The Secret Beyond Matter

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The religion brought by Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is a revealed religion believing in God as the One and Only. However, the message brought by him was gradually diverted from its essence after he was raised to God's presence, thereby becoming a new religion based on such mistaken beliefs as the trinity and the atonement of sins.  This belief was then portrayed as an absolute law that had to be accepted without thinking, questioning, or researching.

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However, many people now openly question belief in the trinity accepted "by majority vote" at the various historical councils. In the past, such people were hauled before the courts of the Inquisition and sentenced to death. Such questioning is now no longer a crime. The belief in the trinity, which went unquestioned—and unquestionable—for centuries, appears nowhere in Christian scriptures. In fact, it entered Christianity three centuries after Prophet Jesus (pbuh) had begun to be spoken about in different parts of the Mediterranean world. Various theologians, writers, and researchers, some of whom have been mentioned in this book, are now informing people of these facts, and independent churches that reject trinitarian belief are preaching the truth about this belief all over the world. There is an important reason why this trend has gathered speed in recent years: The time when Christianity will rid itself of its mistaken beliefs and return to its true essence is fast approaching.

The End Times, in which we are now living, is a very special period filled with good news for believers. That is because our Lord has imparted the glad tidings that after 2,000 years, He will send Prophet Jesus (pbuh) back to Earth during this period. This is particularly important for Christians, because only Prophet Jesus (pbuh) can return Christianity to its true essence. Through his efforts, Christianity will become true Christianity, and his followers true Christians.

The second coming of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is revealed with various signs or portents in the verses of the Qur'an. The deeds that he will perform after his return, as well as various features of that time, are also related in many hadiths of our Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace). One of them is: I swear that Jesus (pbuh) the son of Mary will come down, and will descend as a just judge and a just ruler (Sahih Muslim). According to the hadiths, Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will return, restore Christianity, eliminate all atheistic ideologies as a just ruler, and then turn people in the direction of living by religious moral values. This, in turn, will bring people great material and spiritual peace and comfort. All conflict and fighting will come to an end, and all disagreements will be resolved peacefully. Security will replace restlessness and fear, the source of moral corruption. Justice will prevail throughout the world, and all people, wherever they may go, will find beauty, wealth, and abundance.

Like all believers, we hope that our Lord will grant us the honor of welcoming Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and allow us, before he comes, to make the finest preparations to greet him. We hope that our Christian brothers and sisters will rejoice at the glad tidings imparted by the New Testament: …This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven (Acts, 1:11), see the error of trinitarianism, and turn to God alone.


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