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Believers in the one God must form an alliance at once

There are two poles in the world today. But the supporters of these two poles are not Muslims and Jews/Christians. On the one hand there are those who believe in the existence and oneness of God, and on the other there are the unbelievers; in other words, the supporters of religious moral values on the one hand and the adherents of ideologies opposed to religious moral values on the other.

The holy books of all three revealed religions describe how Muslims, Jews and Christians have common beliefs, common observances, common moral values and common opponents. The responsibility of devout and sincere Christians, Jews and Muslims of good conscience and common sense is to wage a joint intellectual struggle against evil and the wicked and work together in solidarity, union and unity. That union must be built on the basis of love, respect, understanding, compatibility and cooperation. The urgency of the situation must be borne in mind and everything that might lead to disputes and division must be scrupulously avoided.

Various disputes may have arisen between members of these three faiths in the past; that is a historic reality. But these stemmed not from the essential nature of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, but from mistaken decisions and ideas by states, communities and individuals, and generally from political or economic interests and expectations. Otherwise, one of the common aims of all three revealed faiths is for all mankind to live in peace, security and happiness, and any conflict violating that is wrong according to all three.

September 11th of England, bus bombing in England

Let us unite, as people who believe in God and who obey His revelation, in a common word – “faith.” When Muslims, Christians and Jews unite in this way in a common word, when they realize they are friends and not enemies, when they regard atheism, materialism and irreligion as the real foe, and when they engage in an intellectual struggle against these ideas, then the conflicts, enmities, fears and acts of terror that have persisted for centuries will come to an end.

An intellectual struggle in which believers are united against all irreligious ideologies will ensure the longed-for peace and harmony. God says in His verses: Those who disbelieve are the friends and protectors of one another. If you do not act in this way there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption. (Surat al-Anfal, 73)

Forces targeting religious and moral values have formed a great alliance by putting all their means together. But it is in our power, in the power of the devout, to intellectually annihilate that alliance. United, we can eliminate the negative and destructive consequences of irreligious and materialist indoctrination. We can establish a society in which moral virtue, peace, security and well-being prevail. But the only way to do that is for the members of the three revealed faiths (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) to join together in the light of this common purpose.11 Eylül, ikiz kuleler

11 Mart 2004, Madrid


11th March 2004 train bombing in Madrid

The duty of sincere and devout Christians, Jews and Muslims possessed of good conscience and common sense is to wage a common intellectual struggle against evils and the wicked and to work together in solidarity, unity and unison. That union must be built on the principles of love, respect, understanding, harmony and cooperation. The urgency of the situation must be borne in mind and everything that might lead to disputes and division must be scrupulously avoided.


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