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They Apply a Comprehensive Policy of İntimidation Against Those who Deny Evolution

Darwinism is propped up by what can only be described as despotism, imposition, coercion, and fraud. The only reason why Darwinism has occupied the agenda for so many years is the Darwinist dictatorship, a system that rules the world. Darwinism has been imposed by this dictatorial regime and been accepted by the power of compulsion. Darwinist indoctrination has spread in ways that people are unaware of, and vast masses of people have fallen under its sway. As a result of the sly tactics employed by this vile dictatorship, Darwinism has quite literally become undeniable across the world.


No academic staff member in any university in the world questions Darwinism.

Darwinism currently enjoys a vast level of protection from the various states of the world. It is supported by official institutions in a great many countries and even forcibly imposed. Those who oppose the spurious religion that is Darwinism are silenced by the most despotic methods. There are hundreds of examples of this. This policy of intimidation, in which professors and scientists have been removed from their posts for criticizing the theory of evolution, has been fully exposed in recent years. Students are unable to progress from one year to another, and people in institutions of state have had their careers ruined. Universities have become part of a dictatorial regime in which only a Darwinist education is given and acceptable.

People are prevented from rejecting Darwinism, because otherwise the adherents of the religion of Darwinism would have no other way of propping this groundless theory up. A lie is spoken very loudly, and to expose it as a lie is regarded as a crime. A theory heralded as scientific, yet having nothing whatsoever to do with science, has become a superstitious and dogmatic belief officially and openly protected against rejection. But the most striking thing is that this is done so flagrantly, with no attempt at concealment at all.

Anti evolutionsts

Just a few of the professors and scientists who have lost their jobs for questioning the theory of evolution.

That is why nonsense such as, “Darwinism is supported all over the world” is completely meaningless and no attention should be paid to it. The systematic and cunning activities of the Darwinist dictatorship make such support obligatory. Some people have to appear to agree with this false theory in order not to lose their jobs or careers, while students are compelled to give answers supporting evolution in order to pass their exams. The greatest intellectual tyranny in history is enforced worldwide by the Darwinist dictatorship.


The Darwinist dictatorship has taken over the whole world. Since it is imposed by that dictatorship, evolution is protected under national laws in all countries of the world. It is almost impossible to oppose the theory of evolution or question its validity. Those who do question it are immediately identified and silenced. Mass pressure is brought to be through the press under the control of the Darwinist dictatorship, public opinion is set in motion and a huge deterrent campaign is set in motion against the person or body questioning evolution. Fear is the sole reason why professors continue teaching in universities, a conference was held in the Vatican, the home of the Pope, and people have issued apologies to Darwin. The theory of evolution, the worst fraud of the last 150 years, spread across the whole world and its hypnotic effect was cast over vast masses of people through these techniques employed by the Darwinist dictatorship.
Time, 30 April 2001
New Scientist, 19 April 2008
Irish Times, 21 July 2007

They Condition People With the Lie that Vast Masses of People Believe in Evolution

When one grasps the scale of the dictatorial Darwinist regime one can better understand why it is that evolution appears to be supported all over the world. Some people generally believe in the legitimacy of whatever the majority happens to believe in. They want to believe that the majority is right. The fact is, however, as revealed in the Qur’an in the words, "If you obeyed most of those on earth, they would misguide you from Allah’s Way..." (Surat al-An'am, 116), that the majority are generally subject to a mass conditioning that turns them away from Allah’s path. The important thing is to heed the Qur’an and one’s conscience, rather than the majority. It was the mindset of the majority that led to the mass slaughters of the First and Second World Wars, this sociodynamic critical mass that led to the atrocities perpetrated by Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy, and that shed so much blood in communist Russia. This twisted perspective, deeply rooted in Darwinist ideology, was responsible for these world wars and the resulting deaths of more than 200 million people. This majority culture, this groupthink, is one of the most deceptive and dangerous elements in the arsenal of the Darwinist dictatorship.

Stalin, hitler, mao

The scourges inflicted on mankind by cruel philosophical movements of Darwinist origins have led to the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people.

