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Fossil Records Refute Evolution


In schools just about everywhere in the world, the biology textbooks used to teach students set out a false story of life. What students read under the heading of "The Theory of Evolution" in fact consists of totally faulty mechanisms, false proofs, conjectural illustrations and drawings, wrongly interpreted fossils and a spurious history of living things.

evrim, basın

The media constantly presents Darwinist tales, products of the imagination, under a scientific guise. Some publishing organs have even willingly assumed the task of defending the theory of evolution. This leads them to portray false proofs that seem to support evolution—a theory devoid of any scientific worth—as irrefutable truths and to impose evolution unconditionally on the public consciousness.

This myth, the subject of textbooks and repeated countless times by instructors every week, is regarded as so factual that hardly anyone exposed to an education feels the slightest doubt as to the accuracy of evolution. Students all imagine that they have received an education that will serve them in good stead throughout life. Such people will probably be bewildered to learn that they have been taught a lie on such an exceedingly important subject—one that includes the very meaning of life—under a scientific guise.

The fact is, however, that a determined effort is being made to impose this lie on the public, and being carried out all over the world. It is an invented and designed lie, being taught in all schools. False proofs and erroneous stories regarding the history of life are manufactured in the most of the media. Experts on the subject, even some Nobel-Prize winning scientists, espouse a lie and advocate a deception. The "history of life" that instructors have taught for so many years is a false scenario—an alliance perpetrating across the world a coordinated deception whose name is evolution.

The sole reason for this alliance's growing strength and the way it dominates school textbooks and occpies pride of place in the media is that it is based upon materialism. Darwinism, nourished by the materialist perspective that currently dominates the world, has been strengthened and brought to the fore with the help of that same mindset. (See The Religion of Darwinism by Harun Yahya.)

karabatak, karabatak fosili

The 18-million-year-old cormorant fossil above is proof that cormorants have remained unchanged for millions of years.

The materialists have felt no qualms about presenting falsified evidence to the public. Because this comprehensive policy of deceit's objective is obvious: to turn people away from faith in God, to deny His existence and to depict matter as the only absolute reality!

The point that Darwinists ignore, however, is this: Living things were created! There is no such thing as evolution in the history of life. God is the Creator and Lord of all things. It is He Who creates matter and gives life to any entity. There is no other Creator than God, and no other power but Him. Therefore, there is nothing but proofs of the fact of Creation on Earth.

Darwinists encounter these proofs in every piece of research they perform when they attempt, but fail, to prove evolution, because there is no evidence that evolution ever happened. All they find is traces of a sudden, complex and sublime creation. False evidence does not support a false theory. On the contrary, it makes it even more untrustworthy and groundless. For the sake of keeping materialism alive, however, Darwinists continue with their deceptive methods, in the framework of a vicious circle.

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1. Are men prehistorically correct?”

Darwinists try to support their theory with fictitious illustrations and reconstructions, but to date have been unable to come up with any scientific evidence. For example, they cannot point to even a single fossil specimen to confirm the claim that living things descended from one another by way of minute changes. This is proof of the way evolution has collapsed in the face of scientific facts.

1. We now seem to be related to flies
2. Our forebears were microbes!
4. The theory of evolution's missinglink has been completed

These headlines produced to support evolution have no scientific value. Evolution has been defeated by all branches of science, paleontology in particular.

But this, of course, has an end point—which has finally been reached. Evolution has been demolished with countless proofs. One of the greatest of these proofs are the "living fossils," whose numbers are being added to with every passing day.

Yengeç ve fosili

A sea urchin fossil, some 300 million years old, shows that these creatures, together with all their complex structures, have existed for hundreds of millions of years. Throughout that time, there has been no change in their structure and they have undergone no transitional stages.

The fact that a life form has remained the same for 150 million years, never changing over even 300 million years, definitively eliminates the evolution scenario. Millions of living species, about which countless evolutionary scenarios have been produced, show fossilized evidence that they never evolved. What we now observe are living things that, according to Darwinists, should have undergone evolution. Yet the fossil specimens of those identical species document the fact that they have never undergone any evolution at all.

Living fossils are such powerful pieces of evidence that they demolish all Darwinist claims, refuting all the evolutionary nonsense taught in textbooks. They invalidate all the fake "intermediate" reconstructions in all museums of evolution, and show that the imaginary evolutionary scenarios in various Darwinist texts and articles are fabrications.

hayali çizim, evrim, yaratılış

The fact that Darwinists manage to ignore all this does not eliminate the clear proofs in question. Living fossils, more of which are being discovered every day, have already eliminated the claim of evolution.

This book presents these important facts and the way that Darwinists squirm in the face of this evidence. You will see how this deception has been in a state of collapse ever since the time of Charles Darwin, who first proposed the theory. The examples of living fossils illustrated in this book represent just a small part of the evidence that reveals the invalidity of this great deception. Even though "living fossil" specimens are regularly excavated from just about every sedimentary stratum, just one of these specimens is sufficient to refute Darwinism.

The law of God totally demolishes the Darwinian order:

Or do they desire to dupe you? But the duped ones are those who do not believe. Or do they have some deity other than God? Glory be to God above any idol they propose! If they saw a lump of heaven falling down, they would just say, "Banked-up clouds!" Leave them then until they meet their Day when they will be struck down by the Blast: the Day their ploys will not profit them at all and they will not be helped. (Surat at-Tur, 42-46)

Yengeç ve fosili

The fossil crab pictured dates back to the Miocene epoch (23 to 5 million years ago), yet is identical to modern-day crabs.


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