The Secret Beyond Matter

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Part 2 - Darwinists have Deceived the Whole World with Frauds 1/5

Let us consider a scientific theory, the Big Bang for instance. That theory was first proposed uncertainly and as a hypothesis based on Einstein's concept of relativity. After that, the search began for the evidence needed to show that the Big Bang actually took place. That evidence genuinely existed. The radiation confirming the explosion was discovered, and an isotopic nature (the fact that all space is at –270oC) was established. It was also scientifically proved that the universe was constantly expanding. That was another important and definitive piece of evidence corroborating the theory in question. All the claims of the Big Bang theory were thus tested and confirmed, and it so became a proven theory.

Darwin's theory of evolution was put forward as a "hypothesis." (In fact, the reason for the launching of the theory of evolution was entirely ideological, but it was introduced under a scientific guise.) In order for the theory to be regarded as valid, its claims would have to be proved, just as with the Big Bang. To that end, it would have to be seen whether the fictitious mechanisms of evolution actually made evolution possible. Scientific progress in the 20th century proved that "natural selection," Darwin's fictitious evolutionary mechanism, had no evolutionary role. In the face of the science of genetics, new Darwinists abandoned all hope of natural selection as an evolutionary mechanism and attempted to point to mutations instead, but were again disappointed. Once it had been realized that mutations had no evolutionary effect, either, it was the turn of the fossil record, in which Darwin and Darwinists had placed most of their hopes. The conclusion produced by the fossil record literally stunned Darwinists! The illusory "transitional fossils" that had been sought for so many years existed nowhere on Earth. Deeper research did not alter that conclusion. Not a single transitional fossil has ever been discovered in any of the research conducted to date.


Do you not see how He created seven heavens in layers, and placed the moon as a light in them and made the sun a blazing lamp?
(Surah Nuh, 15-16)

Unwilling to abandon the superstitious religion to which they were so devoted, Darwinists still hoped to find evidence for Darwinism for many years. But the fictitious evidence they anticipated never appeared. Nonetheless, Darwinist lies did not come to an end, and pro-Darwinist demagoguery was stubbornly persevered with. What is interesting is that despite the passage of 150 years, although not a single piece of supporting evidence has ever been found and even though the fossil record and genetics clearly proved the fact of Creation, Darwinists still imagine they could keep this superstitious religion propped up. That, of course, proved to be a grave error. In fact the proponents of the theory are perfectly well aware that evolution never happened anywhere in natural history. They have seen this as a result of countless pieces of scientific evidence.

But since the theory of evolution is an ideology and a superstitious religion that needs to be kept alive by its adherents, Darwinists believe they still have to maintain this supposedly scientific role. That is the reason why Darwinists have resorted to hoaxes, speculation and countless propaganda techniques to keep this false religion alive over the last 150 years. As required by their superstitious faith, Darwinists can find no other way of conditioning people with the idea that their theory is a supposedly "true" one because not a single piece of scientific evidence exists to corroborate the theory. It is for these reasons that Darwinists try to give the impression that "the scientific evidence for their theory exists."

In his book Creative Defense, Nicholas Comninellis, a doctor from the University of Missouri, says this about the future status of this vast deception:

Philosophically, the dogma of evolution is a dream, a theory without a vestige of truth. Within fifty years, children in school will read of extraordinary popular delusions, and this will be mentioned as one of the most absurd. Many a merry jest will be uttered bearing upon the follies of nineteenth century science.32

Comninellis's analysis is accurate. The theory of evolution consists of a claim based on deception, and the history of the theory is full of countless instances of fraud. Every claim made by evolutionists and every piece of evidence thus far submitted is the work of fraud. But the true face of every one of these hoaxes has now been revealed. Yet the proponents of the religion of Darwinism have tried to cover this up, or make people forget it. Yet no matter how much they may strive, the whole world has finally begun to see that Darwinist propaganda is based on rotten foundations. As Comninellis also says, future generations will be stunned and amazed at the global impact of this deception, and how this monstrous lie was espoused by world-renowned professors and scientists, and they will laugh at this foolishness for many years.

Using such methods, the dajjal sought to turn people away from belief in Allah. But all his plans have now collapsed. The method he used – Darwinism – has now become the subject of mockery, even for small children. The whole world will soon look back on the nonsense that is Darwinism with a sense of embarrassment. This is without doubt a snare set by our Lord for those who would rebel against Him. As Allah reveals in another verse:

The evil actions they did assailed them. They were engulfed by what they mocked. (Surat an-Nahl, 34)



32. Nicholas Comninellis, Creative Defense, Evidence Against Evolution, Master Books, 2001, s. 254

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