But how have the majority been brought to believe in Darwinism despite all its illogicality? The reasons are these:

  • a) Darwinism is a superstitious belief system methodically organized by atheist masons of the time. All its development from the outset to the present day has taken place within this highly organized plan.
  • b) Atheist masons have quietly, but profoundly, disseminated the idea of evolution, despite its initially attracting much criticism, by means of certain press organizations which it monopolizes and thus created a pervasive indoctrinating effect similar to mass hypnosis.
  • c) The impression that evolution is true has been given by means of newspapers, magazines, television stations and other media organs under the control of atheist masons. That conditioning is still continuing.
  • d)  In order to thoroughly indoctrinate people, they have developed visual conditioning techniques involving false illustrations, reconstructions, and false pictures and drawings.
  • e) Despite being the worst fraud in history, they have placed evolution in school curricula as if it were scientific fact.
  • f) The Darwinist dictatorship, under the control of atheist masons, has placed evolution under global protection and various administrations have personally undertaken that task. Opposition to evolution has literally become regarded as equivalent to high treason, and individuals, schools and managements have all been taken to court for that reason.
  • g) Opponents of evolution have been intimidated, silenced and removed from their posts. It has become all but impossible to object to evolution.
  • h) Although science completely refutes evolution, they have declared that believers in evolution are scientific while its opponents are unscientific, and as a result of this conditioning people who reject evolution have been alienated from society.

As we have seen, Darwinism enjoys support, not because it is scientific, but because it is inculcated by means of imposition and coercion, and protected across the world by the Darwinist dictatorship. The fact that the majority support this false theory must not and should not deceive people; some of the people are unaware that Darwinism is the greatest fraud that has ever been, while others appear to support Darwinism only out of fear of losing their jobs or attracting criticism from people around them.

There are of course some people – albeit a small minority – who do honestly adopt Darwinism as an ideology, a false religion. As Allah reveals in the Qur’an, these people have been created to deny Allah and side with superstition. In the Qur’an, Allah tells us that these people will never believe, even if they were to witness genuine miracles. The existence of such people must not, therefore, deceive anyone. Almighty Allah describes these people as follows in the Qur’an:

Even if We sent down angels to them, and the dead spoke to them, and We gathered together everything in front of them right before their eyes, they would still not believe unless Allah willed. The truth is that most of them are ignorant.(Surat al-An’am, 111)

These people, explicitly described in the Qur’an, are in fact well aware of their wrongdoing. They realize that Darwinism is false and wrong, and that it is Almighty Allah who created them and all things. But even though they accept what the Qur’an says in their hearts, they still object and deny it all because of their pride. In another verse, Almighty Allah says:

And they repudiated them wrongly and haughtily, in spite of their own certainty about them. See the final fate of the corrupters.(Surat an-Naml, 14)

They Try Not to Lose Supporters by Threatening Them with Exclusion From Society

Darwinism has been comprehensively defended by the Darwinist dictatorship for the last 150 years, and is protected by law in a number of countries. Those who subscribe to the theory are praised, while those who reject it are ridiculed or sacked. The theory is also taught on a compulsory basis in schools. For these reasons, it is not at all a simple matter to openly state that one rejects Darwinism in such a climate. Such people are immediately excluded and removed by others, under the powerful impact of Darwinist conditioning. This is one of the most important psychological deterrent methods employed by the Darwinist dictatorship in order to hold onto its adherents.

It would be a very significant event for someone who has spent a lifetime specializing in evolution, and maybe even become a professor, to one day announce that he rejects Darwinism and has seen the invalidity of evolution. If a professor announces that he now rejects evolution, he is well aware that his whole career has essentially come to an end, that he will be removed from his post in the university, that the great majority of his friends, largely made up of Darwinists, will swiftly turn their backs on him, and that he will also be subjected to intense negative propaganda. That is how it has always been. Professors we have already cited have lost their jobs, friends, and colleagues for that very reason. Unpleasant defamation campaigns have been set in motion on the internet about some of them in order to prevent them finding work again, while others have been declared to be “intellectual terrorists” by employers.

Rejecting the theory of evolution brings with it major life changes for someone who has spent years as an evolutionist and may even have built a career on it. For such a person, all the ideological scourges that Darwinism brings with it are invalidated in a moment. Communism, fascism, atheism, and many other such perverse beliefs all become instantly worthless. For example, from the moment a satanist sees the invalidity of Darwinism, being a satanist will be meaningless, as satanism is a false religion based entirely on elitism and social Darwinism. The moment a terrorist capable of ruthlessly murdering other people realizes the invalidity of Darwinism, he will also realize how illogical and incompatible with good conscience his actions were. The perverse ideological foundation that justified killing suddenly vanishes in a puff of smoke. For that reason, rejecting Darwinism changes the whole perspective, values, and lives of people who based their lives on that perverse ideology.

