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The Fact they Suffer Psychological Troubles and Difficulties is Clear From their Behavior and Reactions

There is a very important clue that Darwinists are psychologically troubled; it manifests itself in their body language. One can clearly see that they have suffered a terrible defeat from their anxious states when they see proofs of Creation, from their reactions, uncontrolled actions, and stressed responses. This is another significant piece of evidence that Darwinism is a deception.

Darwinists in any case usually confront supporters of Creation with the full awareness of this defeat and with a sense of inferiority. For that reason, instead of enjoying the peace and ease that comes from espousing what is true and right, they suffer under the burden and troubles that comes from espousing a lie. Their own ideology requires them to espouse a theory devoid of any scientific evidence as though it were scientific, and has strong supporting evidence. They have to try and respond to vital scientific evidence proving the invalidity of the theory of evolution. Even though they know that people will believe and be convinced by the true scientific facts, they still try to give the impression that what they espouse is the truth. Having to consistently espouse a lie is a terrible burden for a person, particularly if he is aware of the true facts.


The beauty, harmony and symmetry in nature is one of the most troubling issues for Darwinists. Even Darwin did not conceal that unease, being forced to admit that the feathers of a peacock made him feel “ill.”

That is why in discussion programs there are scenes where Darwinists display very angry, irritable, and distressed behavior, waving their arms around in peculiar gestures and generally giving an impression of stress and exhaustion. They constantly say there is something they want to state, but no statement is ever forthcoming. It is impossible for them to make any statement because there is absolutely no scientific evidence for evolution. This is the stress and unease that comes from not espousing the truth. Darwinists inevitably experience this constantly distressed state of mind everywhere in their lives, not just in the environments described above, because they espouse a lie and behave falsely. Almighty Allah reveals in a verse how those who strive against our Lord will have troubled lives:

But if anyone turns away from My reminder, his life will be a dark and narrow one... (Surah Ta Ha, 124)

They Maintain that all Claims Refuting Evolution are Unscientific

We have been discussing how Darwinists try to give the impression of being scientific by using scientific formulae and terminology and have thus deceived large numbers of people by means of such psychological conditioning. A second fraudulent tactic that Darwinists resort to in this context is the (deceptive) defense mechanism of suggesting that opponents of Darwinism are unscientific.

Because he knows he will inevitably come off for the worse, a Darwinist will never publicly debate a proponent of creation, and will justify this attitude by saying that “... the proper environment for a scientific debate has not been established.” But this is merely defeatism and an easy way out. Of course they will not want to engage in such a debate, because they know they will lose and  end up humiliated. Instead, they hide behind the idea of being scientific in their search for ways to avoid such encounters.

But the fact is that it is only the supporters of Creation that have produced scientific evidence. No Darwinist has ever been able to produce even a single piece of scientific evidence, nor is it possible for any Darwinist ever to do so. But the scientific evidence refuting evolution that he sees during the course of any debate will cause him enormous distress. He will see genuine fossils, and the frauds of evolution will be exposed, and the simple fact that evolutionists are unable to account for how even a single protein could have come about by chance will be revealed for all to see. Such a defeat is intolerable for Darwinists. That is why they hide behind all these very familiar psychological defense mechanisms and accuse the other side of being unscientific.

Call to Richard Dawkins

Mr. Adnan Oktar has time and again reiterated his invitation to the atheist and Darwinist Richard Dawkins for a face-to-face encounter. He even placed a notice in the eminent British daily The Times for that purpose. The only reason why Dawkins avoids such a debate is without doubt the fact that he is only too well aware that his claim will completely collapse in the face of the scientific evidence he sees in Mr. Oktar’s works.
From the 13 October, 2009, issue of the Times, Great Britain

This fact must be always borne in mind: Darwinists possess not so much as one single piece of scientific evidence. All they have is demagoguery, lies, false accusations, aggression, psychological conditioning, hoax fossils and abundant specious scientific terminology. They way they claim to be “scientific” is one of the century’s most astonishing phenomena. This shows the worldwide scale of the Darwinist deception. A deception that is constantly rebutted by scientific evidence, and that not even children attach any credence to, has adopted science as a protective shield.

Therefore, one must always bear in mind that a Darwinist who espouses evolution in the name of science and simultaneously refuses to have any dealings with proponents of Creation because they aren't scientific is engaging in a huge deception. Science is in actual fact Darwinists’ greatest foe. Because the more they turn their backs on science, the more the scientific facts keep annihilating evolution.

