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The Darwinists Regularly use the Press to Bring up the Fraudulent Idea that “The Missing Link has Been Found.”

lemur, bonomo

The way that a lemur fossil and a Bonobo monkey can be misrepresented as ancestors of man in the Darwinist press is truly shocking. Darwinists have had to apologize for this shameless propaganda.

At the heart of the Darwinist propaganda techniques is the constant repetition of a lie, just as in Nazi Germany. This method, known as “The Big Lie Technique”, employed successfully by the Nazi minister of propaganda, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, has been comprehensively utilized with the aim of spreading Darwinism. With the constant repetition of this lie, not only scientists, and world famous newspapers and magazines adopted it, but some ignorant people also came to believe it as well. That is the climate in which Darwinism grew and flourished.

Because of this propaganda technique, people have been hearing the same tale for years: "The missing link has been found", "The missing link has come to light" or "The missing link is complete!"... The whole world is by now familiar with headlines about fictitious evolutionary missing links that have never been discovered. The reason for this is because Darwinists keep administering this indoctrination in specific doses… That is the aim behind the repetition, to ensure the Darwinist spell maintains its influence over people.

When the invalidity of Darwinism is exposed, when people are told there is no such thing as a missing link, an air of panic sets in among Darwinist circles. In that event, the tempo of repetition (by way of the press) is increased. Darwinists either come up with a sensational claim or else intensify their reports about supposed missing links. The dosage is stepped up in a moment. Whatever falsity is needed to prevent the spell being broken is brought up. Fossils of extinct life forms are used for this false propaganda. Darwinist scientists spring into action and these reports are supported to the maximum possible extent by TV programs, Darwinist journals and documentaries.

ardi, ida, evolutionary propaganda

The Ardi and Ida appeared under these headlines in part of the press.
The aim was to maintain evolutionary propaganda with false news reports.

Ida, for example, is a stunning fraud produced under the influence of one such episode of panic. The way that a lemur fossil was taken and shamelessly heralded to the whole world as an ancestor of man is truly a shocking phenomenon. The way that this fossil was heralded through brazen propaganda and false slogans as if it were the eighth wonder of the world, and all the wide-ranging furor about it was a clear expression of the Darwinists’ worry and despair. A great many Darwinists were forced to make explicit statements about how embarrassing they found all this furor. And when, following all this false propaganda, it was finally revealed that Ida was merely a lemur, apologies were duly issued and all claims hastily retracted.

Ida is not the only example. Such sensations have become common of late due to the terrifying effects of the rise of Darwinism. Following Ida, Ardi was produced as a result of that same despair, and a monkey fossil was heralded as the ancestor of man. But this sensation was short-lived, and all claims were again retracted when it was declared to be simply a monkey.

Claims are constantly being taken back, and will continue to be retracted in the future. Because all reports about “missing links being found” are lies. More than 300 million fossils have been unearthed to date, yet not a single one is a transitional fossil. Despite all the calls and invitations, not one single Darwinist has managed to produce one single transitional fossil. The more this most intensive propaganda technique on which Darwinism relies is eliminated and exposed, the more Darwinists are suffering their real defeat. Their frauds are being exposed one by one.

Darwinist Confessions Regarding the Ida Deception

Charles Beard, a paleontologist from the Johns Hopkins University Carnegie Museum of Natural History: "This fossil is not as close to monkeys, apes, and humans as we are being led to believe."1

Duke University paleontologist Richard Kay admits that, "there is no scientific analysis to prove that Ida is a missing link," IN OTHER WORDS, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE FOR IT AT ALL.2

Timesonline carried the following admission: "Attenborough ... was just one element of the media circus turning Ida into humanity’s newest and best link with its ancient past." "Such finds are usually unveiled to the world through the sober pages of an academic journal, but for Ida nothing less than a glittering press conference at the American Museum of Natural History in New York would do. Later the scientists who studied Ida outlined the details of their research. Their pronouncements were just as extravagant."3

Richard Foley, a professor of human evolution at Cambridge University, said that, "it is ‘meaningless’ to describe this creature as a missing link."4

"Dr. Simons phoned me for the first time in 10 years to share his outrage about this MALARKEY and, for the first time in a decade, I agree with him,” said Beard last week. “...The roll-out was extraordinary and it is now clear that the scientists were under pressure to meet the showbusiness deadlines."

