The Secret Beyond Matter

The Intellectual Struggle Against Darwinism


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What Kind of Danger Does Darwinism Pose?

Darwinism, maintaining that all life and the universe are the work of blind chance, is the most dangerous ideology facing us today. It has served as the supposedly scientific foundation for all the damaging movements based on ideological concerns—particularly materialism, communism and fascism—that have wreaked such terrible harm on mankind for the last 150 years.

However, people with an insufficient knowledge of Darwinism or who fail to reflect sufficiently deeply on its materialist ideology may still be unaware of the danger that it poses. Since they are not aware of what terrible social and moral disasters the theory of evolution has led to since it was first put forward, they may be unable to comprehend the vital importance of the intellectual struggle against Darwinism, which denies the existence and oneness of God and the fact that human beings have a responsibility towards our Lord.

The fact is, though, that Darwinist ideology prepares the groundwork for terrible ruin by suggesting that human beings are the products of blind chance and merely a species of animal. It regards life as a battleground wherein the weak are condemned to oppression and defeat, and claims that only the strong will survive. That is why the intellectual struggle against Darwinism is so vital and urgent—and why it is a grave error to seek to depict this struggle as "unnecessary" or "unimportant."

Religious moral values bestow virtues such as love, affection, compassion and understanding. Darwinism, on the other hand, encourages irresponsibility and ruthlessness. Darwinist indoctrination leads to the formation of pitiless, selfish, self-directed individuals, far removed from feelings of sympathy for their fellow human beings.

Anyone who wishes to understand the importance of the intellectual struggle against Darwinism should examine the claim with which the theory emerged, its origins and the terrible damage it has inflicted over the last 150 years. This enquiry will show not only that the theory of evolution can never be reconciled with belief in God, but that it's totally impossible to find a middle way between belief in God and the theory of evolution. The reason for this lies in Darwinism's materialist, atheist origins.

When we examine the negative effects on social life that Darwinism led to, two completely different periods of history become immediately clear: pre-Darwinism and post-Darwinism. In pre-Darwinism, materialist ideology was weak, not generally supported by society as a whole. Its influence was restricted to a few small, minority groups. Most individuals attached great importance to moral values based on fear and love of God. Most people responded to the question of "How did Man and the universe come into being?" with the  answer that "God created them." Most of society greeted materialist and atheistic views with hostility, because they had no theory with which to back up their denial.


The theory of evolution was put forward as a supposedly scientific foundation for materialism and—despite the fact that it was devoid of any element of truth— was depicted as a theory that accounted for the emergence of life. People were indoctrinated by such wide-ranging propaganda techniques as fake evidence, deception, fraud, forgeries, distortions, sleight of hand and demagoguery. As a result, evolution began to receive general acceptance.

The support that Darwinism provided for atheism, first in Britain and then in all of Europe and America, is described by Professor Alister McGrath of Oxford University: "There is no doubt that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution caused the smouldering crisis of faith in Victorian England to burst into flames. If any scientific development can be said to have converted the Western world to atheism is the theory originated by the book Origin of Species and subsequently developed by Darwin ..."16

1. The cover story of Newsweek magazine's 12 February, 2001 issue discussed addiction and emphasized that it has become a major problem in many countries.

2. A Time magazine report entitled "Lost Generation" emphasized the moral degeneration among today's young people.

Darwinist indoctrination lies behind the increasing moral degeneration and rising crime rate, particularly among the younger generation. It is inconsistent to constantly tell young people that conflict is supposedly a law of nature, they are a species of animal, that they are worthless and have no purpose, and then to wonder why they behave in unlawful ways. Moral degeneration can be halted only by putting an end to Darwinist indoctrination and communicating religious moral values.

As the sections that follow shall detail, the theory of evolution, though discredited by science, is still highly influential in many parts of the world today, especially in Russia, China and some European countries, and still causes people to turn aside from religious moral values.

Due to Darwinism's irrational and unscientific indoctrination, children from a very early age are led down a path that will often end in suffering and oppression. The world's schools, high schools and universities deceived young people into thinking  that Man is an advanced species of animal, that the law of the jungle reigns even in civilized communities, that the strong are always in the right and will oppress the weak, and that life is a struggle for survival. This, understandably, causes major problems for the societies in which they grow up. The Darwinist system raises generations far removed from human love, who are cruel, aggressive and selfish and attach no importance to moral values. As a result, many countries suffer major problems from the hands of their own citizens. Hooligans, neo-Nazis, fascists, communists, anarchists and terrorists make these nations unbearable to live in. Although their governments are perfectly well aware of the root of this problem, they lack the power to put matters right.

What needs to be done is to eliminate the root of the problem—in other words, to intellectually neutralize Darwinism. Many events have shown that by themselves, judicial and military measures are not sufficient. Pruning back nettles does not do away with nettles altogether. They merely grow back stronger and thicker. The solution lies in uprooting them entirely. Darwinist indoctrination lies at the root of the moral and social problems facing a great many societies today, and no permanent solution can be achieved until the error of this Darwinist indoctrination is brought into the light of day.

When the Darwinist falsehood that "Nature is a sphere of struggle and conflict" is taken seriously by societies, the result is suffering, blood and tears.

Darwinism Lies at the Heart of Savage Ideologies

Those who look for a supposed middle way between Darwinism and Islam, who imagine that they can Islamicize this theory, ignore the harm it inflicts on mankind. They ignore the fact that savage ideologies such as fascism and communism have drawn their justification from Darwinism. Yet when we examine the wars, conflicts, anarchy and chaos experienced in the 20th century, we invariably confront Darwinism behind them.

Soon after it was proposed, the theory of evolution broke out of the fields of biology and palaeontology and began influencing a great many areas, from human relationships to the interpretation of history, and from politics to social life. When the Darwinist falsehood that "Nature is a place of struggle and conflict" was applied to human society, then all sorts of twisted ideas assumed an allegedly scientific guise: Hitler's establishment of a "master race," Marx's perceiving the history of mankind as the history of class conflict, capitalism's expectation of the strong oppressing the weak, imperialist nations' ruthless exploitation and inhuman treatment of Third World countries, and the racist attacks and discrimination inflicted on people of color… Those who regarded human beings as a more advanced species of animal had no hesitation about treading on the weak in one way or another, eliminating the sick and feeble or carrying out "ethnic cleansing" to do away with races they regarded as inferior. Their theory, which had now assumed a scientific mask, told them that such actions obeyed a "law of nature."

The Darwinist Foundations of Fascism

This Philosophy was he Intellectual Starting Point of Fascism, Because:

Darwinism's influence on Hitler is evident from his book Mein Kampf ["My Struggle"].

1)  Darwinism endowed racism with a supposed legitimacy. It proposed the lie that the European white race was superior to other races such as Asiatics, blacks and Turks. By that justification, it claimed that the superior race could rule the weaker by whatever means.

