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Scientific nonsense: The theory of Evolution

Up until the 19th century the great majority of people believed in the existence of God and the fact that all living things are created by Him. In the middle of the 19th century, however, an amateur naturalist by the name of Charles Darwin claimed that life had begun with the chance formation of a single cell and that this cell had gradually developed as the result of coincidences and given rise to the living world we know today. As soon as this theory was launched it attracted enormous interest from the adherents of various irreligious ideologies, because this heretical idea represented a supposed scientific foundation for atheism.

Not a single fossil exists to show that living things developed gradually, in other words, that they evolved. The fossil record obtained from excavations all over the world over the last 150 years or so has proved that fish have always been fish, insects have always been insects, birds have always been birds and reptiles have always been reptiles. Not a single fossil showing a transition between living species, from fish to amphibians for example, or from reptiles to birds, has ever been seen. In short, the fossil record has definitively refuted the fundamental claim of the theory of evolution, the idea that species changed into one another over the course of long periods of time.

Yet Darwin was unaware even of the existence of DNA. Branches of science such as genetics, biomathematics, microbiology, paleontology, biochemistry and biophysics were as yet unknown. The theory of evolution thus developed in an atmosphere of total ignorance. As technology advanced and as modern medicine and biology unraveled the secrets of the human body people realized that the theory of evolution was a complete deception. The excavation of millions of fossil specimens belonging to tens of thousands of different species dealt this false theory the heaviest blow. Hundreds of millions of fossils obtained from all over the world showed that life came into being instantaneously, fully formed and with all its complex structures, and remained unchanged over the course of millions of years.

Life is built on countless sensitive balances, from protein, the building block of life, to the human body. The theory of evolution, which denies the existence of a conscious Creator, has no other explanation than to say “by chance” when asked how all these balances are established and maintained in the absence of a consciousness. The fact is that the balances in question are so delicate and so numerous that it is incompatible with reason and good sense to suggest that they all came about “by chance.” The probability of just one of the millions of factors that go to make up life, that of the protein that constitutes the fundamental material of the living cell coming into being by “chance” is zero. The main reason for this is the need for other proteins to be present if one protein is to form, and this completely eradicates the possibility of chance formation. This fact by itself is sufficient to eliminate the evolutionist claim of chance right from the outset.


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