Simons had said: "It’s absurd and dangerous. … This is all bad science... Darwinius is a wonderful fossil, but IT IS NOT A MISSING LINK OF ANY KIND. IT REPRESENTS A DEAD END IN EVOLUTION."

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The Ida fraud was launched with a huge fanfare in the press, and Isa was intensively used for Darwinist propaganda purposes. The missing link was shamelessly maintained until the fraud was exposed.



Reports of this kind, such as the supposed “discovery of evolution’s missing link,” are one of the main techniques that Darwinists generally employ to spread their propaganda. Since Darwinists have no evidence to support their idea of evolution, they seek to maintain the same spell over people by fraudulently persisting with such headlines. At times when they have suffered severe defeats in particular, they show people the “missing link discovered” captions from Darwinist publications and support that lie with illustrations suggestive of evolution. They have been using that hypnotic technique for the last 150 years. Millions of people reading these reports over the years have imagined that evolution and the missing link genuinely exist. Until the true face of the evolution deception was unmasked through the works of Harun Yahya, that is...

- ://
- Newsweek, 23 August 1999
- New Scientist, 09.09.2006

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- New Scientist, 1 Jan 2005



For someone who is unaware that evolution is a fraud, these reports in well-known newspaper, accompanied by fossil illustrations and scientific terminology and formulae may well be misleadingly convincing. The fact is, however, that all reports of a “missing link” are specious. THERE EXISTS NOT ONE SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL SUPPORTING EVOLUTION. No such missing link has ever been found, and it is impossible for one ever to be found. Because living things NEVER EVOLVED. ALLAH CREATED THEM ALL.

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They Use Scientific Terminology and Formulae to Cast a Magic Spell

The fact that all false reports regarding the theory of evolution are issued in the name of science, published in Darwinist scientific journals, taught as science in biology classes in school curricula, and that the adherents of evolution constantly refer to themselves as “scientific”, has had a huge effect on conditioning people. As a result of this intensive Darwinist conditioning, rejection of evolution is portrayed as equivalent to rejecting science itself. Evolution is taught by means of imposition and calling it science.

But the fact is that Darwinism has nothing to do with science. Science is the enemy of Darwinism. Science is opposed to atheism. Science is anti-communist and anti-Marxist. Science obliterates Marxist, atheist and Darwinist thinking. Every branch of the sciences has refuted evolution. Science has demolished the Darwinist deception; science has completely discredited evolution. Microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, zoology, paleontology, in short, all branches of life science, have proved the invalidity of evolution. Darwinists have suffered their worst defeat at the hands of science. It is therefore a terrible deception for evolution to be taught as if it were scientific, as science is for those who believe in Allah; it benefits true believers.

Yet, despite all these facts, the Darwinists’ main vehicle of deception is science. They are unwilling to abandon this indoctrination. That is why they utilize plenty of scientific terminology and formulae in the deceptive reports they publish in Darwinist science magazines in order to give the impression they are providing readers with highly significant, inaccessible, and complex information.

Latin words are the star performers among the Darwinists’ repertoire of deceptive techniques. Darwinists imagine that by bestowing Latin names on false fossils or freshly minted false theories that this will somehow enhance their credibility. Yet there is no scientific evidence behind anything they say. But some people who listen to those who employ lots of Latin words fall for this supposedly scientific show and imagine they are dealing with impossibly inaccessible knowledge. They imagine they cannot possibly understand the subject, that it is best left to scientists, and that everything they say must be true. This conditioning is so powerful that failing to go along with the scientists in question is perceived of as serious irrationality. That is how the profound enchantment of people is established.

