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The Collapse of The Theory of Evolution in 50 Themes (Item 41 - 50)

41- Bone Cells’ Ability to Trap Calcium Cannot Be Coincidental

The bones store within them such vital substances as calcium and phosphorus, returning these stored elements back into the bloodstream when need arises. A bone cell, with no taste buds or any other sense organs, is easily able to distinguish calcium and phosphorus from among all the thousands of different substances in the blood. It then traps these molecules without ever making a mistake. Not even a human being, without receiving extensive training in the field, can differentiate between different chemicals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc if they are dissolved in solution.

In addition, when the bone cell receives the instruction (via the hormone calcitonin) to “store calcium” it obeys immediately. If an order telling it to “release the stored calcium” (via the hormone parathormone) arrives, it again obeys forthwith. The bone cell continues working day and night, with apparent intention, capability, responsibility and a high sense of discipline. It is obvious that this cell with such special abilities cannot have come into being by chance.

42- The Stomach’s Flawless Structure

The stomach secretes very powerful acids that allow it to digest foodstuffs and take advantage of the nutrients they contain. These acids are strong enough to dissolve a razor blade. But how is it that these acids, themselves composed of proteins, do not damage the stomach? The answer to this lies in one of the instances of matchless structure in the human body. Thanks to the striated nature of the stomach lining, the stomach does not actually digest itself.

These deep folds in the stomach walls contain cells with very different characteristics from one another. In order to maintain a delicate balance, some cells in the stomach secrete acid, other cells alongside them secrete a sticky fluid known as mucus, which coats the inner surface of the stomach, protecting the stomach wall against these acids and preventing the digestive enzymes from doing any damage.

Could the decision-making center that takes such rational precautions on behalf of the stomach be the cells themselves, or even the stomach lining? Of course not! Every feature in the human body is a proof of God’s flawless creation.

43- Another Predicament for the Theory of Evolution: Information Theory

One of the many puzzles that evolutionists are unable to explain is the sheer volume of information in living things, because information can never be reduced to matter. A book, for example, consists of paper, ink and the information it contains. The paper and ink are material elements, but the vital information they convey is not material.

If something contains information, then it must have been arranged by a conscious mind possessed of that information. For example, the origin of whatever information is contained in any book is the mind of the author who first thought those words.

The DNA of living things contains exceedingly comprehensive information. In the 20th century science revealed that all this information in DNA could not, contrary to materialists’ claims, in fact be reduced to matter. The information in DNA is the work of a superior Mind and infinite Knowledge. This extraordinary information which represents the source of all life presents countless proofs of the existence of God, the Lord of all the worlds, while also totally refuting materialist philosophy.

44- The Lie that the Human Embryo Has Gills

This claim is based on a scientific fraud that the evolutionist biologist Ernst Haeckel perpetrated in the early 20th century. In order to supply evidence of evolution that did not in fact exist, Haeckel drew the developing embryos of such life forms as human beings, chickens and fish alongside one another—but deliberately distorted them. The whole scientific world now agrees that this was a fraud. The structure that Haeckel depicted as a “gill” is actually the beginning of the middle ear canal, the parathyroids, and the thymus gland.


45- Molecular Comparisons Represent No Evidence for Evolution

Evolutionists point to the fact that different species having similar DNA codes and proteins, and they interpret this as proof that species must have evolved from one another. First of all, it should be made clear that living things’ vital functions are basically the same—for which reason it is perfectly natural that their DNAs should be similar. But this does not imply that they are evolved from a common ancestor. In addition, when the DNA belonging to different living species and classes are analyzed and compared, it is totally apparent that similarities or differences in living things’ DNAs are incompatible with any evolutionist logic or connection. Claims that seek anatomical or chemical similarities in living things and then seek to claim these as evidence for evolution are totally invalid in the face of the scientific facts.

46- Bacteria Developing Resistance to Antibiotics Is No Evidence of “Evolution”


Some present the way that some disease-causing bacteria begin to exhibit resistance to antibiotics as evidence for their having evolved.

But these resistant bacteria are not a new species! The resistance they develop arises in the following way: When all bacteria are exposed to the toxic effects of a particular drug, most of them, which are not resistant to the drug, die off. Resistant variations, on the other hand, survive and have a greater opportunity to multiply. Eventually, future bacterial colonies come to consist entirely of individuals that share resistance to the drug in question.

