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37. Complement Proteins Responsible for Protecting the Body

There is a system in the body that protects it at all times. Complement proteins, one component of that system, are programmed to attack virtually every cell in the body.


a. Complement proteins
b. Cell
c. Bacterium
d. CP

Figure 137: Complement proteins regard the body's own cells as hostile, just as it does enemy bacteria entering the body from the outside. However, every cell in the body has been equipped with the means to defend itself against complement proteins, so that these proteins can inflict harm on the enemy only.

Figure 138: Complement proteins cling to the enemy bacterium's surface, thus neutralizing it .

This is really astonishing. Although they exist to protect the body, they regard all the cells that comprise that body as hostile. Complement proteins are manufactured in the liver, from where they enter the bloodstream and under normal conditions, travel through the bloodstream at random, producing no effects. When stimulated, however, they suddenly decide to eradicate all the cells they encounter.

This stimulus they receive is disseminated throughout the entire body by way of a single complement protein. They make no distinction between friend and foe.

However, harmless cells belonging to the body have been created in such a way as to defend themselves against complement proteins. As soon as complement proteins make contact with cells belonging to the body, the cells neutralize those proteins. On the other hand, any foreign organisms that have entered into the body, will be subjected to an unexpected assault from these security guards (Figure 137).

When one complement protein attaches itself to a foreign organism, it changes its own shape. This is followed by another complement protein bonding to the bacterium. Then other proteins belonging to the complement system adhere to the bacterium, one by one, until the invading bacterium finds itself surrounded by complement hunters (Figure 138).

The final element in the complement system is responsible for attacking the bacterium’s cell membrane. This protein opens a hole in the cell membrane, the only shield of the now-defenseless bacterium. Following this attack, the bacterium absorbs water and explodes (Figure 139).

Complement proteins sometimes employ another method. They surround the foe with a fine membrane, thus marking it for carnivorous cells (Figure 140). All this demonstrates that a single bacterium entering the body, and the molecules that wage war on it inside the body, are all the work of a single Creator, our Lord God. Bacteria are well aware of the kind of dangers they will encounter. Body cells, on the other hand, take precautionary measures before even recognizing a bacterium that may enter the body. It is utterly irrational to claim that unconscious cells could take these measures themselves. It is God, Lord and Ruler of the entire universe, Who creates this system.

In verses, our Lord states:

Say: “I seek refuge with the Lord of humanity, the King of humanity, the God of humanity.”  (Surat an-Nas, 1-3)


a. complement protein
b. enemy cell
c. carnivorous cells

Figures 139 and 140: The complement protein pierces the cell membrane of the defenseless bacterium. Following the attack the bacterium absorbs water and explodes. The enemy is then destroyed by carnivorous cells.


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