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15. The Hormones in the Male Reproductive System

Hormones also play a major role in the male reproductive system. Some 10 years after birth, with the beginning of adolescence, male hormones shift into full operation. Once again, the activation of these hormones takes place with a chain of command inside the body.


Figure 68: In the years following birth, the hypothalamus secretes a hormone known as LHRH every three to four hours.

Figure 69: However, this hormone is secreted in very small quantities. Some ten years afterward, the hypothalamus recognizes that the time for shaping of the male body has come and begins secreting LHRH at much shorter intervals.

In this chain of command, the hypothalamus gland is the senior director.


In the years after birth, the hypothalamus secretes a hormone known as LHRH every three to four hours. Initially, however, the level at which this hormone is secreted is quite low. Some 10 years later the hypothalamus seems to recognize that the right time for the male body to be mature has arrived and it starts secreting LHRH at shorter intervals14 (Figures 68 and 69). After waiting for many years, this tiny gland in some way suddenly decides to secrete more hormone, as if there is a pre-existing system that begins functioning only after a delay of 10 years. It is Almighty God, Lord of the worlds, Who establishes this system, predetermines when it should be activated, ensures that it works smoothly and inspires all the other processes associated with it.

LHRH, which begins being secreted more frequently when the right time comes, reaches the pituitary gland—the second stage in this chain of command. As soon as the pituitary gland receives this order, it secretes another hormone known as Lynchford, which issues an instruction for production of the male reproductive glands, the testes, to begin.

Why does it take years for all these processes to start up? And how is the timing of this mechanism determined? The answers to these questions remain a mystery to the world of science. Yet this system, whose secrets have still to be unraveled, has been functioning in the human body since our Almighty Lord first created it.

When LH reaches the testes by way of the bloodstream, the cells there start producing the hormone testosterone. The cells that manufacture the chemical formula of testosterone literally know that it is time for the body to assume a male appearance instead of a child-like one. That is because the testosterone they produce will turn a developing child into an adult male (Figures 70 and71).

It is certainly astonishing that unconscious cells should do all this. The resulting molecule literally knows the characteristics of a male body and directs trillions of cells so that they alter the juvenile body's shape.


a. Testosterone

Figures 70 and 71: Thanks to the hormone testosterone, the male body takes on its adult shape. For example, testosterone molecules affect hair root cells, causing the male beard and moustache to grow, the hairline to retract, the voice to deepen and the body to become capable of fertilizing a female's eggs.



14- Kemalettin Buyukozturk, Ic Hastaliklari (“Internal Diseases”), p. 392.


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