In fact, the information regarding antibiotic resistance exists in the bacteria’s DNA right from the outset. In other words, this resistance has not emerged by chance and has not in any sense been subsequently acquired.

47- God Has Not Created Life through Evolution



(God is) the Originator of the heavens and Earth. When He decides on something. He just says to it, ‘Be!’ and it is.
(Surat al-Baqara, 117)


Some people claim that they believe in God, but also believe in the theory of evolution. Yet this is a highly mistaken position to adopt—because:

1. The only reference and guide for anyone who says they believe in God and His religion is the Qur’an. But the Qur’an contains no information about creation having come about by way of evolution. On the contrary, its verses reveal that life and the universe were brought into existence when God commanded them to “Be!”

2. The fundamental focus of the theory of evolution is the denial of the existence of any Creator. Ever since Darwin’s day, all the proponents of the theory of evolution have made this abundantly clear. The theory has been the main foundation of atheism for the last 150 years. It is of course impossible to construct any form of alliance between the most effective foundation of atheism and belief in God.

Another factor that makes the theory of evolution unacceptable is the fact that science has refuted it. The theory has been unable to prove its own most basic claims.

48- Variations Are No Evidence of Evolution

“Variation” is a term employed in genetics for the phenomenon that causes individuals or groups within one species to display different, distinct features. For example, all the humans in the world are of the same species—Homo sapiens—and have essentially the same genetic information. Yet thanks to the potential for variation permitted by that genetic information, some have almond-shaped eyes, others have red hair, some have long noses, and others are short and stocky in stature.

Evolutionists, however, attempt to portray such variations within a species as evidence for the development of new species—and in turn, for the theory of evolution. But the fact is, variation represents no evidence for evolution at all. It merely represents the emergence of different combinations of already-existing genetic potential. It cannot endow future generations with new genetic information and brand-new characteristics.

For example, no matter how much you try to improve a line of cats by crossbreeding them, the resulting kittens will always remain cats and will never develop into dogs.


In order to survive, the giraffe’s heart must pump blood up to its brain, some 2 meters above. To do this, it needs an incredibly powerful heart muscle. God has created the giraffe with all the attributes the animal needs.

49- The Origin of Behavior Does Not Lie in Evolution

Evolutionists regard all animal and human behavior as having an evolutionary origin. But an evolutionary explanation does not square with the facts, because animals have no reason, consciousness and capacity with which to learn by trial and error. They cannot record in their genes what they have learned and then pass these learned skills along to their subsequent offspring. They possess forms of behavior such as their life-saving defense techniques and nest-building capabilities right from birth.

God creates all living things with their own unique characteristics and forms of behavior. It is impossible, for example, for a butterfly to realize that mimicking a dry leaf will better camouflage it and thus enable it to escape predators, and then to transform this thought into radical changes in its own wings. Alternatively, a beaver is able to construct a dam—which requires advanced engineering calculations in order to halt the flow of water along the bed of a stream—and is able to do this right from the moment it grows old enough to do so. This skill is not anything that can be learned or acquired by way of such unconscious mechanisms as natural selection.

Living things are born in possession of certain forms of behavior and various characteristics that will protect them, right from the moment they are created. It is God Who bestows these characteristics on them.

50- Darwinism Lies at the Root of the Ideologies that Inflicted Disasters on the 20th Century

The concept of “survival of the fittest” constitutes the basis of Darwinism. Its other two important features are that it regards human beings as just another species of animal and offers a supposedly scientific foundation for philosophies and ideologies that deny God and His religion. In the 20th century, these features of Darwinism provided justification and support for a great many dangerous ideologies and philosophies such as amoral capitalism, racism, eugenics, communism and fascism.

Why was Darwinism so strongly supported by certain circles? The reason is because thanks to Darwinism, it was no longer possible to condemn or prevent those who perpetrated barbaric slaughter, who treated their fellow human beings like animals, who turned nation against nation, who belittled entire peoples because of their race, who forced small businesses into bankruptcy through unfair competition or who refused to extend helping hands to the poor—doing all this in accord with a supposedly “scientific” law of nature.

That is why Darwinism posed such a grave danger and even today provides supposedly scientific support for most of the ideologies and philosophies that continue to wreak such harm on society and humanity. That is why a scientific refutation of Darwinism is so important.


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