Master Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, the greatest Islamic scholar of the last thousand years, described how Darwinist conditioning of and influence over people had become a scourge affecting vast masses of people:

Materialism is a spiritual plague which has infected man with a fearsome fever, causing him to be visited by Divine wrath. The more the ability to inculcate and criticize expands, so does that plague spread.1

As Bediuzzaman, the Master, notes, this conditioning is utterly deceptive. The formulae, Latin words and scientific terminology employed by Darwinists are all false. The scientists in question are also well aware that they are espousing a fraud. Darwinists are merely using science to put on a scientific circus.

When the true facts of all the tales they have manufactured is brought to light they have to swiftly take back all the fossils they have spent so many pages describing in Darwinist publications until that time. The infamous Piltdown Man (also known by the invented Latin name Eoanthropus dawsoni) fraud, which was the result of attaching an orangutan jaw to a human skull and adding a few teeth to it, was the subject of more than 40 “scientific” doctoral theses; the Nebraska Man fraud, based on a single pig tooth, depicted in illustrations even to the extent of its supposed family and taught in text books for many years under the name Hesperopithecus haroldcookii, as if it were “scientific” evidence for evolution; the Australopithecus afarensis fraud, to give it its made-up Latin name, that subsequently transpired to be nothing but an ape; the Archaeoraptor liaoningensis fraud, the result of five different fossils being put together and depicted as a dinosaur preparing to take flight in all Darwinist publications, and finally the Ida fraud, a lemur heralded for a while as the ancestor of man, are just a few instances of this deception.

Indigo children

Science is anti-evolution and anti-Darwinist. Every branch of science definitively refutes evolution. The heaviest blow dealt to the theory of evolution in the 21st century came from science. But evolution amazingly still claims to be scientific. It uses science to disseminate its false propaganda. It tries to make its hypnosis more effective by sprinkling false news reports with scientific terminology. But the fact is that these scientific terminology and formulae in Darwinist publications have nothing to do with the reports themselves.

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Someone who is uninformed on the subject and looks at these false reports about evolution under such headlines may well form the impression from the captions and illustrations that he is dealing with scientific data emerging from various pieces of legitimate research. But all these reports are fictitious. No scientific research has produced any such data. The only conclusion emerging from scientific research is the fact that evolution never took place at any time in history. Indeed, it is the revelation of that fact before the eyes of the world that has most devastated Darwinists.
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One of the distinguishing features of Darwinists is the way that they laugh at people and shamelessly impose their utterly ludicrous reports on them. Since Darwinists have been doing this and gathering support in this way for the last 150 years, they imagine they can persist in the same fraud now by making use of the press. But it is not impossible for them to succeed.

Man is a genetic error! Radikal, 26 March 2004
Researchers seeking an answer to “why human beings lost their fur.” Cumhuriyet, 20 August 2003
Lice forced human beings to wear clothes Hürriyet, 20 August 2003
Gestures are inherited, not social: Researchers emphasize that facial expressions stem from evolutionary genetic paths Birgün, 19. 10. 2006
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Is the “hmmmm” sound underwater the basis of speech? Radikal, 19. 07. 2008
The first murder was committed in the Stone Age Hürriyet, 04 August 2009
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Each one of these is a fraud published in the world’s most respected scientific journals citing world famous scientists as references and making plentiful use of Latin terminology. Unless the true facts of these frauds are exposed, they will astonishingly maintain their places in school textbooks and scientific journals and be defended by people bearing the title of “scientist.” Darwinism is a serious danger and a deception that makes use of scientists, scientific journals, the TV and newspapers.

They Try to Portray all of Life as Very Simple

Darwinists’ deception techniques are generally based on not permitting people to think. One of the most effective ways of doing this, they foolishly imagine, is to completely ignore the extraordinary complexity of life and portray is as really very “simple.”

Darwinists say that, "The cell came into being in muddy water.” They try to deceive people with the idea of the cell “forming in muddy water,” despite being at a complete loss to explain how a single protein might have formed by chance and are still striving to fully unravel the mystery of the cell in the most technically advanced laboratories.


