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Foreword: A Great Miracle of Our Times:
Belief in the Evolution Deceit

All the millions of living species on the earth possess miraculous features, unique behavioural patterns and flawless physical structures. Every one of these living things has been created with its own unique detail and beauty. Plants, animals, and man above all, were all created with great knowledge and art, from their external appearances down to their cells, invisible to the naked eye. Today there are a great many branches of science, and tens of thousands of scientists working in those branches, that research every detail of those living things, uncover the miraculous aspects of those details and try to provide an answer to the question of how they came into being.

Some of these scientists are astonished as they discover the miraculous aspects of these structures they study and the intelligence behind that coming into existence, and they witness the infinite knowledge and wisdom involved. Others, however, surprisingly claim that all these miraculous features are the product of blind chance. These scientists believe in the theory of evolution. In their view, the proteins, cells and organs that make up these living things all came about by a string of coincidences.

dna, bilim adamları

It is quite amazing that such people, who have studied for long years, carried out lengthy studies and written books about the miraculous functioning of just one organelle within the cell, itself too small to be seen with the naked eye, can think that these extraordinary structures came about by chance.

The chain of coincidences such eminent professors believe in so flies in the face of reason that their doing so leaves outside observers utterly amazed. According to these professors, a number of simple chemical substances first came together and formed a protein - which is no more possible than a randomly scattered collection of letters coming together to form a poem. Then, other coincidences led to the emergence of other proteins. These then also combined by chance in an organised manner. Not just proteins, but DNA, RNA, enzymes, hormones and cell organelles, all of which are very complex structures within the cell, coincidentally happened to emerge and come together. As a result of these billions of coincidences, the first cell came into being. The miraculous ability of blind chance did not stop there, as these cells then just happened to begin to multiply. According to the claim in question, another coincidence then organised these cells and produced the first living thing from them.

Billions of "impossible events" had to take place together for just one eye in a living thing to form. Here too the blind process known as coincidence entered the equation: It first opened two holes of the requisite size and in the best possible place in the skull, and then cells that happened by chance to find themselves in those places coincidentally began to construct the eye.

As we have seen, coincidences acted in the knowledge of what they wanted to produce. Right from the very start, "chance" knew what seeing, hearing and breathing were, even though there was not one example of such things anywhere in the world at that time. It displayed great intelligence and awareness, exhibited considerable forward planning, and constructed life step by step. This is the totally irrational scenario to which these professors, scientists and researchers whose names are greatly respected and whose ideas are so influential have devoted themselves. Even now, with a childish stubbornness, they exclude anyone who refuses to believe in such fairy tales, accusing them of being unscientific and bigoted. There is really no difference between this and the bigoted, fanatical and ignorant medieval mentality that punished those who claimed the earth was not flat.

What is more, some of these people claim to be Muslims and believe in Allah. Such people find saying, "Allah created all of life" unscientific, and yet are quite able to believe instead that saying, "It came about in an unconscious process consisting of billions of miraculous coincidences" is scientific.

If you put a carved stone or wooden idol in front of these people and told them, "Look, this idol created this room and everything in it" they would say that was utterly stupid and refuse to believe it. Yet despite that they declare the nonsense that "The unconscious process known as chance gradually brought this world and all the billions of wonderful living things in it into being with enormous planning" to be the greatest scientific explanation.

In short, these people regard chance as a god, and claim that it is intelligent, conscious and powerful enough to create living things and all the sensitive balances in the universe. When told that it was Allah, the possessor of infinite wisdom, who created all living things, these evolutionist professors refuse to accept the fact, and maintain that unconscious, unintelligent, powerless billions of coincidences with no will of their own are actually a creative force.

The fact that educated, intelligent and knowledgeable people can as a group believe in the most irrational and illogical claim in history, as if under a spell, is really a great miracle. In the same way that Allah miraculously creates something like the cell, with its extraordinary organization and properties, this people are just as miraculously so blind and devoid of understanding as to be unable to see what is under their very noses. It is one of Allah's miracles that evolutionists are unable to see facts that even tiny children can, and fail to grasp them no matter how many times they are told.

You will frequently come across that miracle as you read this book. And you will also see that as well as being a theory that has totally collapsed in the face of the scientific facts, Darwinism is a great deceit that is utterly incompatible with reason and logic, and which belittles those who defend it.


17 / total 37
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