Science is anti-Darwinist and anti-atheist

SCIENCE IS THE ENEMY OF DARWINISM. SCIENCE IS OPPOSED TO ATHEISM. SCIENCE IS ANTI-COMMUNIST AND ANTI-MARXIST. SCIENCE ANNIHILATES MARXIST, ATHEIST, AND DARWINIST THINKING. The Darwinist deception has collapsed in the face of science. Science has dealt Darwinist propaganda its heaviest blow. Science has eliminated the mass conditioning of the fraud of evolution. Science has torn down the foundations of atheist philosophy. Science demolishes Darwinism wherever it goes, wherever it shows its face. SCIENCE is ANTI-PAGAN. Science does away with idolatrous thinking, superstitious religions and false ideologies. For that reason, SCIENCE INFLICTS THE GREATEST PAIN ON DARWINISTS.

Passing Darwinism off as science is part of an unpleasant trickery being perpetrated across the world. The system of the dajjal required a new religion (surely Allah is beyond that) in order to eliminate belief in Allah from the world, and it many years ago identified the most efficient hypnotic technique and surrounded itself with science. It realized it could take advantage of science to mislead people, that it could reach across the world, take control of the most key positions and perpetrate all kinds of fraud, all in the name of science. The mass hypnosis that the system of the dajjal carried out all over the world was spread in the name of science.

But the science they thought of as their ally eventually devastated Darwinists. They never dreamed as they shamelessly perpetrated their scientific frauds that science would inflict such dreadful suffering on them. They entered a state of shock when they saw that science served only religion. They were terrified to see the world’s greatest scientists announcing to the world that they believed in Allah. They again attempted to hide behind their scientific nonsense, but to no avail. They lost their voices. They saw with their own eyes how science demolished atheism, Darwinism, Marxism, communism, materialism and all other superstitious ideologies. Darwinists suffered their worst defeat at the hands of science. The science they thought of as their ally actually routes them.

One of the greatest facts that emerged with advances in science in the 21st century is this: science is for those who believe in Allah. Science benefits true believers. Allah refers in the Qur’an to the gnat (Surat al-Baqara, 26) and the honeybee (Surat an-Nahl, 68). He notes the stars travelling in their orbits (Surat adh-Dhariyat, 7) and to ships floating on the water (Surat al-Hajj, 65). Allah refers in the Qur’an to leaves turning tree (Surat al-An’am, 59) and to the seven layers of the sky (Surat al-Isra’, 44). Allah tells believers in the Qur’an to be aware of these proofs of faith. People discover the depths of these phenomena as they investigate them with science.

Science tells us the anesthetic technique by which a mosquito inserts its proboscis and it tells us the molecular structure of the substance in that local anesthetic. The miracle of photosynthesis in green leaves, the laws of physics by which ships float on water and the celestial bodies that remain suspended in the sky and never go off course – unless Allah so chooses – are all facts shown us by science. Science proves everything we are told in the Qur’an. Therefore, anyone capable of thinking with reason and good conscience will immediately grasp the Almighty Existence of Allah from a single instance cited in the Qur’an. For that reason, a gnat cited in the Qur’an is enough for us to believe in our Almighty Lord. Allah says in verses:

Allah is not ashamed to make an example of a gnat or of an even smaller thing. As for those who believe, they know it is the truth from their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, they say, ‘What does Allah mean by this example?’ He misguides many by it and guides many by it. But He only misguides the deviators. (Surat al-Baqara, 26)

Mankind! an example has been made, so listen to it carefully. Those whom you call upon besides Allah are not even able to create a single fly, even if they were to join together to do it. And if a fly steals something from them, they cannot get it back. How feeble are both the seeker and the sought! (Surat al-Hajj, 73)

Signs leading to faith are gifts shown to us by science. They are a glorious blessing from Allah. Allah uses science as His instrument to show us His sublimity, greatness and might. Both science and its discoveries are created by Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Darwinists are now in a state of panic. They are amazed to see that science is anti-pagan and anti-Darwinist. That pain is the worst of all Darwinists’ sufferings over the last 150 years. The way that those who understand science have abandoned Darwinism in droves has further increased that suffering. The way that science serves Islam has multiplied that pain even more. So much so that Darwinists have shamefully declared that the way out lies with space creatures. That is the final situation of the system of the dajjal that has perpetrated mass hypnosis for the last 150 years. Every branch of science shows the sublime existence of Allah. The 21st century will be the age of that discovery and of an irreparable Darwinist defeat.

Atom, Science

Science is Darwinism's worst enemy. Science obliterates Marxist, atheist, materialist and Darwinist thinking. Science has revealed the sublime existence and Creation of Allah in all their glory. All these facts revealed by science, and the way that science serves Islam, represent Darwinists’ worst sufferings in the 21st century.

