The Secret Beyond Matter

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The Great Truth of Which the Unbelievers Are Unaware

One of the major influences driving the unbelievers to mock religious morality and the believers is their evaluation of everything in terms of worldly criteria, due to their belief that their whole lives are confined to the world. Therefore, they feel a great attachment to worldly ambition. In the Qur'an Allah tells us the following about this spiritual state of such people:

The ruling circle of his people – those who disbelieved and denied the encounter of the hereafter and whom We had given opulence in the world – said, "This is nothing but a human being like yourselves, who eats what you eat and drinks what you drink. If you were to obey a human being like yourselves, you would, in that case, definitely be the losers. Does he promise you that when you have died and become dust and bones you will be brought forth again? What you have been promised is sheer nonsense! What is there but our life in this world? We die and we live, and we will not be raised again." (Surat al-Mu'minun, 33-37)

This ambition traps unbelievers in a lack of understanding of the life of this world. They regard whatever they see around them as having nothing to do with Allah [surely Allah is beyond that!]and so cannot understand that they exist only because He wills it. In one verse, Allah tells us that they cannot understand the truth about this life:

They know an outward aspect of the life of this world, but are heedless of the hereafter. (Surat ar-Rum, 7)

The unbelievers ignore one very important truth and so end up committing every kind of immorality, trying to secure worldly advantages for themselves, telling lies, seizing on a mocking approach towards religion, slandering the believers, and trying to harm them. They are really trapped in a great unawareness, and remain unaware of this fact. In the coming pages, this great truth will be explained.


The chapter you are now about to read reveals a crucial secret of your life. You should read it very attentively and thoroughly, for it is concerned with a subject that is liable to make a fundamental change in your outlook upon the external world. The subject of this chapter is not just a point of view, a different approach, or a traditional philosophical thought: it is a fact which everyone, believing or unbelieving, must admit and which is also proven by science today.


9 / total 12
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