The Secret Beyond Matter

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The heart is only satisfied when it turns to God

The Enlightenment in the 18th century and the 19th-century materialism that followed turned European society away from the revealed faiths, and the spiritual vacuum that resulted brought in the 20th century many false Eastern faiths to the Western way of thinking, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism. These false faiths played a significant role in eliminating the deep-rooted influence of religious moral values in society, in causing the adoption of the materialist world view and in deceiving people on a spiritual quest with “a false religion that opposes belief in God.”

Many people today seek peace and happiness in these false religions. Eastern religions espouse many heretical and distorted teachings, and all these religions’ practices conflict with both reason and logic. Above all else, these religions contain teachings that legitimize racism and violence.

Boğaz köprüsü

All those who sincerely believe in God must wage a multi-faceted intellectual struggle against such movements that turn people away from belief in God and seek to replace the moral virtues taught by all the revealed faiths with materialist and superstitious beliefs. One of the things that needs to be done to that end is to reveal the huge gulf between a world filled with the peace, justice, equality, mutual aid, compassion, affection and love taught by the revealed faiths and a life style based on spiritual and physical perversion in superstitious faiths. It must not be forgotten that the aim of a great many people in Western society who sympathize with these heretical faiths is in fact to draw attention to themselves with their unusual and outlandish behavior. On the other hand, they mistakenly think they will find happiness in these false religions. But by turning away from the true paths of the true faiths communicated by God through His messengers they inflict terrible damage and a depressing world full of woe, fear and hardship on themselves. It needs to be known that true happiness in this world and the Hereafter is only possible through sincere faith in God and in abiding by His verses.

Superstitious teachings that will do nobody any good are advertised on television programs and in newspapers and magazines, and some people influenced by this indoctrination, looking for something and unaware of what they are doing, start doing the same things. The relkf fashion that has lately swep over the public is a product of the same deception. People who want to attract attention and be original are affected by these teachings propaganda. The fact is however, that relkl is a huge deception and can neverlead people to salvation. Man has no other friend, helper or guide than God. No power other than God can wreak any harm or bestow any benefit.

New Age beliefs, that atheist and materialist circles are trying to keep alive using various different propaganda techniques, are intended to turn people away from belief in God and cause them to abandon the moral values bestowed by religious virtues and replace God’s revelation with superstition. Present-day practices such as yoga, meditation, bioenergy theraples and transcendental meditation occupy a significant place in superstitious beliefs. Astrology, the tarot cards, fortune-telling and mediumism also represent a significant part of this culture. Heretical New Age beliefs include karma, reincarnation, relkl, feng shul, astral body, the belief in the power of crystals over the human body, black and white magic, telling the future, believing that tallsmans can ward off evil spirits, summoning the devil, telepathy and telekinesis. One frequently hears these terms these days as part of materialists propaganda activities.

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