2)  Darwinism supposedly justified bloodshed. It claimed that throughout nature, there was a "fight to the death for survival"; that human individuals and races also engaged in this; and that it was natural for both the race and the individual to "eliminate" others in their own interests.

Nazism was one of Darwinism's darkest manifestations. Hitler believed that the Aryan race, as embodied in the German nation, was superior to all other races and had been destined to rule over them. He dreamed of a 1,000-year world empire or "Thousand-Year Reich" soon to be constructed by the Aryan race.

His supposed scientific basis for these racist theories was Darwin's theory of evolution. As he stated in his book Mein Kampf, he had been inspired by the very "struggle for survival" that Darwin imagined to exist in nature. Just as Darwin had, Hitler attributed ape-like status to non-European races and wrote, "Take away the North German Europeans from the history of mankind, and nothing remains but a monkey dance."17

At the 1933 Nuremberg party rally, Hitler proclaimed that "Higher race subjects a lower race to itself… a right which we see in nature and which can be regarded as the sole conceivable right…"18 Believing in the Aryans' alleged superiority, Hitler claimed that superiority had been imparted by nature. That was the Nazi movement's ultimate objective, and their first step to achieving it was to separate inferior races from the Aryan "master race," and isolate them. At this point, the Nazis moved to implementing the theory of eugenics, which again had its roots in Darwinism.

Darwinism Approves and Confirms Eugenic Slaughter

Eugenics—which mustered a large number of supporters in the first half of the 20th century—called for "improving" a race by means of the removal of the sick and handicapped and increasing the numbers of strong, healthy individuals. According to the theory of eugenics' perverted teachings, in the same way that animal breeds could be improved by mating superior specimens, so could the human race. As one might expect, it was Darwinists who came up with the concept. Charles Darwin's nephew, Francis Galton, and his son Leonard Darwin were the leaders of the eugenics movement in Britain. The idea was clearly a natural consequence of Darwinism, as was especially emphasized in publications supporting the concept, which said, "Eugenics is mankind's directing its own evolution." The first person to adopt and spread eugenics in Germany was the evolutionist and biologist Ernst Haeckel, a close friend and supporter of Darwin. He recommended the immediate killing of handicapped newborn babies, suggesting that this would accelerate society's "evolution." He went even further in his cruel attitude, maintaining that lepers, cancer sufferers and the mentally handicapped should also be killed, lest these people pose a burden on society and slow down its "evolution."

Haeckel died in 1919, but the Nazis inherited his ideas. Shortly after coming to power, Hitler initiated an official policy of eugenics, which he summarized in these words:

Scientists who had undergone Darwinist indoctrination set out imaginary criteria by measuring human skulls. They later used these measurements to describe certain people as supposedly "less advanced" and took that as an excuse to inflict unbelievable suffering on them.

In the popular state, the education of the mind and the body will play an important role, but human selection is just as important… The state has the responsibility of declaring as unfit for reproductive purposes anyone who is obviously ill or genetically unsound ... and must carry through with this responsibility ruthlessly, without respect to understanding or lack of understanding on the part of anyone … Stopping reproduction of the bodily degenerate or psychically ill for a period of only 600 years would lead… to an improvement in human health that can hardly be envisaged today. If the fertility of the healthiest members of the race were realized and planned, the result would be a race that… would have lost the seeds of bodily and spiritual decay which we now carry.19

As a requirement of Hitler's ruthless policy, the mentally handicapped, the crippled, people born blind and with inherited diseases were rounded up into special "sterilization centers." These people were regarded as parasites impairing the purity and progress of the German race. Indeed, these people separated from society as a whole began being killed shortly afterwards, on the basis of a secret order from Hitler.

The true cause of the countless disasters inflicted on the 20th century was the ruthless nature of such atheists as Hitler's Nazis followers. These people denied the existence of God and believed the lie that human beings were animals who had progressed by evolving. They regarded themselves as unfettered individuals with responsibility to no one. Since they had no fear of God and the Hereafter, their immorality and cruelty knew no bounds in their ruthless slaughter of millions.

The Darwinist Slaughter Perpetrated by the Fascist Mussolini

The support the theory of evolution gave fascism was not limited to Hitler's Germany. Hitler's contemporary and ally Benito Mussolini relied on Darwinism in forming his policies, using of the same concepts and claims in order to set Italy on imperialist foundations. Mussolini was a thorough Darwinist, who believed that violence had been a propelling force in history and that war led to revolution. For him, "the reluctance of England to engage in war only proved the evolutionary decadence of the British Empire."20

Mussolini's warlike, aggressive and oppressive policies led to the slaughter of large numbers of people, to their being left homeless and alone, and to the ruin of nations. He founded quasi-military units known as the Blackshirts who carried all kinds of violent, and despotic acts, and applied violence and oppression in other countries as well as his own. He occupied Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) in 1935, and had slaughtered 15,000 people by 1941. He was not slow to portray the invasion of Abyssinia as justified according to Darwinism's racist views. According to Mussolini's perspective, the Abyssinians were inferior because they were black, and they should have seen it as an honor to be ruled by such a superior race as the Italians. The oppression inflicted on Muslims began with the invasion of Libya on 3 October 1911, and attacks against them even gained pace. The occupation of Libya only came to an end after Mussolini's death, with an agreement signed on 10 February 1947. Before that time, 1.5 million Muslims were ruthlessly slaughtered and hundreds of thousands injured.

As can be seen from these examples, Hitler's and Mussolini's fascism regarded the strong and oppressive as in the right. Brute force, violence, war and aggression were the only ways to progress— an implementation of Darwin's lie that the strong survive, the weak die, and there has to be a struggle to the death for survival that led to the oppression of millions.

World War II, in Which Millions Died, Originated in Darwinism

Inspired by Darwinism, fascist ideologues regarded war as a necessity. Based on that claim, they inflicted numerous sufferings on both their own peoples and on other peoples of the world, and initiated World War II. Given their point of view, it's completely accurate to say that Charles Darwin was one of those chiefly responsible for the suffering experienced during the World War II. Dr. Jerry Bergman has made this analysis of Darwinism's influence:

The evidence is very clear that Darwinian ideas had a tremendous impact on German thought and practice… In fact, Darwinian ideas had a tremendous influence on causing World War II, the loss of 40 million lives, and the waste of about 6 trillion  dollars. Firmly convinced that evolution was true, Hitler saw himself as the modern savior of mankind… By breeding a superior race, the world would look upon him as the man who pulled humanity up to a higher level of evolution.21

Of course, there had been countless wars before Darwin ever proposed his theory. But under the influence of the theory of evolution, war was for the first time legitimated and supported by science. In an article titled "The Philosophy and Morals of War," which elicited a huge reaction in America, Max Nordau stressed Darwin's negative role  on the subject of war:

The greatest authority of all the advocates of war is Darwin. Since the theory of evolution has been promulgated, they can cover their natural barbarism with the name of Darwin and proclaim the sanguinary instincts of their inmost hearts as the last word of science.22

Darwinism led the way for all the ideas that would result in war and its supposed scientific foundations. Despots who viewed war as an indispensable condition for human progress caused the slaughter of millions. Historians, sociologists and even evolutionists themselves, openly express the savagery for which Darwinism laid the foundations. It is obviously a grave error to try to reconcile Darwinism with Islam, the religion of peace, love and tolerance. Muslims must scrupulously avoid such a mistake and must have no hesitations about waging an intellectual struggle against Darwinism, an ideology that legitimizes the ruthless slaughter of innocents.

