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Chapter 4: Evolution's Impasse in the Face of the Circulatory System's Perfection

No doubt, the red fluid known as blood in the human body was known since the dawn of history. Only later, however, was it realized that it traveled through the body and was not immobile. This discovery became possible only in the Middle Ages, when Islamic nations led the world in the fields of science, art and thought. The Muslim physician Ibn al-Nafis first described the circulation of the blood in detail. The Europeans learned of this only in the first half of the 17th century through the discoveries made by William Harvey. In his book, Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus ("An Anatomical Exercise on the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals"), Harvey proved that the heart pumped blood all through the body.

If you had never been aware of the existence of the blood flowing in your body and then suddenly discovered it one day, you too would be surprised. The first fact to amaze you would be the prevailing red color just beneath your skin. When you learned that the liquid causing it was constantly flowing at high speed, you would be even more astonished. When scratched or nicked, you would watch how blood flowed to the surface, soon stopped and coagulated by itself. And when the region which it flowed to assumed a totally different appearance by forming a scab your amazement would increase. You would then begin to wonder how and why this special fluid had been placed inside your body.

Blood coagulates

Blood coagulates when it leaves the body and quickly loses its animated properties, as if it were now dead. That is why scientists are unable to investigate all of blood's features in the laboratory, and why the world of science is still a long way from making a blood-like fluid.

When you examined its workings in some detail, you would realize that your body could not survive without blood and perhaps more interestingly, the blood could not survive without your body. Therefore, whatever experiments you did in the laboratory where you examined it, you would never be able to learn the full details of this perfect fluid.

This is also true for the present. Scientists have still not fully unraveled all of blood's details and functions. For now, in fact, this does not seem possible, because blood remains alive only inside the human body. Soon after blood leaves the veins and arteries, it literally dies and starts coagulating. The reason we have been able to obtain general information about the blood is that the cells comprising it can be extracted and examined separately. Scientists can preserve the clear plasma from which the cells have been removed, but this requires various processes. It is not known whether the cells, which have a certain life and way of moving under the microscope, display the same features inside the human body. Therefore, countless scientists working in the world's most highly advanced laboratories and with the most highly developed equipment, have been unable to imitate blood's workings. Present research is aimed at producing an articial fluid that can at least transport oxygen.

All these details have been provided to help people consider this subject. Some open or covert forms of indoctrination given by various media organs or educational institutions or by means of "popular culture" insist on the preconception of evolution. The proponents of evolution are unwilling that people should think too much about the subject. They offer accounts whose scientific guise is actually rather funny, and adorn them with a few chemical formulae. When they add various conjectures or even forgeries, what emerges is the theory of evolution, which is taken exceptionally seriously in scientific circles, with conferences even being held on the subject.

What they are actually trying to say beneath all that great fuss is this: This magnificent universe, the flawless human body, all the different species of animals and plants—in short, everything that exists—came about by chance. So illogical and shameful is this claim that even some scientists no longer state it openly, but seek to gloss over it by using scientific terminology.

The reason they don't want people to consider the subject too much is this: When one examines anything on Earth in any detail, one can easily see how terribly erroneous the theory of evolution really is. Any biological system you may encounter is so detailed and rational that far from it being brought into existence by chance, the slightest deviance would clearly disrupt its functioning. The object analyzed does not need to be the bodily mechanism of a living creature or the complex structure of a plant. A single protein's amino acid sequence is enough to show that life has been created. Recall the general outline of the circulatory system as detailed in this book. The theory of evolution is unable explain the origin of even a single macromolecule from the innumerable components of this detailed, exceedingly complex and vital mechanism. It is impossible to ascribe to chance because even a single accidental occurrence will totally disrupt the whole magnificent system. This fact was admitted in the pro-Darwinian Turkish magazine Bilim ve Teknik ("Science and Technology"):

Everything that takes place in the blood is exceedingly complex and interrelated. Everything, right down to the smallest detail, has been arranged in a flawless manner. So perfect is the functioning in the blood that the slightest imperfection can have very serious consequences.127


Everything in the heavens and everything in the Earth belongs to Him. God is the Rich Beyond Need, the Praiseworthy. Do you not see that God has made everything on the earth subservient to you and ...

