexity with its organelles, its DNA, its cell membrane, and its amazing resistance to antibiotics.128 According to Sir James Gray, a bacteria actually does more work than a modern-day laboratory; he says as follows:

Although bacteria are tiny, they display biochemical, structural, and behavioral complexities that outstrip scientific description. In keeping with the current microelectronics revolution, it would make more sense to equate their size with sophistication rather than simplicity. Without bacteria, life on Earth could not exist in its present form.129

The Latest Deception Behind Which Darwinists Ride Their Despair: Ardi

Darwinists produced a creature identical to the present-day Bonobo chimpanzee and gave it the name "Ardi." And then they said; "All right, it may be a chimpanzee, but it stands upright!" This is one rather primitive example of the Darwinist deception we know so well.

Ardi fosili kemikleri

Discovered in 1994, the fossil skeleton was in a fragmented form when first found. The pelvic bone in particular was in tiny pieces and was exceedingly brittle the moment paleontologists picked it up. Darwinists took these minute pieces with no clear shape and reconstructed a pelvic bone just as they desired.

Darwinists carefully chose this fossil they produced only 15 years later. It was easy to speculate about a "fragmented" fossil, even though they had no transitional forms in their possession. The Darwinist William Jungers, head of the anatomical sciences department at the Long Island, Stony Brook University Medical Center, says this on the subject:

"It's very difficult not to make them look like something you have in your mind if there's any chance of play… Ardi, requires a lot of guesswork."

The inward-facing big toe on Ardi's feet and a foot bone absent from human beings are the most distinctive proofs that the creature did not walk upright. After examining the fossil, Jungers said, " "there is no way that they could belong to 'an animal that wasn't often walking on its hind legs' unless the data 'were deliberately ignored or if we had made them up'."

Tim White, a Darwinist from the University of California, who suggested that Ardi might represent the missing link in human evolution, also had to make the following admission in the face of the facts that emerged regarding the fossil:

"There are no apparent features sufficiently unique to warrant the exclusion of Ar. ramidus (Ardi) as being ancestral to Australopithecus."

Darwinists' claims regarding Ardi are in fact significant evidence of the despairing situation in which they find themselves. Even if they fall into a hugely embarrassing situation, Darwinists have to repeat these feeble claims for the sake of their perverse Darwinist ideology.

Source: Katherine Harmon, How Humanlike Was "Ardi"?, Scientific American, 19 November 2009

In this context, it is impossible to talk about “simplicity” in regard to life. Living organisms all demonstrate the existence and superiority of an outstanding Creator and a Power that is above and inspires all living things. This Creator is Allah, Who gives life to all things, Who knows the condition of everything which He has created, Who has created all things from nothing, the most Glorious. Every unique creation of Allah comes to fruition when He merely commands, “Be!” For Allah, creating the most magnificent creatures whenever and however He wants is undoubtedly very easy. He is the possessor of everything, and He knows and judges all things; He is omniscient and omnipresent. Allah informs us in the Qur’an;

To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the Earth; it is He Who gives life and death; and He has power over all things. He is the First and the Last, the Evident and the Immanent; and He has full knowledge of all things. He it is Who created the heavens and the Earth in six days, and is moreover firmly established on the Throne (of Authority). He knows what enters within the Earth, and what comes forth out of it, what comes down from heaven, and what mounts up to it. And He is with you wheresoever ye may be. And Allah sees all that ye do. To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the Earth; and all affairs are referred back to Allah. (Surah Hadid, 2-5)




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