This policy of exclusion against those who reject Darwinism is perhaps the most effective psychological weapon to which Darwinists resort. Some people who believe it will be to difficult for them to overcome that policy of exclusion have had to appear to be evolutionists, despite not truly believing in it. There are a great many people who have had to appear to eagerly espouse evolution when evolutionists are present, when holding conferences or writing books and articles about it, despite clearly seeing its illogicality. There has been a particular rise in recent years in the number of people who clearly see the existence of Allah, but who are unable to express that thought in the presence of their atheist friends.

This policy of intimidation must not alarm the people in question because the supposed dominion of the Darwinist dictatorship is temporary and weak. As Allah has promised, superstition will certainly disappear and the truth will be victorious. What needs to be known is that Allah is always alongside those who genuinely turn to Him, who heed their consciences and who are prepared to risk social exclusion by espousing what is right and true. It is the friends of Allah who will inevitably be victorious. Our Almighty Lord reveals in a verse that:

If Allah helps you, no one can vanquish you. If He forsakes you, who can help you after that? So the believers should put their trust in Allah. (Surah Al ‘Imran, 160)


If a professor one day announces that he does not believe in evolution, he knows that his whole career will come to an end, that he will be spurned by family and friends, that he will be defamed and subjected to an intensive smear campaign, that he will never again find work because of the negative reports spread about him and that he will be crushed in psychological terms. Because of that intense psychological pressure, a great many professors are forced to give the impression of believing in evolution, even though they do not. This policy of exclusion aimed at people who reject Darwinism is perhaps the most effective psychological technique to which Darwinists resort. Evolution is a huge fraud that people are forced to espouse through threats, exclusion, negative propaganda and hooligan methods.
Minister who questioned evolution removed from post HaberTurk, 26.02.2011
Protests to TRT, Enemy of Darwin Birgün, 4 December 2009
Posta, 12. 03. 2009

They Try to Give the Impression that Large Numbers of People Support Evolution by Arranging False Polls and Statistics

When asked for scientific evidence, Darwinists generally reply as follows: "But evolution is regarded as fact all over the world!" When they say that, Darwinists imagine that all the questions hanging over evolution somehow disappear, that people will be satisfied with that reply, and that by saying this it will be enough to ensure acceptance of Darwinism. Indeed, this method of psychological conditioning has had a huge effect on some people who attach little importance to the fact that the theory of evolution is not backed up by any scientific evidence and who regard general opinion as more significant.

That is why the Darwinist dictatorship tries every possible means to give the impression that evolution is accepted all over the world. One method is to organize false surveys and statistics, and then use these polls to show that large numbers of people believe in evolution, and then publish their survey results to loud fanfare in the press organs under the control of the Darwinist dictatorship.

Someone looking at the results of the polls in question may well think that only a very few people reject evolution, particularly in countries such as the United States and Great Britain. Under the influence of the mass psychology we have already discussed, they may imagine that this false majority believing in evolution is on the true path. But this is a deception. In fact, no such poll has ever been held. These results are fraudulent figures invented for the purpose of being announced in press organs under the control of the Darwinist dictatorship. As always, Darwinists deceive people, this time by these fake polls and figures.

Polls have been conducted in many countries and people have been genuinely asked what they think; but the results obtained are the exact opposite of what the Darwinists claim. People actually reject evolution and believe that Allah creates all things. And these levels are growing all the time. One of the largest verifiable polls conducted showed that Turkey heads the list of those rejecting evolution.3 The second country in terms of rejection of evolution was the United States of America.

Therefore, it must not be forgotten that if high levels of belief in evolution are suggested in a poll, or any statistical research in Darwinist publications, then the results are fraudulent. In fact, polls conducted all over the world, especially in the United States, Canada, and European countries such as Great Britain, show that evolution has been abandoned to a very significant extent.