In the 19th century, Charles Darwin put forward the false claim that life was not created, but emerged by chance and that Man was merely the most highly developed mammal—and had emerged by chance from an imaginary ancestry shared with other animals. But  most people of his day could not foresee the consequences this would have. In the 20th century, however, terrible suffering resulted from Darwin's claims. Those who regarded other human beings as merely advanced animals had no hesitation in eliminating others to advance themselves, eliminating the sick and handicapped, and trying to eradicate races they regarded as inferior.

Present-Day Exponents of Darwinism: Neo-Nazis

Fascist leaders like Hitler and Mussolini and the organizations loyal to them (the SA, SS and Gestapo, or Mussolini's Blackshirts) have vanished from the stage of history. But neo-fascist groups that follow their ideology are still active today. In recent years, especially racist and fascist movements have re-arisen in various European countries. Heading the list are the neo-Nazis in Germany— unemployed street youths, drug addicts and people with violence in their hearts, bearing all the traits of the fascist character.

Just like Hitler and the original Nazis, the neo-Nazis have adopted a Darwinist mentality. Their websites, prepared with the aim of spreading racist propaganda, contain quotes from and praise of Darwin. Their web pages portray Darwinism as a theory that must be accepted.

These groups, the successors of Darwin and fascists such as Hitler, are still continuing to attack and kill. Judicial measures alone are insufficient to restrain these inhuman groups. The one sure way of putting an end to their barbarity is waging a serious intellectual struggle alongside law-and-order measures. So long as these people regard racism as a law of nature and are not defeated on the plane of ideas, there will be no end to their savagery.

1. Daily Türkiye, 10 August 2005, "Savagery in Berlin, 8 dead, including 5 children"
2. Daily Akşam, 05 July 2005, "Anti-Turkish Neo-Nazi Summit"
3. Daily Gözcü, 05 July 2005, "Skinhead nazis increasingly hostile to Turks: A disgusting campaign!"
4. Daily Milliyet, 24 October 2004, "Neo-Nazis spread violence"

Darwinism is a State Policy for Communist Leaders

The Origin of Species

Communism, without doubt the most harmful ideology of the 20th century, was founded by two German philosophers, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Reaching its historic peak in the 19th century, it shed far more blood worldwide than the genocides of the Nazis and imperialist states. It massacred innocents, spreading violence, fear and despair. No matter if communism is regarded as having collapsed in 1991, it has left its wreckage behind. The darkness of communism and Marxism, and the materialist philosophy that averts people from religious moral values continue to influence those societies where communism once reigned supreme.

This ideology, which spread terror across the world in the 20th century, actually embodied an idea that's been around since ancient times—materialist philosophy, which regarded matter as the sole absolute. Communism, building on that philosophy, entered the world agenda in the 19th century. Marx and Engels, communism's intellectual fathers, sought to describe materialist philosophy by means of a new method known as "dialectics," the assumption that all progress in the universe was obtained as the result of conflict. Based on that hypothesis, Marx and Engels attempted to interpret all of world history. Marx claimed that the history of mankind was one of conflict, that the present conflict was that taking place between workers and capitalists, and that the workers would soon rise up and carry out a communist revolution.

The earliest founders of communism, like all materialists, harbored a deep hostility towards belief in God. Marx and Engels, both dyed-in-the-wool atheists, thought that for communism to succeed, it was essential for religious faith to be eradicated. However, Marx and Engels were lacking one element; they needed to give their ideology a scientific appearance in order to influence wide masses of people. At that point was born the deadly alliance that led to so much suffering, chaos, mass slaughter, and fighting and separatism that erupted in the 20th century. The main claims proposed by Darwin in his book The Origin of Species were just what Marx and Engels were looking for. Darwin maintained that living things emerged as the result of a "fight for life"— in other words, through a "dialectical conflict." Furthermore, he had rejected religious beliefs by rejecting creation. This was an opportunity that Marx and Engels couldn't miss.

So great was Darwinism's importance to communism that as soon as Darwin's book was first published, Engels wrote to Marx, "Darwin, whom I am just now reading, is splendid."23 In his reply on 19 December, 1860, Marx wrote, "This book contains the basis in nature for our view."24 On 16 January 1861, in a letter to another socialist, his friend Ferdinand Lassalle, Marx wrote, "Darwin's work is most important and suits my purpose in that it provides a basis in natural science for the historical class struggle"25 again emphasizing Darwinism's importance  for communism.

Marx demonstrated his admiration towards Darwin by dedicating his most important work, Das Kapital, to him. He penned these words in the German edition of the book: "To Charles Darwin, from Karl Marx, a true admirer."26

Engels expressed his admiration for Darwin elsewhere: "Nature operates not as metaphysics, but as dialectic. In that regard, the name of Charles Darwin must be remembered above all others."27

Engels praised Darwin in a manner comparable to Marx, saying, "In the same way that Darwin discovered the universal law in organic nature, so Marx discovered the universal law in the history of mankind."28 The connection between Darwinism and Marxism is a fact accepted by everyone today. Even in biographies of Marx, this connection is emphasized. One biography of him describes the link in these terms: "Darwinism presented a whole string of truths supporting Marxism and proving and developing the truth of it. The spread of Darwinist evolutionary ideas created a fertile ground for Marxist ideas as a whole to be taken on board by the working class… Marx, Engels, and Lenin attached great value to the ideas of Darwin and pointed to their scientific importance, and in this way the spread of these ideas was accelerated."29

Communist ideology, which caused so much bloodshed over the last century or so, was always closely linked to Darwinism. Even today, communists are among the main proponents of Darwinism. When one examines the most determined adherents of Darwinism in almost any nation, one inevitably sees Marxists at the forefront. That is because--as Karl Marx said--the theory of evolution represents the basis of communist ideology and provides significant, albeit false, "scientific" backing for communist atheism.