The cell that Darwin in the 19th century imagined to be a balloon filled with water, has actually turned out to be more complex than the city of New York, one of the 21st century’s greatest metropolises. It is impossible for a single protein inside the cell to form by chance, let alone the cell itself.



Life is extraordinarily complex. A single cell is a whole living world, the details of which have still not been fully unraveled. Darwinists have suffered their worst defeat in the face of a single protein in the cell. They are unable to account for even a single protein. The reports of evolution that Darwinists manufacture using fields such as genetic research, genetics and DNA, are therefore hugely specious. The science of genetics has demolished evolution. The subject of the beginning of life has inflicted the worst collapse on Darwinists. No scientific research has ever produced any of the results claimed in Darwinist publications. All of the reports in question are fraudulent.
Our ancestors were bird feed! Radikal, 14 Jan 2006
Chimpanzees and man had a common forebear 4 billion years ago Radikal, 25 February 2007
Our ancestor the germ Hürriyet, 08. 03. 1998
Man is turned out to be 80% ox Radikal, 25 April 2009!5083673/princeton-scientists-discover-proteins-that-control-evolution
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All evolutionist claims are irrational and illogical. Small dinosaurs can ever suddenly turn into birds as they run along the ground. The fact it can run fast is not the only difference between a monkey and man. Neither anteaters nor worms nor bacteria are related to human beings. Life is far too complex to be explained with these fantastical Darwinist claims. Darwinists try to give the impression in the kind of headlines shown above that life is really very simple. Because they think that the simpler life is, the easier it will be for them to spread the idea that “everything came about by chance.” They have misled people with such conditioning for many years. But modern science that has shown the complexity in a single cell has now spelled the end of Darwinism.

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Darwinists also claim that fish emerged onto dry land and gradually turned into amphibians, that reptiles suddenly grew wings and began to fly, that bears turned into whales while romping by the shore – which is Darwin’s own claim, and that chimpanzees (or, since Darwinists regard the words chimpanzee or monkey as slightly disparaging, fictitious “ape-like creatures,” as they themselves put it) turned into scientists, professors, and scholars who examine their own brain cells in laboratories. The glorious complexity in life is a huge dead-end for Darwinists. The only way out for them, is to explain everything in terms of chance; to depict life and the complexity within it as actually very “simple.”

To that end, the idea that Darwinists want to condition people with is essentially this: Muddy water + chance + time = Life! According to Darwinists, when coincidences, to which Darwinists attribute a creative power, combine together they can work miracles (surely Allah is beyond that) and turn life forms into one another, no matter how impossible that may actually be. The Darwinist claim is a ludicrous one that seeks to portray everything as very simple.

imaginary formula, Darwinists

The imaginary formula that Darwinists use to account for the complex structures and huge variety of life on Earth.

This is a cunning act of indoctrination performed on people. This indoctrination has such an effect on some people that they are immediately able to believe in utterly nonsensical concepts. They are able to believe that man is a slightly more developed form of chimpanzee, that fish can emerge onto dry land and turn into terrestrial life forms when they so choose, that a cell can really form in muddy water and that dinosaurs managed to grow wings and turn into birds. That is because they have been so thoroughly indoctrinated, almost to the level of brainwashing. This constant indoctrination is worked into them by well-known professors, wielding incomprehensibly strange formulae and peculiar scientific terminology on the covers of world famous magazines.

The fact is that there is nothing “simple” about life at all. Everything set out under this indoctrination is a lie. With all of its infrastructure and organization, a single cell is far more complex than a giant metropolis such as New York City. Despite much wide-ranging laboratory research over the last few years, only a very small part of this extraordinary structure has been clarified. But there is no way in which it can be replicated. Not one of the thousands of proteins in the cell can be artificially manufactured. Living things are literally works of art in terms of their complexity, sensitivity, symmetry, order, detail, equipment and systems. For that reason, the simplistic explanations offered by Darwinism’s adherents are simply intended to deceive.