A report in the British Guardian newspaper that only 25% of Britons were shown to believe in evolution following a poll in Great Britain was quickly changed on the paper’s web site to read that half the country’s population did not believe in evolution. (Right)

One of the largest polls conducted showed that Turkey heads the list of countries rejecting evolution. Turkey is followed by the USA. (Left)

They claim to not to be “bothered” by anti-Darwinist Activities

One of the most terrifying things for a publishing group spreading Darwinist propaganda with all of its might is without doubt the success of anti-Darwinist activities. Books, articles, exhibitions and conferences setting out the proofs of the fact of creation are enjoying a worldwide success which represents a grave threat for these Darwinists. The publishing groups in question makes no mention of this success, the work of large numbers of people. They generally prefer to appear to attach no importance to that success and say, “It does not bother us at all.”

But in truth, the Darwinists are in a state of panic. Conferences around the world describe how Darwinists are unable to account for even a single protein and exhibit fossils that totally refute evolution, while molecular biology utterly eliminates the possibility of evolution. Thousands of people listen to this information with great amazement. This information is also passed on by word of mouth to hundreds of thousands more. People who see this evidence can no longer believe in Darwinism. Therefore, saying “........we are not bothered” is a defense mechanism intended to neutralize this huge defeat and cover it up.

This is actually a very childish reaction, much like the way that a small child, having been punished by his father, will try to give the impression he is unaffected by saying, “I don’t care,” Darwinist publications exhibit the very same reaction. But their trickery is being exposed and the theory of evolution they espouse with such fervid desperation is collapsing before everyone’s eyes. It is therefore impossible for Darwinists to be unaffected by that collapse; of course they will be affected, and terrified by it.

The collapse of the theory of evolution and the fact of Creation conference series

More than 200 conferences on the collapse of the theory of evolution held around the world and attended by large numbers of people have greatly upset Darwinists. This great success has terrified them. The use of the term “... it does not bother us” is intended to neutralize and help them cope with that enormous defeat.

1. Switzerland
2. France – Paris
3. Germany

Darwinists’ terror will grow still further, because all the scientific evidence is increasingly showing the fact of Creation. The corrupt hegemony of the Darwinist dictatorship is coming to an end. This age will be one that manifests our Almighty Lord’s title of the Hadi (the Bestower of guiadance), an age of faith. Every superstitious faith launched in opposition to belief in Allah will inevitably vanish. Almighty Allah says in one verse:

Say: ‘Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish.’ (Surat al-’Isra, 81)

missing link

Whenever there are effective activities regarding the collapse of Darwinism, whenever conferences are held, books distributed or TV programs made, Darwinists always attempt to neutralize that effect by saying “we are not bothered.” Then they try to make good the damage by inventing another “missing link” report. They try to give the impression that this global defeat has not affected them. But the fact is they are in a state of panic. They have realized their trickery of the last 150 years will be exposed. They are aware they are headed toward total collapse. The “missing link” reports they produce so keenly are in fact their ideology’s death throes. But they can now see that even these will do them no good.

Sydney Morning, 9 April 2010
New Scientist, 13 April 2008
The Detroit News, 9 April 2010
A new link in evolution Sabah, 10. 04. 2010
Great news, we have an ancestor Star, 26 March 2010
New evidence of the dinosaur-bird connection NTVMSNBC, 11 May 2010

They Try to Cast a Spell Over People with False Illustrations and Reconstructions

By now, we are all familiar with an ape-man that for many years has appeared in the pages of newspapers and magazines, that was for years taught in school books as if it were true, and that people were told represented important evidence for is an entirely false chronology. This fake ape-man was depicted walking with a stooped gait and an animal-like appearance holding a heavy club in his hands and with a whole social life. It was also been given an almost unpronounceable Latin name: Hesperopithecus haroldcookii.

Hesperopithecus haroldcookii was illustrated time and time again in the pages of the world’s best known magazines. Reconstructions of it were produced and exhibited in prestigious museums.. Nobel prize-winning scientists discussed it at conferences, doctoral theses were written about it, and scientists frequently debated as to what kind of social life it enjoyed, where and how it lived, where it walked and how it spoke. It was also better known by another name: Nebraska Man.

One very important point here is that all of these fictitious scenario concerning Hesperopithecus haroldcookii, which Darwinist scientists studied and taught their students for years, was revealed to have been all invented on the basis of a single pig tooth.