Mao, one of the bloodiest murderers in history, was also a confirmed Darwinist. As a result of Mao's commands, some 10 million people were killed directly, while another 20 million who refused to obey him died in prisons. Mao describes the philosophical basis on which he built this order this way: "The foundation of Chinese socialism rests upon Darwin and the Theory of Evolution."30

Being a Marxist and an atheist and a firm believer in evolutionism himself, Mao mandated that the reading material used in this early day 'Great Leap Forward' in literacy would be the writings of Charles Darwin and other materials supportive of the evolution paradigm.31 When the Chinese communists seized power in the 1950s, they adopted the theory of evolution as the foundation of their ideology. But in fact, Chinese intellectuals had already adopted it long before that: "During the 19th century, the West regarded China as a sleeping giant, isolated and mired in ancient traditions. Few Europeans realized how avidly Chinese intellectuals seized on Darwinian evolutionary ideas and saw in them a hopeful impetus for progress and change. According to the Chinese writer Hu Shih, when Thomas Huxley's book Evolution and Ethics was published in 1898, it was immediately acclaimed and accepted by Chinese intellectuals. Rich men sponsored cheap Chinese editions so they could be widely distributed to the masses."32

All these facts go to underscore the enormous error made by those who exhibit a passive and defeatist attitude in the face of Darwinism and either ignore or underestimate the intellectual struggle against this perverted theory. Those who imagine Darwinism as harmless must not forget that they are faced with a theory that all Marxist ideologists fiercely supported, the cornerstone of communist ideology. The easiest way for those who try to reconcile Islam with the theory of evolution, constantly espoused by Marxist, Leninist and Maoist publications and referred to by such leaders, to see how seriously they have been misled is to keep their eyes open to the true face of the theory.

Darwinist Communism's Cost in Human Suffering

Terrorists who adopted the Darwinist-materialist worldview sought shelter up in the mountains, like the animals they imagined their "primitive" forerunners to have been, and lived in caves under squalid conditions. They were quite capable of murdering babies, the elderly and the innocent without a moment's thought. Since they did not regard themselves or other humans as beings with a soul, mind, conscience and understanding created by God, they treated them—and one another—just like animals. The resulting cost in suffering is summarized as follows in The Black Book of Communism:

International Communist Movement and communist parties not in power: around 10,000 dead
Latin America: 150,000 dead
Eastern Europe: 1 million dead
Vietnam:    1 million dead
Afghanistan: 1.5 million dead
Africa: 1.7 million dead
Cambodia: 2 million dead
North Korea: 2 million dead
USSR: 20 million dead
China: 65 million dead
The total of dead approaches 100 million.33


Latin America: 150,000 dead
Eastern Europe: 1 million dead
Vietnam:    1 million dead

Afghanistan: 1.5 million dead
Africa: 1.7 million dead
Cambodia: 2 million dead

North Korea: 2 million dead
USSR: 20 million dead
China: 65 million dead

Communism and materialism's hostility toward religion revealed itself in its full intensity during and after the Bolshevik Revolution. Stalin ordered dozens of churches and mosques torn down, a sign of communism's hatred of religion. Although the great majority of the Russian population was religious, they were prevented from fulfilling their observances. The tradition of a common holiday on Sundays, when Christians attend church, was abandoned. Everyone was to work for five days, resting on any of the other days of the week. By 1936, 65% of the mosques and 70% of the churches had been demolished. In 1967, Enver Hodja, the communist leader of Albania who was renowned for his atheism, declared Albania to be the world's first religion-free state.

Clergymen were arrested for no reason, and some were killed while in detention. In 1948 two bishops and 5,000 clergy were executed. Muslims were being murdered in the same way. The country's daily Nendori announced that a total of 2,169 mosques and churches, 327 of them Catholic places of worship, had been closed.

Today, dialectical materialism and communism may seem to have collapsed. Yet that is misleading, because in a cunning manner, the same ideology is continuing its activities under different names in a great many countries of the world, and is even organizing terrorist actions in Turkey. Materialism is active in secret, and rational people of good conscience must not relax their guard. The intellectual struggle against these dangerous ideologies and against their foundation, Darwinism, is essential.

Darwinism Produces Followers who Regard Savagery as Justified

Both communism and fascism are enemies of mankind. They order their adherents to burn and destroy, to inflict fear, doubt, alarm and savagery on others, to attack the military and police forces in their own countries, and to kill without batting an eye. In both fascist and communist systems, a common mindset prevails: Such human emotions as compassion, sympathy and conscience are entirely eliminated. Society is turned into an arena where wild animals fight to live and survive. Just as a wild animal will fight to the death members of its own species to obtain food and territory, so human beings are expected to behave in exact the same way. Charles Darwin's dogma teaches them that they are essentially animals, who need to fight for survival in the same way that animals do.

In his book Evolution for Naturalists, P. J. Darlington, himself an evolutionist, admits that savagery is a natural consequence of the theory of evolution and that even this belief needs to be regarded as perfectly legitimate: "The first point is that selfishness and violent are inherent in us, inherited from our remotest animal ancestors… Violence is, then, natural to man, a product of evolution."34

As can be seen from his admission, for evolutionists who accept ideologies that have adopted Darwin's theory as their guide, it is perfectly natural to perceive other humans as animals, to treat them in an appropriate manner, and to oppress them generally. By approving Darwinist ideology, such a person forgets that we have a Creator, his purpose on Earth and that in the Hereafter, he will have to account for his deeds in this world in the presence of God. As a result, like all others who have lost their fear of God, he becomes selfish, ruthless and oppressive, thinking solely of his own advantage, and perhaps even a cold-blooded killer.

For the last 150 years, certain Western nations have raised their young people with Darwinist and materialist ideology, producing aggressive and ruthless young people known as "communists" or "fascists" or "neo-Nazis." They then attempt to prevent these crime machines of their own making from shedding blood and becoming hostile to the state. These countries' gravest error is first, to create these criminal types through Darwinist education and then desperately hunt for some way to rein them in.

But what actually needs to be done is obvious: Darwinism needs to be eradicated by means of a war of ideas. The way to do this is to abandon Darwinist education and to explain to people that they are not irresponsible animals but individuals created by God, possessed of souls, who will have to account for their actions in the Hereafter.

With the intellectual eradication of Darwinism and the harmful ideologies it supports, just one single truth will remain: the fact that God created the universe and all human beings. People realizing this will sincerely turn towards religion. As people turn to religious moral values, the suffering, troubles, slaughter, catastrophes, injustices in the world will come to an end, and be replaced by enlightenment, well-being, wealth, abundance, health and plenty. In order for that to happen, all superstition and dangerous ideas must be intellectually demolished and replaced by true ideas that will bring goodness to mankind. Responding to fire with fire, to aggression with still more aggression, is no solution. The solution is to defeat the ideas held by those who act that way and to patiently and gently explain to them the one Truth that needs to replace them.

Those are mistaken who imagine that conflict, anarchy, terror, revolt, chaos, violence, ruthlessness and the oppression of the weak are inevitable. What is natural for human beings is a climate of peace, security, trust, brotherhood, friendship, honesty, tolerance, love, affection, understanding and respect. This can only be ensured by the sovereignty of religious moral values and the intellectual elimination of Darwinism.

Darwinist View of Life Results in Moral Degeneration

Those who underestimate or ignore Darwinism's effects are also unaware of the reasons why people abandon religious moral values in favor of atheism. But no doubt that the worst catastrophe Darwinism inflicts is how it leads people to atheism. In any society that turns its back on religious moral values, a moral and spiritual collapse soon follows. Examples of this can be seen throughout societies today.

