The Secret Beyond Matter

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Let us spread the fact of creation together

The proofs of Creation consist of all knowledge and facts that reveal the existence and oneness of God and His sublime power, omniscience and artistry. These are means whereby people become aware of and turn to God.

Revealing to the eyes of the heedless the details of many proofs of Creation and perfections that they are unaware of taking place all around them every day will be highly effective in doing away with that heedlessness. There are many signs leading to faith that everyone has grown used to seeing over the years and very few people even think about. A person’s own body is by itself a great proof of Creation. Our eyes are more complex and superior to even the most advanced cameras. All the systems in our bodies work together in great harmony and equilibrium, and chemical processes that can only take place in giant laboratories are carried out far more perfectly by our own internal organs. Jews, Christians and Muslims must work together in order to eradicate this culture of heedlessness and replace it with a culture based on thanks and obedience to God.

In many verses of the Qur’an people are called on to reflect on the facts cited above and to see and grasp these proofs of the existence and greatness of God. A few of the hundreds of verses on that subject are as follows:

Do you not see how He created seven heavens in layers, and placed the Moon as a light in them and made the Sun a blazing lamp? God caused you to grow from the earth then will return you to it and bring you out again. God has spread the earth out as a carpet for you so that you could use its wide valleys as roadways. (Surah Nuh, 15-20)

There must be an end to the historic problems, prejudices, misunderstandings and arguments and disputes based on bigotry between Christians, Jews and Muslims. It must not be forgotten that there is no time to lose. It is obvious that both sides must approach one another with understanding and compassion. The important thing is to mention common points, rather than differences, to be constructive rather than destructive, to help rather than to obstruct, to make things easy rather than difficult, to complete rather than separate and to unite rather than divide.


An intense propaganda, both overt and covert, has pervaded everywhere in the name of so-called evolution or so-called science. A newspaper you glance at, an advertising poster, a book you read, a film you see or a documentary you watch on television or on the Internet, they are all full of messages denying Creation and our Creator. Yet the proofs of Creation are everywhere. God created everything in the universe, what we see around us, from the cells in the depths of our bodies to the boundless galaxies. The perfection in these, the magnificent artistry and the grand order are proofs of that Creation.

The universe is full of countless such details. Yet most people never stop to think of them in their daily lives. For that reason, preaching and describing the proofs of Creation that people never think about will encourage the other party to reflect, and play an important role in their appreciation of the might and power of God.

Every truly believing Christian, Jew and Muslim has a duty to do all he can in that regard. The correct course of action for Jews, Christians and Muslims who believe in the One God, seek to earn His good pleasure, fully submit themselves to Him, who are genuinely devoted to Him, who praise Him and basically share the same values, is to act together.

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