Nebraska Man is an example which illustrates the scale of the frauds Darwinists perpetrate through visual conditioning, but it is by no means the only one. All the Darwinist pictures of fictitious ape-men, with all their characteristics such as enjoying social lives, hunting and fishing, playing with their children and whatnot, are sometimes based on nothing more than a single finger bone, a shoulder blade or a tooth. Parts of fossil skeletons are sometimes unearthed, but then such fantastical reconstructions are produced that the result is a fully fledged ape-man. But this is a complete deception.

Nebraska Man

Nebraska Man is the greatest evidence of Darwinists’ reconstruction deceptions. Darwinists had no hesitations over depicting the fictitious Nebraska Man and a whole social setting “on the basis of a single pig tooth.”
Time, 9 August 2004

Reconstructions and evolutionist drawings are used to mislead people and create the impression that there really is such a thing as evolution. As we have seen with Nebraska Man, the various pictures and reconstructions are based solely on the imaginations of the people producing them. No such ape-man ever, ever existed. Indeed, all the skulls and skeletons discovered either come from human beings, or else from extinct species of apes or monkeys. But the pictures and reconstructions produced provides the framework for the subsequent conditioning.

All the ape-men, dino-birds, and life forms trying to move from water to dry land that one sees in Darwinist newspapers, magazines and TV programs are fictitious. If nothing else, they certainly reflect the imaginative power of the artists concerned. When they are exposed as frauds, they are quietly set aside. The Darwinist press is very careful that nobody should realize the scale of the fraud being perpetrated. But policies of concealing frauds of course bears no fruits, and all Darwinist deceptions are being exposed, one by one, and all the time.


All the illustrations in these newspaper clippings are FALSE. No such ape-man ever existed. Darwinists use drawings and reconstructions to spread lies. They use the conditioning technique that will most affect people – the visual element. Someone uninformed on the subject who looks at these newspapers will begin to become very familiar with these ape-men he keeps seeing. Through this magic spell he will become “convinced” that our ancestors really were ape-men. That person will easily believe in evolution. He will feel no need to ask for any scientific evidence. That is how Darwinist propaganda beguiles people, spreading hypnosis in this way.

Time 14.03.1994
Toronto Star,11 August 2007
Kansas City, 9 August 2007
NTV Bilim, 10.2009
Ottowa Citizen, 9 August 2007
New Scientist, 17.03.2009
She recreated them! Akşam, 6 April 2001
Mankind survived by cannibalism Milliyet, 23 June 2010
A 4-million-year change Yeni Şafak, 01. 10. 1998
Science vie, Nov 2003
28 October 2010 National Geographic News



Darwinists produced the above illustrations from a little finger fossil they found in Siberia an claimed that the finger represented a “third species of man.” The sole reason why Darwinists resorted to that deception is that this finger belonging to modern man did not fit into their fictitious schemes of evolution and indeed totally refuted the theory of evolution. It was immediately depicted as an odd kind of ape-man in Darwinist publications, taking absolutely no precautionary measures at all, and the impression was given that the discovery had something to do with evolution. Were it not for the comprehensive and scientific responses provided by us on the subject, this deception would have taken in vast numbers of people. Someone unaware of the scientific facts about the subject might well imagine that this ape-man he saw in Darwinist publications was true.

Baltimore Sun, 9 August 2007
Asian Age,09 August 2007
Daily Mail, 9 August 2007
Boston Herald USA, 09.08.2007
Calgary Herald, 9 August 2007
Daily Telegraph, 09.08.2007
The Gazette Colarado, 9 August 2007
Commercial Appeal, 9 August 2007

When Evidence Refuting Evolution is Discovered, They Either Ignore or Else Try to Destroy it

Darwinists have used all these forms of mental conditioning for the last 150 years and engaged in false fossil propaganda exactly as they chose. Since they had a monopoly of schools, universities, renowned scientists, magazines, newspapers and visual media they could deceive people as they wished. That included evidence refuting evolution.

Since fossils from the Cambrian Period serve as one of the main proofs that life began suddenly and with an extraordinary complexity, and would certainly spell the end of Darwinism, they were hidden away for seventy years by Charles Doolittle Walcott, the Darwinist paleontologist who found them. This is a startling and significant indicator in terms of understanding the scale of the Darwinist fraud.

Similar events have taken place quite frequently in subsequent times, and nobody was even aware of the more than 350 million fossils completely refuting evolution, and discovered to date. Of course, Darwinists did to these fossils what they did to the Cambrian ones. Because all of these fossils meant the same thing; each one was proof of Creation.