Today, the numbers of those who consciously support Darwinism are not large. However, this minority shapes social life in just about all spheres and has the means to indoctrinate large masses of others with their own world views. For example, the most university teachers, many cinema directors, and the editors of world-famous publishing houses, newspapers and magazines are predominantly materialists and/or Darwinists. Therefore, the audiences they address get taken in by their indoctrination and adopt evolutionary ideas incompatible with religion. As a result, these atheistic ideas enjoy widespread acceptance.

This widespread dominion that Darwinists enjoy has a very powerful and literally "hypnotic" effect over society. Young people in particular are easily deceived by new ideas—in this case, Darwinist and materialist indoctrination. It is a simple matter to shape young people's view of the world through the books and magazines they read, the films they watch, the plays they see or the music videos and song lyrics they listen to—as well as, most importantly of all, the education they receive. In fact, this intense Darwinist propaganda is the reason why people for the last 150 years have believed the theory of evolution to be scientific fact, despite all its deceptions and lack of scientific credibility.

Another point to emphasize is that atheist propaganda is seldom carried out openly these days. Atheist and materialist circles mock religious matters or piety with well-known celebrities. They employ terms disrespectful of God, destiny and religion in song lyrics, novels, films, newspaper headlines and jokes (surely God is beyond that). And these are only a few examples of their covert methods.

Subjects related to Darwinism, on the other hand, are the tools that atheist propaganda employs most frequently. The lie that our forerunners were apes is frequently repeated in even the most irrelevant contexts. When it comes to analyzing human psychology, evolutionist claims are even stated "between the lines'—by implication. Thus even if they claim to believe in God and religion when asked, the result is still communities who take religion, the Hereafter and moral responsibilities very lightly (surely God is beyond this), who fail to reflect properly, who lack any fear of God and do not truly believe in Him. People with no fear of God or faith in Him, know no bounds in any matter and start behaving like the animals they imagine to have been their forebears. One cannot expect people with no fear of God to maintain the bounds He has set, because they imagine that no such bounds exist. They may engage in all forms of immorality so long as they keep it hidden from other's gaze.

Indeed, the present day is seeing the increasing spread of a mentality—among young people and certain sections of society in particular—that exceeds these bounds and ignores moral values. This is the consequence of a turning away from religious morality as a result of Darwinist indoctrination. Those who imagine themselves unrestrained and accountable to no one exhibit more degenerate behavior with every passing day.

Adultery, which is very nearly praised and esteemed and even actually encouraged in some media, causes nobody to raise an eyebrow. Closer examination shows atheism at the heart of murder, prostitution, falsehoods and fraud, bribery and corruption —in short, of all forms of immoral behavior. The most effective method of spreading this atheism is repeated indoctrination with the Darwinist lie that Man emerged as the result of uncontrolled chance."

Ken Ham, author of The Lie: Evolution, draws attention to the irreligiousness to which Darwinism leads: "If you reject God and replace Him with another belief that puts chance, random processes in the place of God, there is no basis for right or wrong. Rules become whatever you want to make them. There are no absolutes–no principles that must be adhered to. People will write their own rules..."35  Some people may think that moral values can be preserved with the rules they themselves set, and that social order can thus be established. Yet this is not a correct diagnosis. Of course there must be laws and rules to make social order possible, and these help preserve moral values. However, these laws can be abided by fully and order acceptable to everyone be maintained, only through the moral virtues that a belief in God and the Day of Judgment brings with it. Theodious Dobzhansky is one of those Darwinists who admit that Darwinism prepares the foundations for moral degeneration. He describes how the idea of natural selection, the basis of Darwinism, weakens a society's moral values:

Natural selection can favor egotism, hedonism, cowardice instead of bravery, cheating and exploitation, while group ethics in virtually all societies tend to counteract or forbid such "natural" behavior, and to glorify their opposites: kindness, generosity, and even self-sacrifice for the good of others of one's tribe or nation and finally of mankind.36

1. Daily Cumhuriyet, 25 June 2003, "What Is Happening to the Youth of the World?"
2. Daily Cumhuriyet,17 April 2003, "Young People Must Have Gone Mad"

Dobzhansky draws our attention to a very significant fact: the Darwinist mindset can never accept proper moral virtues such as generosity, self-sacrifice, loyalty, faithfulness and helpfulness. Darwinism regards them as elements that retard the supposed evolutionary process. According to Darwinism, in order for the fictitious process of evolution to continue, people have to be ruthless, selfish, unloving and disloyal. Obviously it's impossible to speak of peace, security and stability in any society in which such an understanding receives wide acceptance. Careful examination soon reveals the deep havoc wrought by the Darwinist mentality. Societies are indoctrinated with the idea that people living with no bonds of mutual aid, self-sacrifice, love or respect, alienated from one another, are the result of a supposedly progressive civilization. The lie is constantly repeated that this selfishness needs to be tolerated if there is to be greater production and progress. In fact, however, this is the result not of progress and civilization, but of people lowering themselves to the level of animals. But human beings are entities created by God with a mind and consciousness, a conscience and a soul that distinguish them from all other living things. Under the spell of Darwinist-materialist morality, some forget these attributes and descend to the kind of superficiality, immorality, lack of conscience and awareness rarely to be seen even in animals. They then offer a supposedly scientific excuse for their lack of consciousness and will by saying, "We descended from animals, so these traits are our genetic inheritance."

Based on that distorted way of thinking, many Darwinist behavioral scientists claim that the reason why human beings commit crimes is the inheritance bequeathed to them from their animal forebears and still lodged in their "old" or "reptile brain." In his book Ever Since Darwin, the evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould reports this claim, which was first made by the Italian physician Cesare Lombroso:

Biological theories of criminality were scarcely new, but Lombroso gave the argument a novel, evolutionary twist. Born criminals are not simply deranged or diseased; they are, literally, throwbacks to a previous evolutionary stage. The hereditary characters of our primitive and apish ancestors remain in our genetic repertoire. Some unfortunate men are born with an unusually large number of these ancestral characters. Their behavior may have been appropriate in savage societies of the past; today, we brand it as criminal. We may pity the born criminal, for he cannot help himself….37


In other words, Darwinists maintain that such behavior as killing, the infliction of suffering, theft and conflict are all genetic inherited from our supposedly ape-like ancestors. Therefore, according to this groundless claim, a person's crimes are not attributable to him at all, and must be excused. As these irrational and illogical claims show, the Darwinist way of thinking totally disregards our human conscience, willpower and ability to make decisions and judgments, and regards Man as a mindless creature that behaves just like animals, according to instinct. This twisted concept maintains that if a savage lion cannot display virtuous behavior by restraining its inner aggression, overcoming its anger, and exhibiting patience and forgiveness, so will a human being inevitably behave in the same exact way. Obviously, any society that harbors such people will lack peace and security, and be in constant conflict and chaos.