...the ships running upon the sea by His command? He holds back the heaven, preventing it from fallingto the Earth-except by His permission.God is All-Compassionate to humanity, Most Merciful." (Surat al-Hajj: 64-65)

Blood is alive only in the body, and the body can live only with blood. Therefore, blood must have come into being neither before nor after the body, but at exactly the same time—in other words, together with the first living thing that possessed a circulatory system. The heart must also have come into being at that same time, since the heart and blood vessels cannot function haphazardly. They also need a route, so the blood vessels must also have been laid out at that time.

In the light of evolutionists' claims, one would have to accept that the first organisms on Earth in possession of a blood circulatory system emerged by chance. Actually, the fossil record shows that organisms with this feature emerged during the Cambrian period, together with many other complex life forms. We know that most Cambrian creatures possessed a circulatory system. In earlier fossil strata, there are only single-celled and very simple multi-celled organisms, and the theory of evolution has no answer to the question of how blood circulation emerged suddenly in the Cambrian period, with no antecedents before it. In order for the body of a multi-celled organism to survive, all the many millions of cells that comprise it must be kept alive one by one. Therefore, blood vessels and a perfect distribution network linked to every cell must have existed together in flawless form from the moment that body began to live. Furthermore, the presence of that system is useless in the absence of respiratory mechanisms to take on oxygen, a brain to issue directives, bone marrow to produce blood, blood vessels to transport the blood—and in short, all the other mechanisms in the body.

It is impossible for any single element in this flawless organization to come into being at a later stage, while the others waited for it to emerge in order to function properly. It is of course illogical to expect blood vessels to come into being by chance and then wait for millions of years for blood to flow through them, or for the blood itself to wait, serving no purpose at all, until a pump to set it in motion comes into being. Yet that is just what the proponents of the theory of evolution claim.

blood cells

We need to ask evolutionists: Why is it impossible to artificially replicate blood, which supposedly came into being by chance? Why cannot this production—so easily and flawlessly carried out by coincidences in their view—be carried out by specialist scientists using 21st-century technology? How could those coincidences, random developments in a natural environment, develop blood in such a way that it can only survive only inside a living body? Which coincidence distributes their duties to the cells, sets out a particular course for them, or directs the heart muscles to contract? Every one of these "coincidences" must necessarily have added something useful to the mechanism composing the circulatory system—because even if a perfect, error-free system does emerge, one mistaken intervention will be sufficient to ruin that entire system. So, is it possible to describe as chance all these phenomena, full of obvious consciousness?

There is consciousness in every part and every detail in the system. Human beings discovered the details of this consciousness just in the last hundred years, and only in general terms. It is Almighty God, He Who is superior to all, Who created all these.

The sole reason of evolutionists' denying the truth is that they have conditioned themselves to reject evidence for the existence of God. In fact, it is impossible for a scientist who observes all this complexity in life to believe that everything could have come into being by chance. The only reason that evolutionists continue to defend this theory, which lacks any scientific basis, is to ignore God's flawless creation. They have closed their eyes to the facts of creation so clearly exhibited in every detail on Earth, and have adopted blind chance as their deity.

Some proponents of evolution realize their big mistake and have had to accept everything as the result of creation. The fact of creation is everywhere we look. God has created such a perfect universe that every new discovery, every new scientific detail encountered, reveals His absolute presence. All these things in nature are the incomparable works of God, the Creator. Anyone who sees and appreciates this will have comprehended the greatest secret in the universe, and will understand the reason for his own creation and that of other human beings. And with every new evidence he sees, he will draw closer to God.

Anyone who denies this truth, in the face of all the evidence, will waste his energies in this world and be rewarded with terrible suffering in the Hereafter. God reveals this in a verse:


Those who respond to their Lord will receive the best. But as for those who do not respond to Him, even if they owned everything on the Earth and the same again with it, they would offer it as a ransom. They will receive an evil Reckoning. Their shelter will be Hell. What an evil resting-place! (Surat ar-Ra'd, 18)


They said "Glory be to You!
We have no knowledge except what You have taught us.
You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise."
(Surat al-Baqara: 32)



127 Bilim ve Teknik Dergisi ("Journal of Science and Technics"), Tubitak Yayinlari, February 1998, vol. 363, p. 67.lam

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