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The Coming Of The Mahdi

Was Imparted by Our Prophet (saas) Himself

There are a great many hadiths of our Prophet (saas) regarding the Mahdi that are generally regarded as reliable. Our Prophet (saas) imparted that this is good news for Muslims in the words of one gadith, "LEARN OF THE MAHDI. He is from the Quraysh and is one from my house." (Book of Sayings of the Portents of the End Times, p. 13) In another hadith, our Prophet (saas) says: "The Mahdi will appear, EVERYONE WILL SPEAK ONLY OF HIM, drink of his love and NOBODY WILL SPEAK OF ANYTHING ELSE" (Book of Sayings of the Portents of the End Times, p. 33), stat ing that every one will speak of this holy individual when he appears.

Bediuzzaman Also Imparted the Glad Tidings of the Mahdi

The honesty, openness, and clarity in Bediuzzaman's nature and which dominated his life are reflected in his works, the Treatise of Light.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi devot edcon siderable space to the Mahdi in his works, providing adetailed description of the subject over hundreds of pages. It is quite clear that had he thought that the subject needed to be concealed, or if he thought there was no need to read about it, he would not have included all these statements in the treatises.

Bediuzzaman made the matter public with his state ments, and openly stated that it was not a problem needing to be concealed. Indeed, the fact that the treatises have been read by millions of people over many years clearly demon strates that it is a subject placed in the open, rather than hidden.

The Treatise of Light is a most valuable collection of works in which Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, the reviver (mujad did) of the last century, expressed the truths emerg ing from his heart and tongue.

Bediuzzaman openly stated that he was not the Mahdi (Emirdağ Addendum, p. 266),

That the Mahdi would come a century after him (Kastamonu Addendum, p. 57),

That he was a private soldier and member of the vanguard of the Mahdi (Barla Addendum, p. 162),

That he had prepared the way for the Mahdi with his books and work (The Seal of Affirmation of Hidden things, p. 189),

And that it was an error and a condusion for him and the Treatise of Light to be equated with the Mahdi (Emirdağ Addendum, p. 266).


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