According to his own twisted view, he should spend his time in this world in the same way as others—advanced animals like himself—after meeting certain basic needs, enjoying himself as much as possible and then waiting for death. This is a vision of life in the animal kingdom adapted to human beings. And on closer inspection, you can see how a great many people live these lives predicted by Darwinists, even if they remain unaware of the technical details of  Darwinism itself.

According to the errors of Darwinists and materialists, the entire universe—human beings included—is the product of a series of coincidences. As people are indoctrinated with this concept, they begin to imagine they are untrammeled and answerable to no one.  A person with no aims does not reflect or set out to improve himself. He is uncaring, mocking, insensitive, unable to use his conscience, recognizing no bounds or rules. He possesses no virtues or redeeming features. According to his own twisted view, he should spend his time in this world in the same way as others—advanced animals like himself—afte Societies that forget or ignore the fact that our Almighty Lord crea But such people fall prey to deep pessimism, depression and despair because they live aimless lives that must inevitably come to an end. Believing that with death, everything will vanish and be as nothing causes people to close in on themselves and become unhappy. One of the underlying causes of depression, psychological disturbances, and suicides are the negative impact of the Darwinist philosophy on people's minds.

1. Sabah, a Turkish Daily newspaper, 28 July 2001, "Let the Drugging Go Free!"
2. Vatan, a Turkish Daily newspaper, 17 January 2003, "Anarchy on the Rise!"
3. Akşam, a Turkish Daily newspaper, 27 May 2001, "Schoolboy Anarchists"
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Societies that forget or ignore the fact that our Almighty Lord created the entire universe out of nothing and has also created everything with a purpose inevitably condemn themselves to a moral and spiritual collapse. By themselves, wealth, well-being and economic prosperity cannot bring peace and security. When people do not obey their reasons and consciences, and regard themselves as aimless and purposeless, many things cause them to fall victim to unhappiness, and hopeless pessimism. For these people who imagine that they will come to nothing when they die, what matters most is the regret and despair they will feel upon seeing the Hereafter.

Yet anyone who believes in God and the existence of the Hereafter recognizes that true life lies in the Hereafter, not in this world. He always feels the joy and hope of obtaining God's approval and the Paradise. He submits to God in all things and thus never falls victim to hopelessness or pessimism.

As we have seen, it is absolutely impossible for Darwinism's world view to be reconciled with Islamic moral values, for the two to be combined, or for there to exist any middle ground between them. They are diametrically opposed to one another. The moral values advised by Islam are rejected by Darwinist ethics. Love, affection, compassion, sharing, solidarity, helping the needy and self-sacrifice—virtues that form the very foundation of Islamic moral values—are regarded as weaknesses in Darwinism. Therefore, those who try to depict Darwinism as something innocent that can be reconciled with Islam need to think again and abandon their weak, helpless and passive attitude. The evolutionary propaganda they see in newspaper reports, magazine articles and on television programs have a meaning way beyond being work supposedly carried out "in the name of science." Every task performed in favor of Darwinism is as a deadly poisoned arrow directed at the minds of people ignorant on this subject. It is of vital importance to prevent this poisonous propaganda, realize the scale of the danger it poses, and lose no time in the intellectual struggle against the threat.

Terror Finds the Scope to Exist through Darwinism

In recent years, terrorism has become a danger facing the most advanced countries in the world. No country is now safe from the threat of terrorist attacks. Precautionary measures, new laws and increased security precautions are a long way from eliminating the threat. By now, everyone is aware what a huge danger terrorism represents, yet most are unaware that Darwinism is actually this scourge's ideological foundation. The lie that "Man is a fighting animal" inculcated into people's subconscious minds has an obviously major effect. Darwinism sets out for people a "world view" and "method", whose basic concept is "Conflict with anyone who is not of one's own group."

Throughout the world, there are various beliefs, worldviews and philosophies that may respect the existence of others not like themselves, seek to establish dialogue with them and to follow a "humane" path. Or else they may choose the path of conflict and try to secure an advantage for their own philosophy by damaging others not like themselves, in other words, to behave like animals.

The spread of terrorism in the world is the result of the second path. To combat terrorism, therefore, what needs to be done is to eliminate its fundamental basis: to engage in an intellectual struggle against Darwinism. Once Darwinism on the intellectual plane has been eliminated, terrorist organizations will collapse, because no scientific foundation remains to them. And the scourge of terror will finally come to an end.

1. Ortadoğu, a Turkish daily newspaper, 16 August 2005 "Young People Snared by Terror"
2. Akşam, a Turkish daily newspaper, 17 July 2005 "The World Is Living Cheek by Jowl with Terror"
3. Tercüman, a Turkish daily newspaper, 3 October 2004 "Terror Strikes Egypt"
4.Milliyet, a Turkish daily newspaper, 4 July 2005 "The Century of Terror"
5. Akşam, a Turkish daily newspaper, 10 September 2004 "Terror in Asia"

But so long as efforts are made to preserve Darwinism, and as long as people are indoctrinated with Darwinist ideas, it will be impossible to put an end to terror. Teaching Darwinism in schools, we cannot be surprised at young people who join terrorist organizations—because in order to become a terrorist, one must first believe that the other party is not fully human, that conflict is a law of nature, that killing and murder are therefore legitimized, and that one has no responsibility toward anyone else—in other words, one must accept Darwinism. It's meaningless to speak of love, tolerance, compassion or peace to anyone who was brought up for long years on the falsehoods that unconscious molecules combined to give rise to life, that they themselves are a species of animal, and that progress without conflict is impossible. Neither asking how he manages ruthlessly killing innocent people can do any good. It is pointless to expect such an individual to show any respect for others, to abide by the law, or to obey the state.

It bears repeating that those who have received a Darwinist, materialist education are behind the brutal killings, the oppression inflicted on their fellow humans, terror, separatism and hostility to religion and the state. It is essential, therefore, to put an end to Darwinist education, particularly in the West. The education system in most countries attach considerable importance to materialism and Darwinism and spend millions on teaching this to their young students. Then they later spend millions more to forestall terrorist events in their countries. In a country in which Darwinist-materialist principles are taught in schools and universities and where the Darwinist mindset is inculcated on the media, it is insincere to ask "To what can anarchy and terror be ascribed?" States that provide a Darwinist-materialist form of education and then later criticize the actions that result are behaving with grave inconsistency.

Turkish Daily Star, 11 July 2005 " Wave after Wave of Horror"

Ifthey sincerely wish to prevent terror, first they musthalt the Darwinist-materialist education that serves as the cornerstone of anarchy and terrorism and that supposedly justifies conflict and the "fight for life" in which the strong will be  victorious. If they spent those millions on teaching how materialism and Darwinism are ideas very far removed from being scientific, that they are full of nonsense and completely unrealistic, then the problem would resolve itself entirely.

