The Secret Beyond Matter

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Wherever you are at this very moment, stop and take a brief look around you. Try to sincerely take in all of the surrounding beauty without missing any of it. Think about the blessings and the possibilities that you have, and then think of those who are worse off than you. Soon, you will notice that you can see more beautiful things and grasp the details, and that you can rejoice in what is around you far more than you had ever imagined. It is a great blessing to breathe freely, enjoy the taste of one’s favorite food, and stretch out and sleep comfortably when tired. It is wonderful to have the freedom to enjoy these many blessings at all times without even thinking about it. Not everyone has the same blessings, but for the ones that are missing (e.g., good health), Allah, in His infinite mercy, gives them other blessings.

Those who are happy, realizing this for the first time and having a deep joy in their spirit, should know that this life contains many more wonderful things. Perhaps they have never considered these blessings because of the pessimistic mental state that derives from unbelief. Perhaps they have never realized how important these wonderful blessings are. They may not see that He has created everything for humanity’s contentment, comfort, and happiness; they may not understand that they should thank Him. Even if they have been heedless, their past will be wiped out if they sincerely acknowledge this truth and submit to Him. He created them, protects and sustains them; He showers them with love, compassion, and mercy, and gives them countless blessings. In return, they must live in a way that pleases Him.

They must know that their life will change after making such a decision. For one thing, they will see that their life has never been so good. While many problems used to make their life hellish, they will begin to live a life on earth resembling the life of Paradise. Every blessing will take on a new meaning, and they will finally begin to realize how many beautiful things around them give them joy, pleasure, and happiness. For the first time, they will truly enjoy loving and being loved; they will experience the joy that friendship, faithfulness, and good morality bring. And most important of all, they will feel the profound excitement of having Allah as their friend and the hope of winning His love, intimacy, and approval.

This good life on Earth is Allah’s promise to the believers, and Allah does not break any of His promises (Surat ar-Rum: 6). He announces the glad tidings of infinite beauty of the life of Paradise to those who have taken refuge in Him and have borne their trials patiently. In both worlds, Allah offers people the best life, one that suits their soul.

For this reason, everyone should comprehend this reality and make a conscious vow to attain it.

Which is preferable? A few decades of unhappiness, sadness, and anxiety during which all pleasures are used up to be followed by a life of agony in Hell, or a life of friendship, closeness, and intimacy with Allah, in which His approval is won; a life of contentment and security in which every moment is filled with pleasure to be followed by the eternal life of Paradise, the pleasures of which will never be consumed?

Surely, the only way for those who use their minds and conscience is the way of submission to Allah and following the Qur’an’s morality. Hopefully, this book will enable people to see this reality and attain His mercy.


O you who believe! Enter Islam totally. Do not follow in the footsteps of satan. He is an outright enemy to you. (Surat al-Baqara: 208)

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