Snow flakes butterflies

In terms of their complexity, sensitivity, symmetry, order, details, equipment and systems, living things are literally works of art. These works of art indicate the existence of a sublime Artist, the Might of our Lord Allah. Darwinists are perfectly well aware that all entities are created works of art. But they are reluctant to abandon their ideology. That is the main reason why they seek to disseminate their utterly ridiculous claims, in the full knowledge of how fraudulent they are.

In relating all of this nonsense, Darwinists are of course well aware that there is nothing simple in life. They are of course well aware that not a single cell can spontaneously emerge from muddy water, let alone a complex, multi-cell organism, and that a fish can never emerge onto dry land and start flying. We must not forget that Darwinists relate these accounts for purposes of casting a psychological spell; a kind of hypnosis. Moreover, the Darwinists who so shamelessly do all this are quite unable to account for how even a single protein came into being. This represents a huge and absolute defeat for Darwinists right from the beginning. One must never forget this fact as one listen to Darwinist fairy tales.


It was easy to produce fictitious reports in the name of science in Darwin’s time. Because science was exceedingly primitive then. People really were able to believe, from newspaper headlines, that we are related to the fly, that chimpanzees are “our cousins” and that we are close relatives of the horse. However, science has challenged the theory of evolution in a way that Darwinists never expected. These ludicrous claims by Darwinists have been annihilated in the face of science. These propaganda techniques therefore merely disgrace Darwinists.

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Darwinists want people to be ignorant and uninformed. They want to be able to mislead them with utterly nonsensical reports. They seek to condition them with the idea that imaginary formulae such as “time+chance+mud” are enough to account for the glorious variety and perfection in the living world. That is the terrible nonsense that Darwinism is. Headlines in the newspapers in question are their greatest weapon in spreading this foolish logic. They try to hypnotize people who are ignorant of the subject. It is largely through these false press reports that Darwinism has been able to maintain its dominion over the last 150 years.

Time, 23 Dec 1996
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Times of Malta, 11 August 2007

Secret Backing is Provided for the Major Press so they will Support Darwinism.

Darwinists have been making propaganda through the press for 150 years and have used the press for all of their psychological conditioning techniques. If they didn't control such a major force as the press, it would be impossible for the Darwinist dictatorship to have established a false dominion across the world and for the nonsense of evolution to have found its way into institutions of state, schools and universities.

The first decision for Darwinism to be disseminated by the press, to make such a fantastical idea in some way believable, was taken in a senior masonic lodge made up of atheist freemasons in Darwin’s time. Members of the 33rd Degree Mizraim Freemasonry Supreme Council in Paris announced the need for evolution to be supported by depicting it as science, but had no qualms about ridiculing the theory amongst themselves;

It is with this object in view that we are constantly by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories. The intellectuals... will puff themselves up with their knowledge and without any logical verification of them will put into effect all the information available from science, which our agentur specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we want. Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism...”2

Thus it was that Darwinism spread to the masses of people in the light of this decision taken at a French lodge made up of atheist freemasons. Ever since then it has always been under the atheist Freemasons’ protection. Atheist freemasons, who have established a global dominion and therefore possess a press army capable of shaping the world as they choose, can thus produce whatever reports they wish, raise whichever subjects they choose, and thus manage people as they desire. This cunning policy of management continues to this day.

Successes in eliminating Darwinism make atheist masons very uneasy. At such times they immediately embark on an intensive policy of conditioning, as already described, through the press. The Darwinist press is immediately unleashed and a false fossil is immediately discovered. A Darwinist scientist is trotted out, and tall tales are written about this fossil. That is how the atheist freemasons’ system works.

It is noteworthy as to why reports about Darwinism are supported by certain sections of the press. The press in question produces their reports solely in line with the instructions they receive from atheist freemasons, and not because of any scientific fats, data or information. This needs to be borne in mind in evaluating the false, global dominion of the Darwinist deception.

Masonic symbols darwin

Under the control of atheist masons, the major press frequently carries reports emphasizing the nonsense that is evolution.