The facts presented so far make it clear what a grave threat Darwinism poses. Those who nonetheless imagine, that Darwinism either represents no danger, or else is over and done with and who seek to disseminate these errors are—knowingly or unknowingly—helping the theory to grow and develop. When they spread that kind of information, society forms the view that there is no such danger. What follows as a result is an intellectual insensitivity to Darwinist propaganda, scientific fraud, and indoctrination; and precautions fail to be taken. On the other hand, proponents of the theory of evolution continue to make their own preparations, using their outdated information, and defend their theory strongly at every opportunity. They work hard to keep their theory alive, albeit by using with fraud and distortion.

All Muslims have an important responsibility to eliminate all ideas opposed to religious moral values and which deny the existence of God, and to use the truth in order to eradicate superstition. It would be a grave mistake to ignore this responsibility and seek to come to an "understanding" with the proponents of denial on some supposed common ground, to make concessions to the other side, or to surrender to their ideas. For that reason, certain Muslims who have been taken in by the evolution deception should reconsider the position they defend. For instance, it is not a Muslim's duty to seek to "Islamicize communism" in any society in which communism has taken hold. That dead end bears no positive fruits and which, on the contrary, will actually benefit communism. A Muslim's duty is to completely demolish communism as a philosophy, to tear it down intellectually and in its place, to reveal the truth of Islam. In the same way, a Muslim's duty in the face of Darwinism is not to seek to Islamicize it, but to undermine that great intellectual lie and replace it with the fact of creation.

1. Yeni Şafak, a Turkish Daily Newspaper, 8 July 2005, "Savagery in London"

All Muslims must therefore act out of that awareness and not ally themselves with the Darwinism that underlies all the atheistic philosophies on Earth. That being so, what they need to do is refuse to permit young people to be brainwashed anywhere at all—in educational institutions, books, in press or publishing organs, or on social platforms—but instead to direct them to reflect on the rationality foreseen by the Qur'an and now confirmed by science. Although this indoctrination has been around for 150 years, it is devoid of any scientific worth and easy to overcome.

To date, many sincere Muslims may have accepted the hypothesis of evolution, sought means of reconciling it with Islam, and have even actively supported this conjecture under various circumstances. Yet the moment a Muslim identifies his error, Islamic moral values require that he must immediately turn towards the true path. Supporting Darwin's hypothesis before one becomes aware of its destructive effect on society is by no means the same as supporting this superstitious belief even after learning of the harm it has wreaked over hundreds of years. After a person learns the facts, the proper and virtuous approach is to listen to the voice of his conscience and to go into action right away in supporting the intellectual struggle against this damaging ideology. If Muslims come together as one to wage an intellectual campaign against Darwinism, they will definitely produce results in a very short time, and this outdated theory will duly be consigned to the history books. Hopefully, certain Muslims who have mistakenly aligned themselves with Darwinism will not persist in their erroneous attitude and not close their eyes to the truth.

Darwinism's Harmful Influence Still Persists

As we have frequently emphasized earlier in this book, some of the faithful imagine that the concept of evolution is a thing of the past that receives no acceptance from modern science, so there is no reason for Muslims to worry over any dangers it poses. They therefore regard the revealing of the theory's frauds, its unscientific claims, and the terrible disasters it has wreaked on the world, as unimportant. They undervalue those engaged in the intellectual struggle against Darwinism, and dismiss their activities as unnecessary.
Yet these people are making a serious error, having closed their eyes to manifest truths. Contrary to what they imagine, the theory of evolution still attracts support from a wide cross-section of society, solely because of its ideological features. In many countries, Darwinists remain highly influential in the universities, the media and educational institutions. In addition, their influence is constantly on the rise. Although scientific facts have buried this theory and deprived it of all its foundations, there has been no weakening in their devotion to Darwinism. Evolution, which constitutes the supposed scientific basis of the materialist and atheist worldview, is still supported uninterruptedly by certain circles, no matter what the cost.

The fact that Darwinism is supported out of ideological concerns is described by the American professor Phillip Johnson, one of the scientists who criticizes the theory of evolution. In an article, he analyzes the claims made by the Marxist zoologist Richard Lewontin:

Darwinism is based on a priori commitment to materialism, not on a philosophically neutral assessment of the evidence. Separate the philosophy from science, and the proud tower collapses. When the public understands this clearly, Lewontin's Darwinism will start to move out of the science curriculum and into the department of intellectual history, where it can gather dust on the shelf next to Lewontin's Marxism.38

1. A Time magazine report titled "Armed and Dangerous" emphasised the violence in American schools.
2. A Newsweek magazine report described violent acts committed in an Arkansas high school.
3. A Newsweek magazine examined another school massacre. The two young people shown caused the deaths of 13 of their classmates.

Evolutionists have literally pressured the scientific world. Scientific publications constantly issue biased interpretations, in which, the theory of evolution is portrayed as established fact. The popular media, which has a great influence over a wide public, reports irrelevant findings and subjects as if they were new proofs of evolution. These reports distort the true facts, and mislead the public. The schools and universities of a great many countries support Darwinist academics, and make efforts to obstruct the careers of scientists who believe in God. Since they reject Darwinism, their books and articles do not get published, and they are inaccurately accused of "backwardness." If scientists in most Western countries want to pursue academic careers, they are obliged to turn a blind eye to Darwinist nonsense or even to support it against their will. Otherwise, it is very difficult to rise in one's academic career or even enjoy tenure in a university.

Professor of Biochemistry Michael Behe describes how materialism dominates the world of science and how science is presented: "So information about the universe works almost invariably passes through a rigid materialistic filter before it reaches to the general public."39

This attitude of Darwinists is also clearly described by the evolutionist Frank Harold in his book The Way of the Cell:

We should reject, as a matter of principle, the substitution of intelligent design for the dialogue and necessity; but we must concede that there are presently no detailed Darwinian accounts of the evolution of any biochemical system, only a variety of wishful speculations.40

Increasing violence in schools is a serious problem in European countries as well as in America. Darwinist indoctrination plays a major role in the way young people are turning increasingly towards violence. Schools teach children that human beings are supposedly animals and that it is a "law of nature" to be selfish and aggressive. No wonder students are able to kill their classmates or teachers without batting an eye. If Western societies genuinely wish to end violence in schools, they must renounce Darwinist education.

Harold admits that the theory of evolution cannot account for the emergence of life, although he still denies the existence of any Sublime Intelligence that created the order in the universe and living things—in other words, God. He says this would be a violation of his "principles." The principles he refers to are materialist ones, very common in the scientific world.

Phillip Johnson described how the theory of evolution is wielded as a weapon against religious belief:

The leaders of science see themselves as locked in a desperate battle against religious fundamentalists… Darwinism plays an indispensable role in the war against fundamentalism. For that reason, the scientific organizations are devoted to protecting Darwinism rather than testing it, and the rules of scientific investigation have been shaped to help them succeed.41

As Johnson states, evolutionist scientists have established a kind of dictatorship in academia and universities. They transform some universities into Darwinist training academies, producing students who imagine that materialist philosophy is science. They think that people with religious beliefs should not enjoy academic careers. One of the most prominent examples of this in Turkey, where the evolutionist Professor Ali Demirsoy makes clear the prejudiced evolutionist perspective by saying things along the lines of, "If a scientist believes in God in any way, he has no place at a university. I would expel a believer in God from university."