For years, Darwinists only ever mentioned two or three types of “living fossil,” in a bid to give the impression that living fossils consisted of these alone. But then people came to realize that there are fossil specimens dating back millions of years of all the life forms alive today. In other words, the great majority of fossils were living fossils showing that present-day life forms are identical to those living millions of years ago.

Since the fictitious subject of the evolution of man was the most sensitive, and the most open to Darwinist speculation, Darwinists engage in widespread fraud when it comes to fossils showing the history of man. Fossils showing that man has never evolved are generally kept hidden away, or even destroyed entirely. Because if even one of these enters the agenda, that will be enough to spell the end of the evolution deceit. That is why false fossils are always brought up in this context and made the subject of constant speculation.

Cambrian fossils, trilobite

As soon as Charles D. Walcott discovered the Cambrian Era fossils he hid them away, and kept them HIDDEN FOR THE NEXT 70 YEARS. The only reason for hiding them away is that Cambrian fossils represented the most excellent evidence for Creation.

This method of Walcott's is still being applied by today’s evolutionists. More than 350 million fossils had been hidden away until they were revealed through the Atlas of Creation. Because all these fossils prove Creation. Darwinists try to preserve their false theories not by producing scientific evidence, but by CONCEALING IT.

The trilobite eye in the picture consists of hundreds of tiny cells, each one of which contains a pair of lenses. The 530-million-year-old compound eye system in these life forms has come down to the present day unchanged; various insects such as bees and dragonflies have the same eye structure.

In Order to Maintain Their Ideology They have Even Proposed the Idea of Space Creatures

It is utterly humiliating and ludicrous for a Darwinist scientist to stand up and say, “Space creatures brought life here!” Someone who pays close attention and is aware of the true face of the Darwinist deception will immediately see that such statements are an expression of utter wretchedness and despair. Because the single greatest problem for Darwinists is that of the origin of life. Quite unable to account for how even a single protein could have formed by chance, and aware of how helpless they are on that subject, Darwinists have sought a way out by hiding behind the idea of creatures from space.

There is one very important point we have already stressed regarding Darwinists: some Darwinists will deny the existence of Allah “... even if they see miracles,” as we are told in one verse. This is a characteristic of some unbelievers described in the Qur’an. Even though these people are well aware of the facts and the truth, the Qur’an tells us they will still deny it because of the vast scale of their pride.

The space creature deception raised by certain atheist Darwinists was born from exactly that state of affairs. The fact that proteins cannot come into being spontaneously is just one of the proofs that life was created. But since it is some Darwinists’ intention to deny the existence of Allah (surely Allah is beyond that), they ignore this highly significant fact about proteins. And instead of admitting the existence of Allah, Who is mighty enough to create even a single protein with the most amazing complexity, they have become the defenders of this utterly illogical claim. This is extraordinarily brazen-faced, and in fact an admission of great weakness. The Darwinists who make this unbelievable claim are utterly humiliating themselves for the sake of their perverse religion.

In doing this, Darwinists never reflect on how they will be unable to answer the following question: How did this fictitious and complex molecule they make this claim about come into being? Even if it were somewhere in the vastness of space, it could not have come into being by chance; thus, there has to be an intelligence far superior to that of human beings that created it. That alone spells the end of this dubious Darwinist claim. Other claims made by Darwinists, such as organic molecules arriving from space and being caught in something like a cold trap used in the Miller experiment and eventually giving rise to a living cell, are equally preposterous.

Even if all the organic molecules constituting a cell, even if all the proteins in it that could never come into being by chance were all present at the same time, and even if all the conditions claimed by the Darwinists applied, it would still be impossible for a cell to emerge by chance. Darwinists are unable to produce even the smallest components of the cell, not even in a conscious and controlled manner and under whatever laboratory conditions they desire. They are unable to account for even a single protein. Darwinists are just playing games with people. Their deceptive idea of “space creatures” makes their perspective towards human beings very clear indeed. They imagine that they can still impose evolution, the great deception of the last 150 years and which they now fear they may be losing, by means of such nonsense, and that people will simply accept it.