They Try to Spread the Deception that Evolution and Belief in Allah are not Incompatible

Materialism constitutes the foundation of Darwinism. According to the materialist error, matter is eternal and there is no force superior to it. To put it another way, materialism rejects the idea of a Creator who rules the matter that constitutes the universe, and maintains it constantly under His control (surely Allah is beyond that). The only reason for all the efforts made to prop up Darwinism, which is based on the absolute existence of matter, and for all the frauds and deceptions perpetrated to that end, is the desire to prevent acceptance of the fact that a sublime and omnipotent Creator has brought all things into being. Darwinists have been endeavoring to do that for the last 150 years. And that is the reason Darwinism has been adopted as a false religion.

Darwinists as of late have been in a state of terrible panic due to this important fact having come to light in recent years. The reason for this panic is the fear of losing the support of large number of religious believers. Many people who believe in Allah and are ignorant of the true face of Darwinism blindly sign up to this deception, and Darwinists have been greatly displeased by the revelation of a truth that will awaken them.

The manner in which Darwinists have been working so strenuously to cover up the fact that Darwinism and atheism are in fact equivalent to one other is particularly striking. Worldwide conferences being held by Darwinists holding the title of Priest, conferences on evolution even being held in the Vatican as the result of pressure on the Pope, prizes being given to Darwinists acting on behalf of charities that seek to reconcile belief in Allah and evolution, clergymen appearing on television programs to defend evolution, the citing of fraudulent statements in support of evolution made by people who lived in the past and are heralded as religious scholars, and many other such initiatives all stem from that same unease. The Darwinist press under the control of atheist freemasons must have realized that the equation "Darwinism = Atheism" would pose a huge difficulty for them and so went into action at once to raise the issue. The atheist and Darwinist Richard Dawkins admits the existence of a Darwinist lobby active in this sphere:

There’s a kind of … evolution defense lobby, in particular. They are mostly atheists, but they are wanting to—desperately wanting—to be friendly to mainstream, sensible religious people. And the way you do that is to tell them that there’s no incompatibility between [evolution] and religion…4

As is clear from Dawkins' own admission, atheists represent the great majority of Darwinists who are trying to supposedly reconcile belief in Allah and evolution. This is a most unpleasant and misleading trick. All Darwinists who are prepared to engage in conditioning people through fraud and deception merely for the sake of their ideology have joined this pagan religion in order to deny the existence of Allah. In spreading their propaganda, Darwinists strive to conceal the true face of their theory. The fact that some people are unaware of is that this perverse and unscientific theory constitutes the source behind irreligion, tyranny, wars, slaughter, cruelty, degeneracy, terror and the martyring of so many soldiers in Turkey. The intensive Darwinist propaganda provides the foundation for the blind support of their insidious pseudo-religion. Darwinists are terrified of losing these blind grassroots supporters.

Darwinism is opposed to all beliefs and ideas that espouse the existence of Allah, that praise our Lord and point to Almighty Allah’s creative artistry. Darwinism is a perverse religion produced in a deliberate and programmatic manner in atheist freemasons lodges for the purpose of halting the turning towards Allah, preventing the emergence of devout societies, and for materialism to be able to reign supreme as a false faith. Just as it was intended, this perverse religion has for 150 years turned vast masses of people away from belief in Allah and constituted the foundation of the communist and fascist regimes that inflicted some of the worst scourges in history. Today’s efforts to reconcile evolution and belief in Allah are one of the most unpleasant ruses of this whole great fraud. Everyone must reject this deception and this false propaganda. Our Almighty Lord created all things, the earth and sky and everything between, simply by commanding them to “Be!” That is the glorious Creation shown in the Qur’an and exhibited with so much evidence on earth. The evidence of that glorious Creation is inflicting defeat upon defeat on the fraud of Darwinism, day after day, and is effectively eliminating it. As our Almighty Lord says in one verse:

It is He Who created the heavens and the earth with truth. The day He says ‘Be!’ it is. His speech is Truth. The Kingdom will be His on the Day the Trumpet is blown, the Knower of the Unseen and the Visible. He is the All-Wise, the All-Aware.(Surat al-An'am, 73)


If Almighty Allah wished, He could of course have created all this glorious life using evolution as His instrument. And in that event we would, of course, have been the most convinced adherents of evolution. But creation did not take place like that, as the Qur’an says, our Lord created living things in a single moment by telling them to “Be!” This magnificent creation demolishes Darwinism more and more every day with new evidence.



Darwinism is a perverse pagan religion deliberately and systematically developed in atheist Freemasons Lodges. Over the last 150 years, it has turned people away from belief in Allah and wreaked terrible oppression on the world 150. Darwinism is opposed to science and to all opinions and beliefs that espouse the existence of Allah and point to our Lord’s sublime creative power. Those Darwinists who seek to reconcile evolution and belief in Allah are therefore lying. Those who go along with such Darwinist claims are being. This is a hoax perpetrated on people who are unaware of the scale and danger of the Darwinist. They are currently trying to keep Darwinism propped up with this trickery. Those who genuinely and sincerely love Allah must never fall for that trickery.

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