Most of the scientific world, especially institutions and academies where materialist thinking reigns, react very strongly when scientists produce scientific evidence for creation, though they never oppose any atheist or materialist propaganda. Phillip Johnson again describes the position:

The Academy makes no protest when Richard Dawkins (the Selfish Gene) uses the authority of science to promote atheism, or when Carl Sagan proclaimed in his Cosmos series that "the Cosmos is all there is, or ever was, or ever will be." On the contrary, the National Academy gave Sagan its Public Welfare medal."42 

Being unaware of these facts, some people of faith may perhaps look on the situation with mistaken optimism and therefore, not regard Darwinism as posing any threat. Yet with the support they receive from Darwinism, materialist and atheist circles are engaged in a serious campaign targeting religious moral values and believers. Muslims all over the world are exposed to pressure, oppression and policies of attrition from materialist and atheist circles. Because of this Darwinist dictatorship, Muslims are unable to live by their beliefs,  express their thoughts, or relate the true facts.

It's therefore a matter of urgency that Muslims who claim, "Darwinism does not pose a threat" remedy their error. At a time when the theory of evolution is waging a worldwide war of ideas against religious moral values, it's a grave mistake to regard Darwinism as harmless.

Darwinism is Still Deceiving People

Never forget that Darwinism is an organized, worldwide movement. The theory of evolution still enjoys very great public acceptance, especially in several countries of the European Union, Russia, China and many other nations, and the fact of creation is rejected. Universities all over the world regard the theory of evolution as the only valid one, and right from their primary-school years students are taught the theory of evolution as if it were a scientific fact. Mention of the fact of creation has been banned in some countries, and that is how matters have stood for many years.

Surveys carried out in European countries, especially France, Germany and Great Britain, have revealed that in those countries, the great majority of people regards the theory of evolution as a scientific fact. Taken in by evolutionary misrepresentation, they have turned away from faith in God and religious moral values.

In addition, according to a survey conducted by the scientific magazine Nature, the world of science rejects the existence of God more now than at any time in the past. A survey of members of the American National Academy of Sciences stated that only 7% believed in God, while 93% said they had no religious faith. In the face of these results, the well-known evolutionist biologist Ernst Mayr comments that they all have become atheists.43 

As already stated, this demonstrates the exact opposite of what some believers say. Darwinism still influences broad masses of people, and its view of life still dominates the scientific world. Not only is Darwinism not scientific, it is also one of the main reasons why people turn away from faith in God. Research published in Nature in 1914 put the number of people believing in God at 35.2%. In the 90 or so years since, a great majority of scientists have turned their backs on belief in God and have adopted a materialist, atheist mindset. The most important fact to be noted here is that this is the same period during which the theory of evolution came to rule the scientific world.44 

Lack of faith is also widespread in a number of the Asian countries that play a major role in the world economy. China heads the list, with 71% of its population describing themselves as agnostic or atheist.45 Various studies, books and articles have examined this state of affairs, particularly in European countries where there has been a turning-away from religious moral values. Europe's rejection of its Christian roots, the rapid abandonment of religious moral values, the strengthening of atheism, the weakening of devotion to the Church, the way that work opposed to Darwinism in America has failed to be reflected in Europe, Europe's determination to teach the theory of evolution in schools and refusal to give space to opposing views—all this represents the basis of these studies. [The] Associated Press published a survey indicating that secularism was on the rise in Western Europe. France has strict curbs on public religious expressions and, according to the poll, 19% of French are atheists. South Korea was the only other nation surveyed with a high percentage of nonbelievers.46 

These debates increased still further during the preparation of the European Union's Constitution. Religious circles strongly criticized the absence from this constitution of any expression of religious belief, but their objections were definitively rejected. As even a Vatican official noted: "If you look at modern-day Europe, it's not a society based on Christianity."47 An article titled "Is Europe the New 'Dark Continent'?" in CBN said that "Europe became a center of Christian civilization for more than 1,000 years, but there are signs that Europe's Christian era has come to an end."48 George Weigel, author of The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America and Politics without God and one of the directors of the Washington Ethics and Public Policy Center (or EPPC), made this comment in an interview regarding the rise of atheism in Europe:

European man has convinced himself that in order to be modern and free, he must be radically secular. That conviction has had crucial, indeed lethal, consequences for European public life and European culture. Indeed, that conviction and its public consequences are at the root of Europe's contemporary crisis of civilization morale. That crisis of civilization morale, in turn, helps explain why European man is deliberately forgetting his history.49 

A survey conducted by the UN offers more evidence of the rise of Darwinism and atheism in Europe. According to their questionnaire, only 18% of Europeans believe that God created Man, with the other 82% maintaining that humans came into existence by evolving from other species. In terms of individual countries, the situation is as follows:

1.  Germany: Only 14% of the population—35% Catholic and 36% Protestant— believes in Creation.

2.  France: Some 18% believe in the fact of creation. The level of atheism in France stands at around 19%.50  

3.  Great Britain: 22% of the population believe in Creation. The level of those believing in the theory of evolution stands at around 48%. 69% wanted evolution taught as part of the science curriculum.51 Research shows that Great Britain is heading rapidly down the road to atheism, that only immigrants live according to their religious faith, and that the British population has turned its back on religion.

According to another report in the press, there is a plan for atheism to be taught in British schools.52

4.  Spain: The great majority of the population is Catholic, yet the level of belief in the fact of Creation stands at 13%.

5.  Norway: Believers in Creation make up 19% of the population.

6.  Finland: 16% believe in Creation.

7.  Sweden: The percentage of those believing that God created Man is 12%.

8.  Denmark: 9% of the public believe in Creation.

9.  Belgium: 10% believe in the fact of Creation.

10.Switzerland: 24% of the public believe in the fact of Creation.53 

The following table shows the distribution of atheists and non-believers in European countries, according to population:

Country Percentage of atheists and non-believers
Czech Republic 54-61%
Sweden 46-85%
Denmark 43-80%
France  43-54%
Belgium 42-43%
Germany  41-49%
Holland   38-44%
Hungary  32-46%
Norway 31-72%
Great Britain 31-44%
Finland  28-60%
Austria 18-26%
Switzerland 17-27%
Spain 15-24%
Greece 16%

These data prove once again the importance of describing how the scientific facts refute Darwinism, how Darwinism is merely the product of 19th-century imagination, and how scientific facts reveal the truth of Creation. It is a matter of the greatest urgency for Muslims to unite and engage in a comprehensive intellectual struggle to eliminate the Darwinist world view that prevents people believing in God, in the Day of Judgment and the Hereafter, and in living in a way that God approves of. It is a grave error to attempt to hinder or underestimate these activities, or to make others  regard them as trivial.



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