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God Created the Universe and All Living Things

The theory of evolution, an outdated 19th century concept, has completely collapsed in the face of today's scientific facts. Darwinists have no scientific reply to offer in the face of the fossil record, which deals the most severe blow to the theory of evolution.

Darwinists cannot point to a single fossil suggesting that evolution ever took place, and resort to various means that they hope will camouflage this defeat they have suffered: Sometimes they attempt to portray fossils from various extinct species as intermediate forms, even though there is no truth to this whatsoever. Sometimes they seek to prove evolution—in their own eyes, at least—by pointing to counterfeit fossils. At other times, they try to deceive the public by way of completely imaginary illustrations. In doing all this, they also employ misleading headlines such as "Missing Link Found!" or "Our Ancestors Were Microbes" or "New Discovery Proves Evolution" in an effort to give the impression that the theory of evolution is unquestionable fact.


Archaeopteryx, used for years as the socalled evidence of the transition from reptile-to-bird fable, is an example of how evolutionists try to deceive people. It was claimed that Archaeopteryx, a 150-millionyear-old bird, has some reptilian features and thus is a "missing link" between reptiles and birds. However, all recent scientific findings show that Archaeopteryx was a flying bird, invalidate these claims. Furthermore, teropod dinosaurs—the socalled reptilian ancestors of birds—are far younger than Archaeopteryx. This is another fact that evolutionists try to ignore.

These methods may have been successful through the later 1800s and early 1900s, when science and technology were not as advanced as now. But in the 21st century, all the lies of evolutionists have been brought to light leaving Darwinists in a helpless position.

Today, even young children are becoming aware that there are no intermediate fossils pointing to evolution, that human beings are not descended from apes, that the highly developed and complex structures of living things cannot be accounted for in terms of the theory of evolution, and that Darwinism is the worst fraud in the history of science.

As revealed in the verse: "No indeed, it is one of their blatant lies to say" (Surat as-Saffat, 151), God tells us in the Qur'an that unbelievers turn their backs on faith by constantly coming up with falsehoods of one kind or another. Darwinists resort to various deceptions and make all kinds of unscientific claims in order to avoid having faith themselves and also to turn others away from religious moral values.

Indeed, it is emphasized in one verse: "And even though they [unbelievers] used to say..." (Surat as Saffat, 167) that those who have no faith constantly come up with excuses. Yet they will soon see and understand the truth. It is revealed in many verses that the time will come when unbelievers will realize and understand the truth. These verses tell us, in allusive terms, that Darwinists will also see the truth. Some of these verses read as follows:

But they have rejected it and they will soon know! (Surat as Saffat, 170)

Leave them to eat and enjoy themselves. Let false hope divert them. They will soon know. (Surat al Hijr, 3)

Let them be ungrateful for what We have given them! Let them enjoy themselves—they will soon know! (Surat al-'Ankabut, 66)

We hope that Darwinists, too, will also abandon their illogical stubbornness and accept the facts that everyone can see so clearly. The truth revealed by science is that the theory of evolution is wrong, and that the universe and living things are the creation of God.

Nebraska man

In 1922, Henry Fairfield Osborn, the director of the American Museum of Natural History, declared that he had found a fossil molar tooth belonging to the Pliocene Period in Western Nebraska near Snake Brook. This tooth allegedly bore common characteristics of both man and ape. This fossil came to be called "Nebraska man." Nebraska man was also immediately given a "scientific name", Hesperopithecus haroldcooki. Based on this single tooth, reconstructions of the Nebraska man's head and body were drawn. Moreover, Nebraska man was even pictured along with his wife and children, as a whole family in a natural setting. In 1927, other parts of the skeleton were also found. According to these newly discovered pieces, the tooth belonged neither to a man nor to an ape. It was realized that it belonged to an extinct species of wild American pig called Prosthennops.

Fossils, some examples of which have been provided in this book, are all important proofs of God's creation. It is noted in several verses of the Qur'an that there is evidence above and beneath the ground that shows the fact of creation. For example, verse 137 of Surat as-Saffat states: And you pass over them.

In all likelihood, this verse is referring to the fossil record that lies below the ground and reveals the true history of life. There are countless fossil specimens beneath the ground all over the world that show that living things have stayed the same since the moment they first came into existence and have not changed over the course of hundreds of millions of years—in short, that they never underwent evolution. All these fossils show that living things came into being fully formed and flawless, with all their complex features—in other words, that they were created by God.

Our Almighty Lord has created all living things in the finest form. All entities are manifestations of the might and greatness of God. Faced by these manifestations, a person's duty is to employ his or her reason and conscience and reflect that the universe has been created with a definite wisdom, to be grateful to our Lord, God, and to serve Him in the best possible way.

God is the Creator of everything and He is Guardian over everything. The keys of the heavens and Earth belong to Him. It is those who reject God's signs who are the losers. (Surat az Zumar, 62-63)


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