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14. Hormones That Prepare the Way For the Baby -2

The duties undertaken in the female body by molecules produced by the follicle—in other words the estrogen—reveal yet another of the miracles in God's creation. Let us briefly survey these duties: One of the organs affected by the hormone estrogen is the uterus, which is where the fertilized egg will implant itself and divide and grow. Under the influence of estrogen, preparations in the uterus are begun. The walls of the uterus increase in thickness three to five times and are enriched with capillary vessels (Figure 66). If fertilization takes place, then these vessels will meet the embryo's nutritional needs.

This is a true miracle, because the still-developing follicle literally considers the future of the egg cell inside it, takes the requisite measures for the egg's future nourishment, and ensures that the uterus is prepared to receive the egg it will harbor in the future.

Of course, this raises a number of questions:

1. How does the follicle know that after being released, the egg cell will reach the uterus and remain there? How does it know that the uterus' capillary vessels will provide nourishment for the egg cell? How does it learn the formula that will ensure the multiplication of the blood vessels? These are all, without doubt, manifestations of the creative artistry of God the Exalted.


a. Estrogen
b. womb muscle

Figure 66: Under the effect of estrogen, the womb's muscles start to expand and muscle power increases. This precautionary measure protects the womb in the event that fertilization takes place and the egg settles there.

2. Under the influence of estrogen, the uterus muscles begin to expand and increase in strength. This is a precautionary measure, to protect the uterus in the event that the egg settles there after fertilization.13

The chemical molecule produced by a tiny follicle shapes the human body from top to bottom, and at the same time causes the necessary arrangements to be made for the future birth of a healthy human being (Figures 66 and 67). The hormone estrogen is an unconscious substance consisting of atoms arranged one beside the other, produced by unconscious cells and affects other unconscious cells. Yet all these events take place within a broad plan, as a result of which the human infants emerge fully formed.


a. Estrogen hormone

Figure 66: Thanks to the hormone estrogen, the adult female body assumes its own unique, distinct characteristics.

From all this, the following fact emerges: Estrogen definitely cannot complete all these steps of its own accord. It is our Lord, Almighty God, Who inspires all the actions that it carries out. It is He Who created the universe out of nothing in an incomparable manner:

O humanity! Fear your Lord Who created you from a single self and created its mate from it and then disseminated many men and women from the two of them. Fear God in Whose name you make demands on one another and also in respect of your families. God watches over you continually.  (Surat an-Nisa', 1)

That is Allah, your Lord. There is no god but Him, the Creator of everything. So worship Him. He is responsible for everything. (Surat Al-An'am, 102)


a. Estrogen hormone
b. Epithelial cell
c. Womb

Figure 67: When estrogen molecules reach the epithelial cells in the womb, these cells begin secreting acid. This acidic environment is ideally suited for beneficial microbes to multiply in, and also helps prevent infection.



13- Oguz Kayaalp, Rasyonel Tedavi Yonunden Tibbi Farmakoloji (“Pharmacology”), p. 2750.


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