Ever since the time of Darwin, part of the major press has been given the task of disseminating Darwinist indoctrination. The Darwinists of the time were well aware that the theory of evolution would never be corroborated by any scientific evidence, but produced a Darwinist dictatorship as the result of systematic and organized activities and charged part of the major press with spreading the fraud. The press in question is still at work today. The only difference is that the Darwinist fraud they perpetrate has now been exposed.
The Press, 10 August 2007
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They try to Portray Evolution as Fact by Suggesting that "We Have Managed to Make Artificial Life”.


There is a great deal of evidence refuting Darwinism. But the fundamental issue that demolishes the theory evolution is the beginning of life. As we have reiterated many times and insist on keeping on the agenda, Darwinists are unable to explain how even a single protein might have come into being by chance. This is where the theory of evolution falls apart.

In order to neutralize this terrible defeat, Darwinists again resort to their press monopoly. The most familiar means of deception on this subject are scenarios about artificial life. Reports in the publishing organs in question that appear from time to time along the lines of “We have made artificial blood,” “We have made artificial evolution,” “We have manufactured artificial DNA,” “Synthetic life is on the way,” or “An artificial cell has been manufactured” are part of these psychological defense mechanisms.

People who are uninformed on the subject may form the impression from such reports that the greatest obstacle in Darwinism’s way, the question of the beginning of life, has been resolved. They naively assume that “today they have made a cell, so tomorrow they may build human beings.” Indeed, the Darwinists’ aim in producing such reports is to baffle people and numb their brains with this sinister hypnosis.

But there is a deception going on here. Nobody has ever, and can never come anywhere close to creating something out of nothing. That is impossible, unless Allah so wills it. What scientists are doing is to use already existing blood, DNA and cells and, most important of all, intelligence, and use these in laboratory research. Darwinists can descend to the deepest point possible if they so wish, right down to the level of the atom, but an intelligence has still been employed there and they will make use of already existing atoms. These results, the work of thousands of scientists, technological laboratories, the expenditure of millions of dollars and countless experiments, have only been possible with enormous hard work and intelligence. In other words, intelligence is essential. But the result is still not evolution.

Taking nucleotides inside DNA and synthesizing a cell in a different way is a new procedure performed using intelligence within the existing system. It is a great success for science, and a major development that will hopefully lead the way for important advances in science and medicine; but it is very definitely not evolution. Evolution has collapsed right from the very beginning; the subject of the origin of life. The inability to account for the chance formation of even a single protein spells the end for all Darwinist claims.

Darwinists’ deception techniques have always been rather wretched ones. That means it is very easy to decipher those techniques and counteract the conditioning involved. The quasi-magical effect that Darwinists have obtained using propaganda techniques for decades now can be demolished in a single move. There is no doubt that, as Allah has promised, victory will always go to the supporters of Allah. Our Almighty Lord says in one verse that:

As for those who make Allah their friend, and His Messenger and those who believe: it is the party of Allah who are victorious! (Surat al-Ma’ida, 56)

Molecule, dna

It is certainly a great feat of science to take structures already existing in a living thing and make an artificial “copy” under the supervision of conscious beings, under conscious conditions, as the result of years of laboratory research. But IT IS DEFINITELY NOT EVOLUTION. No DNA or protein has been created out of nothing, and no new information that did not exist before has been added to the system. Instead of using scientific advances that have nothing to do with evolution, Darwinists should first explain how a single protein might have come into being by chance. That is the great question that terrifies Darwinists and that they can never answer. Therefore, all the Darwinist speculation about artificial copies and clones is completely specious.

Evolution approved at the molecular level Radikal, 9 April 2006
FROM SEAWEED TO MAN Bilim Teknik, September 1979
Now it is time for the organism Cumhuriyet, 22 May 2010

They Seek to Portray Chance as Divine (Surely Allah is Beyond That)

Darwinists make use of unbelievably illogical scenarios in order to deceive people. There are no boundaries to these scenarios; thousands of different life forms come from a single cell, reptiles suddenly take to the air from dry land and turn into birds, and worms gradually turn into human beings. According to the Darwinists, the power that causes these transitions to occur in this rather embarrassing scenario is “chance.” This is how the Darwinists have deceived people for so many years.

