The Secret Beyond Matter

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The proofs of God's existence pervade the entire Universe

There is an extraordinary equilibrium and harmony in the boundless universe we inhabit. Everywhere we look is filled with matchless manifestations of God’s creative artistry. All the delicate balances and structures on Earth are manifest signs of our Lord’s infinite might and power. There is no doubt that one’s responsibility at this point is to be aware that God created all this flawless order in the ideal manner to support human life, to reflect on that fact and to turn to Him with a sincere heart and serve Him alone.

Every one of the vast number of planets, large and small, in the universe represents a critically important component of a huge order. Neither their location in space nor their courses are haphazard; on the contrary, they have been specially determined with countless details, whether known to us or not, and created for a specific purpose. In fact, a change in the position of the planets alone, just one of the countless factors in the order in the universe, would be sufficient to demolish all the interconnected balances and lead to total disorder. However, these balances never go wrong and the perfect order in the universe continues uninterrupted. This is the flawless creation of Omnipotent God.

Our hearts make it possible for all the blood in our bodies to flow around it 1000 times in a day. This pump continues working non-stop 24 hours a day. In order for this pump to meet the body’s needs it has to start working using its own electrical system and to produce enough energy to raise an average-size car 1 meter off the ground in a 1-hour period. It is Almighty God Who makes this extraordinary system His instrument in allowing us to live over the whole course of our lives.

Every detail in the human body is planned, with a system constructed on the most delicate balances. We can consider the delicate system in the ear, our hearing organ, as an example of this. An ear that could hear more sound would not constitute an advantage for us; on the contrary, it would be most uncomfortable. Let us think. There is no unbearable sound among all the sounds we hear. The reason for this is the perfectly functioning creation in the ear. Like all the other organs in the human being, the ear possesses just those properties that are needed. For example, the limit of perception known as the “threshold of sound” in the human ear has been arranged for a specific purpose. Imagine what would happen if our ears were more sensitive... Were it not for this system we would have to hear all kinds of uncomfortable sounds.


3 / total 15
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