The Secret Beyond Matter

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Darwinism is a grave threat to communities

For a community to lose faith in God, or for that faith to be weakened, for the individuals in that society to regard themselves as entities that came into being by chance, brings with it terrible spiritual destruction. There are no bounds for someone who has no fear of God. In addition, people who deny resurrection after death and that they will be rewarded for their actions in this world with Paradise or Hell can be very dangerous, untrustworthy, aggressive, prone to crime, lacking in compassion and self-interested. Under the Darwinist system that gives rise to generations of people far removed from human love, who are cruel, aggressive and selfish and attach no importance to moral values, most countries have great problems with their own citizens. Hooligans, neo-Nazis, fascists, communists, anarchists and terrorists make these countries impossible to live in.

Darwinizm hakkında yeterli bilgiye sahip olmayan bir insan, Darwinizm'in nasıl bir tehlike olduğunun farkına varamayabilir. Bu düşüncenin sosyal ve ahlaki olarak ne büyük felaketlere yol açtığını bilmediği için de, Darwinizm'le yapılan fikri mücadelenin ne kadar önemli olduğunu anlayamıyor olabilir. Oysa Allah'ın varlığını ve birliğini, insanların Allah’a karşı sorumlu olduğu gerçeğini reddeden Darwinist ideoloji, insanlara kör tesadüflerin eseri ve sözde bir tür hayvan oldukları telkinlerini yaparak büyük yıkımlara zemin hazırlar. Hayatı bir mücadele alanı olarak kabul eder, zayıfları ezilmeye ve yenilmeye mahkum bireyler olarak gösterirken, sadece güçlülerin ayakta It is a well-known fact that it is the indoctrination of Darwinism that underlies the increasing degeneration and rising crime levels, especially among the young, across the world. It is dishonest to constantly indoctrinate young people with the idea that they are supposedly a species of animal, that they are valueless and purposeless and that conflict is a rule of life and then wonder why they are degenerate. Moral degeneration can be prevented by putting an end to Darwinist indoctrination and by telling people of religious moral values. That is because many instances have shown that judicial and military measures are insufficient by themselves. It must not be forgotten that one cannot get rid of nettles by just cutting them down. They just go back thicker and stronger. The solution is to pull the nettles up by the roots. No lasting solutions to problems can be achieved until the error of Darwinist indoctrination is set out.

iddiasında bulunur. İşte bu nedenle Darwinizm'le ilmi mücadele çok önemli ve çok aciliyetlidir.

Someone lacking sufficient information about Darwinism may be unaware what kind of danger it poses. Since he does not know what great social and moral disasters its thinking may lead to he may fail to grasp the importance of the intellectual struggle against it. But the fact is that Darwinist ideology, which denies the existence and oneness of God and the fact that human beings are responsible to Him, prepares the way for grave damage by giving people the idea that they are the product of blind chance and a species of animal. Regarding life as a sphere of conflict and regarding the weak as doomed to be crushed and eliminated it maintains that only the strong survive. That is why the intellectual struggle against Darwinism is so important and so urgent.


4 / total 15
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