Evolutionists have maintained this ever since Darwin’s time, or even since the days of Samaria. The idea of chance is an embarrassment that represents the foundation of the theory of evolution and is a source of terrible shame for the Darwinists.

But following the exposure of the wretched, illogical and ludicrous nature of this claim, especially through the Atlas of Creation, Darwinists suddenly began speaking very differently. In order to avoid further embarrassing themselves by trying to defend this shameful claim, they adopted an even more illogical defense mechanism. Now, when Darwinists are asked, “Do you think that it was chance that created everything?” they reply, “We never said it was chance.” Then when asked, “If it was not chance, then what was it?” they adopt the highly irrational and infantile defense of referring to “... a process arising as the result of a number of coincidences.” This is an explicit and clear sign of how invalid Darwinists’ foundations really are.

Atlas of creation

We have already seen how Darwinists foolishly try to give the impression of providing scientific accounts by using scientific terminology and formulae in order to mislead people. They also try to portray the deceptive idea of chance as perfectly legitimate by using the same methods. The lie of a dinosaur growing wings and taking flight, so often repeated in Darwinist publications, is described with a frequent usage of Latin verbiage and terminology, thus giving the story a supposedly scientific veneer. Yet, in the fictitious process in question and this unbelievably ridiculous tale, there is no intelligence capable of making informed, conscious interventions, directing the course of events, choosing the best course by making logical deductions, making choices, making logical inferences and distinguishing the proper thing to do. Darwinism rejects the existence of such a consciousness. Everything in the myth of evolution happened unconsciously, unintelligently, as the result of blind chance. Chance is the Darwinists’ false god, one that works miracles, creates from nothing, makes no errors and is able to predict future events and take appropriate precautionary measures.

Darwinists seek to portray this false god as a creative force, at least in their own eyes (surely Allah is beyond that). And by means of these cunning statements they try to turn people away from belief in Allah. The Darwinist magic spell, as it were, is the underlying reason why people gradually turn toward atheism, and why so many Darwinists are engaged in a merciless struggle against belief in Allah. Whether they are aware of it or not, believers in Darwinism fall under the hypnotic spell of the false idol, chance, and inevitably abandon belief in Allah.

They Try to Distract People With Fine Detail

Confusing details and ridiculous reports represent an important part of Darwinist psychological defense mechanisms. Inundating people with illogical details is one part of the Darwinist's hypnotic indoctrination technique. The real aim behind reports appearing in Darwinist publications is to make some people, who have little knowledge of the subject, forget that evolution is a fraud and thereby occupy their minds with exceedingly foolish questions, such as, “Are we more closely related to the potato or the worm?” Darwinists use illogical details for that purpose.

The true aim behind all of the utterly illogical reports in a Darwinist publication, such as “Are we related to kangaroos?”, “We started to walk upright out of hunger”, or “Hiccupping is a legacy from the frog”, is to distract people’s attention. By positing evolution as though it were a proven fact, they strive to give the impression that the only remaining question is where hiccupping came from. People who fall under the intense influence of such reports, and who are inadequately informed on the subject can easily fall victim to such conditioning. Under the influence of these misleading reports, they imagine that just a few minor aspects of evolution still need to be explained and that they, too, will eventually be clarified. Darwinists thus perpetrate the mass deception they have engaged in for decades by way of this system. Darwinist indoctrination is successfully propagated by this false method.


Let us now remind ourselves that:

  • Darwinists are unable to explain how even a single protein might have formed by chance.
  • They possess not one transitional fossil they can produce.
  • More than 350 million fossils have demolished evolution.
  • The complexity in living things has dealt Darwinism one of the heaviest blows, and revealed biological systems that cannot be explained in terms of evolution.
  • All the fossils they have heralded have turned out to be false, or even deliberate fakes.
  • Fossils show that living things appeared suddenly and remained unchanged for millions of years.

