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Chapter 15:
Media: An Oxygen Tent for the Theory of Evolution

As what we have examined so far has demonstrated, the theory of evolution rests on no scientific basis. However most people around the world are unaware of this and assume that evolution is a scientific fact. The biggest reason for this deception is the systematic indoctrination and propaganda conducted by the media about evolution. For this reason, we also have to mention the particular characteristics of this indoctrination and propaganda.

When we look at the Western media carefully, we frequently come across news dwelling on the theory of evolution. Leading media organisations, and well-known and "respectable" magazines periodically bring this subject up. When their approach is examined, one gets the impression that this theory is an absolutely proven fact leaving no room for discussion.

Evolutionist Propaganda
 focus, bilim teknik

Popular science magazines having taken over the leadership of evolution propaganda, play an important role in encouraging the public to accept the theory of evolution.

 national geographic, dergi discovery, dergi archaeology, dergi

Evolutionist Propaganda

Ordinary people reading this kind of news naturally start to think that the theory of evolution is a fact as certain as any law of mathematics. News of this sort that appears in the prominent media engines is also picked up by local media. They print headlines in big fonts: "According to Time magazine, a new fossil that completes the gap in the fossil chain has been found"; or "Nature" indicates that scientists have shed light on the final issues of evolutionary theory". The finding of "the last missing link of the evolution chain" means nothing because there is not a single thing proven about evolution. Everything shown as evidence is false as we have described in the previous chapters. In addition to the media, the same holds true for scientific resources, encyclopaedias, and biology books.

In short, both the media and academic circles, which are at the disposal of anti-religionist power-centres, maintain an entirely evolutionist view and they impose this on society. This imposition is so effective that it has in time turned evolution into an idea that is never to be rejected. Denying evolution is seen as being contradictory to science and as disregarding fundamental realities. This is why, notwithstanding so many deficiencies that have so far been revealed (especially since the 1950s) and the fact that these have been confessed by evolutionist scientists themselves, today it is all but impossible to find any criticism of evolution in scientific circles or in the media.

Widely accepted as the most "respected" publishing vehicles on biology and nature in the West, magazines such as Scientific American, Nature, Focus, Discover, Science and National Geographic adopt the theory of evolution as an official ideology and try to present this theory as a proven fact.

Wrapped-up Lies

Evolutionists make great use of the advantage given to them by the "brain-washing" program of the media. Many people believe in evolution so unconditionally that they do not even bother to ask "how" and "why". This means that evolutionists can package their lies so as to be easily persuasive.

For instance, even in the most "scientific" evolutionist books the "transition from water to land", which is one of the greatest unaccounted-for phenomena of evolution, is "explained" with ridiculous simplicity. According to evolution, life started in water and the first developed animals were fish. The theory has it that one day these fish started to fling themselves on to the land for some reason or other, (most of the time, drought is said to be the reason), and the fish that chose to live on land, happened to have feet instead of fins, and lungs instead of gills.

The Whale Tale from Evolutionists

One of the curious evolutionary fables is the one about the "evolution of whale" that was published in National Geographic, widely respected as one of the most scientific and serious publications in the world:

The Whale's ascendancy to sovereign size apparently began sixty million years ago when hairy, four-legged mammals, in search of food or sanctuary, ventured into water. As eons passed, changes slowly occurred. Hind legs disappeared, front legs changed into flippers, hair gave way to a thick smooth blanket of blubber, nostrils moved to the top of the head, the tail broadened into flukes, and in the buoyant water world the body became enormous.1

Besides the fact that there is not a single scientific basis for any of this, such an occurrence is also contrary to the principles of nature. This fable published in National Geographic is noteworthy for being indicative of the extent of the fallacies of seemingly serious evolutionist publications.


1- Victor B. Scheffer, "Exploring the Lives of Whales", National Geographic, vol. 50, December 1976, p. 752

Most evolutionist books do not tell the "how" of the subject. Even in the most "scientific" sources, the absurdity of this assertion is concealed behind sentences such as "the transfer from water to land was achieved".

How was this "transfer" achieved? We know that a fish cannot live for more than a few minutes out of water. If we suppose that the alleged drought occurred and the fish had to move towards the land, what would have happened to the fish? The response is evident. All of the fish coming out of the water would die one by one in a few minutes. Even if this process had had lasted for a period of ten million years, the answer would still be the same: fish would die one by one. The reason is that such a complex organ as a complete lung cannot come into being by a sudden "accident", that is, by mutation; but half a lung, on the other hand, is of no use at all.

But this is exactly what the evolutionists propose. "Transfer from water to land", "transfer from land to air" and many more alleged leaps are "explained" in these illogical terms. As for the formation of really complex organs such as the eye and ear, evolutionists prefer not to say anything at all.

It is easy to influence the man on the street with the package of "science". You draw an imaginary picture representing transfer from water to land, you invent Latin words for the animal in the water, its "descendant" on land, and the "transitional intermediary form" (which is an imaginary animal), and then fabricate an elaborate lie: "Eusthenopteron transformed first into Rhipitistian Crossoptergian, then Ichthyostega in a long evolutionary process". If you put these words in the mouth of a scientist with thick glasses and a white coat, you would succeed in convincing many people, because the media, which dedicates itself to promoting evolution, would announce the good news to the world with great enthusiasm.



181. Douglas Dewar, İnsan: Özel Yaratık, s. 103-104


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