Darwinists can strive all they like, but all the claims they come up with for the purpose of encouraging denial of Allah (surely Allah is beyond that) merely humiliate them further. Because Almighty Allah, Lord of the worlds, has promised in verse that He will bring down all those who deny Him:

... know that you cannot thwart Allah and that Allah will humiliate the unbelievers. (Surat at-Tawba, 2)

molecular biology

Some Darwinists, who are unable to deny that proteins cannot come into being by chance but that are unwilling to abandon the fraudulent state of mind brought about by materialist logic, instead of admitting the sublime power of Almighty Allah, have no compunctions about hiding behind the idea of space creatures. They again engage in fraud and to try deceive people into thinking that the idea of space will answer the fundamental question of how protein first came into existence. In fact, however, the Darwinist idea of outer space is an indicator of a very profound and comprehensive despair. It is an admission of defeat and bafflement. It is one of the claims that most humiliates Darwinists. Life neither came from outer space nor started on Earth by chance. Life came into being, with all its extraordinary beauty diversity and complexity by our Lord telling it to “Be!” This is the only conclusion shown us by science through molecular biology, genetics and 350 million fossils.
So, we came from Mars! Sabah, 3 February 2003
So, did we all come from Mars? Vatan, 14 November 2005
Asteroids gave rise to life Bugün, 8 December 2008
Proof of extraterrestrial life Radikal, 11. 12. 2008
Hope in extraterrestrial life Bugün, 11 December 2008
Meteors gave life Radikal, 10 August 2005
We fell to Earth from space Sabah, 6 April 2005
So, are we all Martians? Vatan, 14. 11. 2005
Did life come from space? Vatan, 5 December 2006

They Try to Silence Activities Demonstrating the Invalidity of Evolution, not with Scientific Evidence, but by Shouting the Opposition Down

Darwinists are afraid of science. They are terrified at the facts revealed by science becoming known to all and spreading across the world because everything truly scientific demolishes and refutes evolution.

For that reason, Darwinists can never RESPOND TO ANYONE WITH SCIENCE.

◉ Aggression is their only response to scientific evidence.

◉ They oppose conferences against evolution that reveal scientific evidence, not with evidence of their own, but with placards and protests.

◉ They try to close down exhibitions displaying scientific facts – genuine fossils. They seek to burn books containing scientific evidence.

◉ They take people who try to have scientific evidence that exposes the fraud of evolution being taught in schools to court.

◉ They reject invitations from adherents of creationism to face-to-face debates with horror and terror and never, ever accept such challenges.

◉ Instead of responding to scientific evidence with evidence of their own, Darwinists reply with despotism, aggression, brute force and great hue and cry because they possess no scientific evidence and this is the only way they know of keeping their theory propped up.

false protests

The only way that Darwinists can respond to scientific anti-evolution activities is by behaving like hooligans with aggression, protests and shouting and screaming. They can never respond with science and scientific evidence.

Darwinists hide behind concepts such as democracy, rights, liberty and freedom of thought at every available opportunity, but when the invalidity of their claims is exposed, they suddenly become bigoted and aggressive. They immediately disregard the concepts of freedom of thought and speech, democracy, and intellectual freedom they have been sheltering behind. They immediately become utterly intolerant, and even highly aggressive, when evidence revealing the fact of creation is brought forward. Indeed, when it comes to ideas, it is the Darwinists themselves who are the most closed minded, bigoted, and perverse of all. Far from being a scientific conclusion, Darwinism is a false and perverse belief that science actually refutes. Since it is based solely on ideology and a superstitious belief system, its supporters can only seek to keep it alive through methods more suited to hooligans than men of science and education.

For many years now, Darwinism has intimidated people with this despotic policy. If it is that Darwinism dominates institutions of state across the whole world today, the sole reason for that is the tyrannical and aggressive policy of intimidation in question. If a Darwinist comes to a scientific conference holding a placard instead of scientific evidence, if he tries to silence opposition by shouting rather than making scientific statements, if he imagines he can intimidate opponents of evolution by attacking them, and if he is removed from a scientific conference under police escort, then that alone is enough to expose the true face of Darwinism. Reports of the collapse of Darwinism have initiated an extraordinary panic among Darwinists. No despotism will now be able to keep the Darwinists’ false religion propped up. This is the law of Allah. Our Lord Allah, Who knows all things, reveals in one verse that believers will always emerge victorious:

Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away! Woe without end for you for what you portray! (Surat al-Anbiya’, 18)



3. James Owen, Evolution Less Accepted in U.S. Than Other Western Countries, Study Finds, 10 August 2006 -
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