These things are scientific evidence. Since Darwinists are unable to explain them, they produce extraordinarily ridiculous headlines instead because they are in a state of desperation. How else, apart from using fraud, could they defend a theory launched in the name of science, but in fact devoid of any scientific evidence? But they have now realized that these illogical headlines no longer have any impact. Even schoolchildren now expect Darwinists to be able to account for the formation of a single protein when they encounter such claims. So this particular deception has not been long-lived.


One of the best-known Darwinist propaganda tactics is to inundate the people they have indoctrinated with detail and to distract them from the real issue – the fact that evolution is a fraud – by means of false claims. Darwinists manufacture fictitious and ludicrous reports, giving the impression that everything about evolution has been proved and all that remains is detail such as hiccupping being inherited from such or such an animal or whether a whale turned into an elephant. It is easy to mislead uninformed people with such reports. The person in question will not then think of investigating whether there is any evidence that actually corroborates evolution. Because people swamped in detail are distracted from researching the true facts and remain under the Darwinist spell.

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They Try to use Similarities as Evidence

Since Darwinists know that the origin of life has obliterated their theory, that fossils have demolished evolution, and that mutations have no power in and of themselves to bring about evolution, they hide behind another deception instead, one that will have tremendous influence over people and also appear very logical to them; similarities between life forms!

Similarities between living things are constantly being raised by Darwinists as if they were evidence of evolution because some people are predisposed to believe in this deception. The Darwinists speak of the similarity between man and apes with such an air of its being absolute proof that when people exposed to such conditioning go to a zoo, or watch a documentary about apes, they draw the appropriate conclusions. They have been so affected by this Darwinist deception they began to foolishly imagine that apes could easily turn into human beings “... if they developed a bit, shaved and ate better.” A few generalized similarities prepare the way for the spread of Darwinist conditioning.

The fact is, however, that no matter how much an ape resembles a man it will never, by Allah’s leave, for all its time on this Earth, be anything more than an ape. No matter how much or how well it is trained, it will never become human. No matter what it does it will never, unless Allah chooses otherwise, possess a “soul” that makes a human being human.


It is the “soul” that makes a living thing human, not its external appearance. Darwinists seek to cover that fact up. Yet the fact that human beings possess a soul is one of the greatest dilemmas facing Darwinists and does away with all their claims about the supposed evolution of man.

It is the “soul” that makes human beings human. A living thing is only human so long as he possesses a soul. Man is an entity capable of saying, “I am me,” with the sufficient awareness to realize that there is an image that forms in his brain and that he watches. No matter what human beings may look like physically, they are human so long as they possess a soul. This is the great truth that separates them from all other living things and the Darwinists try to cover that fact up. But the theory of evolution is dealt one of the heaviest blows of all by the definite existence of the soul. For that reason, Darwinists are careful to try to avoid this matter being raised at all. Similarities between life forms constitute no evidence for evolution whatsoever. Of course life forms will resemble one another. They all breathe the same air on the same planet. They are all made up of compounds of the same elements, eat the same foods and share the same habitats. All living things have been equipped with similarly glorious molecular systems. Every system has been brought into being in such a way as to establish a perfect harmony within the conditions on this world, with their strictly defined boundaries. Therefore, these similarities are evidence not of evolution, but of the creative artistry of Almighty Allah, Who says in one verse:

It is Allah Who created the seven heavens and of the earth the same number, the Command descending down through all of them, so that you might know that Allah has power over all things and that Allah encompasses all things in His knowledge.(Surat at-Talaq, 12)



The fact that a chimpanzee can make tools, laugh like a human when tickled or show affection toward its young is no evidence that it is “in the process of becoming human.” Physical similarities can never be proof of evolution. Even a difference of 0.001% between two life forms is a gigantic molecular gulf that Darwinists can never bridge. But even if a chimpanzee was identical to a human being in physical appearance, it could still never be human because it has no soul. Therefore, Darwinist propaganda, examples of which can be seen in these captions, are a gigantic fraud.

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