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39. Anti – Acid Formulas Producing Molecules

Digested foods reaching the intestine from the stomach contain powerful acids, which constitute a grave danger for the duodenum—because unlike the stomach, the duodenum has no special lining with which to protect itself.

How is it, therefore, that these acids leave the duodenum unharmed? When we look at the events taking place during digestion in order to answer that question, we encounter miraculous phenomena occurring in the body.


a. Pancreas
b. Duodenum

The duodenum and pancreas are pieces of flesh consisting of unconscious atoms. The way that they behave in such a conscious manner and exhibit such intelligent behavior is a manifestation of the creation and omniscience of God.

When the amount of acid reaching the duodenum from the stomach together with foodstuffs reaches danger levels, the intestine begins secreting a hormone called secretin from the cells in its walls. In the small intestine, this secretin that protects the duodenum exists in the form of prosecretin. But under the influence of acidic digested foods, this hormone transforms into secretin, a different chemical substance (Figures 141 and 142).

The hormone secretin enters the bloodstream and reaches the pancreas, where it asks the pancreas to secrete enzymes. Learning—by means of the secretin—that the duodenum is in danger, the pancreas sends bicarbonate molecules to the region, which molecules neutralize the stomach acid and protect the duodenum.

How do have processes, of such vital importance to human beings, come about? Intestinal cells know that the substance they need is to be found in the pancreas and know the chemical formula that will spur the pancreas into action. The pancreas understands the message from the intestine and begins to secrete bicarbonate. These are all incomparable, miraculous processes created by our Lord.

Verbs such as knowing and being aware, used here in reference to intestinal cells, are employed to better emphasize events taking place in the body. But as all rational people will appreciate, it is impossible for a cell to think, make free-will decisions, be aware of the features of another organ and manufacture substances according to given formulas.

It is Omniscient and Almighty God Who creates cells together with these attributes. Anyone of good conscience will find proofs of our Almighty Lord’s infinite intelligence and knowledge in every detail in the universe.


a. acid meter
b. secretin

c. bicarbonate
d. stomach acid

Figures 141 and 142: When the acid level in the duodenum rises to dangerous levels, bicarbonate molecules go into action by way of the hormone secretin, to neutralize the stomach acid.


40 / total 42
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